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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
I so did not see this plot twist coming. I'm beyond shocked. My heart is breaking for Ediver. Just when Edie had chosen Oliver over her job and this happens. I loath Mr Ward and Blakeslee even more than before. There are no ethics and morals at WW. I'm glad that Rose came around and is on Edie's side. Maybe she can play a part in getting Oliver to listen to Edie's side of the story.

Author's Response: Hahaha I love reading these last few reviews, because clearly you have arrived at the portion of this fic where all of the twists come out all at once, very aggressively. Here was another one! And this time (in my opinion) it's actually not Edie's fault! Maybe her naivety is to blame, and she might have done well to remember that magic exists and Ward could have extracted her third article from the typewriter, but still. She had no malicious intentions for once, and it still turned around and bit her you-know-where.

I don't know why but I still want to defend Blakeslee. She definitely had a hand in the retrieval and publishing of the third article, but I think she would have completely lost her mind if she knew that Ward was pointing his wand--a weapon--at their former employee. Too bad she might never know!

Rose came around! Yes! I loved her role in this chapter. Initially it was going to be Lisa and Edie rekindling their friendship, but this story is about change, and it felt like a cop out or a revisit of the past. Edie and Lisa will always be best friends, but it can't just be the two of them drinking champagne on New Year's like it would have been when they were younger. Lisa has a whole new life now, with a husband and a baby on the way. Rose is now in a similar situation, with uncertainty of their lives and careers. It just felt right that these two try to work things out.

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

16th July 2015:

Please, do you think you could just, for one second, stop torturing your readers? Because we're still here and sticking with you and all of these emotions and feels are too much right now. I can't deal with much more getting in the way of Edie and Oliver - I'm going to have to trust to the fact that this is fluff and pray it's going to have a happy ending!

Ah, the saving grace of this chapter - Seamus! I loved seeing him back and them getting back on track with their friendship, and his exuberant happiness was just the right way to start this chapter. It's been far too long since we really got to see him and Edie just spending some time together and hanging out and catching up and stuff.

It's kind of sad that Edie's not able to hang around with Dean as much anymore, but having experienced the awkwardness of that sort of situation myself, I can definitely understand why neither of them are getting in touch and don't really want to talk about it, since it would make them far too uncomfortable. Best just to avoid it and pretend it didn't happen (well, probably not, but when you find a better way, let me know :P)

And Seamus in an Auror, yay! I loved the fact that it had taken him quite a while to get there (compared to other stories, which have people as fully-trained Aurors at the age of 19) and his celebrations.

I was just like :O when Oliver denied that Edie was his girlfriend. I really couldn't work out what had gone wrong at first, and I should have figured it out way sooner because you've been laying the potential for that one out for a long time but it never even crossed my mind! I can't believe they did that, and what is Oliver doing and no.

(I don't have many coherent thoughts on this part, clearly. I'm sorry about that.)

I can't believe Ward printed the article anyway - I thought he was a relatively nice guy, for the people who worked there! And they were just setting her up all along and got the story out of her and knew they could post it. And even though she wrote it for herself to kind of affirm her decision it's all gone wrong and now I'm sad and can't write a review properly.

The one thing I'm glad about here is that it wasn't Rose. After everything, I felt like we were going to get a different side to Rose here and I'm glad we did because she's surprised Edie in the person that she is. The two of them sort-of bonding on New Year's Eve over their broken hearts ♥

Wait, what is Oliver doing in the bar? And with another girl? If he's actually kissing her (and I'm still holding out hope that he doesn't, because Edie doesn't actually see it) then I'm going to be so annoyed at him for stooping so low, even if I can understand it when he thinks Edie's betrayed him.

Ah, it's just so complicated and messed up and if there's only three chapters left I have no idea how you're going to tie all of this up and make it happy. But please, for my sake, give them a little bit of happiness?

Sian :)

Author's Response: Eek I saw the last sentence of your previous review, that was something like, "Everything seems to be going well!" And I just felt bad, haha. No. Things cannot go well. I just can't let them.

