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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Ha, awkward Scorpius/Ron discussion. I like seeing the dynamic between them, it's nice to see a Ron who's not a total jackbum. Absolutely my favourite character and my favourite of your characters too.

Er and now I'm suspicious. Why did it feel like Scorpius had ashes in his mouth when talking about destroying the Chalice? He hates the thing, there's no reason he'd feel that bad about having to destroy it ... unless. There is Something going on.

Also interesting to see Scorpius struggle with the fact he's killed people. And also that he discusses this with Albus, who has killed people himself since Starfall. Lots of life experiences for them to share.

Awkward Scorose chat incoming.

Author's Response: I adore writing adult Ron. He's so much more chilled and temperate and really the kind of realistic funny guy Harry and Hermione and the WORLD needs. He's oddly good at handling Scorpius, because he always did have a soft spot for Scorpius (once he bothered to notice him).

I do wonder if the story quite addressed what Scorpius and Al did during the hiatus well enough...

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Review #2, by Manila_traveler 

19th March 2015:
I was reading Ignite again over the weekend while waiting for your next update, and when I read this chapter, there was a passage from that story that suddenly came to mind. If I may quote,

Scorpius managed to force a scoff. 'Yes, I think that because we both have complete arseholes for ancestors I'm predestined to become some sort of rogue mercenary wandering the globe. Actually, that's pretty cool; sign me up for that, pronto.'

It seems pretty damn clear that for the past three years or so, the Powers That Be have been playing a cosmic joke on Scorpius by holding him to his words. And to top it off, you had him saying this to Rose, in the chapter where you introduced Prometheus Thane! It really makes me wonder how much of this did you take into account when you plotted out Oblivion. At the time, I never thought that you could possibly be foreshadowing (much) later events.

Author's Response: Oh, I did write that! Honestly, I can't remember if that was foreshadowing. I mean, I knew going into Ignite that Book 2 would end with Scorpius' death, and Book 3 would surround his return and the fallout of that. I decided very early on that Scorpius would be brought back by the villains. But I don't think I knew back then that Scorpius would be brought back by Thane specifically, or that he'd team up with Thane like he did.

So unfortunately it seems I'm not clever, I just write random stuff and sometimes it makes me look much smarter than I am. ;) But good catch!

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Review #3, by Solana14 

18th March 2015:
The one thing I'm really, really hoping doesn't happen is that Scorpius becomes an antagonist in this story. I mean ... fifteen people! "In cold blood"? He couldn't handle one in Starfall and now he's killed many more? I'm having a lot of trouble with that...

Please don't make him into a bad guy.

Rose showing up with a box of his things seems ... heartless somehow. I know the box contained everything he owned but why now?

As much as he needs to explain more -- much more -- I simply can't really blame him for not coming back 8 months ago. Albus and Rose were his world. Albus was God knows where and Rose was getting with Matt. What immediate world did he have, really, to come back to?

Matt's going to be even more insufferable without a hand. He's used to having a heavy "hand" in everything, and now he's going to have to stand back somewhat. I am feeling confident, however, that you've begun the process of breaking them up which desperately needs to happen.

Looking forward to seeing Selena reappear in the next chapter -- especially with Matt. I don't know if I feel they're meant to be a couple. But they do work well together -- in so many ways ...

I really don't have an opinion on the extent of Draco's involvement. We haven't seen him in so long, but we will ... right?

Keep it coming. I'm so much more addicted than before -- and that's saying something. I am so into this story. You should package it up and make it a real book. You'd have sleep-deprived readers all over curled up in bed at night. And I'm STILL not getting work done every time you update! You're a menace to productivity! :-)

Author's Response: Scorpius is entering a world of the morally grey, but then, they all are. Him worse than others, but I intend to explore that and what it means to him, rather than turn killing into an auto-bad-guy card. Not condoning the violence, but... exploring.

Evil Scorpius would be pretty evil of me.

For once Rose is trying to not be heartless and is legitimately just trying to return his stuff! :D

It's interesting how some people think that his ruined life alone is good enough reason for him to stay away, and others think that there needs to be more. I personally think that him staying away with the world moving on in his absence is understandable, if flawed, but... it's just interesting to see how readers are responding to it.

Matt and Rose will - all I can say is "we'll see". Matt is going to struggle from being forced to take a more passive role, though, but it might do his desperate need to prove himself some good if he realises he DOESN'T NEED TO.

We'll see Draco. At Some Point.

I'm so glad you're still enjoying yourself! I don't think I could divorce the series from the Potterverse, it's too reliant, but honestly I'm just glad you guys are reading and having fun. That's way more important. Cheers!

And I'm not even sorry. ;)

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Review #4, by RelentlessFire 

18th March 2015:
I really enjoy reading your story, can't wait for another update

Author's Response: So glad you're having fun! Updates soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by yellowpetals 

17th March 2015:
Ok, so having read this chapter, I have more to say about Nat. There definitely is something to make her co-operate with the Council and it obviously is bringing Scorpius back to life. But then, it was implied she had worked with them before hand, which really is putting the truth out there. So the question stands. What has happened to the bubbly Ravenclaw to turn her into the Nat of Ignite, besides, you know, spending a year in Azkaban.

