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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:
God I love John. He's so funny. I'm not entirely sure if he's got a grander purpose here or if he'll join up with the dream team, but he's so funny. I love how tense Scorpius was, with the whole old habits die hard, I LOVE it.

More John. John and Matt, John and Scorpius, John and Albus, John and everyone!

Oh but that conversation between Albus and Rose... tears in my eyes the whole time. The way Albus noted that he'd never seen her more broken... except one time. And then about the Quidditch. The Slytherin vs Gryffindor match with the armbands and how no one cheered and how Hugo apologized for winning. And how Hollis said that Scorpius was famous for being the sacrificing hero. I don't even know... I cannot imagine the world of pain Rose went through alone in that time.


Author's Response: I couldn't fit a seventh onto the dream team. John existed initially - well, he always existed in my head, seeing as he was mentioned several times across Ignite and Starfall. But he appeared in Oblivion because Matt needed a sounding board who was on 'his side' (even if John criticised the relationship with Rose). With the obstacles blocking Selena and Al from interceding or advising, I needed someone else. Plus, poor Matt has always been something of an outsider.

The mention of the Slytherin/Gryffindor match was partly because I wanted to show that. Originally Oblivion's chapters were going to begin or end (I wasn't sure) with flashbacks of events over the past two years. That was going to be its own subplot, uncovering how the two years had panned out. But then I realised that there wasn't enough subject matter for a non-linear story like that, so scenes which were very vivid in my mind had to be referred in other ways.

Basically Rose was a freaking MESS for two years of Hogwarts.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Oh my days, you can't start a chapter with such lovely Albus/James bonding and the most touching Rose/Albus scene you've EVER written and squish the middle with a beautiful Mattselena moment and END IT WITH THAT AND EXPECT A PROPER REVIEW. I am CACKLING with laughter right now. Oh, I don't even care that it's not going to become any more than it was, I am TOTALLY shipping Scorpius/John right now, kids are perfect for each other. FRUITY COCKTAILS. I love it all.


I freaking love John Colton and I'm so sorry he never made it back into the story. He served Matt's story and then Scorpius' story and coming to see him again would have felt very much for the sake of it. But I think he and Scorpius became good mates when all was said and done!

Oh that Rose/Al scene is really harsh, isn't it. Bless 'em.

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

19th August 2015:
This chapter requires a review if only to convey the shock at the unexpected ending. I never imagined the other "culprit" was going to be John Colton, but objectively speaking (since we knew something like this is happening), Scorpius made the most sense. I was still caught by surprise, though (much like Scorpius himself, bless him and his paranoia), but this was part of the design, of course.

It was the perfect comic reprieve from the emotion fraught previous segments. All in all, the chapter was the calm after the storm, where they mourn the losses and turn for comfort. The much-needed reconciliation between Al and Rose happened! Matt and Selena were cute, even if in a bad situation. I am not sure how intentional, if at all, the preshadowing was (I'd wager on very intentional since they are running issues), but you brought up both Al using Eva, and Selena's reluctance to share her pain which in turn makes people less likely to ask her to.

And since Eva was the one given no screen time, can I ask a random (picky) question about how exactly her name is pronounced? Is it like Eve, but ending in "a"? So the same Eva as in Wall-E :D ? Or is the E pronounced like in Ella, for example?

Author's Response: Ah good, I like it when people are surprised and then find it makes sense. Poor Scorpius, he flirts with anything that moves, sometimes. Though even he thought Colton was here to assassinate him.

I do enjoy this 'calms after the storm' chapters, they let me get the characters' emotions in order. As for the connected emotional threads, sometimes I do clever thematic things! Sometimes. ;)

Oh, good question. I pronounce it with the 'E' more like 'Ella'. There was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it clue in Starfall during the Ager Sanguinis visions, when the shadows of people Eva had killed were saying she wouldn't be forgiven - 'Never, ever.' Or that was what Albus heard. In truth, they were saying 'Never, Eva.'