SEAMUS! I've already mentioned this, but I was having serious writers' block, like started the chapter out in so many different ways with different scenes and stuff, and nothing felt right until I just had a good old fashioned Edie/Seamus hang time. Plus it was a nice balance to all the ANGST lately.

This probably sounds weird, but I'm...glad...? that so many readers have experienced the awkward friendship and unrequited love situation. Obviously it's no picnic. But I know it's such a trope that I was very worried about including it, but one of my absolute very best friends and I have kind of drifted apart because of the same reason. (He's getting married in September, which is great, and she's lovely, and it's kind of patched itself over, but it won't go back to the way it was.) It's nice to know that it happens in real life enough that maybe Dean and Edie doesn't seem far-fetched.

Basically I like to know that my readers are going through ANGST.

(Not really, I hope you are very well! Thank you for reading!)

I feel like Oliver saying "She's not my girlfriend" would have just been such a slap in the face. Like, he didn't speak to her for days, and oblivious Edie was just like "Oh he's probably busy with Quidditch! Tra la la la things are going so well, aren't they?" I just couldn't let them have a private conversation about it. I had to embarrass her. You may have noticed that humiliating Edie is my favorite thing in the world. And this time, the press was around for it! At least, thanks to Seamus, they think her name is Mimi Baskerville...

WARD, YOU SNAKE IN THE GRASS. I honestly hadn't planned on it being him that did it until very close to actually writing the scene. I didn't want it to be Rose; it felt too Woman vs. Woman which, um, no. Theo already had his moment to be a jerk, and Blakeslee wouldn't even stoop so low, so the option was very clear to me (unless I wanted to bring old Mildred back.) Plus he seemed so dumb that it would have been such a shock, I hoped!

Rose standing up for Edie, and walking out on her job, was probably my favorite thing that's happened in a while. Edie is decent(-ish) at standing up for herself, but she lacks tact when she's upset. Obviously showing up to work, waving a wand around, sobbing and threatening coworkers is not tactful. But there was a certain coolness to Rose's "I'LL take her outside," followed by a silent, "you idiot," that was just like *punches the air* YEAH ROSE. Tell 'em.

I think I'm gonna change the name of this chapter to Bitter Hearts Club. ;) Rose/Edie forever.

I might as well just say, because it isn't important to the plot, but no--he didn't kiss another girl. Sad-brain-Edie imagined it. I picture the girl to be a friend of his teammate, and she kind of latched on to Oliver (possibly because news already got out of his CeLeBrItY bReAkUp) and he's just politely humoring her and letting her walk around with him. He probably just wants to be home in a pit of ANGRY OLIVER ANGST, but I'd imagine Ada is off sipping cocoa at a friend's house, with tons of other girls, and Oliver knows better than to be alone. So he didn't kiss her--but in Edie's opinion he might as well have.

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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor 

25th June 2015:
Congrats to Seamus :)

but why did you have to do that?you could have just given us pure fluff, but instead you have you've broken Ediver up :(

I hopefully read soon that you have patched things u between the two :) (trying to be optimistic here :)

it'a just both of them are just so made for each other especially with their tempers, sarcasm/humor they both have, and just the way they both are. what I just wrote is cliche but I love Ediver so why not.

but I also love drama to spice everything up cause where's the story if everyone lives happily ever after and gets what ever they want :)

I love the irony of it all though cause out of all the outcome to come out of this you made Edie & Rose frenemies. both of the gals both had their heart broken my dear old Oliver Wood

Author's Response: Yay Auror Seamus! I wrote this story before the news came out--or at least before I was aware--that in canon, all students who stayed to fight at the battle of Hogwarts were able to begin Auror training. But that's such a great little HP factoid. I just love it. And it works with this fic! I'd imagine that Seamus would have had difficulty with certain aspects of training, namely written tests. And spells--not blowing things up, at least.

