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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

27th December 2015:
The chess game is back! I honestly love your interpretation of legillimency so much. It's so vivid and visual. It's just incredible!

Scorpius torturing people... Scorpius killing people. Honestly, I can't say I blame him. What he did was morally wrong, but in the long run, Scorpius saved lives. He saved people by killing those Thornweavers and traitors. All's fair in love and war, to quote that saying and Ron Weasley.

Oh god, at the end! Rose and Scorpius just inches away from each other. And that memory! Oh be still my beating heart.

Also, have I ever mentioned John? Well, I'm mentioning him now. I love him. He's the lighthearded, funny friend that Matt needs.


Author's Response: I don't generally think of Legilimency as working like that - I've depicted it elsewhere in fic - but this is certainly how Rose's slow, steady Legilimency is structured to allow her to systematically work through ideas/memories/a mind's own protections.

Scorpius did think he was saving lives and doing the right thing. But he really had surrendered himself to a dark way of life, and there's nothing much good about that. Not to mention that becoming a monster in war just to win it is a great way to remain a monster in peace once it's over.

I kind of love John, too. I wish I could have given him a bigger role, but I couldn't find much of a way to fit him in elsewhere.


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Well this chapter was just beautiful. I love the way you depict Legitimency generally, and the chess metaphor works so well, but this scene in particular was fantastic. The memory of Scorpius being brought back (there's a word beginning with re that I should be using here and I have ACTUALLY forgotten what the damn word is, how stupid is that? Epic brain fail) was just AMAZING. GUH. And all those lovely Scorose moments. I am dead.

Author's Response: I'm so pleased with myself for the way Rose's Legilimency works. Like, legit, not how Legilimency works as depicted in canon, but I'm okay with her needing a different way to approach it compared to the VERY narrow exposure we got in canon.

I'm pretty happy with the moment of Scorpius' resurrection, too. This chapter worked so well for me in reconnecting Scorose, because I realised Rose was going to want to HIDE from him and that became a right BUGGER to plan around. So throwing her in his head overcame all that coyness.

This also made an allusion to a plan I had earlier in the story. At one point, Oblivion's chapters were going to open, or maybe close, with flashbacks to something over the last two years. Different characters, different themes. But then I realised the last two years weren't THAT bloody mysterious, and also figured that by about Oblivion's halfway mark I'd probably be running out of interesting/thematic things to flashback to.

So Matt and Rose getting together got put here.

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

4th July 2015:
It was entirely too long ago that I last reviewed, but I have finally got round to do my due to this wonderful story. I have been looking forward to this so much!

Legilimency has popped up before and is a significant element of the story. Personally, I don't feel your take on it is what Rowling had in mind, or what I have imagined it is like based on the books. I can't imagine Voldemort playing chess with someone he is about to torture or Snape being very successful in being a double agent this way. However, here, in your own universe, it works perfectly.
The snippets uncovered by Rose are a real treasure, so much insight into Scorpius's soul. It was also a great showcase of the Scorose dynamic. The way they push each other's buttons drives the story forward for me. Their interactions give me such joy.
Having the benefit of knowing what comes ahead, even this chapter questions Thane's motives regarding Scorp. I feel there is more to the connection between them than Thane seeing himself in Scorpius.
You delve deeper into the underlying motif in Oblivion of morality, sin, right and wrong. What can be justified in the name of what is one of those questions that everybody answers for themselves. Can one atone for a sin and how, when is it enough or is it ever? It's difficult to handle this, especially when people have very strong opinions on such matters. Real life is the usual judge, but whether its verdict is fair can often be disputed. It is an extremely burdensome lot that you have as an author, settling your characters' fates and ruling on what they deserve. But this is the price to pay for writing such a morally charged and compelling novel. A story of monsters and men. Men who have done both good and bad.

The afterlife characterisation was lovely. Very profound and plain brilliant. I think I noticed a nod to Renaissance pictorial depictions of it as well, especially in the description of a vortex of souls.

The emotional ending reduced me to tears, such a fitting finale of a very powerful chapter. Thank you.

P.s. I couldn't help but notice how you singled out Astoria more than any of the rest of the voices. Is it a red herring or is there more to it?

Author's Response: Yaaay, long-awaited reviews.

