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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

27th December 2015:
Oh my poor heart.

Eva and Albus. Oh my god. In an earlier chapter Eva described Prometheus and Albus as people who could convince others to follow them to the ends of the earth, and the difference is that Albus is better at it because of the love and strength he gives off.

I thought that was absolutely beautiful, but was probably too caught up in various horrible emotions to comment on it.

Anyway, I can really see how true that is here. Eva has followed Albus to the ends of the Earth and now he has to deal with that. She was so genuine here. Invoking what she said their last night in Venice. It was BEAUTIFUL. I cannot believe how raw and emotional and vulnerable Eva allowed herself to be here. I think that's the bravest thing she's done yet. She's barred her soul to him.

Oh god. Now my weird fantasy for everyone is for Albus to bust Eva out of prison, grab Rose, Scorpius, Selena, pluck Methuselah back from the dead, and then run off the some beautiful remote island. Then all six of them can be blissfully happy.


Author's Response: It's been very intentional for me to compare and contrast Albus with Thane, at least in how Eva sees them both. Both of them won her intense loyalty, and both were obviously capable leaders, but the tools and methods they used were highly different.

Eva's been in a strange bind since her appearance in Oblivion. She was committed to helping Selena, partly out of a loyalty to Selena herself - but while she also wanted Al to believe her, she still had to focus on the mission itself. I don't think she'd have chosen to throw herself into prison at the end, but she knew it was all or nothing at that point. If she left, she'd have freedom, but it would be a life forever on the run. So once she'd surrendered, all she could really do was commit whole-heartedly.

I like to think these are one of the six's daydreams somewhere. :D

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
I think this is one of my favourite chapters yet, and I wish I could leave a review of the same quality, but that won't happen.

I feel like the Scorose should be the highlight of this chapter - finally, Rose begins to let her guard down, and yet the person behind that guard is so broken and damaged that it's a struggle to see how she's going to get better and make it out of this. It starts with a talk with Matt, but him losing a hand makes it so much harder.

But for me, the best bits of this chapter were the Roselena chat - I was worried about where this would go given the obvious love rectangle at play here, but I forgot how close they are themselves, and how remarkably sensible Selena can be about things like this - and the Albus/Eva moment at the end. "I've hated my life". I can't think of anything worse than hating your entire existence. And whatever Rose, Albus, Matt, any of them, are going through, surely Eva is in the worst position of them all - she's killed all those people, done so many terrible things, and she has NOTHING to fall back on. Except basically life imprisonment. All because she tried to pickpocket the wrong person. And now I'm all depressed.

Loved the trio interactions as well. MORE ROMIONE.

Author's Response: Some day I will write more Romione.

The Scorose chat here really was something to write. One of those things I knew was coming for an ABSOLUTE AGE and I also knew I had to pull it off right. But everyone gets a good talk in this, don't they? I refuse to have the Love Rectangle be a source of needless tension between other people. Even Matt doesn't really resent or get at Scorpius for his part in it, and the LAST thing I ever wanted to do with Roselena was pit them against each other.

And Eva. Poor Eva. She's had such a tough time, and while Al has been the only person to give her affection without condition, Thane DID do so MUCH GOOD for her. She had a RUBBISH life of poverty and struggling before Thane. It's not good.

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

25th March 2015:
I don't think Scorp is too far gone in any way. After all this is a war and it has made all of them go places. He has accumulated a lot of hate for the Council, which was pretty evident in his last scene in Starfall. So I accept his transgretions. Maybe it's a bit more of a shock than Albus killing a Dark wizard. After all, we knew Albus had it in him - being lethal and unforgiving (the incident with Downing in Ignite, for example). In the end though, I don't think Scorpius has done something that much more different in the end. The absolutely amazing meeting between him and Rose proves it. It was pure gold, so worth the wait. I was spending the time leading up to the chapter just thinking how utterly unrealistic the situation is and wondering how would you this reunion down-to-earth and convey all the feels. It was perfect, serves me good for doubting you even for a second! Actually, this was an all-round amazing chapter, one of the best so far.

