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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger 

17th October 2016:

Author's Response: Hahaha, yeah. I'm not THAT mean. Also I'd have given him a far less convoluted death if that was going to be how the world lost Scorpius Malfoy. :D

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 

27th December 2015:

Scorpius is back. Scorpius is back. I knew that little turd couldn't die. I mean, I really did know it and I knew that it would be this chapter too because I'm a turd and read the summaries of each chapter to confirm that Scorpius comes back in this before I started reading.

But AH. Rose. Oh my poor baby Rose. She's vicious these days isn't she? I can really see how losing Scorpius destroyed her. She's lethal. And when you talked about the passion of vengeance. Oh god. My poor baby Rose.

Albus and Scorpius reuniting was beautiful. So, so beautiful. My favourite friendship in all this, for sure. Even more than Rose and Selena. Albus and Scorpius are friendship soulmates. Their relationship rivals the affinity I feel towards Scorose.

Oh Albus. That hug. I'm bawling. I have to take an emotional health break now, but I'll be back.


Author's Response: Like Scorpius would ever accept something as inconsequential as death to stop him from irritating everyone! I can't blame you for reading the summaries; I figured people might!

Rose is pretty dangerous. Original drafts had her ACTUALLY killing that Thornweaver with the shipping crate, turning them into a smear, but I decided I wanted to tackle the gang's willingness to use lethal force in a more in-depth fashion. If I'd done it here, it would have been pretty quickly overshadowed. So, really, it's only the rule of drama which stopped her from being even NASTIER here!

Al and Scorp; their reunion was heartbreaking even for ME. They really do love each other, it's ridiculous how much they need and rely on each other. Al couldn't even bring himself to be suspicious once he saw Scorpius again, he just HAD to bloody hug him. The great big softy.

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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:

Author's Response: AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

*draws deep breath*

*laughs more*


I did wonder if you were going to get to that chapter tonight...

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Review #4, by Elizabeth 

24th August 2015:
So like, this means we get Methuselah back too right (still holding out hope)

Author's Response: Unfortunately, Methuselah died in a different way and thus will remain very dead. Poor kid.

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Review #5, by Giý9 

26th February 2015:
I knew it! Since Thane and "someone else" saved Rose in Hogsmeade. I thought he might have made a deal with Thane and start working with him in exchange of everyone else's safety. I'm happy he's alive even though I didn't quite understand the "8 months" thing. Did he actually die and come back to life 8 months ago? Or did he only pretend to die and spent the past 2 years with Thane and "8 months" is just referring to their mission? I guess we'll find out soon, and about the mission also. Personally, I hope it's the second option. Always the one who thinks that death should be final, but pretending is good ;)

At this point I'm only waiting for Selena! They need to get to her as soon as possible. I miss her so much!!

When Scorpius said "I told you I'd come back every time".had I been Rose I would have punched him hard in the face!

I can't wait to see Rose facing him and Matt, poor Matt. I still haven't figure out his "obsession" with Selena. I loved that Al went straight to hug him. He's changed (and I like the new Al) but it's also nice to see that Scorpius is able to crash the solid wall that he brought up.

Can't wait for the new chapter!! :D

Author's Response: Scorpius is saying he came back to life eight months ago, and before that time he was dead. How and why this happened will be explained next chapter. ;)

I miss Selena, too. She always adds something.

Scorpius is such a melodramatic little bugger. Rose would have been right to go, 'HOW DID YOU THINK THAT WAS APPROPRIATE?' and smack him.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by scorprose 

25th February 2015:
(Spoiler alert! tHINK SO.)

Coming to think on this more. I realised. The face in the fire at the end of starfall, whom Prometheus was speaking to would be DRACO MALFOY. He would be the leader in the operation to hire Prof.Lockett to bring back Scorpius. He dint give up on his boy.oooh am i right.dying to test my prediction pl update soon...and keep writing

Author's Response: Draco is a very popular guess for the face in the fire! It would make some sense for him to be that keen to bring back Scorpius; for however much their relationship's flawed, Draco still cares about his son. Guess we'll see!

