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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:
The conversations in this chapter are just BRILLIANT. The first one, with all five of the dream team back together, I almost lost it. It was just like before, but also not at all like before because now everyone's even MORE irreparably broken.

The big contrast between this and Ignite is such an interesting thing. I mean, not only were they just around 16-years-old then, but they were also just SO different. I really notice it with Rose. She's absolutely broken now. I think that really came through with the conversation between Matt and her at the end. I do hope we get to see more of Rose fighting in this. She was reluctant to hurt before, now she duels to kill.

And Albus! What a change from him. I mean, Eva already pointed out the huge change in him before. And she's totally right, but I just can't get over what she said. He really did inspire them all and even everyone in Hogwarts to follow him to the ends of the Earth. And maybe he'll get that spark back and do it again.

I feel like it's been a while since I mentioned Nat. But I haven't forgotten about the end of Sarfall! What's she up to? I'm dying to know!


Author's Response: It was about time the Five talked again! But yeah, it was so similar to how things were, and yet so very different.

Rose is MESSED UUUP right now. But the relationship with Matt ending will only do her good. Even though she argued strenuously against him leaving at all. But of course we will also see her in future fights, and how she handles lethality!

I don't know why I'm writing like this, you've finished the story. But I don't want to put too many spoilers in my review responses. :-D

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Yeah, so I am BEYOND proud of Matt in this chapter. Finally, FINALLY, he's done something for HIM. I see other people calling him selfish, and okay, I can see that point because he did get with Rose - but he got with someone who CLEARLY didn't love him in the way he loved her, and yet he stayed with her anyway and tried to fix her even though at heart neither of them were happy. And he wasn't doing that just because he wanted to be with her. And so, the fact he's leaving her now, EVEN THOUGH he knows there's a strong chance she'll not come back to him, is ... yeah. And it's funny because he's doing this for himself and yet what he's doing is giving up on the woman he loves. So he's acting in his own best interests and yet at the same time managing to be the least selfish he's ever been in this relationship. If that makes sense.

You know, Selena's conversation with Scorpius, saying how she feels bad because she's in a way better place than Rose is ... it's sad that she even feels like that, because she's done the grieving the HEALTHY way. Rose shouldn't still be broken now, that's not GOOD, that's not a sign that she loved Scorpius more than Selena did Methuselah... And I'm glad Scorpius told Selena what he did, even if some of it was a lie.

I really want Eva to go along for the ride purely because it might help Albus a bit if they spend more time together. Still waving my Albus/Eva flag. NEXT.

Author's Response: Matt has FINALLY stood up for himself. I don't think he's selfish, beyond his flaw of believing Rose when she told him, again and again, she was okay and ready to be with him. And I think by the time he realised that was absolutely not the case, he was already in a relationship and then it was damned hard for him to walk away. He loved her.

But he's doing this for HIM, and while he's 99% sure she'll never come back to him, he does know it's the only chance the relationship has. If she sorted herself out and dealt with Scorpius' death and then went, 'oh, I'm a different person now, I DO love Matt,' it's about the only way they'd manage to work it out.

Poor Selena, feeling she's not loved Methuselah enough because she didn't pin her ENTIRE LIFE on her grief. Admittedly, she did work things out over Starfall, which is something that Rose never had an opportunity for.

I'd forgotten Scorpius lied here. A little white lie. More of a fib. Because he's not really WRONG, and not even wrong in the context of how I've depicted the afterlife (despite trying, a lot, to NOT depict much of an afterlife).

AL/EVA! They're so cute.

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

14th August 2015:
"That escalated quickly" rings doubly true - not only about the conversation, but also about the palpable deterioration of Rose and Matt's relationship.

Now that I know what follows, the opening sequence is much more coherent, and sets things up rather nicely. When I read it the first time around, it fell a bit flat, then a bit crowded since we hadn't had the whole group interact together for quite a while. I really disliked how they all paired up in the usually suspected couples, it seemed really artificial, and it was too neat. But then again, it is where you introduce the idea that they have to work together and plant the seed of future co-operation, reconciliation and reconnection. All my apprehensions about this happening too easy and quickly were dismissed later on, of course.

So now that I revisit this, I like it much, much better. The wry Selena shines as always, the clashes are entertaining and refreshing. Moments like these make the characters alive. It's a great chapter, truly cathartic. That break-up scene is one of the most beautiful things I have seen written.

The Scorpius-centered piece was an amazing change of pace. This dynamic in the setting is doing a good job shooing away the feeling of claustrophobia I was starting to get after all the one-on-one conversations in the previous chapters. Superb Scorp and Selena once again.

It's just a stellar chapter, pure gold. Thank you.

