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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

8th December 2015:
These reviews are gonna have to get shorter or this is going to take me forever. Sob. Maybe I need a three point per review rule or something. And also a no rambling rule. THIS IS MY PROBLEM.

"Eva and Rose exchanged long-suffering looks". This tickled me. One of them hates the other's guts but they still have time to be exasperated together as their not-men do silly reckless stuff.

Ha, so, I got distracted reading the end of Falls the Shadow yesterday (because that is exactly what I needed to do with the little spare time I have) and so it tickles me that Matt just blasted the wall in when I've just reread about his dad blasting the doors at Canary Wharf open. They like dramatic entrances, them Doyles.

Oh. Oh. OH. Matt Skywalker. Oh, the poor kid. Well, I guess something had to happen to someone, or aside from anything else it wouldn't be realistic if they all got away with the Chalice, Selena AND no injuries or other setbacks. Oh, it's going to be interesting to see how he deals with this. Poor Matty. :(

And Rose ... I did not expect that. Both her Stunning Scorpius to hand him in, and giving Eva the chance to run. I guess her treatment of Scorpius makes sense - she wants answers, she's determined to believe it's not him in which case whoever he IS needs to be brought in, she's not going to want to let him get away - but letting Eva run is interesting. As is the fact that Eva has just turned herself in. NEXT.

Author's Response: No rambling is tough.

Eva and Rose never hated each other quite enough to avoid being sardonic together. Then again, what has EVER stopped my characters from being sardonic together?

HA, yes, the Doyles like to pretend they're chill and efficient, but we both know they're super melodramatic. I am cruel to Matt. In a way, he lost his hand because someone had to pay a price for the success of this mission.

As I say, Rose never really hated Eva as much as she might. Not in her bones, y'know? Intellectually she blamed her, but it was never a visceral hatred, so she was level-headed enough to want to repay her for her help - in Ager Sanguinis, now in the rescue. While she doesn't, really, trust that Scorpius IS Scorpius, real and whole, and she cannot take the risk of him slipping away. IMAGINE that uncertainty if he escaped and ran?

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Review #2, by Jane 

8th March 2015:
I've just read the two other books in this series, and I love everything!!! I'm so used to your excellent writing that when I went back to reading other fics I could barely stand it, haha, I want more of your well-planned out plot lines, sophisticated writing and complex developing characters. I would just say that these characters spend a bit too much time verbally fighting (sometimes I feel like all that's happened in a chapter is 3 or 4 lots of characters verbally fighting) and also they flinch a lot. Like a lot. Each character seems to flinch at something every chapter haha. Which like... I don't even remember the last time I flinched, I don't think it happens this often. Other than that, please please please keep writing, I cannot wait for more.

Author's Response: Haha, these guys do have SO MUCH to argue about, don't they? It's got worse in Oblivion; sometimes they could stop bickering and Get On with things. On the one hand, the stakes are pretty high; on the other hand, I concede that's being a bit repetitive on occasion. I get keenly aware my writing sometimes boils down to, 'Have Action, then spend forever having lots of conversations about said Action.' Also heard on repeated mannerisms in dialogue; I shall tune it down a bit. ;)

Still, very glad you're enjoying the story! More coming all the time! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

7th March 2015:
INCREDIBLE! I can't think straight… too many things happened!!!
I can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Updates coming all the time. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by yellowpetals 

5th March 2015:
I can feel the beginning of another long review at the tips of my fingers. I actually waited for a bit before writing this, to go over what happened!

What Rose did made every sense. It also shows again, in a much harsher light, how cold she has grown though, which is a bit shocking I guess.

I expect we’ll get more answers on Scorpius’s relationship with the Chalice, and I am not up to any speculations there. I don’t agree that Scorpius deserves so much hate for not coming out as alive straight away. Whatever he could have done would not erase their suffering for his death anyway. They have already gone through those character changing pains, and as it was then, he couldn’t find his place in their lives. After all, he can’t do it even now… And then something convinced him to work with Thane. So I am reserving any of my judgement until more answers are given.

I am very upset about Matt. But there was a price to be paid, and as he arguably gained the most (other than Selena, but she has totally suffered enough by now), it had to be him to pay it. I really can’t wait to see how he deals with all of this and Selena back, and Scorpius, and Rose, and the Chalice and is there something he doesn’t have to think about?! He had decided to put off so many of his worries and issues to sort out after this rescue mission, and it also brought him something like this! Ah, some major life re-evaluating decisions I guess will be made. Is this the end of sword-wielding Matt? I also loved the 'better man' take on Matt by another reviewer, I hadn't thought about it like this, but it's interesting.

Lovely Eva scene once more! She can be such a romantic :D (I am only half-joking). She is doing it all for and because of Albus and if there is a truly fiction-like, extraordinary romance in this story, it’s theirs. The power of love to make her change! We will see if it’s enough to make him forgive as well. I am very anxious for Eva, though. There have been calls for her death as a retribution and I really don’t see it in such light. Eva is no hero, she does what she does mainly governed by love, and not duty. If anything, were she to die, she would do it to save the gang and Albus. She only wants his understanding really, and if that’s what going to earn it, then why do it? So he can lose somebody he loves and be put to the test again? I don’t know. What is more, is death a way to prove she’s changed? What does that bring to the world? I think the ultimate retribution is doing as much good as she can, and she can do the most by being alive and fighting the good fight. Eva didn’t just start killing because she liked it (she is no Voldemort), she did it to survive. She lived in a world of kill or be killed. There was no other choice. Then Thane came along and became her everything. So giving her a second chance seems quite reasonable to me, and so far she really hasn’t done anything to make me regret it.

