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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

26th December 2015:
I adore Selena. The other characters grate on me from time to time (especially Matt, like honestly Matt, shut up sometimes), but Selena is a wonderful beautiful human being who did not deserve this, but is the best person to do this also. I don't know why I love her so much, because you're right, she's a liar and a hypocrite and she's kind of mean sometimes. But I love her.

She's not perfect, but I don't know... there's something about her that I just cannot help but love. I think it's her snark really. She's the funniest one of them all. And that's including Scorpius. Plus, her love for Methuselah was just too pure and too beautiful for this world and she can never have him back. And that's just too tragic, especially considering we got that heartwrenchingly painful, but still so wonderful scene in Starfull during the dream team's first visit to Ager Sanguinis.

Oh god, when will I stop crying over Selena and Methuselah? Probably never.


Author's Response: Everyone loves Selena! I mean, I ADORE Selena, and she is probably the best character to come out of the Stygian Trilogy (Eva is the most complex, but Selena wins by sheer longevity). Considering my goal with her at the start was 'the Stygian Trilogy's Cordelia (from Buffy)', she has come into her own like no other character. Starfall in particular is way more HER story than anyone else's; Scorpius is the nominal protagonist but she really does carry all of the themes and emotional beats throughout the tale.

I think overall Selena is the most Human. She's the most flawed, but her flaws are generally common, everyday flaws; not tragic flaws or huge psychological hangups.

And while I know I had to kill Methuselah, imagine how adorable they'd have been in Starfall (which wouldn't have happened without Selena to make the search kick off but whatevs), him doing all the historical nerding with her? It would have been super sweet. Not sure I'll ever stop being sad either!


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:
SHRIEKING with laughter at Albus just casually speaking Russian. I'm going to need to know more about what he got up two in his two years away, sounds like he kicked some serious Dark wizard backside. Spin-off fic? ;)

EVA. Did NOT expect her to pop up at this point! I mean, I thought we'd see her again, because aside from anything else how is Albus going to heal unless he learns the truth about Eva's change of heart and realises that he is NOT to blame for Scorpius' death. But I wasn't prepared for her to appear so early. It makes sense that she's working with Baz; she obviously wants to see the Council of Thorns gone, but she can't do it within a legitimate body because she'll just get banged up in prison.

Albus absolutely launching for her was the reaction I'd expect from him. It's going to take a while until he gets to the point where he doesn't want to rip her limb from limb, let alone is willing to listen to her. Poor thing. Al and Matt in this chapter were just hilarious. And I'm impressed with Rose for not going for Eva herself.


Author's Response: Early Oblivion Al is a bit more of a prat at people. Matt really doesn't need this right now. Alas, no spin-off fic. He'd be too MOODY to write anyway.

As demonstrated with him HURLING himself at Eva, no questions asked. It's not a healthy reaction I think Rose demonstrates here that she knows the situation is more complicated than she'd like to pretend, with her restraint. She remembers Eva got them out of Ager Sanguinis; Al, recollection tinged with the personal betrayal, struggles to.

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Review #3, by missdagane 

23rd February 2015:
Glad Saida is back. She is a great character. Rose is like waking up... I love how the characters have changed and I hope to see them fight thought the darkness you put them into right now ... Impatient to read more... I trust you but your comment concerning Scorpius being dead in one of your answers make me sad. I dont know what to expect now Im lucky for the updates. . I can read three chapters in a row :)

Author's Response: Rose is starting to see more, though she's not there yet and Selena's rescue provides a great excuse to remain oblivious. But yes, you can read up all in one go, now!

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Review #4, by Gi9 

19th February 2015:
Wow, I missed the last two chapters!! I knew Matt's secret concerned his father. Personally I don't think it's a big deal that he's been keeping this a secret from Rose and apparently Rose doesn't seem to care that much, as long as he has time and space and love for her, then everything is fine.

