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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

27th December 2015:

Oh god, I haven't stopped internally sobbing since Scorpius returned from the dead. Once again, Albus and Scorpius and their beautiful bromance stole the scene. They're such beautiful people. Such kind, wonderful souls. I want them to run away from all this nonsense together and live in a fun little bachelor pad and just drink and play quidditch all day with visits from Eva and Rose.

Once again, I apologize for being weird.

Matt and Selena! Matt and Selena! Matt and Selena! But I still Methuselah. Still, Matt and Selena!


Author's Response: Al and Scorpius had such a dramatic, emotional reunion. I genuinely didn't expect it. But in the writing it was considerably more powerful than I'd anticipated. I think you just described Rose's subtle nightmares. She probably fears some day Al and Scorp will run off together.

I loved Methuselah, too. I wouldn't ever dream of comparing Methuselena with Mattena, but I do think Matt at least *pushes* Selena more than Methuselah did. Methuselah was just so dang happy to have her that he didn't outright ask questions. Then again, who knows how that would have turned out over time?

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
Ugh, Harry is all broken and it's making me sad. Don't arrest Gabe, don't suspend Tanith and Katie! :( I guess ... in a way, he's right ... but at the same time, our guys DID just save Selena, plus given Harry's distrust of the Establishment when he was fighting Voldemort, it's possibly a bit hypocritical of him to be acting like this ... BUT his son just vanished on a rescue mission in which he could have been the one to lose a hand, and if he lets anyone undermine his authority then he completely loses said authority. So, yeah, I see his viewpoint entirely. It's just ... sad to see what all this stress and trouble has done to him.

Yeah, so the fact Rose stayed to find out if Scorpius was real Scorpius instead of running off to see Matt ... that's her choice, right there.

Er so Nathalie Lockett was involved with bringing Scorpius back, wasn't she? Assuming THAT'S what this face in the fire was arranging. So ... I would imagine she's not going to want Thane to spill all, because aside from anything else that would incriminate her? So yeah, I'm gonna take everything Thane says with a pinch of salt here.

And so, even though I've been adamant that Draco Malfoy is involved here, I'm now gonna backtrack and ... say it's not him? Just because it seems too easy that we have that solved already. I don't know, maybe it IS him. But it's not like you to solve a mystery as quickly and easily as that. And if Nat HAS brewed up a fake, which I reckon is highly possible, then Thane could quite plausibly be lying through his teeth here.

Which then makes me wonder why would he lie and who would he be protecting? HMMM.

Also now I'm questioning whether Scorpius is real because if the Veritaserum is fake then Thane could be lying about that as well. OH SNAP.

See, I kind of get Scorpius' point of 'What was there to come back for' - except NO I DON'T. Put Rose to one side for a second, because maybe being with Matt made it look like she'd moved on, and yeah, Scorp doesn't want to come along and break up a relationship. But ... Albus? Seriously? Even if he had grieved the loss of his best friend, of his BROTHER, why wouldn't you go find him, tell him you're back, and give him back the most important person in his life? I mean, the fact Albus was GONE surely means he was struggling to cope with his grief? I'm sorry, but this doesn't make sense. WHY SCORP WHY.

Ridiculously excited about the Annie cameo, yay for Anguis offspring! And adorable Mattselena moment, I know you say he's being nonsensical but there is absolutely an enormous amount of truth in everything he said.

This short review thing is going well.

Author's Response: This short review thing is going SUPER.

Harry has become pretty messed up these past two years. We will get to the hows and the whys.

You're not wrong with Rose staying to see about Scorpius trumping pretty much everything. Al could have gone to see about Scorpius; Matt just got MAIMED.

Nat would have her reasons for not wanting Thane to chug veritaserum, it's true. And maybe I'm just being TRICKSY with Draco, hmm? Not sure why I'm doing this, you've read the whole thing. All I should do is twirl my moustache at my WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS.

Matt's nonsensical - but he's not WRONG. :-D Yay for painkillers!