I will not dare comment on any possible end-game relationships and certainly make no requests. However, I think it is indicative of a real story when the characters become alive in the author's mind so much that they ‘write themselves’ and act out of their own will, rather than the author’s. They become real, and the story transcends the so-called rules of fiction writing. A few people pointed out age as a main deterrent. Why? It is not age by itself that determines this, it is mainly the life experiences during that time. Hardly anyone can deny that the gang has gone through a lot and are much more mature than your average 20 year old. Their hardships bring them together and fighting for their lives together forges a connection that they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. That is why the HP ending makes sense, and why, if it were to happen here, it wouldn’t be outlandish.

The mystery count keeps going up as usual – by now we have the voice in the fire, unknown traitor (or maybe Nat?), long-anticipated slash moment, all about of Scorpius.. I can’t keep count. Talking of, why was Raskoph so confusing: ‘Just know you are saving nothing’.

I can feel your pain on what writing the next chapters was! So much angst, so many feelings to explore, so many people! I can hardly grasp my own, let alone those of like 6 other people :D.

Thank you :).

Author's Response: Rose wasn't equipped to really deal with the problem with emotions and conversation; much easier to Stun Scorpius and learn for CERTAIN, rather than discuss with him and have to be unsure, have to trust.

Scorpius has had his reasons for staying away, but it's a fine point that the damage was DONE. It's not like he could have come back and fixed everything; it wouldn't make things MUCH better than it has now. Matt and Rose were still just about together, Rose was still tormented, Albus was still gone and tomented. I mean, it would have been 8 months fewer, but wouldn't have made Everything Better.

Matt's gonna be in a serious situation, as you've rightly identified. I mean, he was already, but how do you deal with all these different things? In some ways he has more on his shoulders than anyone else; not everyone has the same knowledge of the Chalice he does, so not everyone has to deal with that or think about it, but Scorpius and Thane being around still affect him. Then again he doesn't have to worry about Eva...

No shock to anyone, he will get a prosthetic, a less-evil Wormtongue-esque one, but that's going to take some time before he can use that as well as his real hand. I'm honestly not sure if he'll be a sword-wielder again in the story.

Eva is, in some ways, a romantic! Oddly, she's one of the few characters I'm going to outright say, 'She will not die'. Because that would be SUPER easy, wouldn't it? Death would get her off the hook; she could do good deeds and then die and there's no need for anyone to live with the consequences of her virtues and her sins. No, no, we will explore entirely whether she deserves judgement or forgiveness, and honestly, I think there are no right answers to that question.

I would agree that any relationships the Gang has right now aren't exactly the same as other 19/20 year-old relationships. Like if Rose and Scorpius get back together, he has literally DIED AND COME BACK. That's not a High School romance lasting forever. Also, IF everyone got together in this fic, unless I did a 19 Years Later, who's to say it'll last? Maybe Scorose turn out to be fundamentally incompatible in everyday life. ;) But I jest; overall, the story will be what it will be. And it would feel churlish to go, 'Well, Scorose and Al/Eva got together, sooo, sorry, Matt/Selena; even if your romance is perfectly stable and sensible, I'm artificially deciding you guys DON'T hook up'.

You know, hypothetically.

So many mysteries. I love that the slash is becoming one of them. XD Ah yes, Raskoph's parting words! Oddly I forgot I'd written that. They still stand. He has his reasons.

Writing the drama of 6 people is super tough. So. Many. Pacing. Problems. *flops over*

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by mymischiefmanaged 

5th March 2015:
I've been hopeless at reading and reviewing recently - apologies for that, everything's been super busy. But I've finally caught up and I absolutely love what you're doing with this story!

Okay, a few things from the last chapters to comment on:

I really like how you've written Scorpius's return. I like the apprehensiveness felt towards him. I really didn't want there to be a big overemotional reunion right at the beginning. That said, I like how he managed to break through Albus's new tough guy thing. Their friendship is beautifully written, as always, even if it's more complex now than it used to be.

I don't know how I feel about Rose and Matt. Obviously they're not going to last forever as a couple but I can't figure out when I want them to end. For now I think maybe it's actually kind of good for Rose to have somebody she knows cares about her who isn't Scorpius. Maybe their whole relationship will become a bit clearer now that they've got Selena back.

And then that brings me onto Selena and Matt. I'm so intrigued by what's happened between them to bring this side out of Matt. At the moment I wonder whether he's a little bit in love with Selena but his obsession with Rose has masked it from him until now. Rose has been suffering and he's talked himself into wanting to be her protector, and it's only when Selena's going through something worse that he realises his feelings. I like how Matt's kind of developing this Harry-style hero complex now as well. He's gone from being the outsider in the group to taking an active role as leader which is really interesting character development. I'll be interested to see how he responds when Albus or Scorpius really need to take the lead.

And finally, Prometheus Thane! You've always set him up to be a really ambiguous, fascinating character but the last few chapters have taken it to a whole new level and it's wonderful. Him and Scorpius have always had a really interesting relationship and their new friendship/ally system is a good development on this. It'll be interesting to see how loyal Scorpius is to his new ally. Having Thane and Eva together gives you a lot of moral ambiguity and it's a really good dynamic - it gives Oblivion a different atmosphere to Ignite and Starfall and makes for a very interesting read.