All the interactions were just so gratifying. I was so pleasantly surprised on how good and resilient the Rose/Selena dynamic turned out to be. For me, as a reader, it seemed so easy to pitch them against each other mentally, forgetting about their friendship, which is a stupid knee-jerk reaction to a love triangle (rectangle?) in the works. It was a very good reminder so thank you. Loved Rose's underhand mention of Matt's feelings for Selena in there too, it took that conversation one level up. Up until then, it was "yeah, you're my friend who lost her boyfriend so I'm going to rant to you about how my came back from the dead" and then it became "and I know my current boyfriend has something for you but you are STILL REGARDLESS ALWAYS my friend and I NEED you."

Alright, I really, really love this chapter. That Eva/AL scene!!! All the tortured soul feel of it! From both of them! How can somebody not ship that is beyond me. Fanatic fan girl talk aside :D, I was left in jitters after it. Ah, Albus, you make me knees weak even if you hardly speak! How he started the conversation so timidly.

Your comment on the effect of the war on the wizarding economy made me think. It will be the epitome of hilarity if it turns out the bad guys are goblins (I guess the governments borrow money from them?). What about it being elves, if we are going down the crazy, most outlandish bad-guy path? Harley worked with Lockett :D, has been in the story from the start. And elves would both be exacting revenge about the centuries of oppression, while earning respect by providing invaluable assistance in the face of crisis. :D :D Jokes aside, I would be kind of disappointed if it all boils down to money in the end, not that there are many motives for world domination and massacres of such scale which are satisfying, what with their meaningless and selfish nature.

I am oftentimes amazed at the brilliance of your one-liners. And I have no idea why, 'cause they are in every other paragraph. But I am glad it is the case :) . Thank you for this world-stopping chapter!

Author's Response: While Scorpius, so it sounds, has done some morally questionable deeds, I would be inclined to agree that killing is not automatically a sign of having gone too far. It's kind of hard to discuss without going into details which haven't yet come out, for Scorpius OR for Albus and that Dark Wizard kill. But while I'm okay for readers to reach their own conclusions about where the moral lines are drawn (in fact, I encourage it), at the same time I'm not going for Scorpius, as we currently know him, to be too far gone.

Though his deeds are not laudable.

Very glad you enjoyed the reunion. I never really planned that as a particular scene, I just knew that I could throw them together and something would happen. The almost-kiss was certainly not scripted, but I'm very happy with how it came out.

I wasn't intending to subvert expectations with Rose/Selena, but I'm glad I did! I suppose it would be easy for them to turn hostile over Matt, but no, that's not where they're going right now with the Rectangle. Even if they are going, 'well, there's a thing with Matt but let's NOT TALK ABOUT THAT' right now. Maybe they'll talk about it. Some day!

Al/Eva. Even I don't know what she deserves.

Wizarding economy is totally it. Harley is the Mysterious Voice in the Fire. Oh my god that would be an amazing/terrible twist ending.

It IS hard to find a justification for this kind of bloodshed and mass death. It just requires whoever's behind it to appropriately believe in the cause for which people have died. But yeah, it always makes me worry if the actual answers will be satisfying in the end.

Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Whimsical Diva 

20th March 2015:
God damn it, every time I read one of Al and Eva's conversations, my heart melts a little bit. Only a little, mind you. It's weird - in Starfall, I was absolutely dead set against the relationship even before they met - it just seemed way too tropey. And I was entirely opposed to it until, I think, Ager Sanguinis the first time round. Ager Sanguinis was interesting in many ways - first of all, I think that still remains the best bit of writing of the entire trilogy thus far, and this series has had some bloody good chapters, so that's saying something. But that notwithstanding, it was also the point when I started to find Al completely stonking unbelievable and way too good to be true. Until then he'd been an awful bland character, but after Ager Sanguinis he also became almost entirely implausible. And not to mention stupid. I understand why that was required - that pureness of character to countervail Eva's past, but it came at a price. The subsequent events in Starfall didn't really change my opinion on these two, and I started off hating the idea of them getting together in Oblivion. But now, I don't know. I still don't entirely go a bundle on Albus as a character - true, he's no longer too good to be true, but he's he's still annoying and comes across as being a little self-obsessed, caring only about his own woes. His blind trust in Scorpius is another sticking point; now it's that friendship that's veering towards the too good to be true realm. I know you've mentioned about their rift in Ignite, but I really don't think that counts, since it was so long ago and was over something, which in the grand scheme of things, seems entirely fatuous. I digress. Anyway, my point here is that while Albus was depicted to be as pure as driven snow in Ignite and Starfall, he's sort of tainted morally too. Which isn't saying he's on parity with the pre-Ager Sanguinis Eva, but that... they're probably more compatible now than two years ago. And I don't know... she's a killer, but so are the others now.