Truthfully, I'm no longer sure how I gave Eva her name, it's not the most appropriate given name for her cultural background. But eh. Her story is wacky.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by e.mo 

2nd May 2015:
Oh my god the closing part of this chapter killed me haha that was brilliant! pahaha Scorpius and John were great!
I tend to just read stuff and not review but I have read the entirety of this trilogy in the space of about 4 days (i have achieved very little else in these 4 days), so I thought I probably should leave a review at some stage! And can I just say that this has to be the best next gen fanfic I have read! I kept seeing the three parts of this pop up when searching for next gen stories and because I usually find the 'end of the world/rise of a new dark power/everyone is dying' fanfics either too melodramatic/not credible or just plain boring I stayed away from these, but it's hard to ignore stories with SO many positive reviews, and I can completely see why you have so many, cause as I've said before this trilogy is brilliant!

And can I just say I love the fact that to deal with their problems they always do so with a cup of tea! Tea is the best remedy there is!

Also I really appreciate how clever this is. Not only that it's well written (which it is), but because your references are so well thought out, and that you manage to weave history and legend into it. Also that you give things names which are actually believable! For example giving french people/places french names! the amount of stories out there where the French exchange student from Beauxbatons is called Kyle Smith or something get on my nerves so much!! (I grew up in France, and studied languages and history at uni, hence why I appreciate the more nerdy/culturally accurate parts of this trilogy so much!)
Anyway thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Very glad you're enjoying the story! Next Gen can be a bit of a minefield, and Epic Darkness Rising stories especially so. I have tried to keep the Stygian Trilogy logical (for a story about mad dark wizards trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD), or at least with grounded, entertaining characters.

Who drink tea. Every problem in the world can be fixed by a cup of tea.

I'm a history nerd, and I'm passably well-travelled (Passably is certainly right; I think I've been to 5 out of the 9 foreign locales Starfall has scenes in, though neither of the most distant ones), so I do try to incorporate my own knowledge and vague cultural grasp into the story. It's heartening to hear it's contributed to the enjoyment!

You're very welcome for the thanks, and thank you for the review and the kind words!

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Review #5, by RelentlessFire 

13th April 2015:
I just got back to this story, I really didn't have time but I'm so glad I did, because this is just the best!
I love every word you write.
I'm incredibly surprised by so many things that forgot everything I wanted to write in this review... so I guess I'll stick to waiting for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm not sorry for luring you back in. Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Sisyphus 

10th April 2015:
Uhmmm...wow...that's a I have at the moment. *goes back to read it again*

Author's Response: I seem to be getting that a lot! Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #7, by bananafone111 

9th April 2015:
Ok so first of all, it's been forever since I reviewed so sorry about that. Second.
OH MY GOODNESS I totally saw that coming when Scorpius offered to buy him a cocktail and omg they are too cute!!! I fully ship Scorose but if this story had Scorp/John endgame I would be well satisfied (so long as Rose wasn't miserable).
Also... You sneaky author, managing to pair them all up with their love interests on awkward but awesome adventures! I'm so excited for Albus and Eva you don't even know :P.
I'm looking forward to Scorp and Rose's next conversation, haha, or maybe Rose telling Al or Selena? I feel like Albus might be surprised, or maybe not since they were like brothers basically in school so maybe he knew Scorp swings both ways. And I feel like Selena would just be like "yeah, I already suspected that."
On a side note, when you said that John was an undercover Thornweaver I was SO confused; it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on because I kept rereading it but I hadn't gotten to the next few sentences that explained yet.
Oh! And Scorpius and Al have both killed people! Tbh I was not expecting that on the parts of either of them but I guess stuff happen when you become a vigilante evil-fighter. Which, now that I think about it, both of them did.
Hm... What else...
Ah. Matt. He's growing on me... I'm glad he broke up with Rose! That relationship was so dragged out and everybody knew it had to end at some point. I kind of find it strange, though, that lots of people have been throwing out references to Matt/Selena and when they're around each other they just like gravitate to each other and yet neither of them seems to acknowledge that they have anything together anymore. Selena, at least, I would've expected to be more aware of her feelings. And that segues well to...
Selena! Oh how I love Selena! It's so good to see her not broken anymore, y'know? Also, in chapter 11, there's that little bit of Selena being held captive and there's some stuff about pain in her mind and not in her mind and other confusing stuff and it sounds like she was maybe tortured? I'm unsure, but either way it sounded terrible so she will definitely have some stuff to talk about with Matt. And did we ever get a definite reason why she was kidnapped?
Hm... Well, I think that's it for this one.
Oh wait! I was reading some questions people have asked you and your answers and I came across one where you said that the Ignite series is sort of your ridiculous, sillier story (or something like that). I find this interesting because this series is one of the darkest, most intense fanfics that I read (the second in particular was pretty intense in my opinion; this one is less so but I don't mind). Just thought that was kind of funny.
Anyway, this time I'm really done. :)

