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Review #1, by Anonymous 

5th May 2015:
AMAZING! Wow you are such a great writer! I really love the fanfic please update soon I'll be checking everyday! I can't wait to see what you do with these characters James is my favorite!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you like the story - and James ;).

The next chapter has been in the queue for a couple of days now so it should be up fairly soon :). Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Lara 

1st May 2015:
So I've just come across this story and fell completely in love with it! I've been looking for something to read and I've finally found it!
Seth is one of the best character's I've ever read; she's so relatable but has this sort of feminist vibe about her (like she won't change for anyone), and that's just amazing.
The best thing about this story, for me, is that it has all the cliché's and stuff but has twists and turns that have me staring at the screen in shock and checking (EVERY DAY) for an update!
You've done amazing setting the whole gossip-y, clique-y school thing. You actually capture the High School, teenager stuff without making it too dramatic and unbelievable, which is really hard!
I've probably rambled on for too long, but I just wanted to asks some questions...
1) How long do you plan this story to be?
2) I feel like Albus is going to be more involved in the story, so does he have an important part?
3) Do you have people you imagine as the characters? I know you have Holland Roden as Seth (which is perfect, by the way!), but do you have someone for like Katie and...well, just Katie, really?
4) And, finally, SETH AND JAMES ROMANCE? WHEN?!?!?!?!?!
Can't wait for the next update...and the rest of the story, really! Just please don't abandon it like so many other WIP out there :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! It's so wonderful to get a review like this :). I'm glad Seth is perceived that way; I really want her to stand her ground - a little change is good, I guess, in connection to growing up; but generally I'm a big fan of just being who you are :)

I'm so happy you appreciate the cliches, really. Personally, I'm a big fan of certain motives in literature; they have always been there, even in the classics, and I just love to 'play' with them... if that makes any sense :)

Thanks for the compliment on the teen drama and NO your are not rambling! I'm in LOVE with your review... haha

Now on to your questions: 1. I don't know how many chapters there will be exactly but I've got a fair amount planned; maybe it will be, like 20 chapters more or less. 2. Albus WILL be important, you are right... I just need him to be in the background right now... the fact that he suddenly stopped having active parts in the story has to do with his girlfriend, actually...
3. I think I do see people in front of my mental eye but I'm not sure they look like anyone famous :) I simply love Holland Roden and that picture of her I used in the banner (just with blonde hair) is actually exactly how I picture Seth. I actually think that Katie looks a lot like the French actress Roxane Duran...maybe just a little less skinny than her
4. Seth and James, or Jeth, as people have suggested, will not have it easy :) I promise I won't abandon this... I'm trying to update as regularly as possible - sometimes life gets in the way of writing but I won't stop :) The next chapter is already in the queue and I hope it'll be up soon.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave such a lovely long review. I really enjoyed reading it :) You made my day so much better!

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Review #3, by HarryPotterFan 

29th April 2015:
I love love this! Best hpff I've ever read! I love how James is starting to treat Seth diff then just one of his girls and can't wait to see what happens with them! Also I like albus and Seth but just as friends I feel they have a lot in common! Please update soon!

Author's Response: WOW... thank you so much! That's such a compliment! You are definitely right, James is slowly changing his behaviour towards Seth... he might not be aware of it, but he does...haha. I also like ALbus and Seth as friends... they just seem better that way :)

Thanks again for your kind words; you made my day with this review :)

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Review #4, by Guest 

29th April 2015:
Seth and Katie's friendship is the best, I just love love love both of them. Really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait to see what happens next. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Yay for Seth and Katie :) I really love to hear that readers actually like them and their friendship. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and I promise I will hurry up with the updates :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means a lot.

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Review #5, by Jennifer 

27th April 2015:
I just discovered this story for the first time and it is really good. It is probably the one of the best fanfics I read about James II yet. I love how it isn't cliched and the plot is very well thought out and planned. I was just wondering if there is going to be any Albus/Seth later on, because I thought you hinted it at the beginning? Anyway, I love your story. Please update soon because I want to know what happens so bad.

Author's Response: Hello Jennifer,

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you came across this story and like it :) You are right with the Albus/Seth thing... there was a hint and it is going to come up again!

I actually wanted to update on Sunday but uni has to come first and I needed to work off a pile of assignments. But, I'll try to be as quick as possible, promise :)

Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to leave a review. I really really appreciate it!!

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Review #6, by Wy 

26th April 2015:
This is one of my absolute favorite stories in hpff!! I loved this chapter! Please update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I will hurry with the next chapter :)

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Review #7, by Guest 

25th April 2015:
Wow this is such a great story defiantly my favorite James fanfiction! I really hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Wow :) Thank you so much for your kind words! The next chapter is almost finished and I'll put it up as soon as I can, I promise :)

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Review #8, by 12345 

24th April 2015:
I love that James is the cool, popular, skips school kind of guy and Seth is so nerdy and awkward hahahahah (but she's actually such a good character, love her).