Updates coming all the time, and still writing all the time. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Kayla 

24th February 2015:
Can I just say that you're an amazing writer? You have a talent of putting my heart in a blender and repeatedly hitting the pulse button but it's in the absolute best way. Also I'm so glad you brought Scorpius back and I'm beyond happy that the first thing he said was " I told you I'd come back every time." It was beautifully done. He brings just the right amount of lightness to the story and it makes it all the more incredible. Also, I have to confess I hate Matt a little bit. Okay a lot a bit! It's only because I was still in the denial stage of grief and he seems like a complete vulture to me. Anyway, I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds. Thank you so much for putting in all the time and work to create this. It's definitely in top five stories I've loved reading.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm okay with blending my readers' hearts, it seems to be fun for both of us. ;-) Of COURSE Scorpius said that as his first thing. Of course he's a melodramatic little so-and-so, even after all this time. And you're right, he brings lightness to a moody story (I was flicking through old Starfall chapters and reflecting on how I've lost a lot of the humour with Scorpius). Hopefully we can move a bit out of these darkest hours.

Matt might be being naive and inadvertently kind of benefitting from Rose's grief, but it's going to blow up in his face as a gambit. So even if you think it's his own fault, this situation can't last. Not a healthy relationship.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by scorprose 

24th February 2015:
I love u Ilove ur writing. I love your 'Twisting of knife in the gut' but SCORp is back so is all the brightness in the Ignite worls. My guess is Prof.Lockett has some hand in all of this.
UPDATE SOON. I love to binge remember

Author's Response: Oblivion is a very gloomy story without Scorpius, isn't it? He's changed, but he should still hopefully brighten things up. Whether Lockett's had anything to do with this... couldn't say!

Updates coming all the time, worry not. :-) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Sisyphus 

23rd February 2015:
I gasped so loud I scared my family.

Author's Response: Then I'm doing my job right. :D

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Review #10, by Libbypotter 

23rd February 2015:
I never stopped trusting you. Thank you, thank, you, thank you!

I am running out of adjectives for this story. Just when I think it can't get any better, it promptly does.

Eva's insights into Rose, Al & Matt's characters was very astute. While I might have expected her being able to read Al so well I thought she wouldn't be interested in the others. She seemed genuinely sad that they had become so like her. When she made the comment about Al thinking of killing her I felt desperately sorry for her. If she and Al can work through their issues they will have a rock solid relationship.

Matt was definitely getting a bit full of himself so I can approve of Thane taking him down a peg. I didn't understand why they stunned Al though

Now to the main point of the chapter. You amazed me once again. I thought if you brought Scorpius back he may have lost his memory/ be part ghost or some other reason why he couldn't let Rose know. To come back 'normal' was not what I expected at all. As he has been 'gone' 2 years and working on the mission for 8 months there is a gap so it either took a long time to get him 'back' or he was doing something else too. I love how he seems in charge of Thane and can't wait to find out how that happened.

I am really looking forward to how everyone deals with both his return and him not letting them know for so long. I hope he still has the chalice as Rose may well kill him for what he has put her through.

Sorry for the long rambling review. Thanks once again for bringing him back

Author's Response: Eva has always had little relationships with the rest of the Five, even if she wasn't aware of it at the time. To lie to them she had to watch them, and she's always been very good at watching and manipulating. Even if Al was at the centre of her focus, she had to deal with the rest. She IS quite sad that these people - and while Al was front and centre of why she changed, she did risk her neck repeatedly for them ALL - have become so jaded and broken. They represented a better way for her, once. Now she can see the better way and they can't.

Al and her working through their issues will be HARD, though.

Scorpius is alive and 'well', or at least for now, but there has been one hell of a journey which got him this far, especially in the past eight months. We won't be getting that tale all at once, but we'll be unpeeling it bit by bit.

I think Rose has a lot of feelings to work through before she hits anger. But that's somewhere on the list.

Thank you for reviewing, and never apologise for rambly reviews!

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Review #11, by Solana14 

23rd February 2015:
Ok, I wasn't kidding when I announced my departure from this story at the end of Starfall. Let's just say I haven't been back "full time" -- and I definitely didn't want to review. I truly did feel killing off Scorpius was wrong, or at least killing him off permanently which it seemed you were hinting.

But I've been sneaking in here and there as I said I would, to see how the others were taking it. My literary heart was still broken, though. I feel strongly that Scorp was too important a protagonist here to have him dead permanently. So ...


Truly, this story needs Scorp in it -- alive. And, I hope, for good.

I don't even care how he came back, as a few others said they were concerned. Al and Rose are both screwed up and I believe will remain screwed up for a while yet. I believe this will even aid in their further character development as well as his own. And the plot, of course.