I really love this story. Some things I'd be interested to see in future chapters:
I'd like to see Rose and Matt have a really honest conversation at some point, even if they don't explicitly discuss their feelings. She's got a lot of vulnerabilities he's aware of but I'm not sure he properly understands them.
And I really want to see SOMEBODY get cross with Scorpius for not coming back to them, preferably Selena. She's got the whole honesty to the point of cruelty thing and it would be great to see her make it clear that they've all been suffering and Scorpius could have helped them.
More Eva, always. She's fascinating. Maybe a private conversation between her and Thane? I don't know where I want Eva and Albus to end up. At this point I can't really imagine them working out, they're both too broken, but I'm looking forward to seeing where you take them.

I know you've probably planned the whole thing in a lot of detail so these are just comments on what I'd like rather than suggestions. I'm excited to see what happens next, wherever you take it.

Emma x

Author's Response: Ha, it's okay, life does that and I have been updating-away!

Some things in this world are constant, and the Albus/Scorpius bromance of this series is gonna be one of them. His return won't be simple, not even for Al, but we've got enough things that are complicated bad. Some things can be good, and yet still complex.

Progress to be made in leaps and bounds on Matt and Rose. Those kids need it. Though, horrible hand-losing is going to throw a bit of a spanner into the works, can't lie.

Even I hesitate to apply labels to what Matt feels for Selena. 'Obsession' covers what he feels for ROSE, yes, but there is definitely a serious bond between Matt/Selena, and they both need to contemplate exactly what it means. Group dynamics from here will be... fluid, though the gang isn't going to spend as much time being a lone band against the world as they did in Starfall, or even Ignite. They'll be a group, but more fluid, and interacting more with the wider world.

The Thane/Scorpius relationship I always liked. We shall see more of it and how it pans out, as it's not really something even Scorpius fully grasps. Ambiguity is much more the name of the game to Oblivion, though I am very mindful I've made the gang GRIMDARK EDGY and while I like exploring the greys, even I miss some of the fun hijinks of the past. I don't want them miserable forever!

I love request lists; even if I don't DO them, it's nice to know what people are looking forward to, or if they think something's due. I always consider if it's something I -should- do if it's not already coming, and even if I ultimately disagree, it's great to know where the readers are coming from (like a Selena/Scorpius snapping sounds quite appropriate, doesn't it?).

Thanks for reviewing! Always love these.

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Review #6, by raquick 

4th March 2015:
My god. This story just keeps making me feel things I never wanted to feel... but like in a good way. Rose... Rose, Rose, Rose. I mean I just can't even tell what's going on with her anymore. She is such a mystery to me. She's obviously way messed up and Scorpius' return is not helping. But I can't wait to really figure out what she's thinking and how she's going to deal with all of this back home.

Okay, so I started with that little blurb, but let's go back a bit. I've feeling so off kilter ever since Scorpius came back. I mean I was just used to getting all used the dark and twisty Albus, and the weirdly bold Matt, and the bland on the outside but tortured on the inside Rose... and then you go and bring Scorpius back (brilliantly I might add) and now everything is all jacked up again. Thanks.

I just want to say how much I'm still loving Eva. I don't yet know how I feel yet on the whole Eva deserving life in Azkaban vs freedom debate (I'm leaning towards freedom and redemption) but I love love love a good antihero. Granted throughout the series she's more "anti" than "heroine" but still. She has a dark complicated past that didn't really give her the best chance to turn out good and I love seeing her evolution throughout the series. It's the same reason I totally loved Draco by the end of the canon because he's just such a deeply complex and complicated character. I think it's worth noting too that no one is free really from scrutiny. I mean yes Eva has done a lot of bad things but Albus has killed someone (please god DETAILS btw...), Scorpius too in Starfall (though it was an accident and completely tore him up). Even Harry and co. in canon used the Unforgivables and whose to say they had license to use those just because they were on the "right" side? I mean who makes those decisions? So I'm pretty much on Eva's side right now and I think she was going to say that she wouldn't get to see Albus again... so how can I not ship that... like, for real.

Speaking of Albus. He is totally my absolute favorite character you have written in this entire series and oddly one of the characters I think we know the least about. I mean every once in a while we get the little glimpse into Albus' head. But we really don't know about his past (prior to his running away), anything about his time away, what led to his family situations, etc. I love how mysterious he is and I want to figure him out (i.e. I want you to tell me more!) I think he's taking Scorps return WAY too well and I hope we get to see what's going on soon. Also, where is this massive force of nature Albus I've been expecting. I mean he spends 2ish years on his own and kills werewolves and dark wizards and yet he's no more special with a wand than anyone else. I mean I'm waiting for him to like take on 10 Thornweavers while the others just sit back and are all like "O god, what's happening," you know?

I feel like Thane's not really all that complex to me, but that's okay. You've painted so many wonderful characters already. I just feel like he's all about looking out for himself and I'm okay with that at this point. I mean whatever, go to jail or escape from custody and mess up again, it's whatever at this point. I think he's interesting and he's a great character to have around for moving the plot forward. But I'm okay with him staying in the background.

