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Review #1, by Glisten  

30th July 2017:
I actually tried to Google Translate the sentence the first time I saw it and the website said "You have a head to blow up the sewer plates. I hate everything about you. If I could, I would curse you so hard that your forefathers would feel it" so that's kind of similar right? Still though google translate can still mess things up pretty bad haha.

My jaw dropped when Lockhart and Skeeter were dating. I'd never thought about that before but they honestly make the perfect couple don't they? Theyre both full of themselves, superficial, and liars. They're equally terrible for eachother!

She's totally making progress with Severus. I'm so intruiged by their developing relationship. I must read MOREE but before I do I'll be sure to finish up my thoughts. Your story really is a good patience excesise for me.

That juice squishing book detail was really interesting. Hermione learned it from Snapes book but Hermione taught Snape so he could write it down? Totally mind boggling (and brilliant!)

Lupin and Bones are so cute!! They should have their own fan fiction! I could honestly read about them forever. Fantastic work and, just like with all you're other chapters, I'm giving it a 10/10. To be honest I'm not even sure what the ratings do but you earned the best score by my books! Oh, quick little thing that also on my mind. . . I hope that poor teacher doesn't die. He seems nice!

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Review #2, by Emi 

20th March 2016:
I think I was too swept up in the magic of the story as a whole the first time I read this chapter (or, you know, unable to notice things properly because it was like three in the morning and I hadn’t gotten any sleep…) but I didn’t immediately notice what, exactly, you were revealing at the start of this chapter. (And at the end of the last, really). But now, rereading this, I can truly appreciate the way this whole reveal played out. I’m glad Hermione had the book to explain things to her, and I’m actually very intrigued by the way you’ve explained being sent to the past as different than traveling on your own — brilliant idea, there, and fitting considering how time travel has worked within the canon — but I’ll admit I’m also terribly heartbroken.

If Hermione’s been sent to the past, and that means everything she’s done were all things that she’d already been fated to do… well, then that means something awfully tragic for Sev, doesn’t it? If she’s already gone to the past, and everything’s played out the way it was supposed to, then that means she still didn’t manage to save Snape. Or, actually, maybe it means that she /did/, but that she “saved” him by giving him that chance to truly live, to feel worthy of life, perhaps even the will to continue on… even if she couldn’t “save” him from his eventual fate. That’d be beautiful, too. So you know, I’m tearing up a bit right now. And so you also know, I’m actually a bit of a junkie for tragic endings, so if your entire plan with this story is to break my heart (and the hearts of every other reader out there), then I’ll still love the story in the end, just so you know. But here’s to holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, Hermione did manage to save him in the literal sense of the word as well. Maybe there’s some secret you’ve got up your sleeve. …Am I a terrible person for not being sure which imagined ending I’m hoping for more?

Well, in any case, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat, love. I’ll be anxiously (though patiently; please do take your time) awaiting every update from here on out. (:

ANYWAYS. Happier thoughts, yes? Remus is adorable. I’m loving your characterization of the teenage him more and more. Also loving that, sweet as you’re making him, he, too, is not perfect, and still lets his friends get away with things they shouldn’t really be doing. Also, I’m truly a fan of the way you’re playing out the Amelia relationship and friendship, here. If I’m being honest, I’m probably a little too harsh on stories where there ends up being some sort of petty drama over a boy that plays a major role in a story, and for just the slightest of seconds, I was worried this story might have been heading down that path. But you had Hermione and Amelia solve their little issue humorously and without a fuss. Again, I’m struck by your self control, here. You could’ve turned that little misunderstanding into a an entire plot point, but you chose not to, and clearly that’s because you’re talented enough to have crafted a plot that doesn’t require such things to keep it alive and well. As always, I’m in awe.

Still kind of want to punch Rita in the face. That’s not going away.

Oh, and I love Hermione’s little thought about being sad for Crabtree. It must mean I’m a terrible person, but I found myself laughing at that. And I know she meant her thought sincerely. I don’t know why I laughed. I’m blaming it on your story taking my emotions on a rollercoaster. That seems like a plausible excuse.

