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Review #1, by Larry 

27th February 2016:
5 minutes of Eva allowing Rose in her head would have saved a lot dialog.

Author's Response: But where would I be without my copious dialogue? It's true, it should have been tabled as an option, if only to demonstrate various oppositions to it and the changing moral stances of the group. Legilimency is an ENORMOUSLY invasive process after all.

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 

27th December 2015:
Oh Eva and Albus. Why must you make my heart hurt with all these beautiful romantic subplots?

I love how everyone realizes that Matt would burn down the whole world if it meant getting Selena back. They've always had a strange kind of relationship. I'm not sure if he loves her, but he certainly cares and it's marvelous to see Matt in this blind determination to find Selena.

I knew Selena' investigation for Clarion was for something big! How did they bring back Lethe though? I can't wait to know. And this ship business is shaping up to be interesting.

On to the next chapter!


Author's Response: I'm cheap and trashy and love these romantic subplots. I think the key is making sure the characters involved have their own independent arcs and needs, and are fully-rounded before they get brought together.

Yeah, Matt is pretty dang-near obsessed with the idea of getting Selena back, and it's not subtle. I'm not sure anyone, least of all them know if it's love, or whatever sort of love it might be between them. But the bond is serious and strong, considering how much it kept them going throughout Starfall.


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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:

First off. I think, deep down, by the end of this chapter Albus believes that Eva didn't betray him. And his inner torture is just gut-wrenching. It's fascinating, because even if he does believe she didn't betray him, it's still going to take a lot for him to believe her feelings towards him were real. And is he going to see in her what he saw in Lisa?


Rose ... poor girl must be feeling so angry and absolutely CRUSHED that they were betrayed by someone they don't know the identity of. I mean, yeah, Suspect Number One is Draco Malfoy, we'll see where that one goes. Oh, Albus. The last thing he needs is another reason for Rose to be angry with him.

I have to say though, calling Albus a coward ... I dunno, he definitely was running from his 'guilt' but would I say he was a COWARD? I don't know...

MATT. I love Albus, but I also loved what Matt said to him about how he chose to work with Eva and screw Albus' feelings. It's what he needed to hear.

Having said that, I say all this because I know Eva didn't betray them. If things were different, maybe I'd be more angry with Matt, because it was a pretty blunt thing to say to someone who, let's face it, is still grieving the loss of their best friend and now faces having to work with the person who apparently led him to that death. So there we go. But that's what I love so much about this whole trilogy, there is so much ambiguity with your characters.

So interesting to see Eva's stance on the others, because they must have changed almost beyond recognition.


I feel like there's a lot more to say on all your characters with this chapter, but I just have to say - how did Eva not absolutely pounce on Albus all dripping wet and muscly and YUM.

Author's Response: Eva trumps Al's argument with pure logic. Of course she couldn't have betrayed them, so Al's feelings are - well, he doesn't much have time to change his course, which is the problem. He's got a job to do; that's not a chance to reassess having been WRONG about everything for over two years, especially when he did such extreme things because of it.

It's odd how Rose never seemed, in writing, to care MUCH about who betrayed them. I think Rose knows it's Raskoph and Thane really to blame for Scorpius' death; the betrayal was not a direct cause-and-effect. So she'd probably happily hurl the traitor off a building but they're not the first person she'd push off a cliff, y'know?

Al was arguably being cowardly. He didn't just run from his guilt; his guilt made him run from the hard parts of living and surviving. He was IMMENSELY selfish, in ways even Rose wasn't.

Matt, right now, cares most about getting Selena back. So Al running around like a bear with a bad head is the last thing he needs - in fact, arguably, nobody's personal feelings MATTER right now, not when they have a mission.

I don't tend to write pure physical attraction in my stories, for some reason. And yet I had a sordid satisfaction doing it to Eva with Al; so many reasons to stay away, so many rippling muscles. The sheer teenaged glee of it, the inconvenient pettiness of it, the thousand and one reasons to stay away BUT DEM ABS - it amused me greatly. :-D

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Review #4, by CauldronCloak27 

23rd February 2015:
Mmmm what you say about us knowing less about Selena is true; I completely missed that. I guess that I feel that I know Selena better than Eva because she's more familiar to me. I know where she's coming from, I identify with her as the child of someone whose first priority is always to the state, and I kind of get her motivations, even when she's at her meanest - so I guess I feel that I know her better than Eva, even though we don't actually have a lot of hard knowledge about her. If that makes sense.


I love Selena. I do. Sorry. This started out as an OH YEAH post and ended with character adoration. Go you.