Okay. Matt. Again. I know. but really he's bothering me. I mean you've written him so well that to me he's just the character I love to dislike. Not hate because that's the kind of feeling you save for Umbridge types. But okay, I see your point that I don't think he's actually manipulating Rose consciously. But there is some sort of level where he knows that he's not in a healthy relationship for either of them. I think what bugs me most is that it feels like he spent so much of Starfall thinking that he was the "better" man and deserved Rose because of it. But I don't think he's better. I mean without him the group never would have found the Chalice or taken down the stone dragon. But he wasn't the only one with heroics. Albus and Scorpius were in those fights too and doing everything they could. And here even his leadership style is sooo pragmatic. Almost to a fault. He comes off incredibly arrogant, not caring about what people have to do as long as it achieves the end goal, in stark contrast to Albus' very reasonable and inspiring leadership style. I think it's what the group needs right now, but they also aren't quite on the right path so I don't think that's good. He may be the smarter man, but I don't think he's the better man. And what bugs me is that if he spends all his time believing he's the better man then he better live up to it, but to me he CERTAINLY does not. But we will see if Scorpius is still the better man in upcoming chapters. I'm worried about what he's also hiding.

Finally, thank god Selena has been found. I've so been missing her wonderfully scathing commentary. I needed that in my life these last several chapters. I feel bad for her that she didn't really get to process any of Scorpius', Albus', or even Thane's return before most of them were stunned and bound. Can't wait to see how she reacts. Also crazy theory since I love crazy conspiracy theories... and stay with me on this one. Selena was the voice in the fire... no really. Girl is smart and she can hate Thane for Methusela while still using him to get Scorpius back. Hahaha ok it's crazy I know I'm just throwing out a new name.

Wow okay I'm running out of room here so I'll just part with a thanks for such a great update. I can't wait for the next one. I am looking to see how these walls all get broken down and rebuilt!

Still waiting for an Al slash moment(s) ;)


Author's Response: Rose is pretty messed up. We will see her start to return to her vivacious, no quit old self over the course of the story, or, rather, to find those elements within herself. But she's been pretty messed up even before Scorpius' return. This just makes it all more complicated.

Yeah, I've put the cat amongst the pigeons. I can't lie, it's making pacing awful from here on (I've done my best, but I could literally write a 6k chapter per character of just what they're feeling and doing and their various relationships just in the immediate aftermath of this chapter. Let alone the events to come!).

Eva never had much of a chance to be much else in life; guess we'll see how she works out now she's had a choice. But it doesn't undo the ill she's done in the past, so we will see how that goes down. You've rather well identified the fundamental theme of Oblivion, though, with ruminations on how nobody's truly innocent. 'What do you deserve?' is the question.

We will see more of Albus, including more combat Albus. He did conduct the first strike on the Naglfar single-handedly, and set up all the diversions. Basically nobody else would have made it on the ship without him. BUT that was mostly off-screen. But along with emotional exposition we shall see him in action, too!

Haha, even *I* don't know if Thane's complicated. Like, is he a dark guy who nevertheless has principles and lines he won't cross, who works for his own agenda? Or is he just a berk who likes to pretend he's better than he is, and is delusional rather than moral? He won't be centre-stage in the story; he won't be around a huge amount more than he was in, say, Starfall.

Interesting point on Matt thinking himself the 'better' man. It's a kind of tough point to deny. I mean, he did begrudgingly acknowledge Scorpius' virtues, but he really didn't LIKE Scorpius (and Scorpius was horrendous to him, so Matt had little reason to be nice; I would say Matt's disrespect of the relationship came AFTER Scorp's conduct, and in response to it). Matt did great things, but the whole gang did; the fact he wasn't there when they found the Chalice proved they didn't need him every step of the way. His leadership style is very much 'combat leader' - he's brusque and straightforward and doesn't tolerate backchat, which is exactly what you need in the middle of a crisis. While old Al, at least, could do that AND was capable of balancing people and opinions in quieter moments.

Still, I don't know if Matt thinks he's 'better' than Scorpius. I suppose he did think he was 'better' for Rose; if he wasn't being sulky about Scorpius he would acknowledge there's stuff he's better at. But yeah. It's still a pretty fair accusation, all stuff told. I'm rambly here because I'm not sure, rather than being defensive. ;-)

Selena needs to be Selena at this situation. LOL Selena being the voice in the fire, I adore these theories flying around on that identity.

Under new rules, I wouldn't stick this story under LGBTQ Genre. It certainly required the Slash acknowledgement under old rules, though. ;) Watch this space!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Mia 

4th March 2015:
Mia again, just wanted to correct a mistake I made in my previous review for this chapter

When I wrote, "i'm also wary of the fact that they're all 19/20 and not many people marry their girlfriends/boyfriends at that age"

I MEANT to say: Not many people stay long term with their girlfriends/boyfriends that they'd started dating at age 19/20, as in most people meet their life partner or whatever much later- hope that makes sense

Also another point, a few chapters ago a reviewer was asking about the slash warning- I had assumed it was because of Matt's friend, John? He's gay right? Correct me if i'm wrong...?

Author's Response: I agree that most people don't pair off for life at 19/20. Of course, even if the story ENDS with a pair, until I write an epilogue detailing their whole lives - or at least a 19 Years Later - it's not like anyone couldn't break up later.

Then again, it is kind of genre-appropriate, isn't it? It's a tough one. I'll try to serve the story and the characters as best I can over broader issues like that, but I am very mindful of it as I write. Theme and feel is important!