Author's Response: Rose and Matt are circling the drain by now. And while I myself wasn't so happy with pairing people off into couples, the couples are thematically linked as well as romantically, so as the plotlines work off, each of them has something to do for the individuals - not just pairing everyone off. Plus, thankfully, the different groups intersect at different points and are not carved in stone right until the very end.

The breakup scene was weird to write. Most scenes exist of course in my head before they exist on the screen, but they're at best broadly story-boarded, more often snapshots of specific moments or lines and I'm filling in the blanks between them. This is the one intense, major scene where it was 100% in my head. It FELT stilted to write, because normally a scene grows and changes and flows as I write it - but it ended up fine. I think it just HAD to go that way. It's weird. But I like it.

I do like sitting my characters down for intense one-on-one conversations. I really need to work on that.

Thanks for reviewing, and thanks a bunch for the kind words!

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Review #4, by whykay 

4th April 2015:
Good for Matt.

He has realized he is melodramatic. And he has really helped Rose by dumping her. For HIMSELF. w00t!

I like the regrouping. It is healthy and it works. I think Eva will join in on this little trip. Albus needs to stop beating himself up and be himself, for good or worse of his character.

Scorpius - I LOVE him. And Selena - yes, Rose didn't do what she did. But wonder so - its so human. Her and Matt - well, I hate interruptions.

Cassian Malfoy - is he another black sheep, burned off on the family tree?? Can't they ask the portrait something more? And also, did they go through the entire box? Was Draco also involved in the Council on the same lines?? He intends to double cross Raskoph and redeem the Malfoy family name, except that his little boy got mixed up with the right crowd and Draco could not help being painted black / grey as a consequence? Maybe Thane was on his payroll right from the beginning. To do his bidding, find out stuff from Raskoph and relay information etc..

NOW, I can imagine Draco being the face in the fire. But I still cannot shake off Astoria. You surely didn't bring her into the picture only to highlight Scorpius' abandonment issues? There is something missing there.

And Nat Lockett. Yes. She is the important one. Gabe too. I am thinking of this possibility - did Gabe have a vision of the future again? And has he reacted the way he did with DeSable, to work towards the future?

And I don't know - if Raskoph was the ring leader, it appears to me that he was incredibly accessible when the gang rescued Selena. I am sure other people could have found him just as easily.

Author's Response: Matt's line about being melodramatic was a last-minute addition, I must admit. Then again, I wrote the breakup in my head over and over, and at its conception it was a MUCH more martyrish, doing-it-for-Rose act. By the time I got to writing it, it was clear that he needed to do it for HIMSELF (the relationship turned out much more unhealthy when I wrote it than I'd originally thought), so I wanted to expand on that.

I should elaborate on Cassian's portrait. Basically there's only so much the portrait could know, especially as this one was painted after Cassian's death. It's magical, but not omniscient, and this portrait had no chance of 'imprinting' on its subject like Dumbledore's did, to some extent (plus, Dumbledore's was clearly hella more magical). But yes, it does raise questions about Draco!

We'll see Astoria again before the end of Oblivion.

You raise a good question with Raskoph. If they weren't doing anything with Selena, it's odd for the head of the Council to hang around with the prisoner - a prisoner whose value was only her associations.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Whimsical Diva 

3rd April 2015:
I don't know how I feel about the three pairs going off on their own to do their own thing. I'm so used to the Six doing things together that I can't quite imagine them working differently. That said, I can see the appeal of going down that road... if they're going to get together again, then it makes sense - though it'll be nice to see more balance in terms of whose POV the section is narration from - especially Albus. While with Scorpius we're slowly starting to see what he's been up to in the last few months, we don't really know much about Albus's past.

And Matt... sigh. I hope he finds some real happiness at the end of this story - he deserves it for all he's done for Rose. And speaking of Rose, while I love her interactions with Scorpius, I find her very frustrating when she's being indecisive and in denial - which happens a lot of times. Hopefully this break-up will lead her to take stock of her life and stop being so passive.

Anyway,this story is chugging along at a good clip. Any idea how long it's going to be?

Author's Response: The Six won't just split off from here and never interact again. Their stories will intersect and while they will occasionally flit off to other places, they will still inhabit shared geographic space.

We will get to Albus, increasingly from here, in fact. And just as Matt has really managed to pull his finger out - and I agree, deserves happiness and better than he's had - we'll also see Rose changing gears reasonably soon. Certainly down the line of this story we will see Rose who rejects the poor options and tries to seize circumstances by the throat, again, though not *yet*.

I'm currently writing Chapter 30 or so. I said it'd be shorter than Starfall; I might, it turns out, have been lying. I don't know. If it's longer than Starfall, it won't be by much.

Then again, even once the PLOT is over, I wouldn't be surprised if I took several chapters being a Return of the King-esque epilogue of unending, just to make sure the characters are properly sent off and proper closure is received. Both Ignite and Starfall could and did end rather snappily after plot was over (especially Ignite), but Oblivion will be lengthened in the end, no doubt.