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Review #3, by yellowpetals 

17th March 2015:
The first thing that stuck me in this chapter was how Rose stayed to listen to Thane's interrogation while Selena left to be with Matt. It is sufficiently telling by itself on where their priorities stand. Afterwards, the awkwardness between Rose and Matt when he woke up was even worse; it is the death to a relationship. I don't know where theirs is heading to, but in the span of a few days, they've gone from "I need you" to "I literally can't breathe without you" to "I don't know how to act around you anymore". I can't even see them fighting for it, which is kind of disconcerting. I don't know. Matt needs to sort out what he is feeling for Rose exactly, to properly realise that he's been in love with the old Rose, the one from before Ignite even. I am anxious for any possible heartbreak, but then the way this is going seems sort of anti-climactic for me too. Argh, they are positively confusing me.

Isn't it weird how Lillian was saying that the Council wants power and then she also made it possible for a single person to wield so much of it. There is always something surrounding her that won't let me put my doubts at rest about her.

I loved the Hermione mastermind theory suggested by a reader - it would be quite the plot twist, but it is Hermione and kind of implausible as to her motives. If anything, I feel you are portraying her as the ultimate voice of reason, that sees everyone clearly and she did have her Lillian misgivings. Anyway, everything is fair game at the moment.

There were a few alarm bells ringing during the Thane interrogation, so I am not sure how much of what was said then can be taken as the gospel truth. I guess a lot of it is. I am not convinced that Draco was the voice, however, if only for the sheer inconsistency of him going to visit Scorpius's grave. But we'll see.

I maintain the biggest mystery of all is Nat herself. Like seriously, how exactly did she get to be like this?! I don't remember Ignite in all of its details, but I remember her feeling guilty about her work as a potioneer, and how it was used to Dark means. I hadn't read the Anguis verse then, so I just assumed it was something that happened during the war. But then I read it, and even if I haven't finished "Beyond This Place" yet, it didn't happen then. I just can't fathom what would compel her of all people to get involved in any way with Dark Magic, or to help the Council. I hope we get this cleared up.

The presence of Matt's sister reminded me - do Toby and Tanith have children? I just can't seem to remember what was said in Tobias's chapter in Starfall and what better way than to ask the source?

I want to finish on a high note, just like you. The last scene was lovely! So heart-warming. I can't say I've felt the same haziness, even if on morphine, maybe because I still had to pain to anchor me to reality, but such a state removes your filter and makes you more honest if anything. So I am taking all the positives from it for those two :).

Thank you for an entertaining chapter.

Author's Response: Yup. Deliberate choices from them both. The kindest thing I can say about Rose is that she didn't want to go to Matt's side while fussing about unfinished business at the DMLE - like, if she went to see Matt, she'd still be wanting to go back, or waiting on Albus to send her word, and so her mind would be partly elsewhere. This way she gets confirmation about Scorpius before going to TRY and give Matt her full attention.

Try. You're right, this relationship has absolutely exploded and degenerated in its own way. They're still reeling, not fighting, and while they're both emotionally rocked they're not even thinking of doing something like breaking up. Which, hypothetically, makes sense - a breakup when your head's in a spin might turn out to be a terrible mistake. We'll see where they end up.

Lillian has found herself in a cushy position, hasn't she? Then again, Starfall - and even Oblivion - have been laced with incidents of her struggling to be effective against the Council because of the devolution of power and the individual nation-states bickering about their sovereignty and the best way to proceed. Of course, she might be doing this for the right reasons and still getting a kick out of the power.

Evil Hermione would be a bit much. I'm kind of gratified readers think I might do it, but that would feel a bit like a twist for a twist's sake - surprise, it's one of the old good guys, bet you never suspected them! Hermione IS mostly being even-handed right now, though you may notice (as will be pointed out soon on-screen) that she doesn't tend to come up with firm alternative avenues when she's championing calm and caution.

Ah yes, Draco and the grave...

Nat's fall is fairly specific to the Stygian Trilogy. The roots lie in the Anguisverse, but only in that she went to Azkaban and then embarked on a reasonably lonely career as a potioneer. That loneliness and never dealing with her inner demons, and the choices she made for what she thought was worthwhile, are what drived her to the borderline-alcoholic academic MESS we met at the start of Ignite. But you're right, pieces are missing to explain why she might side with the evil Council.