The Slash advisories are a curious thing here! Now, see, you're right about John Colton, he is gay. And once upon a time, I was under the misapprehension that the mere EXISTENCE of an acknowledged gay character in a story required the Advisory (hence why Beyond This Place has one, even though all my lesbian-Katie Bell did was make off-hand comments about sexy admin girl). HOWEVER, the Advisories are apparently only required if there is actually slash content/interactions in the story.

So this Advisory is in-place accurately. I'll stop teasing and I'll be honest; it's not a big part of the story, but it's more than John Colton existing and being gay.

Thanks for the addendum. ;)

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Review #8, by Solana14 

4th March 2015:
One reviewer said it and I agree: Everyone in this gang is scarred. Hopefully not beyond recovery.

I'm between trusting Thane's sincerity and suspecting him of ... I'm not sure what. From how you painted him earlier, he's always been someone who's in it for pay. So ... who's paying him now? Scorpius? Wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility.

I mostly trust Scorpius. I don't have the same absolute distrust Rose obviously does. I don't see a lot of strength in her these days. And quite frankly ... I'm starting to get tired of her childish clinging to Matt, whom she's been using all this time. She never dealt with her grief, never moved past it, because she ran to Matt immediately. And no, I don't blame Albus for being upset at her and at Matt for babying her. Time she came out of it and ... grew up a tad.

Yeah, who can blame Selena for being downright confused? She's going to get a lot of POVs here. We'll see which ones she believes.

As for Rose Stunning Scorpius, I understand why you had her do it, but I'm against it. I'm practically sure he's real and I think most of the others know it, too. I don't want him going to Azkaban on account of her.

I understand the gang needed a new leader -- for now -- but I still can't stand Matt. But that doesn't mean I don't want him as a character in the story. He's vital to the story. But I still don't like him. He's arrogant as heck.

I'm seeing a lot of Albus growth here. I love how you have a lot of the action coming now from his POV -- and from others like Selena's too.

Funny how you have nothing from Scorpius' POV anymore. He was originally the protagonist. Not anymore?

I'm once again not getting enough work done because of you! I check several times a day for updates. I so want more!!

Author's Response: They're so messed up. I do kind of want to make them happier again, even a little bit, or this is a miserable as all hell story, but that will take QUITE A LOT OF TLC. I mean, I knew what I was doing when I killed Scorpius, but MAN, these kids bum me out sometimes.

Thane has always been in it for pay. But he clearly has some sort of priority in terms of whose orders he follows, and likes to think of himself as a good guy. Interesting theory on Scorpius!

Rose needs to change her tune, I agree. Her 'defence' as of late has been that when she goes, it'll be big, and flipping out big time mid-rescue mission is the world's worst idea. What happens when she's out of a Crunch? We'll see.

Poor Selena. Like, horrible torment and imprisonment, but SO CONFUSED.

We might return to Scorpius' POV a bit more soon. Now is not the appropriate time, though. While I will always adore his story, I'm not sure WHO the protagonist of Oblivion is. Rose carried the baton until Selena's abduction, I guess it's been Albus most during this rescue... I dunno. This one's a group story more than Starfall and especially Ignite.

I will update soon! I'm not sorry I distract. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Mia 

4th March 2015:
Matt's hand?! Oh dear, i'm not sure if i misunderstood what you wrote, but has his hand been sliced off? Please tell me it's going to get reattached! Skele-Gro???

I'm glad Matt took the lead and faced off Raskoph- we really got to see his Gryffindor side but I did sense something going on with the way Selena was thinking about Matt? But to be honest, I don't think you're the type of author to just ship off every character at the end of the book (you seem more of a harsh/realistic sort of person- which I like btw) so while I see Matt and Selena getting together for a while once perhaps Rose and Matt part ways, their relationship would also end pretty soon. I'm actually rooting for Matt to meet someone else not connected to the group and i'm also wary of the fact that they're all 19/20 and not many people marry their girlfriends/boyfriends at that age but then again you are writing in the HP verse.

I'm also very glad that Rose stunned Scorpius and Thane, they may well be acting like they're on the good side but I still don't trust the either of them- there are too many secrets that are not being told and i'm glad Rose is not so naive to so readily accept them yet. Though she has been very subdued ever since Scorpius returned, i'm sensing a lot of cold vibes coming from her- she's detached and very indifferent right now, only showing emotion when someone get's severely hurt (Matt in this chapter). Rose is being a bit boring right now but the major developments of the other characters is making up for Rose's lack of feeling.

I'm sort of angry/annoyed with Albus, he's being so gullible even after the whole incident with Eva and even after two years of fighting and what not. I'm not saying Scorpius isn't innocent but he accepted him so easily and didn't even properly probe Scorpius for some answers. If I were Albus, I would be very upset with Scorpius for holding back information AND neglecting to tell him he was alive for 8 months! Surely Scorpius could see how much Albus had changed from his previous loving nature to his current rough/harsh disposition and how much he had hurt and grieved for him. So in actual fact Scorpius is being a right arse too. But maybe Albus is only naive when it comes to trusting the ones he loves, much like his grandfather James was in trusting Peter Pettigrew. I hope Scorpius doesn't become a Peter Pettigrew- I don't think he will though.

