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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:
Yes! Eva and Ginny interacting! Ginny being terrifying! I don't doubt that if there was anyone in the world who could take Eva Saida in a duel and win, it's Ginny Potter. I totally get why Eva's terrified. And Ginny. Wow. First girl her son brings home to meet her and she's a murder and mercenary. Them Potter boys have great taste.

Matt and Selena at the end! "When did we become responsible?" Haha Selena. I love how all of them are now working with the law, instead of being fun teenage rebels.

One thing I thought about a lot in this chapter was how Harry, Ron, and Hermione's experiences in their childhood correspond with the dream team. Because I feel like Harry, Ron, and Hermione never in all their time faced as much actual danger as Albus, Rose and company have. I mean first of all, this is so much more international, the death toll is a lot higher. Rose is more vicious than Hermione ever was, Albus has killed, which Harry never really did.

Everything's different. The Golden trio don't fully get the new evil that their kids are fighting, they're the new letter of the law. It's very interesting stuff, especially seeing how Harry deals with it!

Did I ever mention his comments about Snape? That was a great conversation. And a really great reasoning for naming him Albus Severus. Now if only we could get Harry to realize how terribly Dumbledore was sometimes too...

Sorry my reviews are just all over the place.


Author's Response: Ginny would only win because she would TERRIFY Eva into subservience - but, uh, yeah, it'd do it. Ginny is a firecracker and that's even without her home turf advantage of being the 'boyfriend's' mother. It's tough being Ginny with this family.

It was a nice kind of indicator of the gang growing up, with the now working within the law and the system. More of a demonstration of how they've got the trust and the heft to be given the responsibility and support from the system, than they themselves being that different.

I think that the Hogwarts Five faced more GRAND enemies, and global enemies and danger, than the Trio. But the Trio faced, I think, some rather more personal and darker evils. Raskoph and Thane are no Voldemort, and even the Chalice at its worst is no Horcrux. I'm always leery in fanfic of not wanting to try to 'overshadow' canon, and write things which make canon look like a picnic. But yes, these guys have killed and they have suffered and they've gone down a very DIFFERENT path to the Trio.

And the Trio are, now, yes, the law itself. I think because so much of their adult lives were spent trying to fix the system so it COULD face evil (when it failed to confront evil in their youths) they're a bit leery of outside powers. Because that's accepting that they never did change anything after all. Which is tough!

I REALLY WANTED to get the 'named after Snape' thing into this story. So it got shoe-horned in here. I think it's as good a reasoning as you're going to get for a bone-headed choice like that. But my feelings about Harry naming his son after Dumbledore aren't quite as strong - I feel Harry did actually understand Dumbledore, and the dubious nature of his choices. While Snape felt like 'well, he liked my mother, so I GUESS IT'S OKAY' (yeah, I have a lot of feelings on this topic so I will end now before I fall down the rabbit hole).

No need to apologise, I LOVE RAMBLY REVIEWS. It's basically the only kind of review I can leave, myself.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Oh my god, I loved the scenes with Ginny far too much. She's so adorable, scaring Eva like crazy but still being nice to her for Albus' sake. If anything it's the niceness which probably freaks Eva out more than the bona fide threats, although you doubt Ginny Potter at your peril. I'm reminded of the scene when Selena tried to call Eva out for not being as good at the game as Selena was, and Eva's thought process basically being "er we're on different playing fields here". Well, Ginny's on another level again, and Eva's definitely being beaten this time.

Also her total social displacement is just sad. This is someone who's never really known what it's like to be looked after and mothered and loved like a normal person, and you do such a good job of portraying that. I think Eva's one of my favourite characters in Oblivion so far, and a lot of that is because it's interesting to see her adjust - or NOT adjust - to a normal lifestyle. Bless her.

Very happy to see Harley again! :)

Author's Response: Eva living under Ginny's roof for a night was EVERYTHING to write. Ginny would absolutely be the proper hostess - not just for Al's sake, but also Harry's. She was asked to take this woman under her roof. Ginny would either not do it, or do it properly. It just doesn't mean she can't have a little fun along the way if she's gonna do it, and in her case she's got extra opportunity to by being Al's mum!

Eva has absolutely no idea how to deal with it. Ginny being mean is actually so much easier to handle. So much of the fun of writing Eva has been, "let's watch Eva struggle to grasp basic human happiness and normal human experiences! Ahaha!"


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Review #3, by Whimsical Diva 

28th April 2015:
I think that was the first time Albus called her 'Eva'. Progress, huh? That said, how long it's going to take for them to hook up again - come on, it's bound to happen. Ditto with Rose/Scorpius.

Totally not feeling Matt/Selena, though. They're probably better off as friends. Not everyone needs to pair up, and compared to the history/chemistry between the other two couples, Matt/Selena come a cropper.

Anyway, update?