Author's Response: When I was working on Ignite, I'd just finished writing Beyond This Place, which was entirely about how one can learn to live with themselves after a war. Pretty much until Tim dies, which I didn't write as a scene until many months in, Ignite WAS a more light-hearted coming-of-age story. However, then... yeah, then Tim died, then Methuselah, and while Starfall maintained some of the jokier elements, certainly all of that whimsy is DEAD. Gone. There's a reason Oblivion's summaries are now just opening lines. Ignite and Starfall got the funny lines, or Intense lines if it was appropriate for the chapter, but there's so much less fun in Oblivion. It's gone dark and harsh and while I want to recover some of the light, especially in terms of their happily ever afters. I see some people reading Ignite now and calling it fun, and I wonder, gee, where did I go 'wrong'? I guess it was a gradual descent, but I hope it's not too whiplash inducing. ANYWAY, to talk of this review.

John and Scorpius are pretty cute. It's not going anywhere long-term (I assure you, I am not jettisoning ScoRose for a romance appearing out of NOWHERE in the third act!!), but they had fun little chemistry together and I think that's what Scorpius needed. We'll see the reactions of those who find out next chapter. And no, John isn't a Thornweaver. Scorpius just went on paranoid mercenary instincts and leapt to the wrong conclusion.

Thankfully, while the pairings are going off on their adventures, they're not nailed to their plotlines. They will intersect and interact, coming together at various points.

Matt did what needed doing. As for him and Selena, they've NEVER been really overt in their relationship with one another, it's always been something kind of simmering under the surface - and neither wants to bring it up when it's so fresh off the back of the breakup. But that's going to be a Thing, it's indefinability. If that's a word. It's late.

There are layers of Selena's past pain, recent and older, which we will get to. But no, we don't yet know why she was kidnapped! I mean, she's Lillian Rourke's daughter, but nothing's come up about blackmail or the like, so what they exactly planned is as-yet undefined.

Anyhoo, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by peacock33 

9th April 2015:
Thanks for always giving such detailed and insightful answers. I have to admit that since John is best friends with Matt, I can't help feeling that both of them were at least partially motivated by non-lust factors. John seems to dislike Rose and is bitter and mad about the way she has treated Matt, so I can't help but feel that hooking up with Scorpius (not to mention having her walk in on them) isn't at least a little bit gratifying to him and maybe a kind of revenge? And for Scorpius to decide to just hook up with Rose's boyfriend's best friend seem like something he knew would obviously get back to her. What do you think? I know it supposedly wasn't planned (at least not on Scorpiu's part) and they were drunk, but it just seems too coincidental, unless you're just trying to not introduce new elements into the story. And I have to say that given how little they seemed to know or like each other before this, it seems weird that Scorpius was maybe implying he wanted more and that John had to be the one to say it was okay for it to be a one-time thing.
While I can see Scorpius hooking up with someone while he thinks Rose is taken, it is also kind of unfair to Rose. I mean he is the one that chose never to reveal himself to her and since he's come back he knows from everyone that she is miserable and unhappy with Matt, not to mention how she almost kissed him the last time they were together. So while I can see why he needed to hookup for himself, I still feel like Rose is better off without him as since he has come back from the dead he doesn't really seem to care about her or how his actions will affect/hurt her. Maybe that's unfair since he must be confused with the situation he is in, but I'm still mad about him deciding never to tell her he was back and think it should take a lot for her to trust him enough to be in a relationship. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I do like my rambling answers. Scorpius could be motivated by all sorts - him doing something small and petty isn't exactly beyond him, even if it wasn't his entire motivating factor. John, however, would know that Scorpius isn't going to be Matt's favourite person, nor is he that petty at Rose. It was, in fact, pretty coincidental.

Scorpius wasn't meant to be implying he wanted more; he was trying to express to John that while it was a fling, it had been a VALUED fling. John just pre-empted him because he understood, rather than making him explain. Scorpius is absoLUTEly not looking for anything more, for so many reasons.