Eva has really grown on me in this book, she is the only one who has been acting mature at all times, not getting angry and temperamental, she's been politely keeping a distance from everyone and she's been respecting everyone's hatred towards her only stepping in to talk when necessary. I know she was a cold blooded murderer before but I think the fact that she had such a rough childhood with no proper morals having been instilled into her and the fact that Thane took so much advantage of her makes her a very easy character to also empathize with. The question still remains whether she should be forgiven of course despite her attempts to become a better person, maybe you don't have to have morals instilled into you at a young age to know killing is wrong? But Thane did manipulate her and probably warped her sense of right and wrong very much until Albus came along and made her see the world in a different angle.

I'm still rooting for an Al/Eva happily ever after though- well as happy as they can get once all this Council business is out the way, they still seem to have some feeling towards each other, Albus seems like he's trying desperately to restrain the way he feels while Eva seems to have accepted her love for him and is trying to find a way to live with knowing that Albus won't ever feel the same way? (unless of course everyone dies at the end of the novel and the world collapses and no-one gets a happy ever after- I don't think you're that harsh). I'm also worried that you might kill off Eva while she's fighting for the good or sacrificing herself, so her valiant death becomes a sort of 'forgiveness' for her past but I can't predict of course since i'm seldom ever right. I do think Eva should at least get some semblance of a normal life if she lives (hopefully she will), she's had 21 years of crap and unlike the gang, she's never experienced the wonders of Hogwarts and friends or love or anything to be honest. I also hope we can find out more about her biological family- she's still very ambiguous in many aspects.

I really felt for Eva when she surrendered and I wonder what she was going to say when she said "And run for the rest of my life and never see-", but I do think that because she looked at Thane (this is me REALLY looking into it) she may be scheming something else as well and surrendering was just so she could go to Britain (btw has Eva ever gone to Britain before?) On the other hand she did seem sincere when she surrendered and pained that her only other option was to run for the rest of her life. Maybe Albus will finally see she's trying to make amends, that she's not the woman she was before...?

Anyway this is the longest review I've written (I actually held back writing a lot of stuff) but your story does this to me! Most of this is just rambling and random thoughts but reviewing helps satiate my impatience to read the next chapter. (I'm very obsessive with your series but judging by other people's reviews- i'm not the only one!) Update super super fast, so many questions running through my head and am absolutely dying to know what happens when the gang goes to Britain!!! (put the next chapter in the queue fast haha)

And btw I love your long responses (I check for your responses as often as I check for updates- sorry if I sound creepy, just an overexcited teen who really should be revising for her exams- oops), they're what making reviewing so much fun!

Have a super day (omg less than a 100 characters remaining),

Mia x

Author's Response: Matt's hand has been sliced off. No Skele-Gro here.

There IS a dynamic between Matt and Selena, of course there is (and it wasn't ever planned, they had a very natural chemistry in Starfall and by being the Power Trio's +2, they were inevitably going to spend time together). On the one hand, it would all be very twee if my Sixsome got paired off with each other. On the OTHER hand, I would hate to, for example, not write Selena and Matt even if they worked as a couple, just because I was writing two other, completely unrelated romances. You know?

Honestly, for most characters I haven't made any decisions on Endgame - some with regards to romance, some in general. I agree pairing them all off would be twee, and I agree that pairing them all off FOR LIFE while they're 19/20 would be kind of weird. BUT it is apparently a trope in the HP'verse, and I did it in the Anguis series, sooo...

I agree that Rose is being pretty sensible. And yes, she's detaching because she's had a job to do and so it's not time to FREAK OUT about Scorpius being back, but we will see a lot from her soon in terms of development. She can't go around being unfeeling for so long and not pay for it.

But I tell you what, pacing in these and future chapters is being hell, because EVERYONE has SO MUCH to react to. If I stopped and explored every single person's current emotional states I'd move about 1 day every 5 chapters. I mean, I'll be doing what I can, but I'm telling you, it's HARD WORK with such a big cast having so much individual angst all at once!! XD

Albus is being a bit naive. He's kind of trusting Scorpius for his reasons and also isn't cross-examining him in a time of crisis; by choosing to believe he's Scorpius, he's choosing to believe that he's a trustworthy Scorpius, and that Scorpius has REASONS to do what he does. I hadn't considered the James parallel, but is it a Dumbledore quote? That James would have considered it the height of dishonour to mistrust his friends? Very Albus.

Eva has been trying, hasn't she? REALLY hard. She's been frank, upright, admitting of her misdeeds, and generally being a very, very reasonable former murderer. You're right; she was manipulated from a young age by Thane into being prepared to do this, and she has, once presented with a choice and how wrong her misdeeds were, to change. But is that enough? She's still killed people. At what point do you earn forgiveness? Can you? But if she's going to help people now, do you lock her up? It's TOUGH. Eva is genuinely a subject where I don't know where I stand personally morally (most of the dubious things my characters do, I understand even if I have my own opinions. Eva, I just don't know).

And yeah, I'll give it for free - we don't know everything Eva's up to, or has done, or will do, but she did just the choice flash in front of her of running forever, and really didn't like it.

I like the rambling! I like the questions and ruminating, don't you feel like you have to stop, and I will always continue to ruminate right back. ;) Have a great day, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Whimsical Diva 

4th March 2015:
This chapter was a bit odd, in that many were so out of character that I'm beginning to suspect the magic around the place has messed with their heads. Especially what with Eva surrendering when she'd just said a couple of chapters ago that she has no desire to rot in a cell in Britain. And it's not like surrendering is going to bring her any close to Albus either, since she couldn't possibly think they could have a future together in Britain. The only way I can see them being together is by doing what they're doing right now - running around the world and fighting. Raskoph fleeing instead of fighting or killing one of the girls seemed a little OOC to me as well.