Tobias and Tanith do have children! Their eldest is the same age as Matt and Jen's youngest, a year younger than Lily and Hugo. So their eldest (Robert) was a Third Year in Ignite and the youngest (Aurora) was in her First Year during the Phlegethon crisis, poor kid. It was mentioned in Tobias' Starfall chapter, but it was a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

Certainly being high didn't negate the PAIN, but it did negate rational thought. I got told off for giggling. I giggled so badly I set off my friend, and so we were sat in A&E giggling when NOTHING WAS FUNNY. It really hurt. XD

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Mia 

12th March 2015:
Mia here, this time i'm keeping it (relatively) short due to lack of time

Anyway, I'm not too sure about Draco, I feel like after all this build up, the answer has come far too easily and well, TOO simply. But I may be wrong, maybe it WAS him only we're not hearing the full story? This mustn't have been Thane's first time under Veritaserum considering his background (has he ever been prosecuted before and managed to escape? has he ever before been under the influence of Veritaserum?) but either way he is a very skilled man and might have warped his answers to fit the question- giving away a satiable amount of information and answering the question properly but holding back from some stuff? Or maybe Thane doesn't himself know the whole story? Hm...

Then there's the question of whether the Veritaserum was legitimate? Nat did brew it of course...but then why would Scorpius be agreeing to the fact that it was his father...so MAYBE it was his father but I still feel skeptical. Questions, questions...

And I hope Al and Harry make up, it genuinely pains me to see Harry stressed and in turmoil after the Second Wizarding War, he should be living a peaceful life with his wife and kids after saving the world!!! Where has Ginny disappeared off to anyway? And what is the Harry/Ginny relationship like at this point in the fic, I hope, despite the Council problems, they have a relatively healthy marriage but then again Harry's been very busy and has been away abroad- so this could have affected things.

I wonder how Rose will cope with this new found information and the Matt/Selena moment was sweet, I feel like under drug influence, Matt was being a lot more honest with himself for once which was nice as well.

This review was meant to be short as well :/ Oh well, I can't help myself...my homework will just have to wait haha.

Mia x

p.s. I have another theory on the Slash warning, is it James? I can't remember whether he's been involved with girls before but then again he could still be gay despite his previous romances...It's just an out of the blue guess, I have no actual proof to back it up but it could be anyone really, couldn't it? Omg what if it's Draco!! (Like in the closet all this time...nah) It could be anyone in the family though or someone completely different/new.

Hope to also hear from Eva next chapter, she's becoming well liked this fic which is good, I've always held empathy for her. Hopefully you'll take the redemption path but again we'll see...

I never feel satiated after a chapter, I mean the chapters itself are brilliant but there are so many questions all the time not being answered!! But I trust you to tie everything up nicely by the end of Oblivion and not leave too many things hanging/ambiguous.

(That was a long p.s. Oops and sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I've not had the chance to check it through)

Author's Response: This is what passes for short reviews these days? I'm in heaven.

Draco getting implicated so early on in the story is a good reason to be quizzical. Of course, it might be true that he's a bad guy, there just might be more plot to unfold afterwards. We have no evidence of Thane handling Veritaserum before; you make a good theory about his background. On the one hand, Britain has reduced its use of Veritaserum since the War. On the other, he's operated outside of Britain a lot. Legitimacy of the Veritaserum's an interesting guess.

Harry is in trouble right now but he'll have the chance to make right. Ginny's around, and their marriage isn't in as bad a state as I have perhaps implied in the story. We've only seen them when it's bad news, and while they don't have any scenes together thus far, we do see more of Ginny and more of Albus' home life. They're doing okay. It's TOUGH and Harry's in a tough spot, but it's not insurmountable.

It's easy to be more honest under influence of happy painkilling drugs. ;)

Ha, everyone's all about the slash warning. I think I've alluded to him having hijinks and disaster with girls (there was a comment about a tabloid scandal involving him on a night out with fights, Voldemort costumes, and Holyhead Harpies, I think). Of course, he could be bi!

