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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:
You know, I am SO used to knowing that Gabe is an information broker that I COMPLETELY FORGOT that Rose and Albus had no idea. So I got all confused at them wondering what all this was about, for a moment. But it's interesting that he's got de Sable and the Knights Templar on board.

I totally see Matt's point re not telling Rose that he was involved with Gabe and the Knights Templar. Having said that, he should have told her the moment she ended up involved with their goings-on, because he seriously put her at risk with the tomb operation. But quite frankly, this is the LEAST of their worries right now.

Ha, I love Gabe and his nonchalant "I'm doing this behind your parents' backs and I don't even care and you're not going to tell them either" attitude. Even better, I love that said attitude is totally nullified by Hermione knowing exactly what he's up to but feigning ignorance because she knows that Gabe's work has its advantages.

Rose ... knows exactly what she's doing with Matt. And the more people who try to point this out to her, the more it becomes clear that she's well aware of it already and that she doesn't actually want to do anything about it. It's as though she thinks they'll get through it and it'll become a healthy relationship. LE SIGH.

I'm glad she and Albus are telling the parents where they're going. Yes, they're obviously going to be upset and worried about it, but there's no use in lying to them. And it makes sense that Hermione, who's seen a dead-inside Rose stumbling around blindly for the last two years, is going to support her in this rescue mission, while Ginny, who hasn't seen her son in two years, is going to want to keep him home. Poor Ginny. And poor James. Oh, how I long for a healthy brotherly relationship between the two. YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH THIS ANGST.

Author's Response: I kind of wish I'd relied less on Gabe and his job in the Stygian Trilogy; it feels a bit like needing my readers to know the Anguisverse to avoid it being a little Deus Ex Machina. But the moment Matt became a major character (which was not originally planned; I would have made him someone else had I known the random prefect from the beginning of Ignite would become primary character) it became weird to ignore Gabe. And then useful to use Gabe. BUT too late now.

I think Matt figured the Knights Templar connection to the Egypt throw-down didn't much affect Rose. The Thornweavers were after them regardless, and there wasn't much use in Rose knowing. Other than, y'know, not lying.

Gabriel Doyle: Not as sneaky as he thinks he is. Hermione: Much more self-aware than everyone thinks she is. I see that as the great distinction between Hermione and Lillian; Hermione KNOWS what a danger she would be with power.

Rose... yeah. She is wilfully oblivious, really. Sticking her head in the sand and avoiding dealing with anything she doesn't want to deal with.

Poor Potters. They may have their chance to reconcile over the story!

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Review #2, by missdagane 

23rd February 2015:
Rose is So cold inside, Ifeel pity for her. Poor Matt, you dont t chose who you fall in love with. Great moment with the Potter it was Nice to see more of Ginny and James.

Author's Response: Rose is immensely messed up; poor her, and poor Matt. I hope to show more of James and to show a better Ginny in the future. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Whimsical Diva 

14th February 2015:
Oh, spare me the I did what I had to do, spiel, complete with grating deep voice! James tossed his hands in the air.

Muahahaha! I freaking love James. He's as awesome as Albus is wimpy and whiny and useless. I admit it, I don't think the Albus of this trilogy is ever gonna 'happen', but that's OK since you have these inadvertently brilliant characters like James that I couldn't possibly complain.

For a moment, I thought Ginny was going to ask James to go along with Al and Rose, and I was like, that's so totally brilliant. Alas, that's not to be. But at least can we see a bit more of James in this story?

Nothing more to say. Update?

Author's Response: I wouldn't say James was *inadvertent*. I wouldn't claim he was intentionally brilliant, but I definitely knew I was poking fun at myself and Albus with him. He isn't just the anti-Al, he's the anti-melodrama/brokenness of the rest of the gang. The guy who's still in the ordinary world and doesn't see it like they do, and maybe he's not innocent, maybe he's got a point. Still, not a lot more of him planned, he's mostly to be around to be a foil for Al.

No, Ginny isn't going to send him with them. He's a QUIDDITCH PLAYER. He's never been in a real fight and, sure, it wouldn't be the first time a newbie fighter's been inducted into danger, but they've never done that with so many options (barring Selena dragging Matt into trouble at Badenheim). And I think James would rather STOP them than go on a suicide run with them.

If you're not on board with Al by now then that's clearly not gonna happen, yeah.

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