Author's Response: I suppose it was the first time, though it was partly for his mother's benefit. Or the benefit of making the situation seem normal. But it's a hurdle Al's overcome, so we'll see if it sticks.

There's more Matt/Selena development to come, of just the two of them and their interactions AND for both of them as individuals, so we'll see. I've never written those two PLANNING for it to be romantic; Starfall drove it that way and their romantic arc certainly requires resolution. It's just a question on if resolution is them getting together, or if they find, if they properly explore their feelings, that they don't really work out at the end of it. But certainly they're way more down to earth than the other two.

Updates coming all the time. ;-) Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by Solana14 

27th April 2015:
I'm still as obsessed with this story as I ever was, even if I don't review as much as I should. Busy with real life and all that...

I love that you had Eva in two scenes, interacting with Ginny of all people. No, Ginny's not thrilled to have this... criminal... in her house or in her son's life. But she's accepting Albus as he is -- as his father needs to learn to do.

Yes, I agree that Scorpius needs to learn that Rose and Matt are no more. Real communication has to start happening between them, especially now that we'll be seeing more strength in Rose and she'll be more herself again. Now, I don't see Scorpius as himself at all.

The old Scorp would not have killed in cold blood. This is continuing to bother me, to the point where I'm wondering if he was Imperiused or something during those times. I just can't picture our Scorpius here to be capable of murder or killing in anything other than self-defense or direct defense of anyone else innocent. I guess you can't tell us yet if there's any real, reasonable explanation of all this...

Anyway, I still love the story and wish I could real through the whole thing right now! :-)

Please update soon.

Author's Response: Real life is a pain and I totally understand. ;)

Ginny is the supportive and healthy parent; unfortunately, it's been Harry who's got to give Albus what he needs, and for a long time he's not been as good at that. But Ginny's doing a good job for them both.

We will see some strong communication between Scorpius and Rose soon. Not immediately, but sonner rather than later - they're due it, they're just not quite ready yet.

There are some more reasons for Scorpius doing what he did, though it wasn't mystic compulsion of any kind. He was driven through circumstances (which have not yet all been revealed) to make the choices that he did. Now, I do think Scorpius has always had a bit of a nasty streak in him - though he also always had a strong streak of decency, too. Sometimes he can be very compassionate, but sometimes he can be very selfish. Eh, in short, there's more to the story, but I would bear in mind that Scorpius has never been an angel. His grief over killing the Thornweaver in Ager Sanguinis Round 1 was as much shock as anything else.

Updates coming all the time! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by yellowpetals 

26th April 2015:
I feel so bad for not reviewing earlier! I have skipped doing it for so many chapters, it's a shame. But I will go back and do so, I read the chapters as they came, of course, but have annoying amount of uni work and exams, and sorting out the future, that I restrained from reviewing for the time being until a point when I have some more ďmeĒ time where I can pour my heart out to you regarding this lovely story. It's been so difficult, bottling it all up. I am really, really sorry to hear you are having some insecurities about how the story is going. Don't be so hard on yourself, you have no reason to. We are all dying to read everything you are writing (on that note, congratulations on having your second original book published!!!), that's why we are always procrastinating with work and assignments and what have you, just to know what the gang is up to next. Seeing a new chapter on this story literally makes my day, believe me!

Anyway, on to this chapter! I loved the Harley snippet. He was really pointing out what I once said jokingly about how useful the house elves are proving to be in this situation and how they must gain some leverage/standing in the wizarding world on that ground, hehe. I feel so proud of myself :D. And poor Scorp, he did get so hurt by Rose being so flippant and dismissive about the idea of a wedding, ever. Ah, I agree that things there are complicated, but then everything can be if you overthink it. And that's what they are doing, will they stop pointing put exactly how complicated the situation is and just get over that? At the heart of it all is answering the very simple question of "Can I live without you?". I donít mean that in the romantic relationship context, either. We'll see where it will go and when. And thank you for having TWO Eva sections, or maybe one was Albus? Nevermind, I count to two of them as one and the same person :D.

I enjoyed the entire chapter, with the exception of the ending. I am not sure if it was Matt's brashness or something else. I canít say I was a huge fan of his going there and demanding a team, but oh well. Most importantly, maybe it is just me that is feeling this, but I am not getting the chemistry between Matt and Selena right now (not only romantically, but in general). They are hiding behind sarcastic references to the past and beating around the bush and neither of them owes up to anything. They are swinging from acting as if nothing is wrong in the world to being overpowered by everything thatís happened. Their dynamics is off balance at this point. I always thought their strength comes from being brutally honest with each other and that's how the closeness between them developed back in Starfall. And now it's a fake half-honesty. It's not working for me now, so much that I wasn't even rooting for them as a couple in this chapter. Their story at this exact moment of time seems like the least interesting, and while I know that has to be the case in terms of action (and I don't think action is the most exciting aspect of your writing, it's studying characters and their interactions), I want to see more substantial communication. I may be too harsh on them, sorry about that.