We will see more from Eva SOON. And hopefully Oblivion will answer all the questions; I'm not intending on there being many dangling plot threads as there shouldn't really be future plots. I just hope it's SATISFYING.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Manila_traveler 

11th March 2015:
I always thought you've made Draco the most obvious a candidate for being the Voice in the Fire, but now that Thane and Scorpius have both pointed an accusing finger at him, for me it clinches the idea that it's not him, that you've only set him up as a red herring... Certainly, if we compare the events in Starfall with the story Scorp told to Al, when he gets to Draco, it's very different from what you'd written at the time. Though one could argue he's just conflating what he learned later on with what he actually knew back then. Bottom line is, it's not like Albus can tell the difference anyway!

I'm positive that Draco's involved with the Council, that he could have been behind the Lethe smuggling and corporate takeovers that Selena was investigating, and that his Council standing is high enough that he'd know Scorpius was dead before Harry and Hermione came to the Manor to break the news. But then, why would he keep on visiting Scorpius' tomb even after Scorp had come back from the dead?

And if it's not Draco, then who is he a red herring for? I discount Astoria because you seem to have wrapped up her active involvement in the story neatly enough back in Starfall, and Gabe, well he was pretty obviously torn up by Matt's apparent death in Kythos, I can't imagine why he'd be lying to Toby about wanting to take revenge upon the Council.

So we're left with Lilian Rourke, who's plausible enough, I'd buy it if it's really her... And Hermione Granger! It does sound incredibly far-fetched, but then, she's worked with Lockett in Hogwarts and then in the Task Force (so she'd have the opportunity to recruit her into her plans), she set up the Six's travel arrangements from Andros Island onwards, and the leak that almost got them killed on Kythos did come from her office!

I can't imagine, though, going back to the Voice's conversation with Thane, why she'd be rooting for the Council's prospects, if it really was Hermione. I suppose it's possible that she's involved in a triple-agent scheme for law enforcement, but that seems way too complicated... And really, if you're the one in the first place who approached Toby about letting the Six hide out at the Kythos house, why would you then need to plant a tracing coal on your Patronus connection to them, to pinpoint where they are? Yeah, it's probably not Hermione Granger, but if it is her, man that's gonna be WILD.

If it is Lilian, I hope this element of the story doesn't transform into a standard Manchurian candidate plot.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with us, and I'm looking forward to the next updates!

Author's Response: All signs do point to Draco, don't they? At the very least he's up to SOMETHING, and it's probably no good. It's possible Thane is telling a shorter story; very little from that final scene of Starfall has propped up in Oblivion, though, and that is intentional. Ooh, you remembered the tomb visiting! Yes, 'tis curious.

Evil Hermione. That'd be a twist and a half, no? Nah, I couldn't really do EVIL TRIO. I can make them flawed and messing up and conflicted, like Harry is right now, but a story of one of the Trio going proper evil would need the story to really be about them, or it's kind of a twist for a twist's sake. So much as conjecture is fun, I should nip that one in the bud.

Lillian has spent a lot of time fighting the Council. She'd need a really good reason for secretly being on their side. But maybe she has one? (dah dah DUM) Brainwashing would be unfortunate. I don't think there's any brainwashing in this story. Manipulation, maybe...

Very glad you're having fun. Thanks for the conspiracy theory review! :D

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Review #6, by whykay 

11th March 2015:
It was Draco. All my theories - grr. But why was Nat working with the Council all this while - as Draco claimed? And why did he pretend not to recognize her when he ran into her and Scorp in Diagon Alley.

And I must say, I am super impressed with Draco and his love for his son - however twisted he is and he wants the world to be - well, there is no mystery that he loves his son, for not only being the heir to the Malfoy line, but for being his son, if you know what I mean. It really makes sense - Draco has his priorities wrong, but he loves his family. Just like the Malfoys.

If Thane was on the veritaserum brewed by Nat, could she have mucked it up intentionally, you know, for an associate - so Thane could say what he wanted to say and leave out the rest without compulsion. Is it possible? Or was she associated just for recovery of Scorpius.