While there's a good argument to be made that it's cruel to Rose for Scorpius to hook up with someone, at the time Scorpius thought she was with Matt. Now, it's a messed up situation, and probably honest communication would do them both some good, but I don't see Scorpius as betraying Rose here. Then again, even if it's hurting her, of ALL the things he's done to hurt her, this is easily the least. You're not wrong that trust needs rebuilding before anything could happen.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Gi9 

9th April 2015:
I was laughing with tears when John walked out of the bathroom XD it was so awkward and funny. When Scorpius was out with his friends, I thought, 'Okay, now he's going to get drunk and he's going to hook up with a girl and Rose is going to walk in on them and she's going to be heartbroken.' I was so shocked to see that I basically got the whole thing, except the fact that it was a boy and Rose didn't seem very heartbroken in that moment, only very, very unconfortable. And shocked as well, obviously. John was quite rude at the end, I felt bad for Scorpius. So, he's bisexual. Is it something new or has he always known? Does anybody else know? Did you know since the beginning? Or when did you decide? Sorry, so many questions...

I have a big doubt. Please, don't think that it's because of your writing, it's just that English is not my first language and sometimes I have to pay too much attention while I'm reading. Now, I've read the part many times, but I think I might have misinterpreted what you wrote.
John is secretly a Thornweaver and he and Scorpius met (and got to know each other) while Scorpius was with the Council, 8 month before. Or I just made that up? Please, answer me, I'm very confused :S

I am so happy about Al and Rose. They finally found eachother again. They really needed this. To be able to speak freely to someone they trust blindly. Especially Al, finally he's letting someone in on his feelings for Eva and for everything else. But I still wish there was a way we could learn what happened to him in the two years he was gone.

Matt and Selena...I don't know. I truly believe leaving Rose was the right thing to do, but running to Selena immediately after...I don't know, it seems too soon. I know they are "friends" but when he was in the hospital, on drugs, it looked like he wanted to be more than friends and personally I wouldn't like that. At least not yet. Also, I don't really believe him when he says he loves Rose, anymore. Anyway, not romantically.

Wow, this was great ;)

Author's Response: I had to find some levity in such an awkward situation, and John delivers! Rose's real reaction is kind of pending. Right now she's too stunned to rally an honest response. John wasn't trying to be rude, more honest - and he'd figured Scorpius wasn't in for the long run, so he was attempting to avoid the awkward. Scorpius got it, so there's no hard feelings there.

I kind of suspected since the beginning that Scorpius was bi. He flirts with anything that moves. I'll give that explicit quote, Starfall, Chapter 48 'That Either Makes Me', when challenged by the spirit of judgement on his Temperance. 'I have dared date and flirt with girls in the past. And flirted with boys, for that matter, you must hate that.' So I, and Scorpius, have known for a while that he's at least a little bi, but I can confidently say this is his first serious encounter with a guy, and he leans towards preferring women.

John being a Thornweaver and he and Scorpius having an established history is a helluva theory but, alas, not true. Scorpius could just tell in the bar that he was being eyed up and thought it was by someone wanting to KILL him. So he saw it was John, confronted him... and discovered he was being eyed up for a different reason!

Al and Rose were long due this conversation. Finally they can start to be there for each other like they weren't two years ago. We will start to go down what happened to him, albeit only in as much detail as is necessary, and not yet.

Matt has gone to Selena as a friend; Selena is there as a friend. I think they, at least, both know that immediately afterwards is NOT the time. They can support each other and figure out their feelings later. Matt is kind of lying to himself when he says he loves her; it's more like the final death throes of that self-delusion, or rather, of the Rose he used to love. He'll get over it sharpish now he's free.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Solana14 

9th April 2015:

Ok, so we now know Scorpius is bisexual, and no, I did not get this anywhere in the earlier books. Your hints had to have been quite subtle. And in spite of it being a fling that's not going to be repeated... I do feel this will have a serious effect on Rose. I can't see them getting back together now. I can't see her trusting him again -- even though she'd moved on herself.

I don't actually see good things for Scorpius now. He's done too much, been implicated in too much, killed too much. I'm sad by it, that we've essentially lost a protagonist we loved. But if this is how you wanted the story to develop... then we have to accept it and see what happens next.

I'm very positive about Albus and Rose. They so needed this talk, and you hint at other talks, so they have a real chance to be close again. Beautiful! And I too feel Rose has hit bottom and has only way to go -- up. I'm happy for her.

Matt and Selena... I'm not sure if I'm seeing them as a couple or not. And I find it's ok. At this point, both have a chance for happiness. At this moment, however, I'm feeling good about them working together. Both will be able to move on -- Selena already has had a healthy moving-on period from Methuselah -- and they are both strong people.