Scorpius clearly doesn't know about Nat's involvement and probably believes his dad is behind everything. Funny how Thane is saying he knows nothing more than Scorpius does at the very same time. Everybody is hiding stuff in that interrogation room and not divulging it, it's quite ironic.

You've given us a glimpse into Scorp's internal struggle, so at least we know it exists :D. And how good is it to have his wry humour back.

There is tension between Matt and Rose, which is better than numbness and awkwardness. They do need to have an honest conversation, which Rose is trying to escape from, as per usual since Scorpius dying. I really don't know where they are going, when it comes to those two I draw a blank.

Is it really bizarre that I am appreciating this is sort of a zombie-apocalypse-at-the-beginning story this late into it? If we look at it from this angle, wizards are doing a pretty good job containing it :D.

I don't know if I am jumping the gun saying this, but I'll do it anyway. So did Scorp not come back because he knew his being alive wouldn't last? I mean, Thane and he wanted to destroy the Chalice and isn't Scorp connected to it irreversibly? That's why he could come back in the first place. So regardless if this pans out or not in the end, if Scorpius believed that the Chalice has to be destroyed so Lethe is stopped, and his live depends on the Chalice's existence, then he also believed he would end up dead again. And he decided giving his life away to stop the plague was the better option. In which case, obviously he would not want to come back at all and cause unnecessary pain by giving false hopes only to dash them later. Oh god, so if this is the case, then the only way he can live is if they destroy the Council without resorting to destroying the Chalice. Who decides if one man's life is worth more or less than an unknown number of lives? Then again, I am not sure how solid this destruction theory is on its own anyway. Am I completely off the right track here?

You definitely did a very good job at shifting any lingering doubt from Astoria with that little scene. It currently looks like we have less “suspects” than before and this is strange this early into the story. I expect some major drama coming up after this aftermath moment.

Can I just say that I called the chapter would end at a Rose-Scorpius meeting cliffhanger :D?

Thank you again for the great chapter and I can't wait to see how that boyfriend-coming-from-the-dead conversation goes.

Author's Response: One of these days I'll finish the Into the Sunrise story about Cal and Nat. Mostly about Nat.

I'm quite amused by the interrogation room scene. Scorpius mostly has his cards on the table here, but only mostly, and only really in comparison to the other two. And BOY was it a breath of fresh air to write from inside his head in this chapter, you have NO idea.

Matt's being a bit snippy at Rose, who legitimately thinks it's a bit early to start throwing big relationship questions at a guy in hospital. So she's messing up and actually for once kind of trying. While he at the same time is being more honest, but it's also coming from a place of hurt. Sooo...

I have had too much fun writing zombie survival sort of scenes in this trilogy. It's my sneaky-magic-zombie epic.

Your Scorpius theory is interesting. It would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Though Scorpius was specifically tugged between worlds, not explicitly 'resurrected', by the Chalice being summoned back. He went where it went. If it were sent back to the Otherworld, he'd probably go with it, but destroying it? Maybe it'd sever a connection. Maybe it would outright destroy him -utterly-? Theories.

We will see more of Astoria, but not for a little bit. She was awkward to get into this scene; Scorpius has SO MANY PEOPLE to reunite with and a lot of them can be summarised of 'there's tears and angst' and yet skipping them all seems trite. Sigh.

I couldn't resist the cliffhanger. :-D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by casey 

16th March 2015:
Hey! I haven't reviewed your story before but I read the first two in this trilogy about a month ago and absolutely LOVED them. I just wanted to drop a quick note and say that I really appreciate your quick updates and check back all the time to see when this has a new chapter! I think you're such an extremely talented writer, and I love the way you weave in history.its very DaVinci Code-esque. I also love your characterizations (I think a writer is really good when readers love the characters even when they deviate from their headcannon -- your Scorpius is nothing like I picture him, but I adore the way you write him). Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your story and can't wait to see what happens!!

Author's Response: So glad you've enjoyed the story! Even gladder you've popped along for a review! I love history, so I of course have loved playing around with it in this story.

I hear you on the headcanon; I don't think Scorpius would really wind up like this (if, say, JK wrote Next Gen), but he insists on being this irreverent little bugger, so who am I to stop him?

Thanks a bunch for reviewing.

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Review #7, by CauldronCloak27 

15th March 2015:
O no; Scorpius is tied to the chalice and they've got to destroy it? I know that you've mentioned that you can't pull the 'death of a Scorp' again because no one would probably believe it, but it's too terrifying to have the possibility of a world without Scorpius so close to his return.

*trusting the idiot! (... not an idiot, really, you're a genius) x

I love this chapter, and the way Matt's dealing with the loss of his hand; he's definitely grown up from the bookish boy he was at the start of Starfall, and I'm excited to see where he'll end up.


Author's Response: I am an idiot, in my own, genius little way. :D

I don't think I could pull death of ANYONE now, because you guys wouldn't believe it. Destruction of the Chalice is serious because it means losing an artifact which could be massively useful against Lethe; that alone is reason to balk.

Matt's come a long way. I am fond of the kid, we'll see how he does now. Thanks for reviewing!

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