Matt is realizing it - his obsession for Rose and his appreciation for Selena. Hope it goes well for them.

Rose and Matt need to leave each other. I think Rose got over her initial running to Matt once you know, Matt had his hand cut off. And now, Rose is being empty and meaningless. Literally. I think I would be, after what she has gone through. I think Rose and Scorpius and Matt and Selena and Albus and Eva and Thane and all should not couple up. They really need to be on their own.

And I must admit this - we haven't read anything from Scorpius' perspective and that's really not showing him up well. I mean, what is wrong with him - after coming back from the dead - he doesn't rush to find Rose or Albus - does he have no concern for THEM - isn't him being alive a good enough reason to go back so that they suffer less?? - it's all him being / portraying - what's in it for me??!! And then, after knowing about them for 8 months, he hardly rushes to Rose, ignores her, doesn't explain himself. He only seeks out Albus and gives him half assed explanations. I mean - he wasn't the kind of guy who would say there is a time and place for everything, especially resurrection stories.

And Rose, she has shown the first emotion she could show openly, with Albus - the only one she could have shown how she felt about Scorpius' return.

I am still not convinced why Scorp wanted to stay away - oh - Did he feel he owed his dad?

And oh man! Harry is all over the place. I can just imagine Ron deadpanning and calling Harry "Sir". Lillian, for once, isn't talking about rules. And between you and me, I am finding the both of them very hypocritical - they do the text book reaction, when their powers are undermined. Hermione and Ron, God bless them, are being the sane wise one and I am glad for one. I am very intrigued by the older Harry you've portrayed - I mean, as a child, he was supposed to be balanced and well mannered and modest etc etc. and generally portrayed as golden. And over the years, your portrayal has shown the hardened lines and rugged lines from the war and the scars - it's being so obvious that his lack of parental affection during his childhood has sort of affected him so much that unless he is in a crisis with the power to do something, he would probably crumble with the lack of support (no matter what Ginny does, it's not enough?). The only normal people he leans on are Hermione and Ron. Great job!

I would love to know more about what went on in Albus' head when he was so clinical about Eva.

And I am waiting for Scorose conversation, though I hope Rose and Matt would be over by then. And I have a feeling, Matt is the one who will dump Rose this time around because you know, they are too alike to support each other and be good to one another in a crisis. Poetic Justice.

But yes, Scorose please!

Author's Response: All signs do indeed point to Draco, don't they? Even though there remain Questions, oddities, like you've pointed out.

Whatever happens, however much I think the Draco I've written is a pretty deplorable person, he DOES love his son. That much is undeniable. That's a Malfoy family trait I could never abandon, even if Scorpius himself doesn't see the value of it.

Interesting point on the veritaserum. People don't even know what veritserum looks/smells like as much since Hermione had its usage restricted, so a counterfeit dose brewed by a master potioneer could maybe sneak past the Aurors. And why would they question it?

Matt and Rose really do need to leave each other. I feel sorry for Rose here - I've been cruel to her, just as she's figuring stuff out about her relationship, BAM, Scorpius is back, BAM, Matt loses his hand. She's TRYING, like with the actual opening up towards Albus, but it's Tough.

Where does Thane fit in to this coupling up? :-) OT3 with Albus and Eva? *shudders*

We get some Scorpius POV next chapter, and from there he's back to being a pretty regular perspective. There are more questions to be answers. Certainly more answers coming. Though I could see him being pretty apprehensive of going straight to Rose like he went straight to Albus.

This Harry is a bit of a mess. We dabble a little more with the hows and whys to come, but I see Harry as having fought very impersonal conflicts for the last 25 years. Evil has been his day-job. And now evil's threatening his home again, he's finally got things to REALLY lose, and he's not sure how to handle that. We'll see more, explore more of it, though really it's a story to be seen through Albus' eyes, about the two of them.

Lillian's actually improving in the hypocrisy department. It's been Harry's turn to flip out; she is a lot more mellow about this particular interference.

