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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
So there was me being all dubious about whether it WAS Draco Malfoy at the heart of all this Council stuff and Scorpius, and now it turns out he was the one behind the Lethe smuggling. WHAT. Wheels within wheels, did he smuggle Lethe as his payback for getting Scorpius back or did he just want to bring Scorpius back to help the Council get Lethe back or WHAT IS GOING ON.

Such a lovely Selena/Scorp chat as well. Finally someone trying to knock some real, actual SENSE into him.

And I want Matt to get angry more. Because he's beginning to see the truth for himself - ACTUALLY see it and acknowledge it for what it is - and I want him to do something about it. Whether that's ending this relationship or trying to make it more healthy or WHATEVER. And he's so far being incredibly mature about all of this, which I'm proud of him for. :)

Darn you with your cliffhangers! Luckily, I can read onwards. :)

Author's Response: MUWAHAHA, Draco! You know how it rolls from here, I can't even wind you up.

Selena comes to knock sense into EVERYONE. It's like her job. Except for hwen it comes to knocking sense into herself.

Matt - poor Matt. His emotional situation sucks about as badly as his physical situation. His entire life really is going down the drain, but I think it helps that losing the love of his life is almost the best thing for him; he's in a stage of change, of metamorphosis, and he can do the same with his injury if he gets his wits about him. Become Someone Else (BECOME... SOMETHING ELSE sorry I've watched a lot of Arrow lately).

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Review #2, by RelentlessFire 

26th March 2015:
I'm so curious! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm enjoying Oblivion a lot!

Author's Response: Next chapter is forthcoming! Glad you enjoyed this, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

25th March 2015:
I realise now that I jumped the gun with my Scorpius theory and for that I am truly sorry.

I am also sorry to say that in comparison to its predecessor, this chapter is a bit lacking. Maybe it is due to the very, very disappointing Matt/Selena conversation, I don't know. Ok, it is just that. But still, it was uhh... Did anything even happen there? The John moment before that was so much better. Actually, I was just now reminded how there was a similar moment between Ron and Hermione, just after his break-up with Lavender and his unconscious mumbling. He didn't remember what he said after that as well, just like Matt. That's kind of making it better. But still this conversation is not my favourite thing out there.

Following that, things get much, much better. I loved how everyone was banging the doors as hard as possible, nice “framing” of the second part of the chapter. The connection which Scorpius could only make to Selena was very touching; she really acts as this catalyst and makes the others be honest, usually. Also, it is the universal situation where it sometimes seems a bit easier to share with people who are not strictly your closest (Albus or Rose).

Other than that, the mystery which is unfolding seems very intriguing. Can't wait to see what his headache is about. I have no theories about why it would be familiar ...

The hallmark was the Matt/ Rose conversation. I totally adored the angry Matt and the responsive Rose. I want more of that! I want to see them fight for their relationship. Now, before I get attacked for being against a ScoRose, I am definitely not! But it would be so unfair and plainly wrong if Matt and Rose just break up right now, without making an effort. There is a deep connection between them, which can't be dealt with lightly.

Good job with the cliff-hanger. I am looking forward to learning who Cassian Helios Malfoy. Thank you :).

Author's Response: It's interesting how you highlight the Matt/Selena conversation. Originally it was a row, her getting angry at him for trying to get answers out of her. As matters progressed, I decided I didn't want them fighting at this point in the story, so it all got very tamed down (and changed a LOT; originally, Matt was out of hospital by now, but frankly with Al/Eva and Scorose and all that, it was kinder on pacing to keep Matt 'benched' in hospital for a few chapters). So it's possible I took the guts out of that scene for reasons which I hope will prove sensible in the overall story arc (I'll explain a couple chapters down the line!) but have hurt that actual Scene.

This is the first time those two have talked when Matt is SOBER since they rowed outside Selena's house in Chapter 4. They needed to formally make peace. Of course, so far as you readers are concerned, they made peace three chapters ago, even if Matt was high on painkillers. I could have probably achieved much the same thing by Matt mentioning Selena had come visit him in hospital to John, or the like. Huh! I see why I made these choices, but now you point it out, I suspect they were the wrong writing choices. Lessons learnt!