Author's Response: Certainly Selena is a familiar archetype, with a guessable sort of background, or at least an origin story which has been told a hundred times over. Even if we don't have all the details, she started this adventure a (mostly) ordinary girl.

There is nothing ordinary about Eva, though, bless her crazy cottons.

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Review #5, by missdagane 

23rd February 2015:
So much happened. Al was so blind by his pain and fury that he didn’t think about the possibility of another traitor. Rose is right on this point. I like more and more Eva Saida, something I didndidn’t expect. The plot is moving so fast I even forgot everything about Selena’s job. One thing Eva said marked me: the fact that Matt was ready to set the world on fire to get Selena back ... Interesting indeed

Author's Response: Albus was so wilfully ignorant. To listen to Eva would mean accepting she's not all evil, and if he accepts THAT, then he has to wonder if she really loved him, and that HURTS. So it was easy to ignore and villainise her. Eva provided a rather refreshing POV to write from, someone outside of the group who could identify and quantify their damage - like Matt's.

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Review #6, by whykay 

23rd February 2015:
I can't believe I skipped a chapter!! Anyway. My theory on Selena's journalism may be correct and the gang may need to reach out to Tobias as well.

Al and Eva. No surprises there. But you have depicted Al's transformation so beautifully, it hurts.

A bit about the next chapter as well - Scor's coming back may not lead Rose to believe him just like that. And Eva's right - Albus was hurt by Eva's betrayal and he will be more willing to have his mate by his side. Rose, on the other hand, was broken by Scorpius' death and may not really jump into his arms, especially since he has been around a few months without her knowing.

I am confident Draco did not betray - it was Nat and you said it as much, didn't you??

Either way, I now think that the voice is not Gabe. Not De Sable. Maybe Astoria. Maybe Selena's dad and MAYBE Selena's mom. My theory is the Lillian was sick of getting IMC to act, that she sought out Prometheus Thane and hired him and Lockett (which makes sense since Lockett was working to bring down the Council) to get Scorpius, the Chalice back.

Anyway - I am waiting for updates~!!! And responses!

Author's Response: *I* can't believe you skipped a chapter. Some chapters just get no love. ;)

The theory on Selena's journalism is an important one. As for Al, he is liable to just glomp Scorpius and not question it, which is not the SMARTEST thing to do, even from an emotional health perspective, because losing Scorpius REALLY messed him up and he should absolutely take care of himself rather than sweeping it under the carpet.

But nothing is going to be simple for Rose. Matt aside, none of this is simple for Rose.

Draco may or may not have betrayed them, but Nat certainly did sign up for a job with Prometheus Thane at the end of Starfall.

I LOVE the Lillian theory. Taking matters into her own hands to sort out the world, because the official authorities are moving too slow? That's the sort of thing she'd do.

Thanks for reviewing! I will update Soon.

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Review #7, by CauldronCloak27 

21st February 2015:
I'm not even kidding when I tell you that I check this fic obsessively for updates every other hour.

I love that Eva Saida is back in action, and that she isn't going all starry-eyed waif over Al. Not that he'd be ok with that in any way, but still. She's the character with the least backstory amongst the others - even Matt's parents got a trilogy - although we've gotten an insight into her origins and motivations. It's like we glean a new facet of her character in every interaction she's a part of, and that's incredibly exciting. Well done, and I'm looking forward to more!

Also, there's a little typo in your third last paragraph: "... clambered down from the shipping *container before stalking away."


Author's Response: I'm okay with people stalking my fic obsessively. Updates should continue to plod along. ;)

I would say we know less of Selena's backstory than Eva's. Most of what Eva told people in Starfall wasn't a lie, unless it was explicitly identified as such (like her telling Albus how she met Thane, but giving the guy a different name and story). While Selena's family background has only really been alluded to twice - the first mention of her father, in the "we think they're all dead" chapter, and her dismissal of her parents' divorce in the Chalice trials. Girl's got some history.

But still, Eva is kind of a gift that keeps on giving for a writer, always with more facets to play with.

*cough* Typos? I see no typos, no, no... *scurries off to edit* Damned fingers faster than my brain.


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Review #8, by fanofgredforge 

20th February 2015:
Your Trilogy is has surely become the story I have reviewed the most in the past 10 years. If not the best HP fanfic I have ever read it is easily the best next-gen work. Absolutely love it.

Every time you have a Al/Eva moment my mind completely fast-forwards in the future where I see them with a nice house and picket fence being completely normal. Absurd! I know but that is exactly what your story is capable of.