Also interesting to note that Harry wants her in Britain. You'd think he'd blame her for Albus being away for these years. Or at any rate, see her as unsuitable for his son. Or maybe there's more here that we're not aware of, but that definitely seems odd that Eva, a non British citizen is being held by the Aurors, whereas Thane is being shipped off.

I don't know whether it's just me, but Lillian Rourke - or any scene involving her - is quite boring, to be honest. She seems whole one-dimensional, and all the times she's been onscreen, there's nothing new we've discovered about her. Unless you're carefully strewing little hints I'm totally missing, I just see the point of scenes involving her. And Hermione as well, for that matter.

And le sigh. Rose and Scorpius! What can I say, for someone who didn't really love Rose for the much of Ignite and the the beginning of Starfall, or the Rose/Scorpius pairing for that matter, I can't wait for them to get back. Seriously, out of all the three ships, Selena/Matt seems to be the most tenuous. It'll be interesting to see how you pull that off, given the lack of the loss-factor that that seems to underpin the other two ships.

Author's Response: Tiny heart-melting. I'll take it. ;)

I was quite pleased with Ager Sanguinis, though it's something I could have probably tinkered with longer. Then again, the Rose/Selena stuff I'm very, very happy with, and the Eva elements are fine. Albus could have had something more personal, as could Scorp and Matt, but what's done is done.

I think comparing old Eva to Albus as he is, or really any of them, does the gang a disservice. She and Al are MORE compatible now they've looked at the more morally dark side, but so far only Albus and Scorpius have killed (the guy Matt stabbed in Saint Annard might have bled out, I grant you). Rose has been ROUGH, but while she seriously risked that Thornweaver's life on the Naglfar, it would have been the easiest thing to not hold back and just kill them, too. But you're right in that we're seeing the Five in their various forms of moral descent, while Eva's the only one whose trajectory is purely upwards, for now.

Citizenship is less of a big deal with the Thornweavers being an international threat; one of the perks of the IMC. Of course, politics still come into play, but Eva is ultimately a small fish and there's only so much political currency France wants to pay to get their hands on her. While we'll see more of why Harry's hung onto her, a big reason isn't a secret: Britain doesn't, as a rule, extradite to nations which offer the Kiss, and I'm seeing Britain post-canon as being more progressive (with no Dementors and House Elf rights) than most of the wizarding world. Whatever Harry's personal feelings, he's not bending THAT far.

I'm sorry you don't like Lillian and Hermione. But glad Scorose is keeping you entertained! Those crazy kids. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by zira 