Haha, yes, I *could* have given you pure fluff... It just didn't suit me though. And I will never tire of hearing people say that they ship Ediver, so don't worry about cliches ;)

YES. In the original plot outline, I had Edie spending New Year's with Lisa and catching up and all. But the whole point of her friendship with Lisa is that they were great pals when they were 12, and they have changed and grown in different directions while still trying to be a part of each others' lives. Lisa and Edie will always be best friends, but in many ways Edie and Rose have more things in common. Also this entire scene made me want to write an Edie/Rose crackship one-shot. I can't promise that this won't happen. They just need a ship name... Edie Lennox and Rose Zeller... Tough one.

Also I'll probably be changing the name of this chapter to Bitter Hearts' Club ;)

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Review #4, by greenbirds 

31st May 2015:
“Lovely girl. Deported, I’m afraid."
i'm not exaggerating, i spat out my green tea at that. hilarious, and also, green tea is gross, i don't know why i'm still upholding my new year's resolution to replace coffee with it.
i've been following this story for ages, and i'm so embarrassed and ashamed it's taken me this long to review. there's truly no excuse, but as i'm re-reading it like it's a proper, paperback novel with a quote of recommendation from the times on the blurb i've decided that i simple HAVE to review, and to make up for a year of reading and not reviewing, i'm going to make sure it's extra extra long. you'll properly stop reading halfway through the waffle and jabber.
okaaay so no.1- edie. i know this is a romance flick but it's so edie's story. she is the greatest OC on this site, hands down. i am SO obsessed with her, especially when she used to be portrayed by kate nash who i ♥ (but karen gilliam's still fab fab fab). edie is the site's bridget jones, a perfect city girl fusion of taylor swift feminism, independence, intellect, morals and that whole "anything you can i do i can do wearing broken heels" mentality i so LOVE in her and is just so representative of the modern day woman. you don't try to make her out to be some perfect, high-flying sex and the city extra; she's her own person, perfectly 3d with flaws and qualities but also so, so relatable. edie is me, edie is my best friend, edie is amazing and empowered and omg, you could so have easily made an OC more along the typical mary-sues found in fanfiction because let's be real they're easy to write and easy to slip into plots but you HAVEN'T AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT. I ♥ EDIE.
moreover, i love love love seamus and dean and lisa and most of all i love ROSE! because again, you could have easily gone down the route of the two girls continuously fighting over oliver- you could have blamed it on rose over the corporation, but you didn't and them spending new year's eve together is so girl power, so bad blood music video so GREAT!! YESSS!! EX-GIRLFRIENDS COMING TOGETHER OVER A DRINK TO COMFORT ONE ANOTHER!!! THAT IS WHAT IM /TALKING/ ABOUT!!
okay sorry. i've calmed down a bit now.
seamus is hysterical. i love the way you've written him and i'm super critical over how people portray j.k rowling's characters in fanfiction but you've done it perfectly, brilliantly, YES ♥ idk what else to say but YES YES YES. i'm really upset that dean and edie have drifted apart over dean being- how was it phrased by seamus? "besotted?"- with edie, but i have confidence that they'll patch it up. maybe dean will find a new girl and they'll cry together and kiss and make up. to be honest, i'm more concerned over dean and edie making up than oliver which i can't really explain? idk.
so yeah- oliver. i can't describe how much i love oliver & edie and the way you've written the relationship between press and celebrity, work and personal life is admirable to put it /mildly/. argh! i am so upset at how they broke up because i honestly have NO idea how edie'll get him back! because this fic is so real, i truly have no idea if they'll even ever get back together, you know? like with some stories its like 'oh wow i wonder how they'll get back together after THAT' but with this i'm not even so sure if the upcoming chapters will even be an oliver/oc! like dude!
there's so much more to write and say, and i'm sure i'll get to it in upcoming reviews over the next few chapters.
you are so so talented, SO TALENTED. have you ever considered writing professionally? i've already compared this to bridget jones- and by default, you to helen fielding- and i honestly truly totally absolutely stand by that! you have so much potential outside hpff, and i would LOVE to read what you have to say outside the harry potter universe.