Totally on board with Rose stunning Scorpius though. I doubt if it's the real him he's entirely acting out of his own volition. Curious to learn more about Lethe and what it really is and do to people.

Update soon?

Author's Response: Well, the gang aren't going to go, 'Hey, let's stay on the move to fight the Council, along with Mysterious Resurrected Scorpius, Dodgy Thane, and Suddenly Helpful Eva, while Selena's traumatised and Matt's lost a hand,' so they were absolutely going to go home. Eva has had some time to think these last few days and Not Walking Away is different to just handing herself in to the authorities in Moscow - plus, coming in having just helped them rescue the daughter of the Chairman of the IMC is a much better way to get arrested. BUT there is a little more running through her mind.

Raskoph has been hard-pressed, not least by Selena's spell, and while he's pretty hardcore he's not a super-wizard of unbeatable power. Remember he got driven off by the gang in Portugal? Admittedly that was with the element of surprise, but while he is always working to his own agenda, he's just fought Thane, Matt, and Rose solo, just taken a nasty spell from Selena, and is now facing 2 v 1 with the likelihood of reinforcements for his opponents, no reinforcements for him. Sure, he might have had reason to decide this wasn't worth risking it for, but also, it WAS a risk.

Rose decided that she could ask Scorpius nicely to stick around and explain himself, or make damned sure it happened. She went for Option B and I'm kind of surprised people are finding that a harsh call! A little cold, but she has NO reason to trust him now they're out of the Crunch.

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Review #11, by Giù9 

4th March 2015:
Wow, so many things happened, I don't even know where to start.

Rose stunning Scorpius was unexpected, but now that I have thought about it, I think maybe she didn't just want to bring them both back to Britain to see clear in this whole situation and this alliance they made or in the mission they said they had. Maybe she was unconsciously scared that now that Selena is safe they would take the chalice and go. Giving them to the autority means keeping them in one place with no chance to leave again, so Thane stays chianed up and Scorpius doesn't go back being "dead."
And i think Al might not like it, but in the end he will agree that it was the right call.

I think I have a crush on Thane. He's so fascinating. None of the other boys has the same charm that he has. When he was duelling against Raskoph, even though he knew he wasn't able to defeat him...I love him. I can't explain it. I really hope he doesn't end up in a cell in Azkaban. But if he must I hope at least he can share it with Eva, so they can keep each other company and make peace...or kill each other. Since the very beginning in Starfall, I've been very interested in their relationship. Now it's screwed up but I'd love to see them on the same team again and not just because they're forced into it.

I'm done saying that I hate Eva, because I recently realized that I don't. I don't know. She does one thing that I like and I think, "good girl" but then I don't really like her. Now she wants to surrender and I'm like, WHY? If this goes right she (and Thane) should really end up rotting in Azkaban. I don't see them getting out of it redeemed and ready to join the heroes' team, which is good for Thane because he's still a villain, but with Eva I don't know where this might take her. Unless she dies fighting, which would clear her name and give her some "retribution" for the good things she's done. I'm very, very confused about her.

I hope Matt doesn't loose his hand. I can't imagine Selena ever getting over the fact that he lost his hand to save her. Matt can be very cool and boring at the same time. Take his hand off and all he's going to do is reading and complaining.

I'm so happy Selena is safe!!! Now I can't wait to find out why they took her in the first place and why they let her go so easily. And also what they did to her. After such experience she really needs to open up and trust to confide in somebody. I think maybe Scorpius or Al. They've both been "away" for a long time, we don't know where and what they've been through and I think they both need to do the same. I can't imagine neither Rose nor Matt can help her right now...a group therapy would be nice as well ;)

Just the fact that she did try the killing curse on Raskoph means that she must've been through hell.

(I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistake!! I'm in a rush, I can't re-read it!)

Great chapter, as always. I need time to recover before the next one ;)

Author's Response: Bear in mind that Thane and Scorpius would have to AGREE To just go back to Britain. Thane's a wanted criminal, Scorpius works with Thane. Sure, Thane was secured, but was Scorpius going to come quietly? At wand-point? They might have tried to take the Chalice, or they might have tried to just slink off, and if they did that, what sort of answers do they get?

Al's more shocked, because, yeah. Big dumb trusting fool. We'll see if it lasts once he's thought about it for five seconds.

Thane and Eva have a very interesting dynamic; I've always enjoyed them. He encourages and yet really warps her. I'm glad he has his fans, though. We will certainly see more of him from Oblivion; this is not the end of his arc! But you're right, they both belong in cells, at least for a bit, but... does that help anyone if she's getting better? Tough questions.

Hahaha, Matt will have more to do than read and complain. But yes, Selena's gonna feel it if he loses his hand for her. Though I refuse to make that insta-forgive him, even if she's just UPSET for a while about it. She's seriously due a rollercoaster ride - not right away, but we should see good stuff from Selena over the course of Oblivion. She's gone completely off the rails on my planning on me once already.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by CauldronCloak27 

4th March 2015:
I had this massive Star Wars flashback when Matt's hand was cut off.

