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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
I didn't know it was possible for my heart to break more until I read this chapter. But good on Edie for realising that she doesn't want to be a journalist anymore after the realisation that there are no morals and ethics in the journalism field. I just wish Oliver hadn't been so cold to her. I mean, I don't blame him, but one look at Edie should have told him that she truly is sorry and loves him. I want the fluff back. All this angst is depressing.

Author's Response: I may have been a little unforgiving towards the field of journalism. Surely there are morals and ethics, but not where Edie had placed all of her faith: the Oracle Underground. In a way it represents how she viewed herself, as a steadfast and vigilant source of activism and truth. But CLEARLY that is not how she was as a person--I mean this whole fic is her trying to ruin someone's career because of a petty grudge. When she realizes that the OU and Conor are just the same, it was a real blow to her, but it was also freeing.

I totally don't blame Oliver either, but it was really hard to write him being so cold. He's been an extremely understanding character throughout this fic, in ways that Edie never could have been, but she finally dug her own grave too deep. "All this angst is depressing," haha, you're right, it has certainly taken a turn in the last few chapters.

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

16th July 2015:
But, but...

I don't actually know where to start with this chapter. There's so much happening and I'm still processing it all and I kind of feel like my fingers are being pulled in five directions at once because I want to talk about it all.


There we go, I said it. I think you're having a little bit too much fun torturing your readers with the things that are happening in this story right now and if there's only two chapters left, I've not got much hope for Oliver and Edie reconciling properly :( But I'm still going to trust you, just a little bit :P

Ah, I was so proud of Edie here. So proud! You had me worried again but Edie is growing and maturing and learning a lot of important lessons and she turned down the job offer, yay! I'm so glad that she did that because I'd have been so frustrated with her if she'd have fallen into the same trap yet again, and it really doesn't feel like this sort of journalism is meant for her because she's not going to get through it without hurting people, and I honestly don't think that's the sort of person that she really wants to be.

It was awesome to see you bringing storylines from the beginning of the story back in here, and seeing Edie go to the rally to free Grimma Longfinger - and Dean appeared! It was only a brief and very awkward appearance, but he was there and that's the worst meeting over with so I'm hoping that in the future they can move past it, a little bit at least, even if things won't be the same between them again. And haha, Seamus hiding because he doesn't want to be on a different side :P

That phone call. Seriously, what are you trying to do to us? I was panicking so much and I felt almost as bad as Edie did, I swear.

I loved seeing Lisa again ♥ That girl is amazing and I was glad that she told the truth and said she'd been annoyed with Edie for what she did to Rose, because, let's face it, what both she AND Oliver did (and him especially, since he was fake-dating Rose) was wrong and mean and Edie deserves someone who'll tell her that when she can't see it herself.

Oh, the scene with Oliver. So many feels right there. I was so sad to see him injured the way that he was and the fact that he may never play Quidditch again is really worrying. I can completely understand why he doesn't want to see Edie there, especially when he's worried about Ada and not being able to protect his little sister, and facing the fact he may have just lost the rest of his career, but it still broke my heart a little bit. I wanted something to go right between them and I'm getting nervous for the end of this story, now.

Ah, Edie's realisation at the end of the chapter was sad too - that she was the villain in her own story. I don't think that's exactly true but I can't deny that she isn't the best sort of person. She makes a lot of mistakes and has a lot of flaws and is only just beginning to make sense of a lot of things, but at the same time I think that makes her even more likeable and makes me root for her more, now that she's finally realising and working things out. She's much more realistic and believable this way. Yes, she's an adult, but being an adult is hard and the expectation that everyone's going to have it together just a few years after leaving school is so unrealistic and silly and Edie really shows that there are people who struggle and for those people that do, they aren't on their own. Now that she's finally realising she can't avoid things in her own life, I think she's going to make a lot of progress. I just don't want it to be her on her own, even if it's better for her to concentrate on herself right now :(

I'm going to head on and read the final chapter you've got posted and then anxiously wait for the epilogue and hope you don't break my heart entirely with this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, I know, I'm not being very nice to anyone, am I?? I suppose this is the more dramatic end of the way everything goes wrong for Edie all the time. Sure she loses her job and her flat and all, but I can't just stop THERE, I have to make her COMPLETELY MISERABLE. >:3