Author's Response: Yaaay I am a fan of Edie too! Hehe. It's nice that so many readers can relate to her. I wanted to create a realistic character, not only for the sake of her not being a Mary-Sue or what have you, but so that readers could relate to her and feel like they weren't alone in their awkward, impulsive, unsuccessful, broke, lost selves. Oh gosh, Karen Gillan. In my mind, Edie looks like if Kate Nash, Karen Gillan and Anna Friel all had a baby.

Edie is me, Edie is my best friend, Edie is amazing and empowered. OH MY GOSH STOP IT you're so sweet. That's such a great pull-quote, too, as you were mentioning a rave review from the "Times." If I ever become delusional enough to design a book cover, this is going on there ;)

I'm glad that peoples' opinions of Rose are changing, too! One problem that I had with writing this is that it all supposedly took place over 3-4 months--because of the way the interviews/WW issues were set up. Everyone has aged years and years, in such a short amount of time, and Rose is no exception. One thing to remember is that she's younger than Edie. She doesn't have a clear idea of who she is, and she's deeply insecure, hence her obsession with appearance and the limelight and putting others down. Edie may be wildly wrong in many of her actions and beliefs, but she's stubbornly herself. She has a pretty clear idea of who she is, even though she is deeply flawed. Rose doesn't. But quitting her job and sticking up for Edie in front of her boss was a HUGE development in her personality, and I am totally team Rose all the way! I've always loved to hate her but now I just love to love her.

(Sidenote, I am impressed with all of your Taylor Swift references! Hehehe ♥)

Ohhh gosh, writing all of the canon characters' personalities was really hard--I keep thinking "Oliver isn't like this in the books," and then I'm like, "Yeah, but the last we saw of him in the books, he was 17--13 years before this story takes place." So of *course* he's changed. He's still obsessive with things, and persistent--I mean can you think of any other reason why he didn't just give up on Edie after she was such a jerk for so long? Anyway, Seamus was another I was concerned with, because in several of the books he's so stubbornly, well, a jerk to Harry, and he's so happy-go-lucky here. I dunno, writing him this way just felt right. And did I mention extremely fun and satisfying?

Moving on to Ediver...

Their relationship is so easy for me to write, and I think that's a really good thing. I've written stories before and struggled to create dialogue, or really just any scene that didn't directly move the plot along, between two characters. But they just mesh and flow very well, to the point that all of my chapters that feature their interactions end up having to be split into two, because I just writewritewritewrite and suddenly there's just SO much fluff.

Thank you so so much for your feedback. I have indeed considered writing professionally; since I was a tot, actually, I wanted to be a writer. I majored in it in college (which is why I currently work in food services... ha.) I would love to turn KC&CO into original fiction, but I'm terrified of being recognized as a fic writer even though I've been doing it for 12+ years (I know, pretty dumb, eh?) Anyway, I would love to publish someday, and I'm trying to be more serious about it just in the last few weeks. As much as I have ideas for a KC&CO sequel in mind, it may be wisest to focus on some OF for a bit.

Then again, I really just want to write fanfic all day so we'll see.

Thank you so incredibly much for this review! I would love to hear your thoughts on the next two chapters (particularly the next one; it's lacking in the feedback department) but I'm just grateful that you've stuck around with this story.

Thank you again!

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Review #5, by heartjily4ever 

20th May 2015:
Seamus is back!! I always love it when he appears. And he's an Auror now! yay. shame about Dean and all - i really want him and Edie to at least talk, especially if they were such good friends. i also just need more Edie/Seamus/Dean to find super cute as a friendship.

Na but seriously I started writing this when I started reading and now I'm just annoyed. The article is back, again. I knew it wouldn't all be okay after she burnt it but so soon? seriously? And Mr ward is so horrible, especially when it's completely clear how torn up she is. So much pain between Edie and Oliver, I can't imagine how much hatred he must be feeling to be honest. Yet another case of Edie doing something that comes back to bit her in the bum - only this time I just feel immense pity because she'd really not wanted this. and I'm crying because their relationship is over and i can't handle that because they were the cutest.