Again, love the way you show how Hermione has grown over the years. It’s fantastic she’s able to really step back and pretend to struggle, rather than being too much of a know-it-all. I mean, I get that she still got complimented for doing it so well, but she /tried/ which is much more than I feel she would have done a couple of years beforehand. Anyways, that seems like an obviously important step in her quest to not be hated by Snape. And it also makes me chuckle when I think about Adult Snape remembering Granger as a more confident woman who did not feel the need to be a know it all, all while facing down an 11 year old bushy haired know it all. One of my favorite little mental images, that.

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Review #3, by Emu 

26th July 2015:
Please, please write another chapter, this has to be one of my favourite fanfictions, and I've been following it for months :) Even if you wrote out the most awful chapter next (which I'm sure you won't) I would love you so much for it :) I really love the storyline and you write it so well. I've read your other stories and I loved them too, but this is a personal favourite of mine :)

Author's Response: Hiya!!

Aww you are seriously too sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm really thrilled that you're enjoying the story and I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately this past Spring I had a lot of unexpected things pop up in my RL which kind of held me up with writing for a little while. But everything is finally settling down now, so the updates should be a little more frequent. :)

Speaking of that, chapter 8 is being edited and should be up very, very soon. I'm definitely not abandoning this story at any point, no matter what. :D

Thank you so much for reading and I truly appreciate this lovely review! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #4, by MrHappyDreaming 

26th July 2015:
I really enjoy your story I must say :) Can't wait for the next chapter but I noticed last one is from march. I hope you're not dropping this or anything. I also read "Exchange Student" first and I just now realised it's like the same story from two perspecitves :D I think that's a really cool idea :D Hope to see a new chapter soon!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!! Nope, I'm definitely not dropping this story, no matter how long it might be between updates. :D

Oh you read that, too!? Awesome! XD I'm kind of leaving that up as a little teaser for right now. It'll be kind of spoiler-y to this story, so I don't really want to put up too much of it yet.

But I'm super duper thrilled that you've enjoyed both of them and I hope that you continue to enjoy them! ♥

Thanks so much for reading!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by marauderfan 

28th May 2015:
I iz in the interwebz, stealthily visiting your AP with a surprise review! ;)

This was an awesome chapter and reminded me how much I had missed this story! I love the way you write Remus, he's so sweet. I want to be best friends with him. And I love the way he and Hermione start out as such close friends right from the start.

Wow, the bit about the scar that says Mudblood on her arm and how she's gone to such lengths to hide it but in a way she doesn't want to because of all it represents - that was such a powerful paragraph and I really appreciated. In honesty I had totally forgotten about that scar, but the mention of it really drove home the idea of how much she's already been through and why being in 1976 with some relatively carefree teenagers is slightly surreal to her.

Hahaha, I love that Rita Skeeter keeps showing up. And Hermione being so rude to her in French! XD So great. I hope Rita Skeeter is in every chapter. :p I don't know what is so amusing about it honestly.Probably the fact that when she grew up she was still the same exact person.

Ooh, another thing I liked was how Hermione really struggles with pretending to not know the nonverbal spells, as she has been using them for so long. Your description of how that felt was particularly great, how Hermione equates it to holding in a sneeze and suppressing instinctual reaction. I love how much thought you put into this.

Snape is stilll being grumpy. At least he's impressed by Hermione's mad skillz. Whether that turns into respect or resentment is yet to be discovered I guess...

Awesome chapter! Love it :)

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Review #6, by pointless_proclamations 

11th May 2015:
HAPPY 100!!!

The voice of the book Hermione is reading never fails to amuse me slightly. Meg, it is immensely well written.

Speaking of well-written--the entire novel so far. Meg! It is amazing to have watched this story grow and amazing to think that it will continue growing! :D I remember those days it was just a wee little document and [sniffles] now it's got 100 reviews and they just grow up so fast, you know? [blows nose noisily]

You are able to characterise Hermione so well and I must continue to say that though I've told you loads of times already: her actions are so Hermione, her dialogue, her mentality, everything.

As ever, Hermione's adventures in her past continue to be captivating. Why is that? The flow of the chapter is undeniably smooth. The style of writing is Meg Standard, far from monotonous, it's entertaining, it's beautiful. The implementation of the concept is unique. The plot is exciting.