19th March 2015:
I've never reviewed before, even though I enjoy all your stories, but I just had to for this chapter. I love Eva so much and I really missed her in the past two chapters- she's such a compelling character and her interactions with Al have enough tension and emotion to draw me in every time. I'm definitely worried about her future, especially given your comments about "what do you deserve?" - on one hand, she's definitely done some pretty awful things (how many counts of murder is a question you shouldn't have to ask, imo) but on the other hand she was raised in a horrible environment and never really given other choices. So, she didn't deserve that, but to what extent does it excuse, for lack of a better word, her later actions? I honestly think of her as almost brainwashed, but she obviously had enough awareness to recognize on some level that what she was doing was wrong, otherwise there would have been no way for her to change. I would love a "happily-ever-after" for her and Al, but I can see why that would be so difficult. I mean, Al still feels strongly about her, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his feelings are positive or could develop into something positive. And of course, she might never be able to fully assimilate into the "normal" world... I refuse to give up hope though! Will we ever see more of Eva's backstory? I feel like we have a vague idea, but nothing particularly detailed - what happened to her parents, etc. Also, I'd love to see her interacting with Thane during a less charged moment. They have an interesting dynamic, and I wonder how the new Eva would act around Thane, who pretty much defined her entire world.
Somehow, I can't say that Eva deserves prison (and definitely not the Kiss!) but I think so much of that is based on her interactions with other characters later on in Starfall. I just reread the first chapter of Starfall because I remembered that she was a very dark character there, and I have to say, while I still love her that made me think. Killing an innocent person and then later stealing their identity, all without any remorse... it's a little shocking to go back and realize how cold she was.
As for Al... I'm not even really sure what to make of him at this point. He's a great character, but he isn't nearly as stable or likable as he was in previous stories. I can't see him ever going back to who he was before entirely. It just seems too unrealistic. I like seeing his relationship with Harry though - it adds a lot to my perception of him.
I'm hopeful about Rose and Selena's friendship. It seems like, given the circumstances, they could very easily descend into fighting or just cutting contact, but instead it seems like they're doing their best to acknowledge the awkwardness and move on while still supporting each other. I'm sure they'll have other, more difficult conversations later on, but this was a nice reminder of how good they are as friends.
Anyway, I'm eagerly waiting for the next update, especially since I'm on break right now and can read without any I-should-be-working guilt!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Eva. I love her, too, I think she's one of the most complex individuals I get to write in this story. Possibly in anything I've ever written. Everything you identify about her past, the near-brainwashing, the capacity to choose and change, is really spot on.

It isn't brainwashing, though, and you're right, she could identify what she was doing was 'wrong'. The thing with Eva was that she thought that was all necessary for survival; that the world was intrinsically a cruel and vicious place where you need to be cruel and vicious to survive it. Albus shook her to the core because he challenged her perspective on the -world-, not just her perspective on herself.

We will see a bit more of her history; we are rather due it, though nothing IMMINENTLY.

Albus' story is to be finding balance, I think, between the man he used to be and the man he is now. There are lessons he can take from either one of them, and while his harshness can do him some good, he will have to confront his own change - and he's going to be hit pretty hard with realising just how much he's lost. He intellectually knows he's changed; he hasn't really tackled it yet.

Rose and Selena are in a tough bind, but they've stuck together through Matt as an obstacle before, and aren't about to be brought down yet.

Sorry I distract from work! Actually, I'm not sorry, just glad you're enjoying and super glad you reviewed!

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Review #6, by scorprose 

19th March 2015:
Ok I was too busy with my research to leave a review but cant stop myself from commenting after this chapter. First, Brilliant work.Cheers keep it up. I was too bothere with scorpius dying that i literally begged u to bring him back. But now i am just so happy. So i dont even wanna start to think anything of his dropping into that abyss of his again. we will cross that bridge when we come to it (with a sobered expression).
Next, just want to pull the readers attention towards the difference in these two boys of thsi one Rose Weasley.Matt, was well never a fan of Scorpius and he never hid his dislike. Even when scorpius was killed his conversation with his dad at end of starfall proved this. Then his reaction to scorpius return was so irritating he dint even want to acknowledge it onboard the Nagalfar. His absence of any good feeling on a friends sorry strike that a colleague (of war, after all scorp did save his life many times, on the dragon, to find chalice to bring him back n then surrendering to Thane for them) return from death. His only concern was keeping rose then. Then selena n her rescue happened. And now see the way he is treating Rose. Its so horrible. There is no justified a way for u to treat someone so close one day n then dismissing the next. Even she is stumbling around to figure how to deal with his loss. How come he talks to Selena so well n just marches Rose off. Blaming her for her dads actions is purely idiotic. Lets now look at Scorp. Though he had his own flaws he atleast made an effort to not hate Matt in Starfall (just to not upset rose). He was very concerned when Matt was infected after Brilligs. He swallowed the fact that Rose was with Matt after his return. (We need to know more on how the hell he digested that or more precisely what were his priorities then after coming from dead to not come n fight back for Rose). Now also he is being more civil enquiring about him as opposing Matt. So thats why we love scorp. I gotta go. Will continue my rant some time later.