I also can't believe he would kiss someone else so soon, seems a bit odd considering how strong their relationship was but at least she kind of has Rose. I love that they sort of made up, even if it was because of completely annoying circumstances. Can't wait to read this next chapter, I love this story so much.

Author's Response: Look at all of these lovely reviews! What a nice thing to wake up to. Thank you very much.

So I was struggling with how to start this chapter, and then I remembered "When in doubt, write about Seamus" and it just took off from there. He's a huge outlet for humor in this fic and so any time I need to make things a tad less dramatic, I just toss him in the scene ;)

It would be ideal if Dean and Edie could just talk. In my experience it was way more passive aggressive; I started dating somebody and then my "best friend" and I didn't speak for months. We've still never talked about it, but the road has smoothed over. I think if we'd talked about it, it would have ruined everything (just with our personality types.) Edie is very much the type to sweep things under the rug. Unfortunately Dean is no exception!

Hahaha, sorry you're so annoyed! It did happen rather quickly, but this story needs to end at least a *little* succinctly, and if I'd had the eighteen million chapters of Ediver fluff that I could very easily write, the whole story would have suffered in quality.

Ohhh I'm glad you said something--Oliver didn't actually kiss anybody (or did he?) At least, Edie didn't see him kiss anybody. The midnight kiss between him and the dark-haired witch was a mental image that she kind of, erm, daydreamed? She's at her wit's end at this point. Thanks for mentioning that, I'll poke around and see if I can make that clearer!

Thank you! ♥

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Review #6, by Anonymous 

4th May 2015:
Oh my goodness...Okay, so I finished reading this story in about a day, more so because I got halfway through this and then almost threw my phone because WHY CAN'T EDIE AND OLIVER JUST BE HAPPY AND HAVE NO PROBLEMS AND -! *breaks into tears*
This is such a wonderfully written story and I am just in love with it and I can't wait for you to finish it and I really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that they find happiness and UGH THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT! *more tears*
Can't wait until the next chapter =)

Author's Response: Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! It is seriously so flattering that people have read this whole thing in one go. Like ??? I can't even express how nice that feels. Thank you! Hopefully your phone is unscathed ;)

The next chapter is basically done, it's just a matter of finding time to fine-tune everything. Hopefully I'll have some time in the next two days to put it in the queue. In the meantime, I have a Tumblr account for this fic, under the username "lennoxed" (M). There's some extras, inspiration and other fun stuff to keep you entertained while I try to get my life together! ♥

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Review #7, by Eliza 

3rd May 2015:
I am trying very hard to remain calm and collected right now, but I just read this whole thing in one setting and nope nope nope you cannot leave it there, and again NOPE. WHAT a place to leave it!!! Please, please update ASAP, I must know what happens in this fabulous story.

Author's Response: Hey! The next chapter was giving me some trouble but I've rewritten most of it. Just the last scene needs some reworking and then it'll be ready to go! Thanks for reading ♥

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Review #8, by Ari 

23rd April 2015:
Please update soon!! I just read this who story in like two days and love it. I love Edie and Oliver together and hope you will get them back together soon (maybe in the next chapter? A girl can dream, right?) Anyway, such a hilarious story and I anxiously await another chapter!

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks so much! It seriously blows my mind that people binge-read this story... Wow! I can't make any promises about them getting back together, but there will indeed be an update soon! I'm having some trouble writing the next chapter, so I went ahead and skipped it and have written almost the whole chapter after *that*... Hopefully it will get things flowing again and you'll see an update soon.

Thanks dearie ♥

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Review #9, by N 

5th April 2015:

Author's Response: Hehee, yes, there are certainly unprecedented levels of angst in this chapter! I considered rewriting the scene with Ward to make it a bit less dramatic and even with a little comedy in there... But it's the one time Edie feels true remorse for something--what she's done to Oliver and Ada--so I didn't want it to be lighthearted.