No, I don't think Legilimency as it appeared in the books would be handled the way Rose does it. To be clear, this particular depiction is meant to be specifically how Rose does it, and not all the time - she did it in a much more 'mainstream' manner when she checked Eva's mind on the train in Starfall. I justify this - yes, for entirely trashy dramatic reasons :-) - as Rose preferring to break down an enemy's complete defences so she can go through all of their memories. The 'other' way is more of a continuous battle, fighting for each specific snippet through sheer willpower. This worked fine for Voldemort because he didn't need to be subtle, he usually wanted specific bits of information (instead of reconstructing Scorpius' memories or getting someone's extensive knowledge of casino security), and was plain more powerful than Rose. In short: Rose uses a different construct for her Legilimency because she is less powerful and has different goals.

AND it's fun for me dramatically.

This was a great chapter to write, because we really needed to reconnect with Scorose, and I was happy with how it came out. It does only begin to unravel the connection of Thane and Scorpius, which we will get to, at some point.

I summarise the Stygian Trilogy thusly: Ignite is about becoming the hero, Starfall is about embracing being the hero, and Oblivion is about breaking the hero. Even against horrendous evil there are some hugely complicated questions of morality, and with Scorpius and Eva and others in this fic, even I'm not sure how they can stand or how they should be judged. I think that, while the story has to make decisions about what characters 'deserve,' or at least what they get, it should be entirely down to the reader to make their own conclusions; everyone's ending should be imperfect, morally, because there is no perfect moral ending.

A lot of the Potterverse implies degrees of afterlife (ghosts, Resurrection Stone, Dumbledore in King's Cross); that there is a point where the dead have some form of consciousness, even if that is given by those who perceive them, but there is something Beyond. As played with in the Ager Sanguinis sequence in Starfall, but yeah, the idea of something far more elusive, intangible, seemed apt. I also really liked the Buffy description from S6 of heaven being 'as if happiness was a blanket you could wrap yourself in,' and while I wanted something more complex than that (rather than having Scorpius have been ripped out of heaven), the idea of feeling over substance remained. So it's kind of Renaissance-y. ;-)

Astoria has been focused on for a very specific reason. If it were a red herring, would I tell you? :-D I'm tricksy like that.

Thanks a whole bunch for this review, it's the kind I live for!

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Review #4, by Zea 

1st April 2015:
Um, so have Matt and Rose been intimate? I'm not too clear on that.

Author's Response: Evidently I'm being too coy. ;) Yeah, this chapter just depicted their getting together as a couple, but their relationship turned thoroughly serious over the summer.

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Review #5, by Whimsical Diva 

29th March 2015:
What a wonderful, wonderful chapter. The Scorpius Rose interactions are astoundingly well done in this story. Throughout Ignite and for the most of Starfall (where I shipped Matt/Rose), the Scorpius/Rose interactions had never really won me over. I know a LOT of folk were disappointed when you killed Scorpius in Starfall, but boy, doing that meant bringing in all the depth and pain and longing to Oblivion, and it was entirely worth just that. This is probably the first time ever I'm shipping Rose/Scorpius, and only you could make me do that!

Curious about Cassian Malfoy... given the Malfoy family history, it wouldn't surprise me if Cassian had been a supporter of Raskoph back in the day and now wants Scorpius to finish whatever he was doing. Also, if Draco was interested in Cassian, he couldn't have been up to any good. Or maybe Cassian was the black sheep of the family, like Sirius or brother once he turned his back on Voldemort. That can only lead to interesting things - and give Oblivion a definite direction, because right now it feels like things are happening, but there's no specific way forward. Though I'd have never really anticipated this, I think I like where this is going now... a new quest for the Five (Six?). And not to mention, this probably makes Scorpius's beef with Raskoph personal, which is all the better. I think, in general, Scorpius Malfoy is an extremely interesting character, arguably the most interesting next gen character, since according to JKR, he was raised by Draco and Astoria to be a more tolerant boy that Draco had ever been, but he still is tied to his family and their past. All too often, he either gets portrayed as having a very one-dimensional relationship with his family - he hates them wholesale, or they just get swept under the carpet and he doesn't really have to deal with things like their past etc, which seems implausible since there's no way the kid's going to escape his past, whatever his own personal views might be.

Anyway, please update soon?

