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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:
Okay, first off, HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY THINK that she'd be better off without him! UGH he is being So ridiculous, why can't he see that! How could he even THINK about leaving Rose and the baby?

And now, Rose has had an accident - though from what she saw just before she fell, I don't think it was an accident! I really hope Stannous hasn't found a way to get into the house! That would be terrible!

I hope Rose and the baby are okay, and that she and Scorpius can sort things out now!

And UGH! YES, there are your whole world, Scorpius, so stop running from them! *Facepalm*

Author's Response: Hiya!

Scorpius is being a complete fool right now. He just can't get past his family history.

And again - you seem to notice all the little details...

Finally Scorp realizes what is REALLY important.

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 

14th August 2015:
Hiya! Back for another chapter! Putting it in for BvB as well.

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? THIS IS NOT COOL! THIS IS WHY I HAVE PROBLEMS KEEPING MY COOL FOR REVIEWS! Things are fine, and then they’re not and then there’s a cliff hanger that’s gonna push me further to losing my chill. AH!

Okay. That’s outta my system. Now. To this chapter.

I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many little things that I noticed that I feel the need to mention, mostly because I think it could be significant, but there are a ton of other things I could mention and be dramatic about because this was such a cruel end to a chapter.

Imma start with Rose and her school stuff. Scorp ignoring her or I guess avoiding her is on all my wrong nerves during this part. I get why he’s doing it, but she’s so miserable and stressed without him and just…the pair of them make me sad cause they’re both so miserable. But. School. Rose’s assignments with these cases and the opportunity to put together the pieces to solve them is awesome. I think it’s one of those things I would quite enjoy doing. I also laugh that the first couple were pretty easy for her to figure out.

As for that last case? Well. I’m not liking any little bit of it. It’s really creepy, and the fact that it’s sticking with Rose and not seeming right…there is definitely something fishy going on. Especially as I started looking at facts and seeing things written here that seem mentioned previously. So. The parts that get me:

For a moment I got lost in the depths of that steel-gray eye. It emphasized the tuft of white hair speckled with ash….However, I would know that lightning bolt anywhere.

“And the fact that it was made to look like an accident…”

Like. What? White hair? Things LOOKING like an accident? Scorpius’ parents dead. Some kitchen explosion ACCIDENT. Like. Maybe I’m just putting things together because I’m reading too far into it (As a ‘Claw and nursing student, I’m a pro at reading into things that shouldn’t be) but like…somethings sideways. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE NEXT MORNING COMES!

Rose leaves the baby picture and the ribbon he appreciated so much with him only to lose it on the stairs? Like. I could see it happening. The slipping. But some ‘force’ being there helping her along? I’m seeing. ESPECIALLY WITH THIS LINE:

As I was desperately flailing my arms to grab on to something, I caught a glimpse of a fuzzy figure in a dark robes with light hair stood on the top step.

WHAT!?! Why, Beth, why? It’s not cool for all these suspicious things to be going on and causing all sorts of anxiety! Because the fact that Al shows up and tells Scorp that his whole world is trying to fall apart…It makes me so sad and anxious for him! (Though, you know how I said something bad had to happen before Scorp figured out how unimportant being the ‘evil’ part of the prophecy is? Yeah.)

But seriously. This chapter was absolutely amazing. I loved the suspense (and the fact that this cliff hanger is the cruellest thing ever (which I love but hate at the same time, ya know?) and pushes me to go on to more chapters) and the time you took to put in these small details I noted (important or not) and just…everything. It’s all given me theories and made me think (which is a dangerous thing, I hope you know), and it’s just really, really lovely!

Before I go, I do need to share this. Because I’m one of those people (due to nursing school) who can talk about the grossest things over lunch and not even think twice about it. XD

I found it amazing that apparating downstairs could make me so queasy I would lose lunch everywhere, but looking at these photos didn’t even give me butterflies in my stomach.


Author's Response: Mikaela.