As for Scorpius working with Thane, yep, that bothers me as well as the others. But I must hope you have a good reason.

Now I'll admit, I've never liked Matt. Nope. Not a fan of his at all. I do understand his importance in the story and your necessity for including him. But I definitely do not like him, and I don't like him with Rose. I believe he did exploit Scorpius' death, I believe he secretly was glad he was gone, and I know deeply that they don't belong together. I believe Rose belongs with Scorp and hope, really really hope, that you give them their deserved happy ending.

Eva ... the only thing that bothers me about her is ... well, frankly, all the murders she's committed. Shouldn't you, like, go to jail for that? But I'm eager to see her rehabilitated so let's see what happens, especially related to Al.

Al's going to continue his development. I don't believe Scorp being back will hinder that. It's not going to be oh, he's happy now so he doesn't have to grow anymore. He's going to be doing a lot of growing, I know.

I hope Draco didn't give them away, but you did tell us repeatedly that Draco is quite a monster in this series. We shall see ...

And with all that ... Slide, please, please keep Scorpius with us while developing the story til the end! I'm too addicted to this for my own good. It's all your fault I'm not getting my work done enough now. For a while there, while I wasn't around, I was getting my work done just fine!! :-) Update please!

Author's Response: Oh, I believed I might lose some people over killing Scorpius. I'd hoped you guys would keep an oar in and maybe be lured back when this reveal came, though! Apparently sooner than I'd expected. And of course I hinted he'd be gone for good! Else no point in twisting the knife. 'cos I am cruel. But not THAT cruel. This story has been very Cold without Scorpius, and while that worked for a time, not for the long-haul.

As you say, Albus and Rose won't just revert with Scorpius back, this just pushes them onto NEW paths in development. We could have done the story of how they tried to recover and rebuild their lives without him, in a more healthy way, but that's not the story Oblivion is telling. We've HAD a story of someone learning how to let go and move on and deal with grief: that was Selena's story, and it was basically the HEART of Starfall. Oblivion is something else.

I do have a very good reason why Scorpius is working with Thane, and why he stayed hidden. Scorpius may not be telling all right away, though.

If Matt exploited Scorpius' absence, he didn't do it consciously. Maybe a little unconsciously? In many ways, Rose was such a barrier between the two men that they never learnt how to have a genuine sort of relationship.

Stygian Draco is a worse person than I think JK would intend for Draco to become, especially based on recent Pottermore lore. If he's wholly a monster? Eh, couldn't say.

I apparently distract people from work a lot. I'm... only a LITTLE sorry. But I shall try my utmost to keep the updates coming, and to keep readers happy! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by yellowpetals 

23rd February 2015:
I can't find a place right now, I am so excited! And I can't help the grin on my face - all the feels right now. I need to share this, it is so fascinating what you do with your writing. The least we, the readers, can do in return, is let you know just how happy you make us.

I just reread that sentence and it's not doing you complete justice at all- your writing is so immersive on all levels. You are not only invoking happiness or grief or judgement, you make us feel all the gang as real as they can be. It is astounding how you can create such canon within the HP canon and I wish everybody would read your universe and share in the superb experience.

On to the chapter now, after the fangirling is subdued. I loved the random Thornweaver start - it was quite refreshing and offered a very good break in pace to give a perfect beginning to what is to come.

Talking about the complexity of your writing, very good use of Eva to bring up the loss of innocence right in our faces, after it was hinted at by the reveal of Albus killing a Dark Wizard. It didnít invoke judgement since of all people it comes from her, but was more about sadness and the realisation that they've grown up, truly. Eva is by far my favourite character in Oblivion - so much badassness! I am quite glad she got her loyalty/self-finding struggle arc over with, and can act, well, I guess not ashamed and guilty all the time and instead be the reinvented EVA SAIDA, rather than the Lisa imposter of Starfall. There is so much appeal in a character that has finally found their way in life and is doing their best to earn that right. Still grinning like crazy about her exhange with Thane - all the tension :D.

Maybe I am being a bit silly about paying so much attention to that when it was happening in the midst of Scorpius's comeback, but oh well. I blame the extra alertness on the rush of reading adrenaline which consumed me right about at the mention of the black mask and all the additional focus on Thane's assistant (only it turns out, it's not assistant but boss? or just partner? On that note is it possible at all that it was Scorpius all along that talked to Nat and it was more to cleanse him of Lethe, rather than bring him alive that she was needed? Hm, not a very sound theory since why on earth would he be using Thane as the messanger to Nat. I guess I'd better re-read that bit.)

