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Review #1, by nott theodore 

19th June 2016:
Hello again!

The fairy tale motif at the beginning of this chapter was so beautiful ♥ I loved the way that you used it to apply to two men and the ideas of love that all of us are brought up on, which just aren't possible for everyone to achieve (especially for Albus at the time he was alive). It showed how similar everyone is, no matter what they choose to do with their lives and how intelligent they are; even people like Albus just want love in their lives. I think that made it even more heartbreaking that he'd had it and it had been taken away from him, and he could never dream - not really - of getting it back.

The wedding years. They're coming up for me (I already know a few people my age who've got married) and I really felt for Albus. As he says, not only is marriage something that's likely to happen for him, but he can't get married to the person he wants to because marriage between two men wasn't allowed at this time. That knowledge must have made it even harder for him to attend all of his friends' weddings and see them enjoying a happiness that he would never be able to.

I don't want to say that he's bitter, exactly, but I think your Albus has an edge to him that a lot of characterisations don't. Maybe because here he's very honest about what losing Gellert meant to him and has cost him? Anyway, I really enjoy reading this version of him because I think that, from what we learn in the last book in particular, there was a different side to Albus that he did a good job of hiding from the world, and we see that here.

It's so sweet that Albus was Elphias's best man! I'm really glad they stayed such good friends and I loved how sweet and innocent Elphias seemed in comparison to Albus. The scene between them also served as a really good introduction to Gellert intruding on his consciousness again. I felt so sorry for Albus then, when he was so jealous and upset and was trying to keep that at bay. It can't have been easy to never really explain to his closest friends who he was, and what pain he was suffering. I think his thoughts and feelings towards Nico are really believable, too.

I loved the ending, when Albus realised that technically Gellert could be his common law wife :P That added a much lighter note to the chapter and was a great ending!

Sian :)
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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

11th June 2015:

I cannot say, truthfully, that I always longed for you Ė that I always dreamed, specifically, of you Ė but I will say that, underneath it all, I was always lonely, in a way I could never quite shake, no matter how many friends or students or titles I had.

This story always takes a lot out of me. I canít imagine how you feel when you finish writing a chapter. I would be relieved. Every chapter is just so powerful, you know? Thereís always so much to consider and think about.

I chose this part because I know what he means. I think weíre conditioned to want love because I think if we were a society where love wasnít important or we were taught there was no such thing as love that we existed that would be perfectly reasonable as well. Yet somehow through all these generations and decades or whatever the idea and the obsession with love was created.

Iím rambling. Anyway, the loneliness he talks about Iíve experienced that. Thatís why I like this story. Itís relateable even when itís not if that makes any sense at all. There are powerful sentences that can cause you to cry, to pause and contemplate, to think about the past.

This is what theyíre doing though, isnít it? Thinking about the past, contemplating their decisions and maybe they arenít crying outwardly but thereís an emotion and pain there that is evident.

Curiosity is a dangerous thing, even more so when it is paired with desire.

This is true. This gets a lot of people in trouble.

Ah, but perhaps that would have wrecked the dream, turned white into black and gold into dust, for I have an unerring tendency to be so very cruel to my family, one way or another, never intentionally.

Wow. Itís true though, he did, didnít he? Man. I feel like Iím getting into the inner depths of Albus now and Iím not quite sure I want to venture there. Itís eerie.

And that ending took me by total surprise, that last line. But itís true and such things exist. They were essentially bound together though they were/are now apart. Itís so sad.

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