I'm really struggling to answer this one. Because it's just so awesome and part of me wants to tell you SO MUCH, but I just can't say more than I should right now. But please know that I read this review over and over and over because you put so many things into it!

So I know I've said that I'm not a fan of the cliffhanger, but I seem to accidentally do it to my readers. But this one was always intended to be in the story. This chapter didn't change much at all from the original way that I wrote it.

Scorpius is being a complete dolt when it comes to this prophecy and his love for Rose (I've worried and stressed over the fact that readers would not be sympathetic to his motivation on this point.)

And all I'm gonna say is that I'm utterly amazed at your powers of observation and deduction, here.

Unfortunately, Scorpius needed this proverbial smack in the head to realize what is truly important to him and that he needs to shove aside despite his insecurities.

Haha - I'm not very squeamish, either. Most medical things, I find truly interesting and not gross or nauseating. Having a nursing student read through all of this is definitely helping me to be sure I'm at the top of my game, here!

Thanks again - gah! so, so, much!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by crestwood 

12th June 2015:
It's truly sad that Scorpius is taking the news so hard, especially because it's supposed to be a good thing. I am glad that Rose understands though. It seems like they can never just be happy for too long. You put them through so much! But there can be no story without conflict, I suppose.

I love the way Rose's mind works when she's focused on Healer training. She's really clever and you find a way to convey that better than anyone. You clearly put so much time and effort into this story and it shows.

The couple that died in a 'car accident' remind me of when Harry thought his parents did. Especially because in both cases it was really a curse that did them in. The last line was absolutely heartbreaking. Such a good way to end the chapter. Although really, really scary!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: Hi Joey,

Wow - I feel like you really understand all my characters. And I didn't even realize the car accident thing - you're so brilliant!

I *do* feel kinda bad that they never seem to be happy for very long. I never wanted to write story where the drama was "on again, off again." But that is sort of what happened here - haha!

Thanks again Joey - for everything!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by MalfoyMannor 

7th June 2015:
To add the my other review for chapter 33,
after I submitted it I was like next chapter and was going to click the next button but there was no next button. :(

I am really hooked on to this fanfic from all of the mystery it has.

I can't wait until the next chapter and the rest of the story. I love it

Author's Response: Oh - thanks so much!

I'm so excited to hear that you like this story. I hope you keep reading!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by CambAngst 

8th May 2015:
Beth! You left me hanging by a thread at the end of the last chapter. And then it was a total head fake and Scorpius was fine at the start of this chapter. Well, not fine fine, but at least not dead or injured or taken prisoner by Stannous. Whew, what a relief. And then you leave me hanging by a thread again!!! Are you trying to shorten my lifespan here? :p

When I finally crawled up to our room in Number Twelve, Scorpius wasn't there. Al and Selenia, who'd escorted me home, found him sleeping in his original room on the top floor of Number Twelve - Regulus’s room. In fact, over the days following the engagement party, he basically moved himself up there. -- I guess I'll start by stating the obvious: This isn't how most expectant fathers deal with a problem they're having with their fiancee. Of course, I think we're well beyond the point of trying to understand anything Scorpius does in relation to how "normal" guys act. He's pretty far from normal.

It's still a little strange to me that Rose gives Scorpius so much time and space before she takes a small step toward forcing the issue. Whether or not he's admitting it, he is obviously in desperate need of her help. He needs her to tell him over and over again that his family's past doesn't matter to her, until he finally gets it through that 6-inches of depleted uranium armor he calls a skull.

Ah, I figured that you would have to bring Selenia into the fold at some point. It seems like Scorpius's problems are putting nearly as much strain on Al and Selenia's relationship as his own. Although this could also be drawing Al and Selenia together in a way. Common purpose and all that. At any rate, it's certainly cutting into their together time.

Then there's the unsolved case that's handed to Rose. I have a creepy, creepy feeling that the victims could be Draco and Astoria. That wouldn't be consistent with Scorpius's earlier recollections, but stranger things have already happened in this story.