I love Albus. In Oblivion, so far, he's my favourite!!! His POVs are my favourites. I loved his reaction when he saw Eva. He's changed, I guess we all knew that, but now we get to see more. So he said he killed a dark wizard. I would like to know more about it. I remember when Scorp killed that guy in Starfall, he was so upset and Rose was the one who helped him get through it. And the fact that he did it to save somebody (was it Matt? can't remember). Al killed a man, a dark wizard, yes, but still he killed someone and he was alone. I really hope we will learn more about the past two years. When and how he killed him? Was it just once or did he kill more people? We need a pensive!

Eva...I don't like her. I'm sorry. I hate her for what she did and I hope they won't forgive her, no matter what she does and what she's done to help them. I could never forgive her.

Great chapters, as always ;)

Author's Response: I think Matt's had his reasons for keeping secrets, though considering they DID involve Rose - like in Egypt, he knew more than he was letting on, even if it wasn't USEFUL information. If Rose were in a fit state to feel things like frustration, it might have gone down a lot worse. Certainly it's not a hangable offence, but Rose probably SHOULD feel worse about it.

New Al POVs are kind of creepy in terms of just how much the poor boy has changed. He used to be such a figure of hope; now he's possibly the most cynical of them all. Willingness to kill is going to be a rather explored theme in Oblivion; certainly at present, Al doesn't really CARE that he killed a guy. Maybe he did at the time, maybe he feels he had to do it. We don't really know the circumstances yet. But we will learn more of his past!

Whether or not Eva should, now or in the future, be forgiven is a pretty big question. I don't think I can disagree with someone who takes the stand that she's a murderer who killed for efficiency, without remorse, and that nothing can make that better. It's a damned fine argument.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by L 

18th February 2015:
Hi, I also just wanted to ask how many chapters is this story going to have, do you know?

Author's Response: I have no idea. I'm currently working on Chapter 21, clocking in at 120k words. Maybe 40 chapters? Somewhere in that ballpark. I anticipate Oblivion will fall between Starfall and Ignite in length, both in chapters and overall word count.

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Review #6, by Libbypotter 

18th February 2015:
When will Rose realise she is more upset about Al leaving for two years than Matt lying every day for two years? However I think she knows in what's left of her heart.

Love that Eva is back and both her and Al's reactions.

I still believe Thane has Snape tendencies.

I don't love Selena. Scorpius and Rose are still my favourites flaws and all

Author's Response: I think Rose has figured it out, too. She's just not doing anything about it because she can justify holding off while they're on a mission. It'll be telling what she does when that mission is over.

Glad people are happy to see Eva! And Thane is - well, he's complicated. We'll see more of him over the course of the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Zaffre Blue 

18th February 2015:
-me upon reading Eva Saida's name

That's really all I've got...
Just kidding that is totally not all I want to say. :)
So... Selena. I feel like I kind of love the other characters I love in spite of their flaws. Like, with Eva, I was so glad in Starfall when she was planning to run away and not sell them out, and then obviously upset with her when she ended up betraying them in the end (because she did, really, at the hotel, even if she didn't call Thane herself...). BUT I love her anyway. With Selena, I love her BECAUSE of her flaws. I also love that kind of superficial super awesome girl hero whatever who cares about makeup and clothes but is fierce/smart too. And she does kind of fit the bill on that one. Anyway.
Scorpius. Dear Scorpius. I (still) have completely unreasonable (or maybe not so unreasonable...? Your A/N makes me second-guess my second-guessing...) faith!!
Matt. Matt can just leave. He's not helping Rose by being a liar and kind of a suck-up and he sure as hell doesn't deserve Selena. And on that note, Rose is getting a bit annoying as well with her whole "am I/aren't I leading him on" thing (yes sweetie, you are).
So... action in the past few chapters has been a little lacking, but I'm anticipating lots of excellent Eva/Al tension and some good planning stuff and maybe a little Thornweaver-butt-kicking?
Oh, one last thing. If/when Scorpius returns, it probably wouldn't be too hard to grab good ol Methuselah from the depths of hell or wherever they are (they were heroes so maybe not hell... eh whatever) and bring him with. Yes? Excellent. I'm glad you agree :).

Oh wait. P.S. Who is Baz? I have no idea where he came from but apparently he worked with them during Starfall?