Nobody knows how to knock properly in this story, it turns out. Selena IS necessary; the chapters of her rescue made it clear how much anyone needs Selena to rock in and knock sense into them, and finally it's Scorpius' turn. You're also quite right about it being easier to talk to someone you're not IMMEDIATELY close to. That's always been a perk of Scorpius and Selena; they can be quite blunt at one another without having to worry about emotional fallout (unlike, say, Rose having to deal with either one of them).

It's about time Matt and Rose had a row, isn't it? Even if this one was interrupted. We'll see how they work out in the long run.

Answers on Cassian Helios Malfoy... in time! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by whykay 

24th March 2015:
I am very satisfied with this Chapter. Go girl Selena!! Excellent scenes with Matt and Scorpius and Albus (how sweet was that!). I think Scorpius thinks / suspects he is expendable and tied to the Chalice. I don't think the boy had so much emotional maturity to not run back to see Albus or Rose, damn the world and MattRose. I think its this uncertainty that kept him at bay and kickstarted the adventures of Thane and Scorp - especially since they didn't even have the Chalice in their possession. Not that he didn't potentially want Rose or Albus to be happy, but his old self would have preferred them being happy WITH him around.

Cass is Scorp's ancestor - maybe Lucius' father?? And I have to ask this - I have this suspicion since Ignite - are Thane and Scorpius related - long lost cousins etc? Will these ancestors provide a link?? And moving onto Scorp's reaction - what the hell happened?? It looks like a memory charm wearing off.. Will it give a clue now - what Draco was upto?? I think Draco will turn out to be an anti-hero a the end of the story - the good bad guy. Why am I asking these questions instead of asking for the next chapter?

Matt's haze is finally clearing - John's clearly good for him! And you - interjecting with Albus and Scorpius just when the sad truth of the MattRose relationship was going to explode in their faces. Hrrmph. Now we and they have to continue with the misery for another week.

Author's Response: Scorpius and Albus are pretty much set to 'obnoxiously co-dependent' forever. I couldn't really comment on what Scorpius thinks beyond what is as-yet stated in the text; certainly there are more secrets to come out. Whether or not Scorpius had the will to hold back from seeing the others is an interesting question about his general maturity, though. He was always very affectionate to his friends. But then he did always have a self-loathing streak, which could perhaps result in the mentality of, 'they're better without me.' We shall see!

Lucius' father is specifically named as Abraxas Malfoy, so Cassian isn't Scorpius' great-grandfather. We shall learn more soon on the twists and turns of the Malfoy family tree, though! Including if/where Thane does/doesn't fit into it.

Matt's starting to wake up, in his way. We'll see where it goes. I had to have Albus conveniently interrupt! It's what he's good for!

Misery, eternal misery. It's what I peddle. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by thegreatcatsby 

23rd March 2015:
Oh, cliffhangers, how I despise and love thee.
One a longer side note, have you ever thought about publishing the Stygian trilogy? It's so great, I'm sure any literary agent and publishing house would love to get their hands on it, and all you'd really need to do is modify the Potter-ness of some of it. There's definitely a market for these kind of books (think the After trilogy on Wattpad), and I'd love to have a paper copy to bring with me and read.

Author's Response: I am cruel and capricious with cliffhangers, muwahaha! I can't trick you guys with a 'they're dead' fakeout any more so I need to get my cheap, cheap kicks where I can.

I'm very touched by the idea that I could get the Stygian Trilogy published. Unfortunately, while I think Starfall and Oblivion could be adjusted to a different magical world, they both build off Ignite - which is set way too thoroughly in the Potterverse to really adapt. Between Hogwarts, the ritual centre being where Harry died and the use of the Resurrection Stone for the cure (two factors which REQUIRE the reader to know canon to find these satisfying plot points), and of course the general parental issues for Scorp, Rose, and Albus, I don't think I could adapt it. Or, shaving off the serial numbers of Ignite would be time better spent coming up with a whole new story. I could - and may - probably loot my own work wholesale for future projects.

Currently my original fiction is sci-fi. Some day I'll make it to urban fantasy again!

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