Now we get to see the excitement of where the couples will go and how they will fare. Hopefully this will take us to a truly satisfying end of the war for all of them, and for the Wizarding world in general.

Great job! You're still keeping me struggling to meet my deadlines, that is so your fault! :-)

More soon pleeease!

Author's Response: Hints have been made, or at least, in the way Scorpius talks to men they've been made. Overt statement of flirting with men made in Starfall, Chapter 48, to the spirit of judgement.

Rose has a lot of reasons to be apprehensive of another relationship with Scorpius, both for him and for herself. Scorpius hooking up with someone else in a one-night stand when so far as he knows, she's in an 8 month-old relationship, is not really the wrongdoing that might scupper them. You're right, though, Rose only really has up to go, and we should over time start to see her old fire.

For the moment, Selena and Matt do need to work on themselves - individually and in terms of their friendship. Anything romantic would be rushed at this juncture.

I do hope the end of this will be satisfying! Still a war to wrap up, and all the mysteries, and seeing how our teams/couples endure. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Whimsical Diva 

9th April 2015:
Scorpius and John? WT..F? It feels gratuitous, and just seems something that got thrown in to complicate Rose/Scorpius further. I mean, why John, of all people. Do they have history? When I read about John being at the pub, I thought this was going to be a conversation about Matt he was going to have. Anyway, I'm sure you have your reasons.

And I LOVED the Albus/Rose conversation. It was beautiful... I know I complained about Albus a lot in Starfall, but I'll take that Albus over the current one any day.

Author's Response: Scorpius and John happened for Scorpius' story, not for ScoRose's. There'll be a fallout and it won't be resolved immediately, but this is not going to be a prolongued issue.

John and Scorpius have no history beyond faintly knowing each other at school. But they certainly weren't looking for a hookup based on their shared past. No more than Scorpius would have needed a pre-established dynamic to hook up with a random girl he'd known faintly at school.

The Al/Rose conversation was long overdue, and we'll continue to see more of Albus' development and inner workings. He has more ground to cover in terms of personal revelations and regret than probably anyone.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Manila_traveler 

9th April 2015:
I'd thought there was an outside chance of you setting up Matt x John by the end of Oblivion, and while the romantic in me quietly notes that a one-night stand between John and Scorpius doesn't necessarily preclude that from happening... I have to admit, it just doesn't seem very likely right now!

It does feel satisfying, though, to see Matt turn to Selena for support during this time. It feels like you brought closure to the rift they had between them because of Matt's relationship with Rose; the argument they had in the opening chapters did a good job of distilling that tension, and now I could almost swear that just like last time, Matt had been standing outside Selena's doorstep in the rain, only this time, events finally went as they "should" have gone.

I'd say the same about the Albus and Rose scene. Oh, if only Albus could have stuck with Rose as they grieved over Scorpius... It's an irrational feeling, but with Matt losing a hand, I really don't feel like Albus has "paid" enough to get to where he is now. Let the cosmic scales rebalance!

Going back to John, though, I'm curious to know if you have more in store for him. Did he (IS HE?!?!?) secretly pine for his best friend during and after their Hogwarts years? Hahahaha. Let's have secret gay romantic pining please. Seriously though, I think he's been a good foil to Matt and he does care about him -- they are best friends, after all, even if they may never be any more than that. So I hope we see more of him in the future.

And while Matt and Selena really do have chemistry, I'm really hoping Matt's character outgrows his, shall we say, chivalrous tendencies and even if they do get together at the end of the story, I hope their relationship doesn't develop a princess-and-her-knight-in-shining armor dynamic. Which doesn't feel healthy, not for Matt and not for Selena.

Author's Response: D'aww, Matt and John would be quite sweet. But no, they're firmly friends, and John doesn't have a thing for Matt. He finds Matt too dour. He's his best friend, but John was drawn to Scorpius for a reason. I think the two of them would drive each other nuts.

While Matt and Selena haven't FULLY resolved the issues from the two years, because let's face it, they haven't really faced them, they do have an accord. And that accord's going to last a little while.

Albus has more ground to cover than perhaps anyone in this story. That he reacted so vehemently to the mere IDEA Scorpius might criticise him should be evidence that he's not just bounced back from his grief, everything fine and dandy. We'll sift through his damage and the price to be paid for what he's done to himself.