Ooh! I have another theory that I've come up with. One that would explain a number of things. I'm almost afraid to go there, because the implications are all kinds of bad, but here goes. Is Scorpius actually Stannous? It doesn't seem likely, since Stannous was teaching when Scorpius and Rose were both in school. If there's some connection between Scorpius and Stannous, it would explain a lot of things, though. Like how Stannous managed to get through the wards surrounding the apartment. Your story gives me a bad case of Crazy Plot Theories.

At any rate, I loved the way you wrote the clues in the pictures. The way you described the spell damage and how Rose and Selenia were able to theorize based on it was great.

As I was desperately flailing my arms to grab on to something, I caught a glimpse of a fuzzy figure in a dark robes with light hair stood on the top step. Then everything went black. -- Again, you're feeding my Scorpius-is-Stannous theory. Or maybe it's my Stannous-is-controlling-Scorpius theory. Augh, too many theories!

Fly and forget became my mantra. -- For the record, I think this is a bad mantra. Very bad.

Scorpius is having a huge Remus Lupin moment in this chapter. Where is Harry -- or perhaps Al as his stand-in -- to knock some sense into the guy?

Not my whole world. -- Wow, is he confused. One minute he's making plans to skeedaddle, the next minute Rose and the baby are his whole world. Make up your mind, boy!

I'm really curious to see what sort of surprises you spring on us in the next chapter. I'm sure it will spawn even more theories inside my poor, overloaded brain. Til next time!

Author's Response: Ok. I suck.

I know - it's official. I'm going to make myself a badge and everything.

And you might not believe this, but I'm not a HUGE proponent of the cliffhanger. Although I can appreciate the dramatic effect, most of my original chapters in this story didn't have one. Haha - except this one. This was always here. :)

Oh dear - definitely NOT trying to shorten your lifespan. I need you to keep writing!

Yeah - Scorpius is a dolt when it comes to feeling like an outsider. He can't let it go and it's frustrating to ME even as the writer. Rose *gets* him - even more than I do - haha!

No one needs to draw Al and Selenia together - they are inseparable, those two. But Selenia is a GREAT friend - to all of them, and she's always there to give Rose (or Al or Scorpius) what they need. She's definitely a balance to the group.

Ooo! Creepy feelings are good when it come to mysteries. ;)

Oh, no! Scorpius is Stannous? Okay, I don't think I could go there... And umm.. all will be explained in good time.

Yes.. the light hair - hmmm? That is interesting, isn't it?

"Fly and forget became my mantra." -- For the record, I think this is a bad mantra. Very bad. --okay. I'll pass that along to Scorpius. :)

Yeah, I kinda borrowed Lupin's ridiculous character flaw for this one. These damaged boys all think alike. Maybe it took the realization of losing everything for Scorpius to realize it was all right at his fingertips...

I really hope your overloaded brain has recovered.

And I also wanted to say that even though I'm such a jerk for taking so long to reply to this. I've read and re-read it over and over again. It really brightens my day (ALL your reviews do), but I really liked this one.

Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by merlins beard 

7th May 2015:
Hi Beth.

Remember the rollercoaster thing? I have adrenaline rushing through my body at one moment only to feel my heart ache for Scorpius the next.

The discovery Rose and Selenia make is probably very important to the plot somewhere. I find it amazing that she notices such a small detail. Rose really is a great diagnostic healer.

I think they should go to Harry with that as well.

Scorpius is WRONG. Rose needs him. He could NEVER be a bad influence. It's all so incredibly sad.

Who pushed Rose down the stairs? I'm really, really worried about her. could it be Samara? I don't really trust her all that much...

I hope Rose and the Baby are ok. I'm really worried about them.

This is the last chapter for now, and that is making me sad. I'm in this so deep, I really need to know what happens now.

This has been one of the best stories I have ever read (including the books of many published authors) and I'm really glad I took the time to read it all.

I really can't wait for you to update so I can see if Rose is ok.


Author's Response: Anja,

Your reviews have made me tear up and I don't know the proper way to thank you. But I want you to know how much they really mean to me.