Other honourable mentions - how you used Rose's "coming to life" to build-up Scorpius's resurrection! Ah, the brilliance! And then how natural it all was, how believable and smooth. Only Scorpius can break such news like that - "I told you Iíd come back every time." It's simple but so much like him and Scorpius Malfoy can't do anything without style. Also loved that it was Thane that shut Matt up, who was sort of begging for it the whole chapter and even if Eva spared him, Thane didn't. Matt was a bit unfeeling in the face of the reveal, which though perfectly understandable, is still irksome.

Anyway the whole chapter was just pure genius. So people can't help but trust in the "fuckhead" anyways.

Author's Response: I'm so delighted you've had this reaction to this chapter, and to this story! Seriously, it's what gives me the drive to keep up with the epic slog of writing - okay, I love writing, but it's EASIER with reviews like this to urge me on.

The Thornweaver start wasn't the most immersive, but it seemed more interesting to witness the plan kicking off without being behind the driving seat, so to speak. Like when the TV cuts from the characters only halfway through their planning to them already kicking down the door and beating up the bad guys.

Eva has very much written herself. We have some of her arc these past two years to explore, but she's always been a new perspective from which to view the rest of the Five. Now she's in a place of a lot more honesty in how to view herself, it's helping the ways in which she's viewing the others.

I LOVE the 'Scorpius engineered his own resurrection/curing' idea. That's an AMAZING theory.

Yeah, even back from the dead, in a stressful and sensitive moment, Scorpius can't help but be theatrical. Matt's not exactly being, "I'm so upset Scorpius is back" so much as he's assuming outright that it's a trick. We'll see more on his reaction in times to come.

Thanks for reviewing! And trusting me. Heh. ;)

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Review #13, by CauldronCloak27 

23rd February 2015:

Author's Response: Nothing pleases me more than these all-caps reaction reviews. XD

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Review #14, by FREAKIN OUT 

23rd February 2015:
UPDATE IMMEDIATELY I AM SO GLAD SCORPIUS IS BACK YES YES YES. i am so excited for what is to come!

Author's Response: Haha. I shall update soon. I love these reactions.

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Review #15, by missdagane 

23rd February 2015:
OMG. Iím nearly crying right now. I was not expecting that. I begun to believe when you insists on the maskí s opponent and when he cast an illusion. ..that was Scorpius mark... but I didnít dare to believe. ..

Wonder how Scorpius appearance will change everything. Al and Rose were so cold and broken. .. Scorpius is back since 8 months? How? Why didnít he told anything? Ií ve so many questions right now... Hope youíll update soon and that the queue will be fast. ..

Author's Response: Yup! Scorp learnt his illusion magic good. So many questions, and all I can say is that we'll get to them, all in good time. Just some may take a while before they're properly resolved. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Guilty_pleasures 

23rd February 2015:
I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I ACTUALLY HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES HOW DO YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO MUCH YOU DID IT SCORPIUS IS BACK I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU. My heart! You are the master of storytelling and as always I can't wait for you to update again.

Author's Response: I love how some people are writing really apprehensive, 'Okay but you've done several resurrections now and Scorpius had better have a good reason for being missing for 8 months' reviews, and then there are ones like THIS! I LOVE BOTH REACTIONS SO MUCH!

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Review #17, by peacock33 

23rd February 2015:
While I'm glad that Scorpius is back, I really hope that Al and Rose give him a hard time for being alive for 8 months and not bothering to tell them.

The Rose/Matt relationship reminds me of Tobias/Tabitha from your other series, how they got together after Tobias lost his first great love. Although I'm assuming here that Rose and Scorpius will end up together. It's interesting because in this story you act like Rose and Matt could never be happy and have a real relationship, even though you had Tobias move on and enter a relationship with Tabitha that was real and healthy (even though I think that Tobias took Tabitha for granted and treated her poorly and without any consideration for her feelings for pretty much the whole story until the end. I see her relationship with that other guy (forgot his name while Tobias was away as similar to Matt seeking out Selena b/c his relationship wth Rose isn't enough for her). So it's interesting to see your different take on how people move on from tragedy. I wonder if we're supposed to think that Tobias would have chosen Anne if she came back to life? Can't wait for more! And I would love to see more of your other characters from the other series make cameos in this series.

