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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
BAHA I can't believe Albus never twigged about Scorpius! Kid flirts with everything that moves, he even admitted as much in front of Albus! Mind you, he did DIE not long after that, so I'll forgive Al for not remembering that little gem of information. But seriously, he should have picked up on all the times Scorp complimented his muscles. Oh Albus.

And now Al's jealous of John. Oh, emotions, how illogical you can be. I am CACKLING with joy at all of this.

Wah, I love EVERYTHING about Albus' conversation with Harry. Except the bit where there was shouting. That was just SAD. But the advice, the reassurance, the support ... that's how Harry would be as a parent, and it's so nice to see them both trying to work through their problems.



Author's Response: I know, right, Rose and Scorpius are just the Mostest Professional Evah, aren't they?

AL AND SCORPIUS HAVE BEEN SO BLOODY GAY THROUGHOUT THIS STORY. I swear it wasn't intentional. But then Al was so happy to SEE HIM, and then Al's reaction of - you're right, it's JEALOUSY, he's a TEENY BIT JEALOUS that if Scorpius was going to have a fling with another man it's not him. It's not really on the surface, it's not really a conscious or problematic thing, it's just - it's a little niggle. The tiniest niggle. It feels a little like it cheapens their friendship or even like I'm just making a bit of a joke about it, but I swear to God, Al and Scorpius really are a little bit in love.

I never meant to write Harry With Issues in Oblivion, and it's not a big plot-arc, but it's there, and boy did he need to deal with his problems as a parent.

I'm sorry for Greece! Okay, I'll be honest - I originally intended on setting the foreign adventures Al and Eva have in South Africa in Athens, before I came up with a different action sequence. So that's why I set up Greece. I wanted to go back there in the story! POOR GREECE.

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Review #2, by Manila_traveler 

16th April 2015:
I get that Rose was itching for a confrontation with Scorpius, but Matt had catered to her neediness for so long that it's really making it hard for me to empathize with her. Did she specifically ask for separate rooms? Did he transfigure the bunk beds into one twin-sized bed? Suck it up Rose, can't you give Scorpius the decency of a cold shoulder.

Author's Response: I don't think it's unreasonable for Rose to assume that her ex-boyfriend would book them in separate sleeping quarters as they travelled together. On the other hand, she's had a bit of an overreaction to what is literally a logistical mess-up of a last-second booking. So, yeah, Scorpius should have seen ahead more, Rose should have kept her cool. I think we'll be seeing a better Rose from this point, though.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Lesa 

14th April 2015:
Why is Scorpius so mean to Rose? :( She's had a rough time that past two years, everything that is happening can't be easy, for either of them, but it hurts to see him treat her like that, especially saying things like making sure to see each other as little as possible :( Uggh I need to them to have a serious discussion about things so that they both can start to get better

Author's Response: I love how my reviews alternate between, 'Scorpius is mean,' and 'Rose is mean.' Makes me happy. She HAS had a rough time, and while she could have handled it better, nobody's perfect. Scorpius, on the other hand, is also hurt and reacting badly.

We'll see if they manage to grow up any time soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by whykay 

14th April 2015:
Albus, oh Albus! :) I still see the good in him - it's not gone away, it can never - Harry is right - he underplays himself, and yes, he does not need to do anything because he owes it to Eva. Oh, BTW, I loved Albus' reaction to Scorpius - he only saw what he wanted to see? or knew to see?. And he would so forget to mention the breakup. Indeed. So sly you are.

Rose, oh Rose! :) But what did you expect really? When you shy away from proper conversations with the man you love. And I really don't get the betrayal of expectations. I understand what Scorpius felt and why he did what he did - he just wanted a slice of 'uncomplicated' and not being treated like broken glass. He wanted to feel accepted. And I feel outraged at Rose for bringing in a level of expectation to Scorpius' behaviour after his resurrection. Especially since she was all for preserving status quo and not taking the LONG overdue, LONG HARD look at herself, her feelings and choices.

Scorpius, oh Scorpius! :) Poor Baby. I mean, coming out of death for the love of his life, finding her moving on with life, unwilling to talk to him properly, respecting all of the above, without any expectation, being all mature. Get all the happiness you can find, mate! :)

All this while I was Scorose shipper. Now I realize that only Scorp had competition. Now Rose does and I find myself shipping Sco-happiness. But seriously - I hope they talk soon.

Author's Response: Albus, occasionally a bit useless. I don't think Al's literally jealous of Scorpius with John in a romantic way, but I think there are elements of him being paranoid of Scorpius being close to another man (as let's not forget Al just freaked out about the POSSIBILITY of Scorpius yelling at him, he's very fragile), and probably some weird stab of, 'You like guys and it WASN'T me?' Not in a serious way, but gut reactions can be weird and run all sorts of impulses which aren't life-defining but can still precipitate all kinds of responses. Overall, Al will be fine. He just had a weird grump.