Author's Response: I am so glad there are people happy to see Eva. :-D Also you're right in that she did kind of sell the guys out just by letting Prometheus assume she was on their side in Venice. I don't think she had much of a practical choice, but at that time she wasn't thinking, 'If I lie to Thane now, I can double-cross him later,' she was just thinking, 'Survive.' It took circumstances going worse in Ager Sanguinis before she consciously chose to turn on the Council. Admittedly, she was pretty overwhelmed and I think her choice was understandable, but she's made a slew of bad decisions which need paying for.

'Superficial super awesome girl hero whatever who cares about makeup and clothes but is fierce/smart too' was basically my mission statement for Selena. Because who doesn't love those girls?

If I'm making you all second-guess your second-guessing then I'm totally doing my job right. :D

Poor Matt. He's screwing up a good deal, mind, so we'll see how he copes when this is all over. Same with Rose; she's not really in a position to rock the boat right now, but what they both do when it's not life or death will be telling. I think they're both running out of excuses as to how much they're deluding themselves.

Action will be sooon. A little more setup needed, but we will be hitting action on the Naglfar and action in the rescue attempt of Selena, so hopefully there will be enough to keep people excited in the near future! And, yes, definitely more Al/Eva tension.

Baz was the contact the guys met in Athens after everyone thought they were dead when their house was blown up on that Greek island. Scorpius knew him as someone who'd worked with his father, and they needed help to get funding and transport to get to Syria, so it was him Scorpius chose to contact for help. Baz admitted then he was a black market dealer, but also that he'd been working with the Russian government because even a criminal like him wasn't that fond of the Council of Thorns. So the guys are trusting Baz because Scorpius trusted Baz, and he did right by them in the past. We didn't get his full name in Starfall, though; he was only introduced, and identified as, Baz.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by maria lee 

17th February 2015:
Wonderful chapter as usual. I wasn't expecting Saida back in
the game so soon, but I'm almost glad she was there. I feel
like Albus needs to resolve things with her, one way or
another, before he can feel okay again.
Your characters are all amazingly crafted, and trust me, I'm not
in love with Selena as you mentioned some of your readers
are. I do think she is one of the characters I can stand the
best, however. She and Albus (and Scorpius, of course!!) are
the my favorites in terms of personalization. Rose is
unbearable so far, though in your previous books she was one
of my favorites. And I'm sorry but I absolutely despise Matt
with all my being. This book and the last, I couldn't stand him
using Selena and antagonizing Scorpius and Al, and
manipulating Rose. Of course, all of that is two-sided, as none
of the characters are perfect. But I literally hate Matthias Doyle
with all my heart. I'm glad he didn't die in Starfall and I hope
that he doesn't die in this novel: dead people tend to be
romanticized, and he doesn't deserve that. I hope he just
disappears willingly in the full knowledge that he is a
disgusting piece of filth.
Anyway, I've ranted for far too long. Thank you for this
amazing story. I hope to see Scorpius back soon, please!

Author's Response: This may deserve a prize for the most critical post about Matt EVER. I'm kind of pleased I've written a character someone dislikes THAT much.

I'm also glad you like old Rose, even if it means you don't like new Rose. I'd like her to be sympathetic but she should be... uncomfortable, I guess? She's making a lot of mistakes, and shouldn't really be lauded.

You're right that Al really needs to deal with his baggage about Eva.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Whimsicaldiva 

17th February 2015:
Lol, sorry for the typos. That's what happens when I try to type a review from an iPhone.

Lastly another thing about Selena is that which she obviously doesn't have too many vocal detractors, and while people would be absolutely gutted if you killed her or something, I doubt she's still anyone's number one favorite character. It's easy to be genetically liked or even loved, but not more than the others.

Poor Matt. In Starfall Albus was the one person who treated him decently and now he's getting treated like crap by everyone. And he puts up with all of that, bless him. He certainly deserves better - especially given how far HE goes to help the others.

Anyway, update soon? I really can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Scorpius was probably most people's favourites. I DO still get some gushing reviews going, 'I LOVE SELENA' and people were going a bit MAD waiting for Selena to show up during Chapters 1 and 2! So maybe my perspective is skewed, but sometimes when the reviews roll in, it feels like Selena gets more cheerleaders than other characters.