Author's Response: Al and Rose will be reeling for a bit, but his staying away, and the reason for it, will be an issue.

Parallels between... well, anything in the Anguisverse and the Stygian Trilogy are accidental and unintentional. Matt and Rose had a very different relationship to Tobias and Tanith, who were never an actual couple until after the war. I'm not trying to make any sweeping statements about grief and how someone should/could never move on from a dead loved one, or what it says about if they 'really' loved them if they do move on. After all, Rose and Selena have both handled their grief in different ways; they were both broken, but Selena has put herself back together a lot more effectively than Rose. Arguably, Selena had more to focus on, with the events of Starfall, and new emotional turmoil gave her a chance for closure. Rose just had 2+ years of Dwelling.

As for Tobias/Annie, well. Toby did love her, probably, and their relationship and feelings were real, but I'm not convinced they would have worked out in the long haul, because how many relationships started when you're 17 do (even if this is a staple of the HP world)? I wouldn't read anything different into T/T because of what I'm doing with Scorose or Methuselena or Matt/Rose (Matthirose?) or Matt/Selena (Mattena?). Portmanteaus aside, I am not trying to make a sweeping statement about grief or moving on. There are no fundamental rules.

I would kind of like to have more Anguisverse cameos in the Stygian Trilogy, though all of them (Tobias' chapter aside) have appeared once. Even if Tanith's appearance was an unnamed, blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference in the Rescue Party from Ager Sanguinis. Still, Tobias was there to be Selena's boss, Gabriel and Jen are there to be Matt's parents, and Cal was there as Lockett's lost past love. Nat Lockett is the only one with a firm foot in both worlds, and I don't want to make readers who haven't checked out the Anguisverse (though they totally should) feel like they don't know what's going on. Still, we'll definitely have more from Gabe and Jen as Matt's parents, because the Five's family lives ARE important, especially in Oblivion.


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Review #18, by Whimsical Diva 

22nd February 2015:
So I guess I was right not to grieve for Scorpius at the end of Starfall, eh? Though I do agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that these resurrections are getting a little old. First Matt, now Scorpius? Guessing it'd be Albus's turn next, huh?

That said, the thing that stood out to me the most in this chapter was Eva's almost grieving their loss of innocence. The most crucial aftermath of Scorpius's death was that Rose and Albus changed, for the worse. It'd be terribly disappointing if they went back to being their Starfall selves now that Scorpius is back. Not to mention, it'd be interesting to know how much Scorpius has changed, if at all? He seems to be the same old guy, but for one he's teamed up with Thane, his nemesis. And for another, he's been back for 8 months, maybe longer, and he didn't reveal himself to his friends. These require convincing answers, and I'd be astonished if the characters all just accept him back, without any resentment for not having come to them earlier.

And, since it was Matt who languished in Starfall watching Rose and Scorpius together, I believe it's Scorpius's turn now. He can't get the girl back just like that, just by coming back. And even if they do get back, I'd be interested to know how their new selves will respond to each other.

all in all, this was brilliant, and you've left us with the worst cliffhangers ever. UPDATE right away. Cheers!

Author's Response: I'll repeat myself on the Matt's resurrection vs Scorpius' as I said to Jack below (just so, like, I don't write the same thing differently for the sake of it):

It's possible I overplayed my hand with Matt's 'resurrection'. It was painted as more like a very powerful recussitation, but I could have possibly had him much more recently expired, or on the verge of death, and then saved by the Chalice. But I wanted to really drive home that the Chalice was absolutely the Real Deal. I suppose dramatically I see Matt's death as more like the equivalent of when a character 'dies' only to be brought back nearly-immediately by mouth-to-mouth or a refibrilator (however medically impractical, it is a trope by now). While Scorpius' death and recovery is a true Resurrection.

But yes, it was an eminently guessable development, because the pieces were in place; the Chekhov's guns were on the wall. And you have guessed my next step; next, Albus will spontaneously combust, and be resurrected, muwahaha! Nah, certainly I know full-well that from here on, death must be treated very differently as a threat, from a dramatic perspective, even if the characters are still right to fear it. I don't think I could pull a 'omg are they dead' scene again, even in the vein of Scorpius and Albus going down with the golem-dragon in Tomar; readers wouldn't buy it and it would just be cheap now.

