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Review #1, by merlins beard 

9th April 2017:
Hello again 😊 – well, CTF is fun! And we’ve ALMOST got the flag. Maybe it’s here 😊
Aw Fiona sounds lovely. This should be so good for Phillip 😊 Only love can make war better I think. Of course, Love without war would be a lot better still.
Phil’s mother must be feeling so many different things about this. Sad to let her boy go back to war, happy that there’s a friend he can talk to, worried that someone might break his heart or that he’ll be so busy with this girl, he won’t have time to be her little boy anymore… But I think she’s mostly happy to see how grown up he is already.
Wow war sucks and apparently, the people higher up really don’t care about their foot soldiers. I just hope for Jack he can get on one of these boats.
Hahaha remember me saying Lily and James didn’t hate each other? Well there goes that theory. But still, at least lily has a reason to be upset at him right now.
Wow both Jack and Phil are having a really tough chapter here. Technically I know they’ll both make it home because Lily exists and that kind of proofs that they both survive the war but I still worry about Jack right now…
And it’s heart breaking to see Phil suffer through having to go back to the Front. The letter he sends to Fiona is so sad ☹ Stupid wars. Why do they always happen? Why can’t humans start interacting peacefully instead of chopping each other’s limbs off?
Ohhh we’re about to find out whom Dorcas is going to introduce to Lily 😊 Exciting… Haha I remember when I used to be confused by the big city and how proud I always felt to find my way to places I needed to go. I totally get Lily ❤
Ohh it’s Marlene McKinnon – I wonder why Dorcas introduced her to Lily… Oh well I guess I’ll have to keep reading – not ha hard task at that.
I really love your story 😊 looking for the flag here has been a treat!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

14th February 2017:
Hi Katie!

Phil and Fiona might be the best part of this story. I'm falling in love with both of them. Phil's mother is such a perfect depiction of a mother. And then you'll still be my first priority line was hilarious.

Have I mentioned I love Lily and James dialogue? Is that what 90% of my reviews consist of? I do.

Phil’s letter broke my heart quite a bit. The fact that being shot for deserting might be preferable and then the entire thing about being so pressured to serve and who actually finds glory in battle? Then knowing all of this and realizing that Jack and Lily will be going to fight wars of their own. I mean he probably doesn’t know much about Lily’s, but if he did I imagine he’d be faced with his own gut wrenching fear for her.

Marlene! I love how all the girls aren’t in the same year as lily and we have all of this separation of age and skill set and all that. It just adds more interest and depth and dynamic and honestly I never considered they might not be the same year.

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Review #3, by pathfinder 

3rd March 2016:
As others have mentioned, you've done an amazing job with writing the exchange between Phil and Fiona and it's clear to see the pending development of the relationship between them. What I think you've done an even more brilliant job with is the relationship between Lily and James and how that could possibly have bloomed from such inauspicious beginnings. Your character development and story arc are outstanding and the whole narrative is really a pleasure to read.

The cc I have to offer here is on Jack's story. It's certainly the shortest one here (a third as many words as Lily's story and a fifth of what Phil has), but I think there's more to be told about what he's doing, thinking, and how he's changed. I appreciate your writing about the Dunkirk evacuation, and the realistic portrayal of the soldiers waiting at the beach to be hauled away by every small craft that could make the trip. What I'd like to see more of is about what he thinks of war. Does he feel the same about the Germans? About the English army? About Rivers? It's obvious that he's changed his mind about fighting - but what was the trigger for that change (i.e. if the first 'skirmish' didn't seem to phase him - what has?)

Don't read anything negative into this - it's more a desire to see more than a complaint about anything that was written. As before, the prose is clean and flows easily, making it a pleasure to read and your story is engaging and well executed.

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Review #4, by Chiara Mantovani 

21st June 2015:
Wow this is an amazing story! I love how you write from three generations of Evans in three different wars. It's incredible. I look forward to reading the rest!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so glad you're excited to read this, it's definitely what I'm most proud of, and it's nice to hear when people like it! I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #5, by Your Purple Pygmy Puff 

27th May 2015:
Hello again, my sweet owner!!!
Oh... I'm a bit sad that I reached the last chapter so far... Are you working on the next? Will it be up soon?