Remus is so adorable with his shyly enforcing rules as a prefect. He and Hermione have this beautiful friendship you've built so wonderfully.

Oh Amelia! They're talking about Amelia and there is much 'aww'ing I'm doing. It's all so terribly sweet. Then she says "Uncle Albus" and it is positively hilarious because it's adorable that she's not used to it, but who would be? Her conversation with Amelia about Remus, add that to the growing list of adorable things in this chapter.

Face! Manhole Covers! Rita! Hermione! Meg! Thank you for these supremely well-defined abs I now have on me.

And of course we cannot have a chapter in which Severus and Hermione are in the same place without them locking eyes and one or the other or both getting flustered, now can we?

I love this characterisaiton of the DADA professor and it is so fitting for him to have the class outside. That's remarkable thinking of the time era on your part, it is. Hermione can't 'hold it in' [crying laughing]. You're too much. I heart you.

YOU DON'T THANK ME FOR EVERYTHING! That's not how it works! You just write and I help a little and then I get to gawk at your talent. That's what it is. And then I get to thank YOU for being the most BESTEST BESTESTHPFFBFFSISTERBRAINTWIN ever because that's what you are! Plus, you're extremely good at writing to boot--specifically, Merlin's studded neon orange cowboy boot. The proof is here, in this novel (as well as your other stories). The proof is everywhere.

Love and hugs and love and hugs,

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Review #7, by Linzlover 

11th May 2015:
Please Update! Great story!

Author's Response: Hi there Linzlover!

Thank you so much! I'm super thrilled that you're enjoying it so far!! There will absolutely be more coming soon!

Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to review! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by Nina 

9th May 2015:
Love it! Love snape's proud and arrogant character! Please I need more!

Author's Response: Hiya Nina!

Aww thank you so much! I'm thrilled you're enjoying it!! I'm really happy you're enjoying Snape so far. Don't worry, there is definitely more of more (of him and the story) to come soon! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by to review! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #9, by SleepySiren 

20th April 2015:
THIS IS AMAZING!!! Holy cow, I love it. The idea is so creative and original--I tip my imaginary hat to you. Please update soon as I am anxiously curious to know more about Hermione's journey! Your portrayal of young Snape is spot on for what I assume it to be and I also like how you made all of the other characters. Lupin is a sweetheart and Sirius is charming yet still a jerk. Oh my gosh and Rita! Ughh she's just as awful as always. The story is moving along at a very good pace, especially with the way that Hermione and Snape are beginning to react with one another. Ah I'm just so excited to continue reading.

I'm currently having trouble with my account, otherwise I would favorite this and put it on alert so I'll do that as soon as everything is sorted. :)

Author's Response: Hi SleepySiren!! :)

Gah! Thank you so, so much!! *hug* Wow, I can't even! This review is just too, too lovely! :D

This whole story is all planned out, so I will definitely be updating and continuing on. The next chapter is almost finished, so I'm hoping to have that up pretty soon. :)

I'm super thrilled that you're enjoying the characters and the story itself. I'm so loving writing this, so it's really great to receive a review like this! Thank you!!

Aww no worries! ♥

Again, thank you so, so, so much for this review! It truly made my day!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #10, by Cannons 

14th April 2015:
Hey Meg, here for the review battle!

This is such a complex plot and I am loving how you are revealing it, little by little. I'm especially liking how you are writing the whole Hermione/Snape dynamic, it's a very tense 'relationship' at the moment and I can never guess what is going to happen. Like in this chapter nothing really happened between them except the odd missed stare and I like that, you are revealing it slowly, so when something does happen it will feel natural.

The Amelia/Remus thing is interesting as well, it still feels so odd to me to be reading about the marauders when they are in absolutely no danger, but knowing what happens to them makes it a double edged sword of course. I really hope Remus plucks up the courage for this Hogsmede trip.

Another cool aspect that I'm waiting to see how you deal with, is just how powerful and experienced in magic Hermione is in comparison to her classmates. I feel as if it could be something that will get her in trouble at some point.

Rita is so annoying, and the French made me laugh when I realised what you had said.