Yeah, Lisa was definitely the voice of reason that Edie needed to hear! I have personally never understood why friends sugarcoat things to one another; especially your very best friend in the world. They're the one person you feel like you can listen to and trust--they should totally call you out when you're being a jerk, and accidentally-ish cheating with somebody. I think honestly that's a reason why Edie and Lisa have drifted apart; because Edie knows that Lisa is honest, and will tell her when she's being a dummy, and Edie has been a pretty big dummy since she's graduated Hogwarts.

Ohhh the injury! I wanted to talk about this. I've been listening to a lot of talk radio (lolz) about the atrocities of US football, and how we as a culture put so much value in a game wherein 1/3 of the players suffer from brain damage and even death. There are a lot of interesting issues there (especially race-related issues) but I kind of wish I'd explored it even more in this fic. But, y'know, when I started this thing THREE YEARS AGO I wasn't really aware of this problem. Still, portraying Oliver as a kind of puppet at the beck and call of the Wizarding sports entertainment industry, and balancing that with his love for the game and whether or not he's really in Quidditch for himself, would have been cool...

Alas. Maybe if I re-write this another 3 years down the road.

I wrote that line, "I'm the villain of my own story," when I very first started planning out this fic. I like getting to finally write those scenes out because it's like passing a major milestone! So you're right--Edie isn't really the worst person to blame (I still stand by my argument that her outing Oliver for Ada was an accident, however tragic the results) but I'm sure she feels more than rotten enough. I just wanted everything to really catch up with her somehow, since she's been so quick to blame everyone else for her mistakes. And oh, it has.

Thank you again, so much, for these very thoughtful reviews! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to respond--I honestly think they were so well-written that I was intimidated to start! (That and, well, life happening.) Sincerely, thank you thank you thank you ♥

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

10th June 2015:
I’m back! I took a small break, not meaning to though, thanks to real life. I’ve been itching to read what happens next since this story is coming to a close.

But in an interview, you’re supposed to look twenty times more confident than you actually are, and I only smile brightly.

I’ve yet to master this. I suppose this is why I get rejected left and right and no one responds to my follow-up e-mails. I’m going to be a forever intern or work in retail for the rest of my life.

Sorry, I’m feeling some type of way. Ranty, that’s the way.

I blink back tears and rise to shake his hand, “Thank you so much,” I say. “But I have to decline your offer.”

YES! STICK TO YOUR GUNS, EDIE! MORALS. MORALS. MORALS. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE WANT YOU TO WRITE TRASHY PIECES AND BRING OTHERS DOWN…Reporters are supposed to write the ugly truth but they don’t have to do it in such a way that’s vindictive or deliberately harming.

Suddenly, I realize it: I am the villain of my own story.

Well I’m glad you’re finally facing reality Edie. For the love of…she completely deserves it. I’m not sorry. She never uses her brain. Case in point: missing that important owl (though she would have taken the job before if it was thrust upon her), writing the article when hello, magic exists and just being a plain dunderhead when it came to Oliver from the beginning. She’s her own downfall. She is essentially a villain.

But I think there will be some redempetion for her in the end. Even if Ada was to read the story and find everything out I think she likes Edie. I think she’d be okay with Edie and Oliver. Oliver has a lot of pride and anger. He had a lot to lose and he did lose some of it essentially but he’s proven that he has come out stronger each and every time. Maybe Edie isn’t for him but I do think she challenges him. She makes him relax a little more than he probably should.

Edie just needs to be an adult. She IS an adult but ‘adulting’ isn’t easy.

Heck, I know that to be too true.

Author's Response: Hello there! Glad to see you back around these parts, even if you are in a ranty way ;)

Yeah! Turning down the job at the Oracle was something I had been really excited to write. It's the point where she really truly turns over a new leaf and realizes that she isn't willing to do whatever it takes to get somewhere; she lacks a certain kind of conniving ambition. Deep down in there (very deep) there are some moral, somewhere.