Ah, Albus' head - part 1 of this chapter was originally written from Al's POV, but I realised we needed a glimpse into Rose, and how she handled things. He's reeling. Often the state of these guys.

Ha, Matt dumping Rose would be kind of apt, wouldn't it? I promise we'll get to all the Key Chats soon!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by peacock33 

11th March 2015:
Very interesting chapter. I'm not sure what to think of the characters so far. While it's great to have Scorpius alive, his excuses for not making himself known seem like BS to me and I am not really liking or trusting him so far. From what I recall, 8 months ago, Rose and Matt weren't actually together and even if Al wasn't at home, Scorpius could have made an effort to find him. I figure there is more to the story. And I hope that Rose and maybe Selena aren't so easily accepting as Albus and make him work for their trust again, as his activities are definitely suspicious. I think Rose deserves some answers from him, in particular, although I figure Scorpius may be upset that she moved on with Matt of all people.
While I get that Matt and Rose's relationship is totally messed up, I hope you have them talk it out sometime and that neither one cheats on the other (with Selena or Scorpius since it seems like you are suggesting romantic feelings from Matt and Rose for them).
I have to admit that so far I find Al the most annoying. While it's nice for him to get some happiness in his life and be a little like his old self, his immediate trust of Scorpius brought to mind his rather stupid naivete with Eva. I actually am liking Eva way better in this story than in the last one, so I'm interested to see where you go with her and am happy she won't die. And at this point, I don't really want her and Al to end up together, so I'm interested to see how things develop there.
THanks for sharing your story. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Everything big went down 7-8 months ago. I've not stuck exact dates on Matt and Rose hooking up versus Scorpius' resurrection (and he then needed to be free)... but yes, there's a little more to the story.

Interesting many people wonder if Scorpius would be angry Rose moved on specifically with Matt. I honestly don't see it that way (as we'll see); his dislike of Matt was far more about feeling threatened than anything personal. And he felt threatened because he thought Matt could relate to Rose in a way he couldn't. Assuming Scorpius wanted Rose to be happy, even without him, I don't see him begrudging Matt being the one. Maybe only in a smaller and pettier feeling.

Infidelity would be a pretty sorry sort of affair - uh, no pun intended.

There's a little more going on in Al's head, though we're not going to rush to see it just yet. Certainly he - and his trust in Scorpius - are a bit more fragile than they appear right now.

Eva's got a good arc this story, if I may say so myself; possibly, actually, the strongest arc. We'll see how it goes!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Whimsical Diva 

10th March 2015:
IS Thane really telling the truth? If Lockett was the one who brewed the Veritaserum, she could've easily given the Aurors fake Veritaserum, if only to save her skin. the face in the flames in the last scene of Starfall seemed oddly calm and calculating; Draco who'd just lost his son would've, I'd imagine, been a tad more emotional.

Again, I've whined about this before, but I'd rather this story was only about the Six instead of having the whole extended cast. It doesn't really add much, and Hermione et al are starting to come across as very one-dimensional and predictable - nothing wrong with that, but it's not the scenes I enjoy the most. Then again, it's your story, and you can bloody well do what you want. :)

Update soon?

Author's Response: Good point on the Lockett thing. Especially as Veritaserum and its use is much more restricted in this era; people would have a harder time identifying a counterfeit.

Yeah, the Trio are occasionally necessary. As government officials and as parents. It would have felt weird to do this scene with, for eg, just Lillian. And things like Harry's sudden authoritarian streak are stories more about his relationship with Albus (dramatically) than about how Harry's handling the war. They're intended as foils for the Six, but their existence can't really be ignored.

I'll stick another update in the queue soon. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by wicKedwitch1316 

10th March 2015:
Oh my goodness, more please. I'm obsessed with this world and I love the way you write romantic scenes. All I can think is moremoremoremoremore.

And it's Draco. Sigh. What's Astoria up to?

Author's Response: Seeing as the 'romantic' scene in this story is written with the POV character off his face on painkillers, I don't know how to take that compliment. Kidding! Thank you.

All signs do point to Draco, don't they? We'll see a little from Astoria soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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