At the same time, I'm sorry (or maybe a little excited) for the roller coaster ride - haha - I'm so glad my writing moved you in that way. ♥

Yeah, Harry should probably know about this new discovery of Rose's. However, she is reluctant to go to him first because of the tenuous relationship between St. Mungo's and the Auror department. Healer Lawrence (from an earlier chapter) doesn't like the Aurors stepping in to run security at his hospital. And Rose doesn't want to upset him because he's her boss, so to speak.

"This has been one of the best stories I have ever read (including the books of many published authors) and I'm really glad I took the time to read it all."

I don't have words for this. And like I said before, I'm genuinely tearing up over this comment. Thank you so much.

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Samantha 

1st May 2015:
I'm obsessed with this! I've spent the whole day reading it, it's now 2am and I have a final in the morning (it's fine, i'm fine). This cliff hanger is killing me and I have this crazy feeling that the person at the top of the stairs was Samara, she gives me all types of bad vibes. Anyway I'm going to try not to freak out and hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much! (But I'm worried about your final - I hope everything went alright...)

The next chapter is with my beta reader, so it shouldn't be too much longer. I really appreciate you taking the time to review!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Magarie298 

23rd April 2015:
This chapter made me really sad...
Poor Rose and poor Scopr! I think it's really easy to antagonize Scorpius and I want to blame him for the way he is acting, but at the same time, it's understandable for him to feel uncomfortable in this situation. He doesn't really understand what went on during the war. He doesn't really understand his own identity because he doesn't know all of his own family history. But still, poor Rose.
But oh man, that cliffhanger. It's literally killing. My first inclination was, that must be Stanous. But then again... Could it just be she fell and hit her head and the dark figure is really just Al? Either way, I'm slowing slipping into madness.
One last thought, I've noticed that as the chapters proceed, the other characters make less and less of an appearance. Is this strategic? I think it's interesting because you get to see the main characters with each specific character that they interact with on a personal level.
But as usual your writing keeps getting better and better! Can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Jeannette!

Gah! This review was so awesome! It really made my day to know that you totally got what I was trying to convey with Scorpius. He really should just get over it - but in one sense, he is alone in this world. Without Rose, he's really lost. The idea that his family lineage could be a "bad" part of the prophecy is killing him.

I'm working on the next chapter right now!

I haven't strategically lessened the appearance of other characters in the story. I think that the plot has just gotten so complicated that I can't have too many people show up in a chapter or it will get too confusing. Maybe. I actually didn't do it on purpose at all!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by dracodarlingxx 

18th April 2015:
Scorpius is such an idiot. I get where he's coming from, and yeah I can empathise, but he's still an idiot!
I'm hoping the answer to this question is no because it's just so gruesome, but . . . . . are the two murder victims in Rose's case Scor's parents? The blond hair and grey eyes?
I really REALLY hope Rose is okay and that the baby is okay too!

Please update soon!! I can't wait!! x

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for coming back to this story! I love getting your reviews. And YES! Scorpius is being such a prat here. He needs some sense knocked into him!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by MargaretLane 

18th April 2015:
Oh, the summary for this sounds ominous. Hope Rose will be OK.

Aw, poor Rose, but it's hardly surprising she's so unhappy. She's dealing with so much. She's actually an amazingly strong person. I think most people would struggle to deal just with the idea that a guy who tortured them is not only still out there, but is still looking for a chance to hurt her again. And she's not only dealing with that, but also with Scorpius's issues and with an unplanned pregnancy, which, while it's very welcome, could have waited for a more convenient time. Considering everything, she's dealing really well, but it would be amazing if there wasn't some reaction.

I hope Scorpius cops himself on soon. I totally understand his immediate reaction, but not speaking to her for days or weeks on end isn't on. A few hours to get over the initial shock, yeah, but after that, he should deal with things like an adult. Of course, he's going to be upset, but avoiding Rose won't help him or her.