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying (and reviewing)! Bwaha, Al, Eva, white picket fence. That's a pretty serious obstacle for them, isn't it? Even if they completely dealt with all of their personal problems with one another, even if Al forgave Eva and she was pardoned for her past, how the HELL do two people like that live a normal life? Or, rather, how does Eva Saida lead a normal life? Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by raquick 

20th February 2015:
Okay, hi!. I've been reading this trilogy since way back when you first started but I can't remember if I've ever reviewed. I pretty much read everything you post (including reviews and your responses) religiously, and I just have to jump in with my two cents now because this story is incredible.

First, I absolutely love all of your characters! I mean all of them. BUT Matt seriously makes me mad. And I can't believe how much love for him there is out there. I mean sure he's really stepped up and taken a leadership role so far in Oblivion and he's definitely making Selena a priority. But just because he stayed and helped Rose doesn't make him all that great in my opinion. He just seems so bland to me. I mean He almost died - twice - and he just gets over that like it was no big thing? Scorpius dies and he essentially doesn't even have feelings about it? That's so messed up. Maybe he's a "good guy" but a good guy doesn't manipulate someone's grief just to get in a relationship with them! And he knew what he was doing - he's been shoving himself inbetween Rose and Scorpius since the beginning of Starfall. And he knew Rose wasn't ready for a relationship when Scorp died. I know that he's blinded by love but that doesn't make him a good guy, that makes him stupid. Okay, Matt rant over. I still like him though as a character, I promise!

I think Albus deserves more credit from Matt and Rose. To me he always seemed like the character that tried to understand how everyone else was doing and put his own feelings aside for the good of the group, especially in Starfall. I can understand why he left because I don't think he ever got assurance from anyone, even Rose, that if he needed them they would put aside their feelings and be there for him. Plus he was dealing with crazy amounts of guilt for the whole falling in love with Eva and Scorpius dying thing. He seems to be a loner by nature and I that he DID need some time alone, maybe not 2 years of it, but some. I think that everyone making him feel bad for needing that space is proving to him that he couldn't trust them to be there for him when he needed it. Maybe they needed him, but I'm not so sure that they didn't want to just use his strength to help them all recover and not help him through it as well. Am I too jaded about these characters? Maybe I just feel that everyone is being super selfish right now. EXCEPT Eva! I'm SO ready for some more Al/Eva action/drama/turmoil/anything.

So this review is already too long, but I still have more to say about Lilian and Selena. First of all - LOVE Selena. Great character. She's perfectly imperfect. I think everyone just see's a bit of their own hypocrisy in her and they fall in love with that. But Lilian... ok I'm just going to say it - I think she's involved with Selena's kidnapping. Maybe that's awful, but the IMC was just about to give up its power and then miraculously the ONE thing that could happen to give the IMC even MORE power just happens? No, that's too big of a coincedence, something fishy is going on here and Lilian has really never seemed completely transparent to me so I'm skeptical!

Ok, that's all! I'll try to review more now since I have so many feelings about this story! Thanks for such great work :)


p.s. I see that there is a slash warning for this story. This may be a controversial opinion, but can we see some Albus slash? Haha, I feel like there have been hints in the other stories about Albus. I mean I'm actually totally on board with Al/Eva in the end if that happens, but if I can I would totally like to put in my order for an Al slash arc :) Ok, thanks.

Author's Response: Yay, a new reviewer! Always glad to hear there are people out there reading and enjoying; that is the most important thing but it's lovely to hear from you anyway.

Matt! Poor Matt, he makes people so very mad. He's got his flaws, though he's not all bad. I think when Scorpius died he was more bothered by how it would affect people like Rose and Selena, which is cold but then Scorpius was always pretty rotten to him. I wouldn't say he manipulated Rose's feelings to get into the relationship - but it's arguable that he should have known better. And probably did know better, on some level, but it was about 18 months after Scorpius died before they got together. It was certainly a terrible, terrible lapse in judgement. He did want to see the situation as better than it was, and let himself be blinded.

It's an interesting thought about Al - that nobody reached out for HIM in the same way people rallied around Rose. He does kind of allude to that in earlier chapters, that everyone looks to the grieving girlfriend but not the guy who's lost his best mate. Al was wrong, very wrong to be gone for so long, but it was a lot that once he'd left he didn't know how to come back. I think Rose is right that she and him could have grieved together, helped each other, but at the same time it's not irrational for Albus to feel completely alone.

They ARE pretty selfish, though. These broken kids.