As always I loved your writing and can't wait for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hey Fin! ♥

Oh yay! I'm thrilled to see you've come back for another chapter!! :)

I'm glad that the slow burn seems to be paying off. I was afraid that it may seem like it's moving a little *too* slowly, but I didn't want to push it and have it seem unrealistic either. It's definitely still going to be a little while before anything serious happens. ;)

Gah I love Amelia and Remus! Oh I know. We all know, but they have no idea. It's horrible. :( Something tells me that he might. :D

Haha you miiight be right there... We'll see. ;)

She's a cow. I'm thrilled that you liked that! I laughed. :D

Eep thank you so much!! I'm super happy that you're enjoying it!! Thanks for stopping by and the lovely review! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #11, by Bibi 

6th April 2015:
I'm such a fan of snape and hermione storyline, and you are doing a great job. Can't wait for next chapter

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much! Snamione is one of my favorites, too, so I'm thrilled that you're enjoying this one! :D The next chapter should be up either by the end of April or the beginning of May.

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #12, by Hunni 

1st April 2015:
Love this fic! Keep going, you're awesome x

Author's Response: Hi there!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to review!! I'm super thrilled that you're enjoying it and I absolutely will keep going with it! :D

Thank you again! And *you're* awesome!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #13, by Felpata Lupin 

31st March 2015:
Remus and Amelia! Yay!
Hearts… Hearts… Hearts…
Ok, Chiara, now give it a rest!

Meg, my absolutely wonderful, adorable Meg!
This chapter was just so lovely!!!
Remus and Amelia!!! Erm… I’m a silly, romantic girl… Sorry, can’t help it…

I loved the way you started, with the book on Time-Travel. I think it was a good choice, since the general mood of the chapter was so light (not that I’m complaining… I absolutely love a bit of fluff…) and it helped us readers not to forget the seriousness of all the situation.

And I loved Hermione’s chat with Remus first and Amelia next, because it was just so believable and classic… I loved Remus’ titubance. And I loved Amelia’s coldness, and then the way she begged Hermione to know what he said… Remus and Amelia!!! Chiara, seriously, stop it!

Rita, urgh… She’s really detestable, isn’t she? I loved the way Hermione insulted her, and she couldn’t even rebate because she had no idea what Hermione was saying :)

Seeing Hermione struggle not to show that she’s actually a lot more advanced in her knowledge than everyone else was just so amusing! I can imagine that restraining yourself from doing something right, when you’re actually so good at it that it comes just natural, must be incredibly difficult and tiresome. Total sympathy to her here.

Severus… Always so grumpy and detatched… I like the way they are showing signs of respect and esteem for each other, though… Their relationship is getting always more interesting. I’m really curious to see how you’ll carry it on.

Now, I’m not fluent with French at all, too. Study a little bit of it at school, but so long ago and for such a short time that I hardly remember anything.
Still, since I’m a perfectionist, and since I have to be helpful at cost of being intrusive, I’ve decided to work out how to translate it better…

Instead of “Je déteste tout a propos de vous.” I think I would say “Je déteste tout de toi.” Less formal. In English you have the fortune to use “you” in both formal and informal conversation. French, as Italian, has two different forms for it. In French you have “tu” when talking to a relative, or someone your age, or anyway someone you are in confidence with. Instead you use “vous” when you address someone you don’t know, or for whom you’re showing a particular respect… I’m not sure if that’s clear enough (it isn’t for me… I never know when I shall say “tu” or “lei” to people. That’s the Italian equivalent of what I said above…)
Similarly, I would write the last sentence as “Si je pouvait, je voudrais ensorceler toi dans le milieu de la semaine prochaine.” I think “le faire” is unnecessary, and “hex” I’m quite sure is not French… I’m not exactly convinced that “ensorceler” is the best translation for it, though (I still haven’t found a word quite fitting in Italian either).

Alright, subject closed. Once again, Meg, pretty amazing chapter! I loved it!!! And… Remus and Amelia!!! :P
Hugs and kisses and tons of love,

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Review #14, by wolfgirl17 

31st March 2015:
Hey Meg!

I'm so excited to see an update for this fic and I'm so hungry for more that my tummy is rumbling... perhaps it's real hunger...