Author's Response: What will be, will be, for Scorpius' mortality. Might be best to just leave it at that.

While I would agree that Matt's behaviour is generally questionable - I think he's starting to see the flaws in his relationship, which is why he's being much less tolerant of Rose while other people get the time of day - I don't think the comparison to Scorpius is fair.

I mean, Scorpius was HORRIBLE to Matt in Starfall. And Scorpius started it, repeatedly; Matt didn't go into Starfall being aggressive or unpleasant. That only started when Scorpius criticised him or was dismissive of the physical danger he'd been in. Matt tried to be decent to Scorpius (barring the odd direct retaliation) right until Scorpius told him to shove off when Matt was -trying to help him patch things up with Rose-.

Matt has not been great with Rose in the past, and after Monte Carlo he was pretty horrendous in respecting Rose's relationship, and he's being horrendous with Rose now. But Scorpius has always been as much of a jerk to Matt as Matt was a jerk to him.

I just love them both. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by whykay 

19th March 2015:
Oh Scorpius!! My heart bleeds for him. Being in this position! - I mean, I remember the three brothers' tales - the dead never want to return, they are forced to, but in this case, Scorpius just went with the Chalice into the Veil and came back when summoned. I find it very touching - the old life / new life bit. He's as lost as a poor puppy. SIGH.

And now to important things - I saw some of the comments on how his soul is tethered to the Chalice. But that was in the other world of dead - once he is back, he is no longer tied right? Maybe, the Lethe in him is tied, but I fail to understand why his soul will be ripped off if the Chalice is destroyed. The soul is safely encased within the body and it only needed the Chalice in the world of dead. Anyway, I hope your Resolution does not mean he has to return to being dead. I sort of find a parallel here with Harry being a horcrux and needing to die for Voldemort to die - so, I am hoping, if and when they come to destroying the Chalice, only the Lethe in Scorpius will die and nothing happens to him. I am going to be very very upset if he isn't going to be around after this novel. I was depressed for hours after reading about this theory :P.

Rose's and Scorpius' almost moment - well put!! That seems to have been the most natural and honest thing Rose has done in this novel. I don't think it went badly at all - it was awkward, tender and heart wrenching.

I am happy Rose is being honest about her feelings (though, not clear yet, and not yet to Matt) but it had to happen, right? Selena hiding things now. FROWNS AND SHAKES HEAD.

Lillian and Selena talking - it was touching, but I guess Selena has learned to live with that sort of attention, yet inattention, with minimal resentment.

The absence of Matt is refreshing - really! :P Let him fester and flesh / flush out his issues and then we can begin to look at him dealing with crisis, arrest and the women in his life.

Good talk between Albus and Eva. But I suspect a lot will happen before the end of the story. Eva is going to play a huge game changing role here.

And I have a question - How on earth was the resurrection of Scorpius kept such a secret? - I mean Gabe has a lot of contacts, Baz does, the MLE does, Auror office does, IMC does, the Council does (after they went renegade) - but how come nobody picked up on this Project Osiris?? Not a whiff or clue...

And Oh, I have to say your chapter titles are so well chosen - to match the feel of the chapter. Thank you for this story and I am always greedy for updates and responses to comments. :)

Author's Response: Scorpius is indeed a lost, resurrected puppy right now. But yeah, it would be horrible, wouldn't it? Returning to your life 2 years on and finding the world changed.

The Chalice theory is interesting, but it's really too soon for me to say anything about it. I can't properly engage with it (I did try), as there's loads more lore to come out. So I can't really discuss it either way! I shall say that I don't intend for this story to be all misery. I keep clawing to finding a point where the guys can do stuff like make puns at a golem-dragon. Good times.

Yeah, aside from technically almost cheating on her boyfriend, that talk went not too badly. Genuinely. It's like it's kick-starting something in Rose's heart. It's rare for her and Selena to hide things from one another, but they're really anxious about Matt as a topic. Interesting you identify Selena learning to live with that kind of attention; we will learn a LOT more of her history this book.