Interesting theories on Lillian. The IMC has been winding down for a few months, but it's true that the recent outbreak of Lethe puts the Council - and them - back on the map. Coincidence, or simply where we're starting the story? Also, getting her own daughter kidnapped would be weird, based on current facts. The Council haven't used Selena's abduction publicly, it's been a SECRET, in fact. So that doesn't help Lillian at all, not even with a public sympathy vote.

Guess we'll see. ;)

Finally someone asks about the slash warning! Everyone always thought it was going to be Al, didn't they? Ah well, who's to say someone can't have a little fun on the side? Again, guess we'll see. ;)

Thanks a bunch for the review!

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Review #10, by Mia 

20th February 2015:
Oh. My. Merlin

Okay Ignite was awesome, Starfall was epic and Oblivion is a Killer. I am seriously enjoying the third installment so much (I feel like it's going to be the best book out of the series)- I check back everyday for an update then proceed to hyperventilate when there is ;)

I love how you've included Al so much in this fic, you didn't develop him very much in the first and second books but now we're getting all this Al overload and it's brilliant! I don't think I could ever hate his character, even though he's really edgy right now, he's got some serious anger issues (are we seeing a bit of Harry's temper here? haha) and poor Al is so effed up, hurt and confused- I can't help but sympathize with him. In the previous two books, we see the TRUE Al (kind, gentle, patient) and so the drastic change really makes you feel for him. But I do love this new Al, he's much more interesting to read about and I always look forward to his POVs.

And YES! I WAS RIGHT! Eva's joined their crew! I love the Eva/Al tension and how Eva is so blunt with everyone, and it's so obvious she still loves (or feels strongly towards) Al (ack! The feels) Eva is a great character, once you get past her slightly questionable past but then again literally every character has gone past the point of being saints, then you can really admire her headstrong, determined disposition. She's admitted her flaws and is now at least trying to rectify her mistakes, which Albus needs to learn to do. Oh and she has brilliant self control, I would NOT be able to keep my head low if a stripped down, wet Albus walked into the room (sigh...)

Kudos to Matt for his shutting Al up with a brilliant argument, it is true that Al doesn't deserve first choice, his opinion isn't as valuable after he ran away and even though I feel sad for Al, I do agree with Matt, Albus hasn't got the right to take charge of the group like he did in the previous books anymore. I think Matt needs to be appreciated for being the only one in the group to not stray from the task at hand, he's put aside his personal problems and his only mission is to find Selena.

And finally, you ended that chapter beautifully, Albus is so conflicted right now, even though he's so ready to kill Eva (well he's persuaded himself to believe he is), he still feels something towards her. Anyway update fast, this was such a brilliant chapter and i'm so excited to know what happens next but at the same time i'm really anxious. After Scorpius' death, I don't have as much trust in you and now i'm worried you're going to kill off all my fave characters (pls don't kill Al or Eva or Matt or any of the trio) I'm not as attached to Rose though but I would still prefer it if she were alive.

Anyway, I clearly have a disease, since I can't stop writing long reviews, it's just I have so much to let out after I read a chapter.

Thanks for the brilliant chapter (again)
Mia x

Also, what does Eva look like? I'm sure you wrote a description for her in Starfall but it's been a while and I've completely forgotten. I have an image of every other character in my head but Eva's still a blur. And Baz, what does Baz look like again? Is he bald? For some reason he's bald in my head...

Author's Response: Oblivion is still full of Promises, the Promises of Starfall and Ignite. Hold off on calling it the Killer, because it's those Promises that make it feel like it could be epic, and I still have to fulfil all of them. ;)

Al was always a simple guy and the foil for Scorpius, first and foremost; the introduction of Eva as a love interest for him wound up being way more about Eva and how Albus affects her than it ever was about Eva and how she affects Al. I do have the chance to change this in Oblivion, and this WAS where everything was leading (Eva was envisioned more for what she would do to Al in Book 3; everything I wrote of her in Book 2 was getting to that point). Which part of Al is the True Al, I guess we'll see.

While I would agree most/all of the characters have messed up in the past, Eva HAS been a cold-blooded murderer. She might be talking about changing her ways and it raises questions of redemption, but she was, 110%, a villain when we first met her. How much she can change, how much one can be forgiven, I guess we'll see.

But the girl's got self-control in spades. ;)

Matt is certainly due some acknowledgement from the rest of the gang. Any of his accolades for the work he did in finding the Chalice got kind of missed in the whole 'dead Scorpius' issue. While he's harsh to Albus here, I think he has a pretty good point.