It would be nice if poor Matt got what he deserved. I think he's had the shortest stick in terms of everyday suffering (like, the love of his life hasn't DIED, but he gets a shoddy lot otherwise). This isn't hugely intentional, it's just worked out this way. Especially as he's arguably the most noble and idealistic of all of them, especially now we've seen how far Albus' idealism stretches (or doesn't).

Anyway, glad you liked the chapter. I shall update soon!

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Review #10, by Whimsical Diva 

17th February 2015:
Bloody hell, this was magnificent. I LOVED it - more of this please.

Albus is starting to sound and act a lot like Eva did in Starfall. I like that; it's only taken what - more than 85 chapters in the trilogy to see an Albus who isn't too boring, too naive, too idealistic or just too bland. More of this, and I might even grow to love him as a character by the end of this. Also, he and Eva do share a certain chemistry, even when he's trying to kill her, which, if written well can play out outstandingly. And you do write well, so ... thats probably something that won't annoy me as much as I think it would. Hell, I might even grow to love them as a pair as it happened with Rose and Scorpius on whom I remember not being TOO keen on the beginning.

As for everyone loving Selena... Well, that's one thing you have going for an OC is that people don't approach these characters with any preconceived ideas of what they're supposed to be like. In other words, expectations are low so people aren't too immediately disappointed unless the character is obviously unlike able which Selena isn't. With Matt though, he was sort of the spanner in the works with Scorose so that immediately earned him some detractors. Also, though Selena might be conniving and self-centred, that's not reason enough for people to dislike her, unlike Matt who is argue isn't quite as flawed as Selena but ends up annoying peoe who love Scorose.

Author's Response: Yes, I usually take Matt criticism with a pinch of salt because he was the Hypotenuse to Scorose, and so was a bit doomed to be disliked on those grounds. Otherwise I reckon you're on to something with the OC, especially as Selena started out with a very bit part so people could ignore her until she became more significant, at which point she had depth and so was more likeable. People did kind of love Methuselah once he showed his layers, as well.

A mere 85 chapters to produce an Albus portrayal you enjoy? Evidently I brought my A-game with this update.

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Review #11, by Mia 

17th February 2015:
Hello again, anyway regarding your author's note, I will say that while I enjoy Selena's character, I do recognize her faults and she definitely isn't my favourite either. I think Selena can be very blunt sometimes and i'm not sure what to think of her behaviour towards Matt- of course we don't know the full story but it seems slightly unfair and cruel how she was ignoring him. Also I don't particularly appreciate the fact that she abandoned Rose and went back to hanging around her old mates for two years, so yes, I do agree that Selena can be quite hyprocritical in the sense that she's always running away from her problems and is also most definitely far from a perfect character. But I do think that some people love Selena because of her honesty and you mentioned her manipulation skills, perhaps she's manipulated the readers to believe she's in control of herself and that all her choices have been for the better? Maybe? I don't know..

Same with Scorpius to be honest, he had many good moments but again he was very flawed. I felt as if his behaviour towards Matt was quite mean during Starfall and during that time, Matt wasn't lying about anything (I think) he was just trying to help find the chalice and Scorpius just kept bashing him for being into History and everything even though he was the one who pretty much lead them to all the different destinations.

But then again none of the characters are perfect, they're all grey and human and I love reading about them all so well done on that aspect.

So I totally did not expect to see Eva back so soon but i'm glad she's sorted her act out and is now on the 'good' side, I wonder whether Al will ever be able to forgive Eva? We shall see. Also Albus really has changed and I really liked Matt's comment about how Albus went on a two year mission to find his inner 'arsehole'- that made me LOL haha. I feel like Albus has a lot of pent up anger right now, he's being really unfair towards Matt, nitpicking everything he does and what not but I did enjoy reading about all the extra tricks he's picked up in deuling/fighting/staying hidden over the two years. Oh and he mentioned killing a dark wizard? I didn't expect kind, gentle Al to start killing people but I suppose in battle it's inevitable but then again I do feel sad that he's changed so much as to succumb to that instead of just capturing and sending the criminal to prison or something.