Haha, Matt gets to be benched this chapter. I can't fit in everyone all the time. We shall see lots more from Eva, don't you doubt it.

Project Osiris was kept within genuinely a handful of people. A few specific command staff in the Council knew, Thane knew, Thane's team knew, but probably no more than a dozen guys knew what it was. The Council of Thorns is better at containing information than the IMC, mostly because a lot of their numbers are unidentified. They kept the Lethe attacks secret, after all. And the Council knew Scorpius was alive, they just had no reason to -do- anything with the information.

Thank you for noting the chapter titles! I should start seeing if people guess Oblivion's chapter title theme; very different to Starfall and Ignite's.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by jack 

19th March 2015:
As i am not able to edit my post, i wanted that if the minister ordered Doyle and Greys arrest or if Doyle and the ministry didnt already have an understanding i would have no problems with the arrest. On the flip side, is tanith still and auror? If so that is another reason i have issues with the arrests. I tend to rant about things that i am not a fan of with things i like so i am sorry about that

Author's Response: Gabriel had no arrangement with the Minister, and Harry ordered the arrest - but then the Minister moved into the investigation, as some of it's looking into where Doyle got his info and all that. Tanith is still an Auror, but she's not really been involved in what Gabe's got up to. Sure, there was Ager Sanguinis but that was a bit of an, 'All hands on deck,' situation where Gabriel called in EVERYONE he could. Since then, she's not been involved.

No worries about the rant! I hope when the story's pulled through, it'll all make more sense.

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Review #9, by jack 

19th March 2015:
I really enjoyed the Rose and Scorpius at the start of the chapter. The rest of the chapter just got better from there. I really enjoyed Selena and Rose talk together and Selenas talk with her mother.
I dont Doyle being arrested, and i thought i would buy now. I feel that Harry felt really out of character with his actions and i dont see how Lillian wasnt able to stop situation before the minister took control of it. I dont see why the minister took control of it when arresting someone after they were part of a major victory is a huge PR blunder. I dont feel like we will get the political fallout from the fact that Hermione knew what was going to happen. The fact that Albus and Rose were involved with Doyle should hurt Harry Ron and Hermiones political power. Albus Rose and Matt should also be in jail if Doyle and Grey are. I would mention Scorpious should also be in that group but you went over why he isnt in jail, PR. It really feels that you just wanted Doyle to stop being a third party so you came up with a reason to arrest him. I hope you convince me i am wrong like you did with Raskoph a couple of chapters ago.
I thought the best part of the chapter was Albus and Eva. Evas confession was great. I am not sure where i stand on her redemption. Somone that was corrupted young is someone i am more willing to accept but she still has more to do

Author's Response: Selena and Rose were due a talk. They're good at steering each other right... and would be better if they talked the whole truth.

Lillian maybe is picking her fights on how much she wants to overrule Harry and the Minister? Or it suits her purposes for the Minister to be handling what could explode in his face, PR-wise. Though there hasn't been much of a public awareness of the rescue of Selena; most of the details of what Gabriel interfered with aren't in the general sphere. I will say it's a generally sticky wicket, politically, and does serve a specific purpose - from things like Harry's personal problems to the various political things going on.

Eva's redemption's tough - and I mean that genuinely. Even I as her writer am unsure what the objective, moral resolution for her story would be. So, it's meant to be difficult. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by thegreatcatsby 

18th March 2015:
Oh my gosh. This was so emotional and hilarious and heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. I don't know how you do it. To paraphrase and adapt Steve Jobs' quote about Yo Yo Ma's music- "Your writing is the best argument I've ever heard for the existence of a God, because I don't really believe a human alone can do this." It's perfect.

Author's Response: I'm glad this story can still be hilarious. And hopeful! I know it's been a morbid ride lately, but I do intend for some of the flashes of humour and heart to come back in, when dramatically appropriate.

However that's a lovely thing to say about my writing, and I'm so absolutely thrilled you're enjoying it this much. Thank you!

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