LOVE the reference to a vaccine for Dragon Pox. I always like these little details that show the world as a dynamic one. They add a degree of realism to a story. And I LOVE Charlie's involvement. I would never have expected him to discover something like that, but since he's in close contact with dragons, it's not exactly surprising.

I'd like that puzzle solving too. But then again, I would HATE to be a doctor.

That is a really interesting exam, but also a really tough one. If QUALIFIED Healers made mistakes, it's tough to expect trainees to do any better. But it would definitely be more fun than just writing what you've memorised. And it's a better test, as it shows they can apply their knowledge.

That sounds like a REALLY good idea, that she take a year off. Her maternity leave would probably be most of that anyway, if she were working. Not sure how long maternity leave is in the UK, but it's six months here, and I'm pretty sure that's considered rather short by the standards of most of Europe. Of course, it might be different in the wizarding world. And it would be better to take a break if she's not sure what she wants. It's an important decision.

Oh wow, I assumed you'd just included this as an interesting description of an assignment and to give us some insight into what her course is like, but if they were murdered, perhaps it has something to do with Stannous.

I've a feeling Rose has noticed SOME connection with her own experiences. OH! An idea has occurred to me. I was about to say I can't think what it could be, but while typing the first sentence of this paragraph, the way she was tortured occurred to me. The woman in this case has been tortured too. Maybe she's noticed some indication the same spell was used.

Oh gosh, I hope the baby is OK. I'm expecting it will be. I think this is probably a way to make Scorpius realise how much the baby, and Rose, mean to him. But you never know and this story has surprised me before. I really, really hope the baby'll be OK.

Three weeks is far too long for Scorpius to be behaving as he is. Not too long for him to be processing it, of course; that could take years. But too long for him to be treating Rose so terribly on the grounds that he's upset. None of this is her fault. It's just becoming selfish at this point.

To be honest, I sort of want to yell some sense into him. He's talking about how what he wanted was snatched from him, but the only thing that's stopping him from having it is himself. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to him, but it's true.

He needs somebody to yell at him like Harry did at Remus. The situations are rather similar.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - you review so fast and I've taken so long to respond - sorry!

Yes! Rose *is* really strong! She still doesn't see it the way she should, but she's come so very far from the beginning of the story. I've really tried to make her recovery be at a pace that was believable - but she *has* gotten much, much better.

Scorpius, Scorpius - he really is being a fool, here. He's pulled himself away from everyone. The shock of his family's actions during the war is too great for him to bear. I know that is not always the way that other authors have chosen to portray him, but in my view, Draco -ever the coward - wouldn't have ever volunteered the information about the war. He also truly loved his son, and didn't want him to live with the stigma hanging over his head - so he took the easy route and never mentioned it to him.

:) Glad you like the dragon-pox... I originally had Hagrid as the discoverer, but I changed it to Charlie.

I should probably look at the requirements for that assignment. It would make more sense for the trainees to only have ONE unsolved assignment. You're right - if Healers with years of experience couldn't solve it - perhaps they dole out just one really difficult one in the hopes that "fresh eyes" might see something else.

Haha - I guess I should research what the maternity leave policy is for the UK. Here in the US, it's abysmal. The law states that an employer only has to HOLD a woman's job for six weeks - no pay at all. Even that law is dependent on the size of the employer as really, really small businesses aren't even held to the 6 week rule. Fortunately for me, I was allowed to use up my sick days for the six weeks, but any time after that I had to take without pay - up to a total of 10 months. In addition, I had to cover the cost of my family health insurance during the unpaid leave time - which is NOT CHEAP in the US. Also - when I returned to work, I had almost no sick days left (which had to be used for personal or family sickness) - so I had to cross my fingers that the baby didn't get sick - which is really unlikely when they are in daycare with other kids. Okay, I'm done with my rant about how archaic our maternity leave policy is in the US.

BUT - my intent with this story is to explore the pressures that Rose feels being torn between her family and her career - that will come a bit later :)

Yes, let's ALL yell some sense into Scorpius - he is being a complete prat!

Thanks again for this review! I smiled every time I read it (which was quite a bit)

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