Scorpius entirely wanted uncomplicated. You've basically hit the nail on the head with that one. Rose is very wrong to react poorly to this, though we'll see what she does once she's finished her flailing reaction. It's not unreasonable for her to be hurt, but she only gets so long of a knee-jerk reaction. Poor Scorp. Poor Rose. They both deserve happiness, but Rose has worked more to mess up her own happiness than Scorpius has. On the other hand, I can't see Scorpius having been much more healthy if he'd lost Rose...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by peacock33 

14th April 2015:
I enjoyed the conversation between Al and Harry. It was a great discussion about Severus and the difference between forgiving someone who is gone and one who could still be in your life. I have to admit I found the Al/Eva relationship last story too predictable and not that interesting, but I've liked her a lot this story so I'm interested to see where things go.
And I have to say that I am really disliking Scorpius more and more. I get that he was in a tough spot when he came back from the dead, but he has been nothing but a jerk to Rose and I don't even want her to end up with him at this point. He doesn't seem to care at all about hurting her, and all of his actions have been selfish and rather cruel to her. He obviously knows she hasn't really moved on and isn't happy with Matt, and has never given her a chance to choose him or adjust to his being alive, so I don't think he has the excuse that she has moved on without him so he can do whatever he wants. It's obvious to everyone as well as to him if he would only admit it that she would have chosen him if she had known he was back. While they are obviously not together (which is by his choice, not hers), it bothered me that he could go have a great time with John without any problem or regrets, when Rose doesn't seem to have had one moment of happiness with Matt. I guess it just seems to me like Rose cares a lot more about Scorpius than he does about her; he seems to just want to do what is easiest or most pleasant for him without any concern for how much it could hurt her. And the way he reacted to her obvious pain here really turned me off to him. I get that his thoughts were implying that he is really doing what is best for her as he doesn't want to hurt her again, so maybe he thinks he's going to die again? But to me he just seems like someone Rose is better off without as he doesn't seem to care enough to want to even try to help her heal or be happy. So if they are going to get back together, I hope he has to exert a lot of effort and they don't hook up once he finds out she and Matt are broken up.
And while I love your writing, I also have to agree that Scorpius hooking up with John seemed too contrived for me; not because he was a guy, but that Scorpius just coincidentally hooked up with Rose's boyfriend's best friend who he basically had no connection with other someone he used to find annoying at school. I'm glad he didn't hook up with Miranda as the way she treated him makes it hard to think he would want to be with her again, but it would have been more believable to have been someone he actually had some kind of positive past interactions and wasn't so intimately connected to Matt. Sorry for the rant, but I guess I just don't have much sympathy with Scorpius. I wouldn't have minded so much if he had hooked up with someone totally random, but think that both him and John seem pretty jerky since they both know that Rose is in no way over Scorpius and isn't really happy with Matt; but neither of them seemed to care at all about how they probably really hurt Rose. I get they don't technically owe her anything, but it just makes them look rather cruel and insensitive. So hopefully Rose can actually move on with someone else unless Scorpius gets his act together (which I assume you'll make happen since I can't imagine you wont' have them end up together after everything). I'm interested to see what happens next. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I will never pass on an opportunity to deconstruct why the hell Albus' middle name is Severus, and yet I then have to have it justified because whatever I think, it is canon. Ugh.

Certainly right now, Rose and Scorpius are in no condition to be much of anything to each other. They're failing on basic communication, they've barely had a proper conversation since coming back (a furtive panic in his suite and then the mind-melding don't really count), and they're both hurting each other while being confused or trying to shield themselves.

Scorpius has been told Rose isn't happy with Matt, but first he underestimates how bad it is (and doesn't know they've broken up), and secondly he has other reasons to react the way he does. In general.

I'll accept laws of coincidence put John and Scorpius at the same bar at the same time. ;) I don't think either of them necessarily owe Rose anything other than honesty; based off what they currently know, it would be pretty messed up if they restricted their own lives for the possibility of it hurting her. We won't find out if they would have been responsible and upfront with her about it, though, as she stumbled right on in.

Basically, it's a mess. They will need work to get on the right path, if ever. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Solana14 

14th April 2015:
You know, if Rose were a guy, the first thing I'd tell her is to grow a pair!

I get that she was devastated after Scorpius died. I get that she was young and totally unable to cope, turning to Matt for... someone to lean on in desperation. At least, that's how I saw it as a reader. But now... really... I'm seeing kind of a brat who needs a lot more growing up after all this time.

In spite of what I otherwise think of his prospects for happiness at this point, I can't help but totally get where Scorpius was coming from when he decided not to contact Rose and Albus after he came back. Al was off Merlin knew where and Rose? She was with Matt -- thoroughly with him. Maybe not internally but that's exactly how it must have looked at the time. Duh! So in that sense... he had a right to be with whomever he fancied for a night. Wasn't there a chance he had no idea Matt and Rose had broken up? Of course! Rose is now little more than irritating to me. There comes a time when you need to learn to face things and TALK it out...

I was so glad that Albus took the time to talk with Harry, no matter how angry or frustrated he was. He needs to know his dad still cares in spite of how he's handling things himself.