This was really lovely! :)
Phil and Fiona are just so cute, I loved their epistolary exchange!!!
Poor Phil... He has to go back to that horror... I can't imagine anything harder... And he calls himself a coward... He's so very brave in my opinion!
I loved Anita's subtle smile... Of course a mother would see what her son hasn't realized yet... Did I already say that he and Fiona are the cutest? I think I did...

Will Jack take that ship to home? The poor kid... Only now he's realizing the mess he got himself into... I hope he'll be safe! I really want him to be safe!

Lily and Severus are not friends anymore... I knew it would happen, of course, still my little Pygmy Puff's heart is filled with sadness... I know why she said that James did her a favour... I still find it a bit cruel... But it seems for you humans life has a tendency to be cruel a bit too often... :(

So now you're bringing Marlene on the scene! I've always read about her being the Marauders' age, more or less. Instead here she is an older woman, and an important person in the wizarding society, too... I'm very curious to know more about her! And I'm very curious about the reasons of this meeting!

What I'm trying to say, Katie, is... Hurry up!!!
I promise I will be a well-mannered pet and that I won't distract you, but you have to post soon a new chapter of this amazing story, because I need to know what comes next!!!

Cuddling you senseless and a bit more!
Your Purple Pygmy Puff

Author's Response: Thank you!

(These chapters take far too long to write)

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Review #6, by Flower n Prongs 

17th April 2015:
Hi Katie!

I'm sad to hear that this is the end of what you have pre-written, because I have loved the first 35k so much. I will be checking my "currently reading" list on a semi-regular basis to make sure I don't miss the chapters in the future.

Onto the actual story, I have really enjoyed these last two chapters. Phil's relationship with his one-day-wife is very sweet to read. The letters that you have included by them fit in so well, since you are using language that is appropriate to the time and using cultural ideas from the day (like multiple letters in a short period of time being forward, which is funny in the age of the internet).

You mentioned in the past that you were a bit worried about writing the Dunkirk evacuation, but I think you did it well. Showing that it was tough even while the soldiers were waiting to be evacuated and having Jack talk about the small boats and the small number of boats really helped set the tone of his sections well, since it was clear they were trying to run from the powerful Germans.

As for Lily, I think you handled her and the "Mudblood Incident" well. The fact that you have made it clear that she was not oblivious to Snape's dark arts feelings and did not totally hate James is much more enjoyable than a lot of other Marauder era fics. The fact that you ended this chapter with her meeting people we know to be part of the Order of the Phoenix and powerful women makes me excited to read the next chapter and see where you go with the rest of the war. (And the other two wars, of course.)

Excellent job, as usual. =)

Author's Response: Hello!

I promise the next chapter is coming soon! I've just got one scene to finish up and then editing (which actually is quite the process...). I'm hoping I'll have much more free time to work on writing now that this whole "college" thing is done.

Phil and Fiona are SO MUCH FUN. Fiona especially is one of my favorites to write ever. She just comes out and does her thing and I don't even have to think about it. I do try really hard to make the language and ideas era appropriate, so I'm glad to hear that's coming off well. All my time spent watching Downton Abbey has paid off!

I'm so glad you liked the way Dunkirk happened. I was honestly so, so worried about it because it's such a big thing and I felt like I spent so little time on it. Thank you so much for the reassurance!

AH I'M SO GLAD YOU PICKED UP ON THE WOMEN. I mean it's pretty obvious who she's meeting, but I very, very intentionally chose for her to start interacting with other women rather than the men of the order. #Feminism. I sat down with one of my good friends and plotted out the next year or so of the war for Lily and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. It's going to make everything way longer than I ever intended it to be but that's okay because it's going to be awesome.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this! I really appreciate it so, so much!!!

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Review #7, by Queen of Nerds 

16th April 2015:
I read all of the posted chapters in one night; this story is fabulous as a fic but it could just as easily stand alone (if it weren't for pesky copyright laws) and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I put so much effort into this so it means a lot to hear that it's working well!

And I did actually consider writing this as original fiction, but it seemed like a lot of work to create something to stand in Lily's section. And I think she deserved something this grand. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review! I really appreciate it!

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