I'm not sure if you're deliberately recalling Pettigrew's loss of his hand - he sacrificed his in service to Voldemort, and Matt lost his in the heat of battle in the process of sacrificing... his ideals? He seems pretty willing to kill to get Selena back. Or like, not a sacrifice, per se; more like in the course of practical heroism?

IDK I'm not making any sense I've had a deadline every day this week and another one tomorrow I'm not sleeping at all and I've still refreshed your page like a thousand times a day waiting for an update when I really should be studying so yes you should be very proud of yourself because your story is incredibly compelling x

Author's Response: Raskoph is Matt's father - no, wait.

There's no intentional parallel between Pettigrew and Matt. Obviously the same injury, and I was very curious as to Pettigrew's hand, so we'll be looking into the magic of that sort of prosthetic (without, you know, a suicide switch included). But a price needed to be paid for this latest feat of the gang's. This really was a last-minute decision, but it'll obviously impact Matt a lot as a character and I'm pretty happy with where it's taken him.

You go study! Go on, get! ;-) And thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by thegreatcatsby 

4th March 2015:
I feel kind of sorry for Scorpius. After all, I figure the 2 people he wanted most to believe him about his return and resurrection were Al and Rose, and she just straight up stunned him (which must hurt. Both literally and figuratively.)
I love how even with Scorpius' return, the roles haven't changed (and yet have changed so much from the end of Starfall- Matt's now the "leader", and Al's- the muscle? not sure exactly, and I hope he finds himself in a good place by the end of the story.

Author's Response: Both Scorpius and Rose have changed a lot. She's changed to be someone who'll Stun him. He's changed to be someone who maybe needs to be Stunned. We'll see how they work it out!

Matt had particular drive to lead then; we'll see if it lasts. Albus may start to mellow out, though he has a lot of demons to face (even if he's gonna try to ignore them). Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by whykay 

4th March 2015:
What the hell is this?! I am thoroughly boggled. Did all this just happen?! Really?!!!

Did Rose stun Scorpius because she didn't trust him to stay or she didn't believe it was him?? Albus is going to to be SO MAD at Rose for not giving Scorpius a chance. It makes sense - he was already mad at her for not honouring Scorpius' memory enough by 'moving on' or 'stagnating' with Matt; but to distrust him?? And I wonder what's going on within Rose's head too?? Is she so scarred that she cannot fathom Scorpius coming back or is she so scared about the upheaval she is about to face now and so she would rather deny it?? Beats me, anything is possible, if you say so :P.

WHY does Scorpius hate the Chalice so much?? Didn't it sort of save him? Or does he just hate it in the larger scheme of things? Did he relive his death too?? Falling into the Veil etc? Why wasn't the place affecting him as much?? And if Inferi's will can be bent, with Lethe, can a living person's will (Scorpius' will) be also bent by Lethe?? Is that why he is with Thane?

BTW, Thane seemed VERY out of character and docile and ready to take the gang's suggestions into account regarding what he can do with the Inferi etc. It doesn't ring well - is this an infiltration as well??

Selena not meaning the killer curse was understandable - she only wanted to deflect or defeat and not kill. However, it did take a toll on Raskoph, but why did he flee with only Rose and Selena?? I suspect kidnapping Selena was a ploy not to get at Lillian Rourke - which is why they didn't announce it, but to get Scorpius, with whom they can achieve greater destruction, I suppose.

My heart leapt to my mouth when Matt's hand was sliced off! I hope they can reattach it?!!

And OMG - The entire gang is damaged. And Eva too - surrendering and all. Is this her redemption??

And what will happen to Thane once he is taken to Britain?!! And Scorpius too, since he was on the run with Thane and involved in many incidents.

Won't returning to Britain end the story? If they get back so soon, the only way the story can go on is for Raskoph to chase them for the Chalice.

AAARGH. This is the worst kind of update :( - the kind that leaves you with more questions than answers and begging for more sooon!!! :)

So please post ASAP. You won't believe it - I was checking this page by the hour since morning. :)

Author's Response: Yes, all of this just happened.

Rose doesn't know what she thinks about Scorpius. However she IS afraid she won't get satisfactory answers if he doesn't get brought back to Britain. Remember it's not like she doesn't have pull there, with Harry and Hermione; handing him over doesn't necessarily mean he gets locked up and the key thrown away. I mean, it might. But it also means she's more likely to get a proper explanation.

But yes, she is SCARED - scared it's not him, scared it is him.

Scorpius has his reasons for hating the Chalice, and yeah, a bit of it is that while it saved him, to an extent, it got him killed, too. Interesting theories on his will being bent!

Thane wanted to get this job done, and Thane's also the sort of professional who knows that if you're working with a team, arguing with them mid-mission is a great way to get everyone killed.

Raskoph had taken quite a hammering from the various enemies, including Selena's spell. Maybe he had his reasons? Maybe he just thought it was time for a tactical withdrawal. He's VERY good, but he's not unbeatable. Like, he's a bit better than Thane, but didn't shrug Thane off entirely. Just like Thane's better than Scorpius, but Scorpius still stood his ground against Thane for a time in Portugal. Of course, he may have had other motivations!

Matt's hand is gone for good.

We will be returning to Britain, and no, that's not the end of the story. There are still threads from Scorpius, still the question of what to DO with the Chalice, and further secrets to uncover.

Next chapter - which is not in the queue yet but I will put it in there before the weekend - should give a lot more answers. Not all, but more.

Thanks for reviewing!

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