As far as the general reaction to Scorp's dual orientation... Albus reacted pretty much as I expected him to -- surprised but still firmly best mate. Matt will probably make a judgment or two, and Selena will most likely shrug her shoulders and say she kind of knew it. Rose reacted exactly as I expected her to -- total judgment and lack of understanding. I can understand the hurt she feels... she might wonder if his being bi means he'd be more confused by being serious with someone. Either way, I'm eager for more-more-more!

Author's Response: It's fascinating how some people are angry at Rose and some people are angry at Scorpius. It makes me happy. Thankfully, this is (I think?) the last time Rose is a complete brat for a while.

I also think it's fascinating some people think Scorpius needs a kick in the face for staying away and some people understand. I obviously wanted his reasons to be relatable and believable while they are certainly flawed. I mean, there's an argument to be made that Scorpius had more to live for than his romance with Rose, but he also had no idea where Albus was and even under ideal circumstances his relationship with his father wasn't great. What would he have done, come back to hang out with Bellamy and Oakes and co?

Lots of fallout to come, and updates coming often! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Whimsical Diva 

13th April 2015:
Oh Albus... he's still in love with Eva, even if he won't admit it to himself. Probably that's why it hurts so much. Oh well, I guess the both of them will have time to figure things out when they're on the hunt for Draco.

As for the whole Scorpius affair... to be honest, Slide, I don't really buy your reasons. Sorry, but I think as readers we have the prerogative to interpret this story differently from the author, and no, at no point did I suspect that Scorpius might actually swing both ways. If anything, I thought it was Albus who preferred guys - given the fact that he hadn't had a proper girlfriend before Eva, and given his comment to Eva somewhere in Starfall that girls, sometimes even guys, only gave him the time of the day because of his name. And didn't Selena too mention to Eva that she suspected Albus preferred boys? And after the fiasco with Eva in Ager Sanguinis, I'd have suspected Albus to have the company of men during the two years he was away... And also give his reaction after Scorpius leftGodric's Hollow... If you only threw in the Scorpius/John fling to introduce some tension, well, as a matter of fact, it'd have worked better with Miranda. Yeah, that relationship was toxic, but given that Scorpius is a guy who died and then came back, it'd have made perfect sense for him to look back at Miranda's betrayal as something very trivial in the grand scheme of things. And yes, it'd have been totally in character for Rose to then see that as a betrayal, given she's unreasonable like that. But this... sorry, it does feel gimmicky.

That said, I still can't wait to see how the story unfurls from here, so please update ASAP? Thanks!

Author's Response: Al's problem with loving Eva is compounded by the fact he never even identified it as 'love' in Starfall. So he'd be taking an emotional leap he never even took in the first place! But yeah, those kids got time.

Scorpius has explicitly pointed out in the past he flirts with men - that wasn't just to wind up the Judgement Ghost. I don't disagree with readers' right to interpret the story differently and I wasn't expecting the reaction to be an 'of course,' but it's not all been between the lines. It's been on the low down simply because Scorpius doesn't need a long and recorded history to be interested in guys. John was definitely his first remotely serious homosexual experience. My frustration with the need to 'justify' myself comes more from his lack of prior interactions with John being used as a reason to question the encounter. If it had been a random girl, nobody would have wondered why Scorpius hooked up with someone he just met.

It's true that a Miranda hookup could have happened - in that, I thought about it in the first place for a reason. In early Starfall, Scorpius and Miranda were perfectly polite to one another, they've both put the Hector thing behind them. But I thought Scorpius having a fling with Miranda would be a step backwards for him. This isn't so much about him emotionally regressing to old familiar ground, this is an indulgent bit of escapism, him trying to have a life-affirming experience, and so it happened with someone fun with whom he had no prior baggage. I agree that 'not Miranda' doesn't automatically mean 'must be John. I did feel that him sleeping with a guy felt more like a fresh page of new experiences for him, while sleeping with a girl would have felt way more like just trying to get over Rose. A one-night stand wasn't a 100% healthy experience under the circumstances, but this way it was more about Scorpius than it was about Rose.

Scorpius' bisexuality is not a big deal. He's still just as in love with Rose, and honestly he prefers women overall. It's something I've umm'd and ahh'd over in the course of writing because it wasn't so relevant before now, but it was cemented in my head by at least Cat Island. It is not going to drive a whole new wedge between him and Rose any more than him being a ridiculous flirt already has.

I can see the interpretation of Albus as bi or gay. He was very girl-shy when I wrote him in Ignite (I didn't plan on the Eva plotline until after I'd already written Chapter 1 of Starfall; the Prologue was written quite late!!). But that was because he was afraid ANYONE would use him for his name. His intense connection with Scorpius has sometimes felt almost romantic as I've written it; I joke to my writing bud that they keep trying to turn scenes gay, but I am just joking there. I think there possibly is an element of jealousy to Albus in this chapter, but it's more about general insecurity than him literally having romantic feelings for Scorpius. I certainly wouldn't swear that Albus is as straight as, say, I think Matt is. I like the idea about Albus looking to men after his betrayal by Eva in the two year gap, though honestly I think he just avoided emotional or physical connections entirely.

I could probably blog about my characters' sexualities at this rate but I'll cut this one off before it gets ridiculous! Thanks for reviewing, anyway. :)

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