I probably did write a description for Eva but I'm always so BAD with intricate descriptions. She's of Arabic descent (being from Algeria), so dark haired, dark eyed. Kind of sharp-faced, only a bit above average height, slim but muscular build. The kind of face which isn't very impressive in just a photograph, because her 'charisma' comes from presence rather than raw appearance.

I don't know if I described Baz! Kind of a small guy, narrow features, pale, long nose, yes, bald but more like shaved head in his 40s than Old, you know? Slightly rat-like features. Sharp.

I don't mind long reviews. I never mind long reviews! I just hope you don't mind long replies!

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Review #11, by Whimsical Diva 

20th February 2015:
Starfall was brilliant but this is, honestly, turning out to be even better.

‘Then I guess we’ll see you back in Britain,’ said Matt bluntly.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Matt. Seriously, he's my number 1 favourite character in this fic so far, out of the five we've seen. I love how he's being assertive and definitely comes across as the character who is most in control of things. And crikey, Albus has turned into a real grouch. Kind of turned into everything he wasn't in Starfall. He seems to be the most messed up character, with serious anger management issues. Eva's right, he definitely needs a therapist, and it's kind of disappointing that his family didn't exactly make more of an effort to get him back before now or try to help him. I guess it's Eva's turn to help him in this fic, like how he helped her in Starfall.

I have to admit, I didn't expect Eva to be back with the gang so soon - I'd thought that would've been more drawn out, but I like this, though. I also quite like her no bs attitude in this fic - I think that's just what the gang needs right now, someone who'll call them out instead of letting them wallow in their dysfunction.

Another question - just how old are these characters now? I guess Scorpius was 17 in Starfall, so they all must be around 19-20. And how old is Eva, anyway?

Update soon. PLEASE? I really can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I didn't plan on that row between Matt and Albus, but when Al started balking at Eva being there, I realised Matt would just be at the end of his tether. I can entirely see his reasons, too, and they're COLD, but has Albus really earnt HIS feelings being taken into account? Especially as Eva's being currently cooperative with the gang.

Al could do with a lot of help. We'll be spending time figuring out just what happened to him - and his family DID try to get him back, but Al was trying to stay hidden and he kept giving them the slip. James happened to be lucky in Chapter 1.

The 'Eva is back with the gang' - don't expect this to be the end of their team up. Right now they have an alliance of convenience. We're going to see a lot of emotional changes when the mission is over, but yes, it's odd how SHE'S suddenly become the most reasonable, rational, and almost 'moral' of them - in that she can tell when their damage is overriding their better judgement and their values and is calling them on it.

Er, everyone was 17 by Starfall (which started in early May, I think? I calculated it EXACTLY in order to figure out Scorpius' date of death but I don't have that note to hand), so this is over two years later so I think everyone except Matt is 19, and Matt's probably 20. As I RECALL, Scorpius was the eldest of the original Hogwarts 5, and Matt had his 17th while he was unconscious from Phlegethon. Al, Rose, and Selena had their 17ths in between Ignite and Starfall. Mostly because I didn't want to do ANOTHER birthday thing in Ignite and I needed them of-age in Starfall. *cough* Eva was 19 in Starfall, so she's 21-22 now.

I have put the next chapter in the queue and the queue is (currently) short, so it may come a lot sooner than they usually do! I'm in a benevolent mood. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Libbypotter 

19th February 2015:
Great chapter but I can't believe Eva didn't even look up at a wet Al!

Loved the analysis of their characters by Eva - different people bound together by piano wire, very apt. Also how she switched from Potter to Al at the end of the chapter.

I'm surprised Matt is still running the show not Al but perhaps that is because it is more personal for him.

Rose is becoming much more self aware. It only seems to be Al that isn't moving forward, perhaps that chat will give him a push start.

Hopefully we will see Lockett again soon and I am sure Rose will think of the other people who could have betrayed them.

Still trusting you and thanks for the quick updates

Author's Response: 'If I look up, I am lost.' - Actual Thoughts of Eva Saida when a soaking wet Al Potter walks in (okay, not really, but close enough). Girl's got self-control. To a degree. Not enough to stop herself from trying to reach for him emotionally, in some fashion.

Matt is hell-bent on getting this job done and getting Selena back. I don't think we've ever seen him this tense. Even rescuing Rose on Brillig, he was more go-with-the-flow.

Rose is figuring stuff out - Al, herself, Matt. She has more reason to suspect Draco than she does Nat Lockett (whom we will certainly see more of), but she'll have a lot more information by the time they make it back to civilisation.

Thanks for reviewing!

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