But it's fine, I have all sorts of other threats/torment to use to handle tension building, or it'll be more about watching the characters experiencing the fear than trying to con the audience.

The last two years will not be forgotten. Even if the characters (Albus) TRY to forget. Rose is certainly going to be twisting in the wind for at least a little while longer, and the very valid questions of WHY Scorpius stayed away, and WHY he's with Thane, will be raised and they will be obstacles. Scorpius may still be inclined to joke, but if I couldn't have him being occasionally silly and irreverent then I wouldn't have bothered to bring him back. XD He's not the same man, though it may take a little time for us to start scraping back the layers.

Matt is not going to be abruptly dumped as Rose and Scorpius run at each other through a sunlit field. I THINK and HOPE that you, as a Matt fan, will approve of how Matt's story, and especially Matt and Rose's story, proceeds/resolves.

Next chapter will give SOME answers. I shall update soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by whykay 

22nd February 2015:



And I can't stop grinning! Thank you! :) :) :)

:D This is GREAT! I love it! All of Rose's boyfriends do come back from the dead. ;)

Whew. Can't wait!!!

Author's Response: Rose is either a black widow or a resurrection device. But this is why I couldn't kill Hector to Lethe. Girl would be CURSED. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by wicKeDwitch1316 

22nd February 2015:

I had an inkling that you were going to bring Scorpius back (the lady doth protest too much), but I assumed it would be later in the story as a late-in-plot twist. So when I saw the name Scorpius Malfoy, I was literally in shock. Probably at the same magnitude as Rose :P

But this is so much worse! I wondered if Scorpius would be unwillingly dragged back to life by Rose/Al, sort of like the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But this way, he CHOSE not to tell Rose/Al that he was alive. He knew they were in pain and still didn't tell them. I'm just...wow. Hurray for more issues and relationship miscommunications (which you've spent years perfecting in the form of T/T).

Does Draco know??? I'm going to have to go back and read the chapter at the grave to see if he knew Scorpius was alive...

Amazing work. Really.

Author's Response: I protest too much? Ha, I was even being coy. I considered being as blunt about it as I was about Methuselah's, because I didn't want to dangle people and give them false hope, but some people were SO WORRIED about Scorpius being dead for good that maybe I am, sometimes, a sap.

A lot of Oblivion is ABOUT the consequences of Scorpius' resurrection, so I wanted to get it in as a reasonably early (50k+ words in is early, only in a Slide fanfic) as I could.I want to explore the full emotional issues.

So much miscommunication. So many unanswered questions. It's like I thrive on them. :D The Draco question will be answered soonish; the next chapter will resolve a lot (though absolutely not all) questions.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Pumpkin 

22nd February 2015:
Man, it was like Christmas come early with all these chapters released back to back! I just reread Ignite over the past few days not expecting another update so soon (And I teared at Methuselah's death for the second time, too!)

I knew Scorpius would be back. You can't write an entire novel establishing an item as the bridge between life and death, have a character fall uninjured through a mysterious death veil clutching that item, and not expect them to be back later...

But similarly, if he really was in death limbo all the time before his return 8 months ago, I can't imagine his return to life will be a permanent thing. Or perhaps his energy will have fused so much with the chalice's that his life will be super permanent. I suspect the former, but either one is probably a good reason in his eyes to not tell anyone he was back. Whatever the path between now and the end, I hope you choose to be kind and give Scorpius and Rose a chance at a life together. And give the other characters similar chances at happiness too of course!

Anyway, very exciting chapter! I'm really a big fan in general, and I'm not sure I've ever been as enthralled by a fanfiction as I have been by the Stygian trilogy. You write characters so well. Thanks for being awesome!

Author's Response: I admit, I wanted to race to releasing THIS chapter, so I stuck things in the queue pretty promptly. While I'll try to get the next one up Soon, the process may slow a little.

Poor Methuselah. I will confess, Scorpius' death is Reason B why Methuselah had to die. I needed to make you guys think I'd really, truly kill someone. By really, truly killing someone.

And you're right, I put my Chekhov's Gun of the Chalice and how it works on the wall, and needed to fire it at Scorpius' death. You're very right to wonder what the consequences are, and the state of his mortality, or the price. I can't promise anything about the end, but I will try to end the story satisfyingly for everyone. Including Scorpius and Rose.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the story, especially enough to have a re-read! Thanks for awesomely reviewing!