Anywho, I loved this chapter. I love the way you're developing the relationship between Amelia and Remus, I seriously can't wait to see their date for Hogsmede.

I was a little bummed not to see James of Sirius except for that brief glimpse in the chapter, but I did like how much Snape there was. I adore the way you've been incorporating him and having him so expressive and yet so secretive, all while she's not even actually speaking to him or interacting with him beyond some looks. I think facial expression and looks from Sev are really important earlier on because he's so closed off yet expressive with them later in life too.

I seriously can't wait for another update and I don't recall if you're doing Nano, but if you are I so hope you're working on this fic for it. I must have more of this fantastic story.

You're so amazing!


Author's Response: Ah Ellie! What an awesome surprise! ♥

I'm really thrilled to hear that you're truly enjoying this story! :D Uh oh. Go eat! ;)

Aww I'm glad you like Amelia and Remus. I wasn't planning that from the beginning, it just kind of happened along the way, so I'm happy to hear it's paying off. Their date should be cute. :)

I'm sorry about that. :( I love James and Sirius a lot, but I didn't want them to be *too* much of a focus in this, since Hermione is in Ravenclaw and not around them as much. They'll definitely be in this story often enough, but they're not going to be major characters. They'll just be along to cause mischief here and there. ;)

I'm so glad to hear you're liking the glimpses of Snape we're seeing. This is going to be a very slow build with Snape and Hermione, just because Snape is not one to trust easily. But their first actual conversation isn't too far away...

I am doing NaNo, but with a new story. *hides* I'm writing a sequel to one of my one-shots, Bruises. But that doesn't mean I'm forgetting about this, at all. :D

Aww, Ellie thank you!! ♥ ♥

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It truly was a pleasant surprise. ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #15, by toomanycurls 

31st March 2015:

I love the information Hermione gets from the time travel book, basically giving her free reign to interact with an attitude that she's meant to be there. It's kind of mind-blowing to think about the time travel paradox for too long (so I won't :P) but I like how you wrapped that up so Hermione doesn't have to keep worrying about it.

Remus and Hermione's chat is so so so adorable. I do love the young, carefree Remus you have in the chapter. Then again, it makes me sad to compare him to the extremely broken and weary man that we see in OotP and HBP. :'( I did get the feeling in OotP that Sirius perhaps knew Amelia kind of well which would have happened if she and Remus dated. Amelia's reaction to Hermione's friendly gossip is sweet. I'm really excited to have them explore some sort of relationship together.

Man, Rita is quite the nosey person. Her passion for news and gossip is quite evident even as a teenager. I wonder if she'll keep prying after this (probably) and if that'll get Hermione into any sticky situations.

DADA had me laughing with Hermione trying not to be bored and not master the spell too fast. At least she was able to impress Snape in the lesson. I wonder how long it'll take them to have meaningful contact. I really admire how different you're able make your characterizations of Hermione and her relationships with various students. I can't keep diverse characterization of the same person in my head (or writing).

Great chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey Rose! I've finally answered all your reviews from this story! *throws confetti* I'm sorry I've taken forever with them.

We'll probably be seeing that book again at some point (or points), but at least it will ease her mind for now - kind of. Yeah, it makes my head hurt if I try to think about it too long, so I know what you mean there.

It makes me so sad that they're so easily becoming friends, but honestly, I can't see them not getting along. I just really love exploring the idea of the young Remus, who is still fun, hopefully and full of life. I'm really glad that you like him here. :) I thought so, too - about Sirius. I can't wait to write more Amelia and Reums! :D

Rita is awful. Just horrible. But I love writing her. She's going to be a complete thorn in Hermione's side.

That DADA class took FOREVER for me to write. It's the reason this chapter took so long. You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that you liked it! As for their meaningful contact... Well, you might not be waiting too much longer at all. *I'm just going to set that down right there and walk away slowly*

Gah! Thank you! I'm trying to keep her more in character in this fic, as opposed to the other one. Which is probably why I haven't touched the other on in nearly eight months. But thank you so much!! ♥

I'm so sorry for the amount of time I've taken to respond! I hope I've answered all of your questions (that I could answer at this point). I'm so super thrilled that you're enjoying this and I hope that you continue to for the rest of the story! ♥ ♥


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