Hahaha, wow, somebody doesn't like Edie very much! I totally agree with you that Edie is a very irresponsible person--especially her drinking habit, not paying rent on time and not checking her post. (I personally moved to a new apartment over two months ago and still have not set up a forwarding address, so I can relate.) But I am gonna defend her here, in a friendly debate, about what happened with the last article. I personally tend to be more forgiving of people as well, but I don't think that it's her fault that a story she NEVER intended anyone to see, ever, was published, because somebody went behind her back. It's like if you or I wrote a journal entry on our computer about a big dark secret we learned about somebody, and somebody came along and snooped around even though you tried to destroy the evidence, and then posted it online. Personally I don't see that as the writer's fault!

(Sidebar: the magic plot hole is so hard to avoid! Even in canon--couldn't they have just given Sirius Black veritaserum when he was on trial and not imprisoned him for a crime he didn't commit? Also the MARAUDERS MAP, like why didn't Fred and George think it was weird that Voldemort was walking around on top of professor Quirrel's head, or that Peter Pettigrew was sleeping in a bed with Ron, etc. etc. etc.)

But I do appreciate that you're fed up with her at this point. I would never consider this to be an insult. In fact, quite the opposite, because you aren't exactly complaining about my writing quality, huehuehue.

(Also, devil's advocate: why is nobody mad at Oliver for neglecting his toddler sister to go drinking, or physically forcing himself on Edie in the pub when he pretended to be Viktor Krum, or cheating on Rose? Probably because he is very cute, but still.)

Anyway, no hard feelings! Thank you so much for the review, I've been hoping you'd stop by again ♥ I just love opening up my writing for debate because I am an ~arrogant twit~ like that :)

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

27th May 2015:
This was a great chapter and I love that Edie is really finding her passion in life even if it isn't clearly apparent to her yet - she's realised now that journalism isn't for her (and her declining that job was really unexpected but perfect and I'm glad she did), and she seems most invested in social activism and that's where she feels most connected and that she can make a difference. I could see her working for a Wizarding nonprofit org to create change, given her attention to the Female Goblin Coalition and how much the outcome of the rally means to her, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her eventually end up with a job concerning that sort of thing. Of course, as I myself know too well, sometimes the most interersting and meaningful work means you don't make much money, but it's worth it to do what you love!

I have so many feelings about Edie and Oliver and I can't decide whether they're going to make it in the end, as there's so few chapters left. Things are pretty messed up now and it's so complicated, but it seems to be just bad circumstance and it does feel realistic.

Edie continues to have the most hilarious comments about her unlucky life and unemployment. I laughed out loud both times it was mentioned that some sort of wayward food had materialised in her hair. :p

Off to read the next chapter now!!

Author's Response: Hey you!

I'm glad that Edie not being "What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up" sits well with most readers. *Quickly uses this as an excuse to talk about self* I studied Art History in school and have been trying so hard to get a job in an art museum ever since, but the more that I learn about general philosophies and practices in the Art World, the less I want to become part of it. (This is just me here.) Edie's undergoing the same thing. After the way that Theo and Mr. Ward treated her, Edie started to have second thoughts. Now, learning that the publication she thought was so above it all really *isn't* any better, she's realized that she had grandiose ideas about people and journalism that aren't necessarily true (at least in this story.)

Yes! You're just hitting the nail on the head, with the problem in Ediver's relationship being timing and circumstance. It's been a difficult dance because I didn't want it to seem like they randomly hated each other and then it turned into love. Stories about people at odds who fall for one another are so interesting, but I was hoping to approach it from a different angle.

Oh gosh, I know that after I went through a breakup I did *not* look cute. Same hoodie for days, bloodshot eyes and swollen face from crying--like people in my classes were staring at me. It was bad, but not so bad as having cheese in your hair ;)

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Review #5, by heartjily4ever 

20th May 2015:
First things first (and this is before I've actually read the chapter ) the chapter image is gorgeous and if you made it you are a genius .

Your hilarious, if slightly accurate of the way gossip works in small villages/towns is fabulous. I sympathize with Edie having to struggle with the lil village and her news, although the fact that Jae got out as well makes it even better. You just write this story so well i have so much admiration for you seriously.