Other than that I love it, I find the style of presenting the story in different sections easy to follow, we are sort of past the place where everything that they were doing was just having one-on-one conversations. All is good. I canít wait to be fed some more clues on some/all of the mysteries in the coming chapters. Thank you for being such an amazing writer and always putting up with the long reviews.

Author's Response: No worries, review when you can! I appreciate people are busy and I also appreciate wanting to sit down and Review Properly. Absolutely happens to me, too (and I inevitably don't get around to it).

Insecurities abound; I can be my own worst critic, but I was having a pretty rotten day when I put that whiny AN up, so don't worry too much about it. So long as you guys are having fun, that's the important part. Thank you for the congratulations, and general kind words!

Harley is a good guy, but he's not a fool. He's absolutely going to get what he can out of this situation for his people, and do some good while he's at it. He's confident he can do both things.

The Scorose conflict over the wedding is pretty typical. For Rose, it's something years old which she's had to learn to deal with. By now, it's so extreme as to be almost farcical to her. But it's not ancient history for Scorpius, so it hits him harder. We'll see how all these kids manage, they have a lot of communicating to go first.

It's interesting you identify the chemistry on Matt and Selena right now. All I'll say for the moment is that there is definitely MORE to come from them, more important stuff. They've been needing to support one another so much that they haven't really faced a lot of the underlying issues, and they're still out there. So you're not too harsh, I very much agree that their brutal honesty is kind of what makes them work, and they've both been prompted to shelve that in a crisis, but it's getting to the point where they now need to face it.

We should have a lot of mystery/clue information coming up soon; the pieces are coming together. Thanks for the reviews and the support, and of course I'm going to put up with the long reviews, I love them!

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Review #6, by fanofgredforge 

25th April 2015:
Trouble with writing? Not sure what you were talking about in the last chapter. You are clearly doing just fine.

In earlier reviews I have made no secret of my ridiculous wish for Eva with a house in the burbs with a white picket fence. So thank you so much for giving a breakfast for now.

Author's Response: I love how everyone loves Awkward Domestic Eva. The moment the idea sprung to mind, I had to write her being confronted with Ginny in a Normal Life. It's kind of beautiful in how absolutely bewildering it is.

Though I still don't see her in the burbs with a white picket fence. ;)

Thanks for reviewing! And the kind support, it is much appreciated.

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Review #7, by imf 

25th April 2015:
Ginny slays. From reading this chapter, I remember why I liked her so much in the books (and why I hated the hatchet job that was done on her character in the movies.) The only other thing I wished happened in this chapter was Ginny boiling the teakettle with her passive aggressive Eva Saida glare alone. But Eva offered to cook dinner with Ginny, and that's all I ever needed in life.

Author's Response: Ginny will bring Eva in because Albus has asked her to, and she'll do it properly because she's not horrible enough to be a horrendous host, but she's got to have her fun, like she says. Alas, her angry glare is not enough to boil the kettle, but it IS enough to make a hardened murderer quake with fear.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by whykay 

25th April 2015:
This was so much of a filler chapter. :) :)

I liked this portrayal of Ginny - tormenting Eva Saida. Not sounding like a broken, listless woman. :) Albus and Eva will get along to get the work done. I can't help but think that after all that's happened, Albus is still the vulnerable one - Eva knows and has made her peace with where she stands and her options and opinions. Albus is still confused about how he should feel, how he feels and what he should do with them. Eva needs to be far more alert than ever now - both while fighting and not.

Nat Lockett is the dark horse here - all depends on how she is able to interpret the destruction of Chalice (and my theory - survival of Scorpius).

Scorpius really needs to know about Rose and Matt's break up. Please make them communicate!

If Matt and Selena are really going to work together - please don't make Selena be a coffee girl - it's one thing to have been like that with Methuselah; but she has grown leaps and bounds from there. I would like to see her in a proactive role.

Author's Response: It was a bit of a filler chapter. I mean, it gets various pieces into various places, but it's kind of about manoeuvring characters to be where they want to be.

I get why people have criticised my earlier depictions of Ginny, though in my defence she's never been seen in a situation where she might BE feisty before now. This time she's at home, in control, and while she's prepared to support Albus, she's not going to welcome Eva with open arms into her home. It's a very valid point that Albus is the one with uncertainty, at least right now.

We'll see more of Nat and the Chalice in general soon.

Scorpius and Rose are due some Serious Communication. It's not IMMINENT, but it is Sooner rather than Later.

Selena's mostly being self-deprecating with her research cheerleader comments. The girl's capable of more and deserves more. Honestly, she may have some of the most important decisions to make in the entire story, but in the meantime we'll see if she and Matt can co-exist as equals!

Thanks for reviewing!

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