Next time, on "Sarah Leaves Unnecessarily Long Responses to Anon's Succinct Review..."

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Review #10, by hufflepuffheart 

29th March 2015:
So you know how people binge watch television shows on Netflix and all? Well I believe it's safe to say I just binge read this entire story, and I can't say I regretted a moment of it! Not too often do I come across stories that hold my interest (I'm rather scatterbrained) to hunker down in a blanket fort and read every single chapter made available, but I couldn't help myself with your story! You've done a spectacular job giving each character itheir own voice and their own distinct personality, something I think that can be difficult to do at times - it's easy to let certain characters that start off strong disappear into the void, but you have done an excellent job at avoiding this! I do miss the drunken excursions of Seamus, Dean, and Edie - those moments were always so much fun to read, made me want to sit in a pub and have a few drinks with them and try and keep up with their quidditch banter and ridiculously high tolerance for alcohol. But I realize that these came few and far between as Edie changed and went through her trials and tribulations. Edie is such a strong and pretty lovable character (even though she could be stubborn to the point of yelling at times) and you've done a beautiful job developing her and having her grow as a person. I also have to comment on Rose's character, and tell you that I liked her at first, THEN ABSOLUTELY HATED HER, and now after this chapter I kinda like her again. I love when that happens so please, keep doing what you're doing! Anywho, it's getting a bit late on my end, so I will quit my incessant babbling here, but I look forward to finding out what happens with Grimma and the FGC, with Dean and Edie and Mr. Finnegan, and of course Edie and Oliver. And thank you again, for providing me with funny and excellently written story to read! Cheers!

Author's Response: Hey there! This review is honestly so nice. Thank you so very much, I mean that sincerely. What kind words!

When people say that they binge-read this entire thing, I first of all am so incredibly flattered, and also wonder what their thoughts are. It's taken me over two years to write this, and my voice has changed significantly (I think moving to a rainy rainy city has led to the last few chapters being more dreary than usual) so reading it all in one go must be very strange! Your comments about Edie's evolution have put me at ease, though, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to review, as this has always been a concern of mine.

Yes, Seamus and Dean have sadly taken a back seat, but it's what happens in life, no? I can think of people who I was SO close with, either for weeks or years, and for one reason or another we drift apart (moving, changing jobs, new relationships--all of which happened to Edie.) This story has only taken place over about five months, so in terms of the breaking apart of friends, we're in the thick of it!

I'm glad that your opinion of Rose is a little unclear--or at least not pure dislike. She is based on a person who at times I felt so belittled by, and then who would sometimes go out of their way to show me kindness. She's three-dimensional that way, as is Rose, hopefully! Plus I don't like the idea of a Woman vs. Woman nemeses. Really Ward was the enemy all along!

To be honest I've taken a break from this story in the last few weeks... Work has largely gotten in the way. I'm moving, too, but after next week things should be settling down. I'm so close to the finish line and can't wait to write the last chapter. It'll be soon, I promise!

Thank you again, so much! ♥

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st March 2015:
The bottle of champagne that he brought specifically for this moment is popped, and he sprays it everywhere, shouting to everyone’s protests, “IT’S OKAY, I’M AN AUROR!”

Seamus, you DA man.

I feel bad about Dean. I miss Dean. He has kinda been given the shaft in this story.

“Definitely not married! It was my best mate’s wedding! We didn’t even go together!”

“The lobster puffs were extraordinary,” Seamus says.

Seamus is no help whatsoever but he’s still the man but he’s going to end this relationship before it has even started if he doesn’t hush up.

“It wasn’t her, Edith!” Mr. Ward’s lilting voice has a sharp edge that I’ve never noticed.


Uh, heartbreaking but there was a part of me that knew this was going to happen. I mean, just because she burned it hello there’s magic in the world. And if this was the muggle world all these places have cameras. They could have seen what she was typing or went into her harddrive because most computers are set up to the main system where anyone can snoop on it. Totes illegal but come on, you know it’s done.