That's just guesswork. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Mia 

3rd April 2015:
Hello again, I haven't reviewed for a few chapters now (exams are right around the corner unfortunately and i'm up to my neck in school work...sigh)

Anyway I'm super glad we'll be seeing some more action/development towards (what will hopefully be) the end of the war and downfall of the Council. It's interesting to see that everyone in the group will be taking on different roles, and even more interesting that each pair has the possibility of becoming a couple in the future. Rose & Scorpius, Matt & Selena and Al & Eva (i'm pretty certain she'll be out of jail and joining the bandwagon very soon, it would be very anticlimactic if you just brushed her to the side and kept her incarcerated for the rest of the fic)

But at the same time, I quite like the idea that the group won't be together, hopefully the pace of the story will pick up a bit now that they're back on the road with the prospective of leaving dreary old Britain. I completely appreciate the difficulty of presenting everyone's reactions/emotions after every major event and keeping track of the multitude of important characters and possible plot holes and then presenting every characters personal lives and issues...must be tiresome and I suppose going through all of that slows the pace down considerably.

I love the way you portray legilimency, it's so fresh and innovative and just a really fun process to read. I'm still not sure what to make of the morally ambiguous side of Scorpius, but then again his reasons at face value are valid but Oblivion as a whole raises so many questions and every character is so flawed and human and there is literally no longer a constant- even in this chapter Scorpius took over what would have normally been Selena's role but I do love what you've done, you're a brilliant writer.

Also very glad Matt's finally left, I was initially worried Rose would dump Matt but i'm relieved to know it happened the other way around, although he did imply that he hoped Rose would come back- I hope she doesn't and if she does(which tbh I don't think she will) I hope Matt realizes that he deserves someone better than Rose and doesn't except her. Rose is, at the moment, becoming my most disliked character out of the group, I just wish she'd sort her feelings out (as hard as that might be), on the one hand it's obvious she still feels something for Scorpius but then she's begging for Matt to stay! EVEN when she's acknowledged that she's only really using him to deal with her own grief. Make up your mind Woman haha

I liked Scorpius' mini speech to everyone about friendship and all that, although I would be hesitant to call it a proper friendship. Sure Scorp and Al are best mates and Rose and Selena are friends but even though Al and Rose are cousins they hardly share personal feelings (or talk) with each other a lot at this point, we hardly see any interaction between Selena and Al or Matt and Al so I feel as though their group is an amalgamation of separate friendship groups and in inherent moral obligation to rescue and protect each other since they've been through so much together. Maybe i'm analyzing this all wrong...maybe it's just Al who's sort of alienated from everyone but Scorpius, seeing as he doesn't really interact properly with anyone but him...

Speaking of Al, I really really hope we get some further insight into what he's been up to in the last two years he'd been on his own, at the moment he's very ambiguous and I feel like there's so much more to learn about him and how he's feeling. Maybe some more of his POVs? And i'm also hoping for more Al/ Eva (even though I haven't decided how I feel about what Eva deserves, she's been a pretty good soul in this fic and that little scene with Al in the prison really touched my heart so I totally ship them ;) AND i'm also hoping for some bad-ass fighting scenes with Al and Eva cooperating together.

Thanks for the brilliant chapter, just know that even when i'm not leaving reviews, I still check for updates obsessively and squeal when I see an update. Take all the super long reviews your readers leave you as a testament to how thought provoking and awesome a writer you are!

Have a super day,

Mia x

Author's Response: No worries on slow reviewing, real life happens.

Yeah, everyone's got their emotional reactions down, now it's time for a snifter of more plot. It's not really a spoiler to assure you that you're right, Eva's not going to stay locked up all story!

The group will split up, and while I'd originally intended on Oblivion keeping to England even most of the time, that's absolutely turning out to NOT be the case while I write, so... yeah, we'll see a lot of things coming in the future. The pacing's a pest, but I'm trying to wrangle it under control.

I love writing Legilimency like this; it's kind of necessary to give a visual structure to something which might well be indescribable knowledge. I like to think of that as Rose's particular flavour; we established in Starfall that she's not very good at more subtle Legilimency.

Everyone is rather flawed but, yes, Scorpius has done some significantly nastier things. We'll see where that leaves us down the line.

Matt did what he had to do, and he DOES deserve better than what he's had from Rose. I think him implying he hopes Rose comes back is more the forlorn hope that the Rose he loves could love him the way he wants to be loved. That Rose is gone, and he knows that *really*... just as Rose *really* knows that this is right, too, it's just her instinct to panic and beg her most stalwart supporter to not go. Even if it's for the best, that's still terrifying. She won't be in this sort of state for long before she makes sense of it.