I can't wait to see how you're gonna make them hook up/ be a couple, since they're both so different. Hope it happens soon though! hahha

Ah, and I also LOVE Katie... Another amazing chapter, good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm really glad you like James and Seth. I always pictured James as the popular, slightly cocky kind of guy - at least on the outside ;).

I always love to hear that readers like my OCs... It feels like they are always a bit of a risk in fanfiction but I'm glad you enjoy reading about Seth and Katie.

You're right about James and Seth, like Seth said, they live completely different lives. There are quite some complications in store for them...

Thanks so much for the feedback; you just really motivated me to finish the next chapter and upload right away :).

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Review #9, by asdfghjkk 

23rd April 2015:
omg you updated so quickly!!! i absolutely loved this and the interactions between james and seth keep getting better and better

i hope we get to see more of them together next chapter.. btw is seth still tutoring james? are we gonna see that?

and omg what is that voice?? thanks for the update ((: looking forward to the next one!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked this chapter... I'm trying to get the next one up as soon as possible :). There is a lot of James/Seth coming up!

Yes, Seth is still tutoring James and we will definitely see it :)...

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! It really means a lot :)

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Review #10, by anonymous 

18th April 2015:
I loved this chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by Leanna 

17th April 2015:
OMG I can't believev you updated so quickly! This was such an interesting chapter... James is starting to show more and more intrest in Seth and opefuly this encounter will help him realize that h needs to try to like the true her. Katie is amazing thought I kind of saw the whole plot twist coming but only because this happens a lot. I am too lazy to go back and spell corrct every!thing so excuse all the mistakes. Thanks and bye

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I actually really try to be a bit quicker with updating :).

You are right about James, he is kind of intrigued with Seth but he doesn't yet know how to handle it/her.

You are absolutely right about him having to like the true Seth; that's also why I never had James meet her particularily dressed up or looking like a super model or something :)

Thanks again and don't worry about spellcheck, your kind words are greatly appreciated!!!

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Review #12, by WhiteFeather 

17th April 2015:
I love the fact the Seth won't change for anyone, including James Potter, it just shows how comfortable she is with herself. Also the way she makes up with Katie is awesome! Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: I love that you love Seth's reaction to James. I'm a great believer in girls not changing for a boy (or anyone, really), no matter how good-looking or popular he is. Seth might not seem it at first, but she is quite a strong person :)

Thanks for commenting and, at the risk of repeating myslef, it really means a lot!!!

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Review #13, by padfootandmoony 

17th April 2015:
Excellent chapter once again! I'm so obsessed with this story, haha!

Ah I was worried about Katie and Seth's friendship for a minute there, but I'm glad they seemed to make up at the end! And what was that voice?! That's so creepy, but I'm glad Seth told Katie.. at least one other person knows now!

I'm actually kind of liking Vala! Despite an icy exterior (which is probably kept up for the purposes of who her family is), she seems to worry and care for Seth in her own way, which is sweet.

As usual, I loved the interaction between Seth and James!

Anyway, a great chapter as usual and I'm really looking forward to the next one!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy the story :)

It seems like a couple of people were worried about Katie and Seth but they are all good now, I promise :)

You're the first one to comment on the voice!!! It'S creepy but it will be important later on...

Am so glad you like Vala - you're right about her, she isn't really evil... she's just a Woodley :)

There is more Seth/James to come in the next chapter!

Thanks again for taking the time to review! I know I say it all the time but it really does make my day :)

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Review #14, by TheEighthHorcrux 

16th April 2015:
OMG!!! I love this chapter! The Katie thing threw me off a bit at first and I dreaded the worst since I really love Katie but thank god they aren't fighting anymore. And James! He is falling for Seth. I mean helping her skip class? It's obvious. But truly the best part in this entire chapter is when Seth says “I’m a total nerd" and walks away. You go girl! I love how she isn't one of those girls who falls at feet of guys. She isn't materialistic and is actually genuine. Amazing Chapter! I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I know...I kinda guessed that people might be a little upset by Katie's and Seth's "fight" - they already have a friendship that is stronger and more reliable than most other girls their age but I figured that sometimes, there have to be minor clashes... but they made up quickly and in usual Katie and Seth fashion :) I couldn't really stand not having them talk to each other for long :)

James might be interested in Seth, yes :) And I love that you loved the part where she tells him that she is a nerd; I might emulate a couple of cliches in this story but I won't have Seth fall for Potter's shenanigans just because he is handsome and popular - for Seth, other things are much more important.

Thank you again for reviewing - it really means a lot to me! I try to be quick with my next update! :)

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