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Review #22, by jack 

22nd February 2015:
I am not sure what i think about the return of Scorpius. I will freely admit that i would have preferred him to have either never died or to stay dead for at least a while longer. I think there might have been too many resurrections too close to each other. I am mostly glad he is back.
I actually wish the last couple a paragraphs was done through Als view. his thoughts would have needed to have been different than the Al that we have seen so far this story. I understand why it was Rose, but she still read the same way she.
The reason i am not sure of my opinions about the return of Scorpius is that he is working with Thane. I am sure that we will see the reason for it, but at this moment it time it seems like a stretch. I am sure it has something to do with Thane finally acting like himself and leaving the Council
I enjoyed Eva's comments on how hard Rose, Matt and Albus have become. She is being hypocritical and she witnessed the event that truly shattered their purity. There is a stark and slightly unexpected difference between before Venice and now.

Author's Response: It's possible I overplayed my hand with Matt's 'resurrection'. It was painted as more like a very powerful recussitation, but I could have possibly had him much more recently expired, or on the verge of death, and then saved by the Chalice. But I wanted to really drive home that the Chalice was absolutely the Real Deal. I suppose dramatically I see Matt's death as more like the equivalent of when a character 'dies' only to be brought back nearly-immediately by mouth-to-mouth or a refibrilator (however medically impractical, it is a trope by now). While Scorpius' death and recovery is a true Resurrection.

This scene had to be through Rose's eyes, but I understand the regret that we didn't see more from Al's. Admittedly, Al's could be summarised as 'OMG IT'S SCORP SCORP SCORP *glomp*' without much more rational thought than that. We WILL hear from Al and his thought process very soon.

We'll also hear more from why Scorp's with Thane. If it feels wonky and unbelievable, then good! It's not supposed to be obvious.

Eva IS being hypocritical, but she's had to change herself and so she's looked pretty hard at what she does and why she does it. So being reintroduced to the gang and finding them this extreme puts her in an ideal position to analyse it - and kind of grieve for their innocence like they don't realise they should.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Mia 

22nd February 2015:
I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, so i'm going to write a pros and cons list:
1. Scorpius is a lovely character, I was terribly upset when he died.
2. Albus gets to be happy again
3. Scorpius and Rose might get back together (I'm not sure how I feel about this, I liked their relationship but i'm not a die hard scorose fan and I like Matt as much as I like Scorpius so I just don't know!! haha)

1. I feel as though Albus should have learned to move on and get better, not get the easy way out. Losing a loved one was his test of character as shown at the end of Starfall- has Scorpius' return nullified his suffering/test. (I know that didn't make too much sense but I don't really know how to explain haha)
2. How is Matt going to deal with this??? I feel so much sympathy for him right now because it's likely that IF Scorpius really is back for good, Rose is going to just leave Matt in the blink of an eye.

Anyway aside from Scorpius' return (still in shock, am currently breathing very heavily) poor Eva! I completely understand everyone's hatred towards her but I can't help but sympathise even though she DID betray everyone. It's just she's trying so hard to change and become a better person but at the same time I can't really blame everyone for giving her so much crap...


Otherwise fantastic chapter,

Mia x

Author's Response: I'm oddly pleased that I'm causing lists.

Scorpius' return isn't going to be the 'easy' way out. Even if Albus might bounce back to being happy, just by being so damn pleased, the damage has been done and we do NOT have the whole story yet. Certainly Albus has serious lessons still to learn, and while Scorpius being back might right now make them easier, he's got to walk his own path.

I can't really comment on Matt/Rose without giving too much away. Suffice to say that this fear/belief is somewhere in everyone's thoughts right now.

Eva's trying, and like you say, she does kind of deserve getting hell from people, but... she IS trying! It's a tough one.

I guess this IS one of my cliffhangers, just a different sort. Next chapter will contain more answer! And probably questions. Cheers!

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Review #24, by thegreatcatsby 

22nd February 2015:
Back again! I can't concentrate on work because I'm losing my EVERLOVING mind over here...this better not be an illusion. Scorp better be back for good

Author's Response: Apparently I'm a horrible distraction. I won't say Scorp is back 'for good', but this isn't just an illusion!

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Review #25, by thegreatcatsby 

22nd February 2015:
/unintelligible squeal

Author's Response: Yeah, that's about the level of response I was expecting. :D

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