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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:

But he won't right? Because Matt's a bloody genius and he's going to save everyone, right? He's going to save Scorpius, destroy Lethe, everyone will be alright... right? RIGHT?

And Selena too?? Right?? She and Miranda have a beautiful lovely relationship blossoming which WILL NOT be ruined by Scorpius dropping dead all over again. Right??

Oh god, why do you do this to me.


Author's Response: I am CRUEL, this is why. And there had to be some reason Scorpius didn't just waltz out of Tibet and up to Hogwarts and be like, 'Hi, honey, I'm home!' to Rose. :-D

Thankfully, I think Selena and Miranda would have resolved their friendship - because it WAS a genuine friendship, bless 'em - regardless of Scorpius.

I am a petty, petty God.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
Well this is a morbid chapter title.

Whoa. WHOA. Does James play for the Falcons? DOES HE PLAY FOR THE FALCONS? Oh my days if he plays for the Falcons then you're my favourite person ever, and if he doesn't then WHY DOESN'T HE.

You know, the other chapter I was thinking that Miranda was actually doing a really good job at being FRIENDS with Selena, and how it was nice for her to have someone around who understands about Kenneth and other things like that. And then Selena pointed out that Miranda was a bit rubbish after Phlegethon ... which isn't untrue. But this scene between them ... yeah, that was nice. Cos yeah, Miranda did suck a bit, but she's right - Selena didn't really give her a chance to help. So it's nice to see them trying to fix that now. And Miranda asking about Methuselah is just too cute.

Scorpius was acting oddly suspicious at the start of the chapter, with his absolute determination that Rose should be with Matt. I didn't think that made sense. But NOW I see why, and it's all falling into place. Poor, poor Scorp ... that does all make sense though, and I'm an idiot for not seeing it before, they were even talking about how the Chalice is a bridge between the worlds and HOW ELSE DID THEY GET SCORPIUS BACK? So that explains why Nat is so desperate to find another way to end Lethe rather than destroying the Chalice. Poor Nat. Poor Scorp. Poor ALL OF THEM. Oh, this is worse than when he died, Albus and Rose are going to be BROKEN. GUH.

And I think Matt deserves the last mention of this review. He was so mature and sensible in that conversation with Scorpius. So proud of him.

Author's Response: I have yet to actually tell anyone about what the chapter titles were all about. Maybe I'll do it for a later review when the big twists are out the way.

YES James plays for the Falcons, he has ALWAYS played for the Falcons - did I not mention this? Am I that bad? And yes, it's a reference ALL FOR YOU.

The redemption of Miranda was something I always wanted to do. Because she was a mean girl in Ignite, but she was still someone Scorpius fell for, HARD, still someone Selena valued (even if this was early, superficial Selena). So I really wanted, at some point, to highlight stuff from her side; that she was a seventeen year-old girl who was out of her depth.

THERE YES SEE that's why he couldn't come back. Phew.

And Matt was a boss in this chapter, yep. He almost never gets credit for being the guy who figured out what was going on, smacked sense into Scorpius, and initially fought against the kill condition.

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Review #3, by H&GLover 

17th May 2015:
OMG!! I'm Dying!! It's no fair neither for one of them, no for Rose and Albus, not for Scorpius!!

Author's Response: It's a bit of a kick in the teeth for everyone, all said and done! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by whykay 

13th May 2015:
Brief summary - Everyone is essentially a good person. Bravo Matt - I loved the last line. Bravo Scorpius. And well done on Miranda, Slide! It's great.

Phew - don't mind the break at all. :) I hope you are using it to figure out how Scorpius won't go back. Because I cannot bear to see him go back, not the second time round, even with months of preparation. No.

Author's Response: Oh, I know exactly how this all ends. Whether or not this includes saving Scorpius, I couldn't possibly say! I do hope it will be a satisfying finale.

Matt needed the chance to put his money where his mouth was in terms of not being a bad guy about Scorpius, not ultimately. Miranda - I always felt bad for how I portrayed her. She'd been cruel to Scorpius, but obviously there was SOMETHING there if both he and Selena had such close relationships with her. It was high time she got a shot at 'redemption.'

Anyway, glad you liked the chapter (and glad you liked the chapter for bits other than THE REVELATION, it's the important bit but I like it when other parts get noticed)! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by Solana14 

12th May 2015:
Ok. Boy does this make a lot of sense.

That sounds horrible. I add my voice to the rest: I so DON'T want Scorpius to die again! Please... keep him alive somehow. Let Matt pull a rabbit out of his research hat somehow...

WhimsicalDiva suggested maybe Cassian could "die" in place of Scorpius. He's already dead so to speak, in between worlds. It's his time to go now, not Scorpius'. Let's hope when Scorp finds him and finds out what he needs to know... and I do believe Cassian was a "good" Malfoy whom Scorp needs to know... there'll be some kind of rapproachment or resolution. And then maybe Matt - possibly with the help of Nat Lockett -- could research a way to destroy Lethe, save other lives and keep Scorp alive too.

Too much to expect? I think one of 2-3 things is going to happen here: The Chalice will be destroyed as it must be, killing off Scorpius again -- but saving thousands of other lives -- and Scorpius will insist that this must happen. It sill also be emphasized that the Malfoy line must die.

Or... the Chalice will be destroyed, thousands of other lives will be saved from Lethe, and those who already have it, including Scorpius, will be cured by something Nat concocts, but he will be permanently affected somehow. Draco goes to Azkaban and Astoria is also implicated somehow.

You did say the ending would be "hard." I'm seeing the above scenario, especially the death one, to be the likely one. But I so, so hope not.

Meanwhile... I'm using this hiatus to read some more cheerful stories about some of these characters while we await... the inevitable.

Author's Response: The 'exchange' idea's an interesting one, though if Cassian's a ghost, that would be hard to justify - a ghost 'dying' in place of a person? Certainly nobody's getting away with this without prices being paid, but characters like Matt and Nat can play pivotal roles with regards to Lethe.

'Hard' is always a subjective thing, but I would hope by now it's evident my characters don't get anything easily. Certainly there are issues to be clarified with Draco and, yes, Astoria before the end.

Next chapter's in the queue, so hiatus coming to a slow. I hope you found good, fun, fluffy stories!

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Review #6, by Whimsical Diva 

12th May 2015:
Damn it, I knew it had to be something like this. Though, I still suspect Rose would choose to be with Scorpius even if he's only got a limited time left than not be with him. But, surely, surely, he's not gonna die again, is he? I dunno, if Cassian Malfoy's still stuck somewhere, maybe he could die in lieu of Scorpius. Either way, this ending is kinda cliffhanger-y, and I really can't wait to know what happens next. Dear me, this story is shaping up to be better than anything I'd imagined.

Author's Response: We'll see how Rose feels on making the most of the time left; it does seem rather likely that she'd rather have even a fleeting chance than nothing!

Obviously I cannot say how it all ends, but the idea of a price/exchange is an interesting one. Certainly nobody's getting away with this Scott-free.

Updates will be slow this week (I'm back and something's in the queue, but then I'm away AGAIN this weekend), but then I'm hoping to just splurge on the writing with a bunch of commitments out of the way. So it should keep rolling very soon! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by imf 

12th May 2015:
I knew all along that Scorp thought he was going to die and that's part of the reason why he stayed away. But you won't kill him right? /puppy dog eyes
Everyone was so broken with him gone and the possibility of him being torn away again just HURTS

Author's Response: I could kill him. I might be that cruel. Methuselah never came back, after all. GUESS WE'LL SEE.

Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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