Rose is being a bit annoying now, it's like every time she talks with Matt, she's evading the problem at hand but I couldn't help but notice when the gang were in Baz's office, she was acting a lot like the 'old Al'- the way she was the one calming him down instead of the other way around. The whole group dynamic has changed hasn't it and I do like that- everything feels so refreshing and exciting. Good thing Al's still a good cook though ;)

Finally I wonder if Eva's going to join Al, Rose and Matt's mission even though I know it's probably unlikely, it would definitely increase the tension already present in the group A LOT but maybe if Eva's with the group, Al and her can have the chance to try and at least talk instead of just attacking each other at first sight??

Thanks for the great chapter, sorry if some of what i've written doesn't make sense since I wrote this review in a bit of a rush.

Mia x

Author's Response: Huh, and I honestly thought people were going to assume it was Matt who ditched Selena. :D We'll get into it more as the story goes on but, suffice to say, neither of them is innocent. Though she didn't DITCH Rose, she certainly wasn't around as much as Matt was. But I love the idea Selena's manipulated even the readers...

Scorpius was an utter brat to Matt, for sure.

Which Albus is keeping up! Albus has so much anger in him right now, but he's not 'naturally' an angry person and so has basically no healthy way of dealing with it, or his dark feelings in general. On top of his bad habits from his dangerous lifestyle, it's making for a vicious cocktail if something doesn't break him off his current path. Admittedly he was getting better just by being in Britain, but now he's back on the war-path.

It's a very off-hand mention to killing a dark wizard. He may talk about the circumstances some day, but it certainly wasn't done lightly.

Rose is convincing herself she needs to Not Deal with the problems because they have work to do, but the plus side of her control is, as you say, her role in the group changing. They need someone to be calm, and Rose has to be calm because otherwise she'll break.

We will, of course, see more of Eva than just this scene. :D

No worries for the meandering review! I like those, I like to see people's trains of thought. Thanks for commenting!

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Review #12, by whykay 

17th February 2015:
So I like Selena because she is real and she knows her flaws and takes it with her. Unlike Scorpius who initially refused to recognize them as flaws. Unlike Rose and Matt who bury them deep and live on, in denial (Sh!t, they are too alike), justifying it all. Unlike Albus who attributes it to necessity. Selena attributes them all to herself. Of course there are blind spots, but she deals with them better.

And we haven't seen Selena in a 'dharma sankat' i.e. in a morally ambiguous situation. She has gone through a lot, but nothing ambiguous or she has refused to let herself be drawn into it. So perhaps, we haven't seen her struggle to make the choices that would please all.

I love all your characters. :)

Point noted from the author's note!!

I loved the scene between Albus and Eva and how one dimensional Albus really is! Blood rushed to his head and he charged at her, oblivious to the surroundings and punching Matt, really! All said and done, I am really excited to see Eva and how it will all work out between Albus and her. The entire dimension of their hunt will change once Eva tells them that she did not betray them and it was someone else - hopefully Albus will be willing to listen or at least Rose. Do I see them joining hands with Thane? Gabe / De Sable seem to be the mysterious voice. I do hope its not a new character.

Rose has exercised great restraint through this chapter. It's like she is willing herself to stay calm and not break because if she breaks, the floodgates open. There is much speculation on Matt and Selena and the ifs and buts. Rose is getting a sense of what she has been blind to.

I have a real doubt now - if what Rose saw and what Scorpius saw came to pass - does that mean what Selena and Eva saw also come into the picture? How? And whatever did Albus and Matt see?? Anyway - it's not something you'll want to answer here. But the matters of the Veil are curious.

Albus and Matt never interacted much in Starfall, except when Albus tries to talk to Matt on the island. It's interesting to see where Albus has placed Matt - he is not only the guy Rose has tried to replace Scorpius is, but is also the guy who never liked Scor in the first place and a guy who isn't great in his own right, except at being nerdy. I suspect now that Eva is involved, Albus will take a more proactive role, considering how poorly he thinks of Matt and his abilities to lead the mission. Unfortunately, I think I agree with Albus.

Overall, I must say I loved the way the characters have changed through - especially Albus - you have mentioned a couple of times that Albus would shine in this book and I am so excited to see how and when. You've really set his arc / story to peak.