It's true that the Five aren't really a big, friendly gang. Matt's had complex relationships with Selena and Rose and has been at best cordial with Scorpius and Albus. Al and Rose DO have a specific relationship, just it's been hurt by the two year absence; we will see that starting to come together again soon. They were once very close. It's true that Albus is the most distant from the group, having no sort of notable relationship with Matt or Selena, but then he's got an 'extra' relationship with Eva, who only has fleeting connections with the rest (some mild connection to Matt, Selena, and Scorpius, or so we shall see in time). Of the Five, Rose is the ONLY one who has a Specific and Strong relationship of some flavour with all of the members. Even with Scorpius, his relationship with Selena isn't particularly close.

We will see more of Albus, and certainly more of Al/Eva. He has a specific arc for this story, and we'll start to unpack what makes him Him - who he Is, and who he Was. I promise badass fighting scenes with Al and Eva, it's a little way off and I haven't written it yet (my writing is currently around Chapter 30 but I've had a break for the last few weeks, which has honestly done my inspiration some good as I cooled my brain down). But one of the best non-climactic action sequences of Oblivion should be Al and Eva. Together or opposed, who knows.

I do love the super long reviews, it's so gratifying to see you guys having so much fun analysing and contemplating the story. I'm really glad you're enjoying the story!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Giù9 

3rd April 2015:
Mmmm a part of me wishes they would go back in action together, all the 5 of them (No, I still can't consider Eva ne of them!). But I guess splitting them in three different missions will make the plot develope more quickly and changing three different scenaries will be good as well. Although I'm not exactly thrilled about the three pairs. (For a moment you had me fooled we were going to see the first Al/Selena scene EVER!). Rose and Scorpius, I guess being so close to him again might help her. Matt and Selena...I just don't like the idea of them being together and I think Selena could do more than staying there to be his muse and inspire him find the solution. Albus, for once I'd rather he went on his own. I think that might give us and insight on the two years he spent alone on the hunt, obviously in a different state of mind.
But I guess Eva cannot spend the rest of Oblivion locked in a cell...

I swear I'm loving Matt more and more every chapter. After loosing his hand and with Scorpius return I thought we were going to see him whining and complaining like I think it would be normal in a situation like his. I thought he would have felt useless and that he would have distanced himself from Rose, but in a different way. I was expecting him playing the pity card, with more screaming and a nasty break up. Well, we heared a bit of screaming, but it was very rational. And the break up was so sad. He finally found the courage to tell her what he knew all along. He found the courage to put himself first, but at the same time he did that for her as well. He's amazing. I've never liked him as much as I like him right now.
I also feel terrible for Rose right now. I think the reason why she stayed clinged to Matt all this time was that she needed someone willing to indulge her and to live with her in denial state. And Matt did that so far. She knew that he was the one person that would never go against her. Even her father told her what she was doing was wrong. Now that he's gone she lost her rock and I think she will feel a little lost at first, but she will finally have the chance to get back on her feet, as soon as she realises that she's not alone. That's why I'm glad she's going with Scorpius.

As always Selena doesn't need more than one line to steal the scene. I loved the conversation with Scorpius and how she's accusing him of "waltzing back into everyone’s lives and point out unpleasant truths like you’re me?" Wonderful. Very sad that she's still wondering whether it's right to have moved on or if she should still be an emotional disaster like Rose. No one should be like Rose.

One thing isn't clear though. When Rose hugs Selena, what are the "unspoken apologies" you're talking about for? Is it about her abduction or I missed something else?

Wonderful chapter, as always ;)

Author's Response: While there are three separate goals and I've almost inadvertently ended up pairing off the romantic couples into them, these are not paths carved separately in stone. The six won't all be split off into completely disparate issues, constantly separated by geography. So we will see them checking in with one another a-plenty, even if it's just in their twos and threes.

Someone had to pay a price for rescuing Selena, and it was no accident I picked Matt. It wasn't even just because of their relationship. He had the most to gain by his identity being challenged in this sort of way. It's pushed him rather back to fundamentals, which is why he's been able to analyse his relationship with Rose and realise that it really isn't what he needs.

Rose is at her most wretched here; this is the point we'll be seeing her to rise up from. Matt was her rock, and while he was her support when she needed support, he was her support when she needed challenging. Even if she also knew things with Matt weren't ideal, it's scary as hell to be faced with losing that support.

Ah, Selena. I never plan Selena; she just HAPPENS to my story. As for the 'unspoken apologies,' the two of them DID rather take chunks out of each other in the row Scorpius interrupted. Rose told her to stop acting so above the bickering, and threw the Badenheim deception in her face; Selena mocked her transparency for wanting to help Scorpius. The hug was a short, but effective making up. The two know what the other's like. No need for grudges.

Thanks for reviewing!

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