Depressing! Come on Ollie, have a brain. Hate to say Edie deserves it but she's kinda naive anyway.

Author's Response: Huehuehuehue, Seamus. I was struggling with how to start this chapter and was like, "Seamus. Duh." Hence he has the very opening line... It really helped. He's so much fun to write that I just speed-typed wrote the whole thing in one sitting. And yes, Dean's been kind of given the shaft, but it seemed like the best way to convey the strains on Best Friendship Meets Unrequited "Love." It's so uncomfortable that neither of them actually wants to talk about it. Plus a dramatic confrontation would just be too much with all of the ~other drama~ going on (cheating on Rose, Do-We-Or-Do-We-Not-Date?, losing her job, everything with Ada, etc.)


Another thing I changed--originally Rose WAS gonna have been the one to publish the stories. But I was like, "Ehh, how much Woman vs. Woman does this story really need?" Hence the almost-friendship between Rose and Edie.

Yeah, I know what you mean. "But... magic." Of course someone would find out. Like, why didn't James and Lily just Apparate to baby Harry's room and then Apparate all of them away? There is probably a canon reason for this that I am totally oblivious to buT MY POINT IS. It totally could have been prevented/foreseen because of magic, but it needed to happen because otherwise there would be no story ;) (Wow I am not comparing the romantic turmoil of Edie to the genius that is JKR's writing, promise.)

Aww, I don't think Edie deserves it! Maybe I'm totally biased? I don't know, she's been pretty terrible up til recently. But she made a careless mistake and had no bad intentions, and Ward took advantage of her... I dunno. At least this one single time, I'm gonna say she didn't deserve it ;) But yes--she is certainly naive!

Thank you again, as always, lovely reviewer! I have the next chapter all written but it took a Very Dark Turn that I had not at all intended. It needs to be re-worked... I have GOT to end this thing sometime, and I can't keep adding more to the plot. Especially when it's all angst, angst, angst!

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Review #12, by marauderfan 

18th March 2015:
Omg. That... could have gone better. I see Edie has not lost her talent for ending up in really terrible situations. I had a bad feeling about that article she wrote in the last chapter - like I thought someone might have seen it - but I didn't expect anyhing quite that bad. Eek!

On the oher hand, I really, really loved the appearance of Seamus again. I had missed him! It felt like kind of a throwback to old times, except with a little weirdness about Dean now. Ooh and I like that Rose and Edie are kind-of-friends now. That was a lovely scene. I like that they have each other at least - both of them have been screwed over by their former jobs, and been dumped (by the same person!) so at least they can understand each other a lot more, and gripe about how unfair life is, haha.

This was a great chapter!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for reviewing ♥

Yes, she definitely does have a penchant for the less than ideal. It was weird writing it because normally I try to make the situations humorous (or at least not be totally devastating) but this time she really is experiencing something fully, and letting herself be upset by it instead of sweeping it under a rug, making light with jokes, etc. I didn't really say it in the story but it was a huge deal that she cried at all, as she's emotionally stunted and can't ever fully grasp how terrible things can be enough to experience it emotionally. She's not very empathetic, but that includes things that happen to her. She's selfish and self-centered, yes (ohhh yes very), but rarely does she fully acknowledge the Truly Terrible. The fact that she cried in front of Ward and Rose, two people she disliked, is saying something.


Yes Rose! That was a last-minute change to the plot, actually, but I'm glad for it. Originally Edie and Lisa were going to be hanging out, but I wanted to express change, etc., so Edie suddenly being back to having girl time with Lisa (who, let's face it, cannot function without Justin) felt too comfortable. Plus, like you said, things have come full circle and Rose and Edie are now in the same boat!

Thanks so much for reading. I can't believe how close this story is to being done (no I will not stop saying that, not even after it's already done.)


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Review #13, by chicken addiction 

18th March 2015:

Author's Response: Soon! ♥

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