Thanks for writing and writing so well - your chapters AS WELL AS your responses to comments make my day! :) :)

Author's Response: I have often found that readers dislike hypocrisy/self-delusion most of any character flaw. I mean, they may love the character, but they'll yell at them most of all for kidding themselves, lying to themselves, or being unaware hypocrites. Selena is USUALLY pretty up-front about her flaws and her hypocrisy, so I suppose that makes her refreshing compared to everyone else.

However, EXCELLENT catch on Selena never really being pushed morally. This hasn't been intentional! I've pushed her determination (Cat Island), but she's never really the one who makes Choices, is she? Barring triggering all the events of Starfall, but that was kind of thoughtless. Hers is a Support role in the gang, usually, so she can kind of afford to be more sanguine about her flaws; everyone else is usually carrying some sort of burden or another. Selena's 'belief' is usually pretty small-town: Get herself and the people she loves back home, safe. Her desire to kill Thane didn't really LAST once it became something tangible. We will see her struggle with some choices, her own role, and such over Starfall, though; I can't guarantee we'll have a dharma sankat (I HAVE LEARNT A NEW THING), but you've definitely given me food for thought. I spent the day unravelling mistakes I've made with Selena's plot arc in Chapters 14-20, so I'm very much in her dramatic headspace right now.

I love your guys' conjecture or worry, but I had to put that A/N in else I was worried it was going to get out of hand and I'd back myself into a corner with expectations!

Yes, Al completely lost the plot on seeing Eva. If he had been less surprised, he might have done better, but he's spent two years stewing on this, and two years being inclined to punch first (poor Matt) and ask questions later. We're definitely going to see more of how he and Matt learn how to interact with one another, as Al is going to be less passive - but Matt's still the one who's set this up and isn't going to take no gumpf. Whether Matt will screw it all up - he has serious tunnel vision right now, but he DOES have a plan - has yet to be seen.

And yes, Rose is seeing all. For the moment she's just keeping herself tethered, and you're right, it's cos she'll lose the plot otherwise, but she is Observing, and kind of recording for later, even if it's just subconscious.

The Mysterious Voice is not a new character.

I'm actually prepared to answer the Ager Sanguinis visions issues, as to not would be awkward for awkward's sake. Scorpius and Matt were hit the mildest; nothing happened to Matt, and Scorpius only had a vision because he was stood about ten metres away from where he'd actually die. Anything Albus might have seen was overwhelmed by Eva, who's basically shrouded in ghosts; any of his own personal connection to death was subsumed over her essentially drawing in all of the 'attention', which is why they shared a vision. Rose's was similarly dominated by Selena's loss of Methuselah, but she had the side-project of her vision. So - Rose and Scorpius got predictions, Selena got a 'what if', and Eva was just getting some comeuppance. Matt and Al didn't see anything.

However, we will have more on Veil lore before the end.

Albus is going to deal in this book with some significant moral questions, the like of which where I don't even know where I personally stand. But the key thing of Albus is his struggle/failure of the Trial of Courage on Cat Island - could he be brave and truly principled when he didn't know loss, when he didn't know what the real penalty for failing was? Now he's KNOWN loss, will he become someone completely different forever, abandon all those principles, or can he become just as good and stalwart a guy again in spite of all he's suffered?

Ahem. Just as well you like the responses, you get me all rambling and self-indulgent. ;) THANKS for reviewing!

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Review #13, by RelentlessFire 

17th February 2015:
Great chapter as usual! Back on the mission!! I'm fond of Selena, like pretty much all the characters, but if I have to be honest, I don't really like her that much, what I do like about her is that she backs up her friends and even though she's hypocritical in judging others and not herself, at least she helps by judging them. I probably like Eva more than her.
update soon

Author's Response: Good! I'm glad people like Eva. I'm very fond of her, obviously, and while I know she's unpopular with some people, EH, she's not going anywhere.

Also glad some folks are more indifferent to Selena. I was getting creeped out at the impression Selena got a free pass while other characters didn't.

Updates coming all the time! Thanks for reviewing.

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