Author's Response: While I sometimes wondered if I'd gone too far in killing Scorpius, I do know that this has added a whole new layer of depth to him, to Rose, and to them together. By about Starfall's mid-point they'd found balance. I'm not one for knocking characters down so they have to climb the same hills over and over (I find them new hills), but there's more to be discovered of them as a romance - for them as well as readers. Glad to know I've turned you around on Scorose. ;)

Cassian being a supporter of Raskoph's an interesting theory; certainly the Malfoys have been in the habit of backing the bigoted horse, so to speak. Guess we'll see.

Personally I don't see the point in writing Scorpius if one isn't going to address the Malfoy family history. Pottermore has made it clear that Astoria raised him to be more tolerant and Draco didn't stand in the way of this (which I mercifully can tweak without needing to break to keep my Scorpius in-line with this). I think there's always a lot of dramatic fodder in Scorpius, however he's portrayed.

Starfall was a VERY plot-driven story, in that pretty much everything revolved around 'the hunt for the Chalice' and the characters' feelings relating to that. Conversely, Ignite was more driven by the situation, 'the quarantine,' and so was sometimes more slow-paced because what that did to the characters wasn't sub-plot, it WAS plot.

Oblivion has been a strange change of pace for me, too, because in some ways it's more like Ignite than Starfall. It's about the return of Scorpius and the end of the Council, and yeah, we've been due getting onto the latter in terms of plot but trying to do too much at once left chapters crowded. So Oblivion is going to be in some ways more slow-paced, in some ways filled to the brim, and hopefully from this chapter on, the general story direction will become clearer. It's just hard to do that sometimes without neglecting the emotional stakes! Bah, but this is my bellyaching. ;)

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by scorprose 

29th March 2015:
i just cant stop tears from flowing. thank u so much for this beautiful writing. My most most touching and moving experience in whole of the series. This moment the feel of the reading and these characters are going to live with me n live in my memories for ever... Thank you thank you so much.
How i feel for scorp to come back for rose and then to see her moving apart. That pain was a major contributor to him changing for him to become so tough n heartless. A broken heart can give out only pain. Please lets see some of his hope now on. As during his resuscitation Tims words "u earned the rest" were true. He had sacrificed his life for his friends. But he climbed up fro them for rose. Let him earn some happiness by end of this story.

Author's Response: I'm so glad the story's swept you along like this. This was an important chapter, and that it's hit the right notes is incredibly gratifying.

Scorpius made his bad choices for a lot of reasons, but it would undermine his feelings to suggest that he didn't harden himself partly for knowing he couldn't get Rose back. Even if he didn't remember coming back for her, it was still the way it happened, right to his bones.

I'm not a fan of miserable endings, but nor am I a fan of easy ones. The theme of Oblivion is 'what do you deserve?' I guess we'll see. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by guilty_pleasures 

29th March 2015:
There is nothing I can say that you can't say better.
You know I love everything you write. I actually think you get better with every chapter. Scorp's ascent ... just incredible writing.

Favourite part: "But they belong here, the voices and the feeling, and so they’re a million different thoughts and regrets that envy him his ascent. He knows there’s joy here, satisfied reflection and acceptance, but it’s sunken at the bottom of the ocean, settled, content." --

Amazing. No words. Please don't ever stop writing.

As always, excited to see what happens next (:

Author's Response: I was very pleased to work on this chapter. It's one of those which is the culmination of a lot of long-term work, so on its own it's not necessarily much, but I'm glad it was satisfying after the long and rather cruel road I've been putting you guys through.

Don't worry, you couldn't STOP me writing.


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Review #8, by whykay 

29th March 2015:
Wonderfully done! Keep posting the chapters quick. And wonderful insight into Rose and Matt. And coming back from the dead.

This is just brilliant. I reserve my comments. Though, Tibet - this is the second time its cropped up in the trilogy - didn't Matt visit Tibet as well?? With John?

Please post the next chapter NOW!

Author's Response: Ha, there'll always be a few days between chapters, I fear. But I do aim for about 3 a fortnight.

Tibet! You're right, John and Matt did go there, during the holidays before Ignite. It's cropped up on another occasion - Nat Lockett's run-in with a Dementor was out there, too. So, mysteries abound!

Thanks for reviewing!

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