Matt as the knight in shining armour. Not an image I'd envisioned. I suppose he does like his trappings, the sword, the Templars, the lot! But Selena refuses pretty thoroughly to be a damsel in distress. No, the two work at their best because they are very honest with each other, and help each other be honest with themselves. It is absolutely a partnership of equals. Besides, even if Selena isn't a great fighter, Matt's down a hand. He's way more likely to need saving.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Hats For House Elves 

9th April 2015:
Argh! I spent months avoiding this story. Just because I had to get over the last one. Now it is once again a staple of my reading list and you're still putting us through the mill. It is great. Honestly brilliant. This latest chapter. Where did that come from? I mean yeah it makes sense now but if Scorpius was going to have a get back to life fling I did not expect that. Nice work.

Author's Response: I'm sorry! Okay, I'm not sorry if you've been sucked in. I'm glad you're reading and you're having fun.

I'm also glad that this makes sense even if you didn't see it coming. It's what I was going for, though other characters will ALSO be rather surprised. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by whykay 

9th April 2015:
Is this a belated April fool's joke?? !!! Scorpius and John?? Dear God! And Rose finding out. !! OMG.

So, it is clear that there are not going to be any second showings and Scorpius still loves Rose. But why John? and not any other girl, for meaningful / meaningless sex? I mean, why now? Is Scorpius bi? Did you bring this on only to delay Rose and Scorpius really talking to each other??

I think now finally, the characters are settling in. It feels grounded and ready to take off.

I loved Albus - Rose talking to each other, more honest and open than ever. And Matt - Selena. Well done!

Author's Response: This was done more for Scorpius' story than Rose and Scorpius. Rose finding out about it rather helps it be an element of his story that's centre-stage, instead of something done and dusted off to the side. I PROMISE we are not going to have chapter after chapter after chapter of sit-com-esque sulking from Rose (though there will be a reaction).

Yes, Scorpius is bi. It has been alluded to in the past, but it wasn't expected to be blatantly obvious. Nor will it be treated as blatantly obvious by the characters who learn about it.

Albus and Rose was long overdue and this won't be their first heart-to-heart. They can find solace in each other in this story like they didn't in the end of Starfall.

Yeah, things are finally finding balance after Scorpius' return and Plot Kicks Off. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by peacock33 

9th April 2015:
I have to say that John and Scorpius hooking up was kind of crazy. I had actually wondered if he was going to get drunk and hook up with someone just to add to the drama, but since I don't remember getting any sense of him being bi, this seemed kind of random. Was there something from the earlier stories hinting at this? Why did you choose to have it be a guy rather than another girl? I wonder if that is in someway less threatening to Rose? I feel bad for her as now Matt has left her and she'll feel like Scorpius has moved on as well. And while I'm glad that Matt made the decision to help both of them figure out what they really want, I feel like he is being disingenous by pretending he is still in love with Rose and would want to be with her if she chooses him, as it seems like he is already ready to hook up with Selena. It would be sad if Rose actually did choose him and he had already moved on with Selena. Hopefully Rose will get some happiness in here somewhere.

Author's Response: I have alluded, directly and indirectly, to Scorpius being interested in guys before - though your confusion is one liable to be shared by other characters. So while it's been SEEDED, I wasn't expecting this to be unsurprising.

I honestly can't put into terms of specific justification why Scorpius hooked up with a guy. I SUPPOSE there are elements that it felt less like a 'betrayal' of Rose to himself. Also Scorpius, while bi, is MORE interested in women, and so it's easier for him to be sure a fling with a guy is going to be just that, a fling. At the EARLIEST story musing, I thought this might be a hook up with Miranda, but I decided I wanted something altogether healthier than him bouncing back with his ex.

Matt is perhaps being disingenuous to himself. It's hard to shake off those old instincts of loving Rose, even if it's a Rose he mostly knows doesn't exist. It really won't last; they both know, not even that deep down, that it's OVER. Properly. Rose will not come back to him only to get rebuffed; that would be too mean, even for me. We should see Rose rising from here.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Jaz 

9th April 2015:
Wow, this chapter right here. I'm not sure how I feel about it, there was so much going on, so much emotions running wild!! And then that ending, wow! I just, I don't know!!!

Author's Response: Ha, this is the chapter I thought might knock people for six a bit. Glad it had an impact!

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