I'm so glad she has the interview, at least something good is happening in her life. The idea of the office is pretty neat - i love the idea of a hidden space underneath a book shop, would be the greatest. Actually reminds me of the recent film "Kingsmen: Secret Service" with it being underground under the suits shop. But you know books, newspapers, nice hinting :).

massive plot twist though, refusing the position. at first I was shocked but I kind of understand, moral compass and all.

oh please they are so completely still in love and should be hugging and kissing and all, i don't care what the story says I can't handle the stress of this relationship. I understand why he's so mad and boy you write angsty complicated couples well and I admire everything you write for them in terms of plot but in terms of my emotions, I'm not happy. I really hope things work out for them. I also hope that Edie maybe starts to forgive herself ( as well as Oliver forgiving her) because some of her lines make me feel so sad.

Positively fabulous chapter again, the contrast of humour and darkness is amazing, and it was so much longer which was great because it just meant more of the fab story. Plus Dean was back, which i was rooting for. Only question is, what's happened to her dog? I feel like we haven't seen it in ages, and maybe I've just had a blank and forgotten something important but I feel the dog should most definitely re-appear.

Author's Response: Hi again!

I did not make the chapter image--Mintleaf at The Dark Arts did. You should go check out their gallery, it's really something! I think I'm going to pester them to do the remaining chapter images as well... ;)

Small-town gossip is one of my favorite things to write, as I grew up (mostly) in a town of 900 people. Even more, the mean age was something like 60 because it was a bunch of old northern retirees who relocated down South... Anyway, they had nothing better to do than gossip and try to get each other in trouble for noise violations, building code violations, etc. So that's probably why it was so easy for me to write about Heathfield!

I have not seen Kingsmen yet! We're waiting for it to come to the $2 theatre down the street because I am a cheapskate. Huehuehue. That's funny that it's similar to the Oracle Underground!

I think this plot twist is a little *too* massive. I meant for the buildup to be a bit more smooth; instead it's like "Oh she's going to say ye--WHAT?" which I actually didn't want that time. I dunno, we'll see. I also like making you guys yell in frustration so maybe I'll keep it! ;D

"I can't handle the stress of this relationship." Hahahaha, one of the better review quotes... I just really wanted to get across that Oliver can only be so forgiving. In a lot of ways he's really let Edie off the hook. I mean he intended to never speak to her again after reading the first two articles, and then when they were around one another it was just so painfully obvious that they get on amazingly, so he kinda got swept back up or what have you. But hurting Ada--and revealing that he almost lost custody of her before *Oliver* could even tell her--was just too far. He has a lot of guilt about the way he first behaved as her legal guardian, so it's a very tender subject indeed, and Edie stole his chance to try and make things right.

It is indeed complicated. I definitely didn't want this to be a "Oh my God I HATE Oliver Sodding Wood" story--she never hated him. He never (truly) hated her. The circumstances they met under were really unfortunate, and had they met as two strangers on the street, things would have probably worked out swimmingly for them. Their struggle isn't in their personalities, or their character makeup: it's in the universe's poor timing. But now things are kind of broken beyond repair.

Ginger! I know she's kinda taken a backseat. There is such a huge ensemble cast in this fic and it's hard to make sure everyone--especially a little pup--gets their time. Me adding extra characters all willy-nilly is another reason this fic could've stood to be another ten chapters longer, just so that everyone became as fleshed out as I would've liked! Haha.

I hope this response wasn't too daunting to read. Congrats if you made it this far! ♥

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Review #6, by Kaia 

12th May 2015:
so good. Edie declining the job was surprising but i'm glad she did :)
it was a long chapter but it went by so fast and i NEED more. the fact that there is only one more chapter until the epilogue is a little worrying, for i might just cry if Edie and Oliver don't get together in the end..regardless, please update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: Heya! I'm glad that her declining the job was a surprise. And I'm with you: between Blakeslee, Theo and now Conor Fleming, I don't entirely blame her!

I know it was super long, I originally had it written that Oliver was unconscious and Edie just kinda glimpsed him before leaving, but I just *had* to add a little interaction between them, which gave the chapter some unforeseen bulk.

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