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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

26th December 2015:
Oh yeah, the hunt is really one now!!

I bet Matt's going to show them that ring, huh? I can't wait to know Rose's reaction to that!

I know I'm supposed to dislike Lilian Rourke, but I just adore her. She's a brilliant politician. She's saving the whole world even if that means leaving her daughter. And while that's tragic for a mother, I can't help but think about all the people she's saving...

Nat is back!! I don't know what to think about her! I'm still hoping that her involvement with the Council of Thorns is some elaborate scheme to bring them down and avenge Scorpius's death. She did love that annoying little bugger.

On to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Rose is gonna underreact, it turns out, because if she reacted she'd have to completely blow her top. If she did that, it'd be a bit too close to an actual emotional reaction.

I didn't actually want people to dislike Lillian! Not just for the obvious, as you've finished the story, but I genuinely wanted her to come across as someone who carries a lot of responsibility and has to make a lot of hard choices. Often the Five can and do kind of walk away from the broader consequences of their actions, or plain don't think about them, but Lillian has to play politics like nobody else. And this has been the kind of life she's always led and that's reflected on Selena - who sort of accepts it. It's shaped them both. So... I would hope Lillian comes across as more sympathetic than soulless.

Nat's motivations have of course come up by now. But she really did love Scorpius. Which is kind of tragic in its way, how she ruined her whole life for someone she only knew for a matter of months. Then again, her life was pretty screwed over before Scorpius helped her find her confidence again.


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:
So, I clearly benefit from reading this all in one hit. (Well, three hits so far, but that's beside the point.) Because three chapters ago Selena had discovered a load of companies smuggling stuff all over the place, and now it turns out Lethe was smuggled all over the place. NOT A COINCIDENCE. (That's joincidence with a C, and I can't remember if you're a Friends fan or not and if you're not then that reference will have gone straight over your head. But the time I've spent not reading Oblivion has been spent watching Friends season 1 so I have all the references floating round in my brain right now.) So now it's crackpot theory time, because I'd assume Selena has been taken because she's Lillian's daughter, but WHAT IF someone knows she's accidentally stumbled across some mega Lethe smuggling operation, and WHAT IF they've decided to silence her, except the only person who apparently knows what she's discovered is Toby, and I think there's more chance of Harry being involved in Lethe than Toby, he's probably the most morally unambiguous character you've created. DO I WIN THE CRACKPOTEST THEORY PRIZE OR WHAT.

Anyway. It's Lethe, it's being smuggled. And Selena is gone.

Nice to see Albus and Rose's second encounter is much nicer and more caring than their first, although given the circumstances it's not surprising. Al is trying to be supportive of Mattrose, bless him.

Interesting role reversal at the end of this chapter. Because Matt seems to have taken up Albus' mantle as unofficial leader. Course, Albus is in no shape to start leading a rescue mission, and Selena means more to Matt than she does to the others, so it's not surprising. And incidentally, I hope this is the beginning of a wake up call for Matt. Yay shenanigan time!

Author's Response: Oblivion is, I think, going to be a much better experience to binge-read than read as a serial. It helps you see my CLEVER PLANNING and also avoid my godawful pacing.

Huh, I guess Tobias IS the most morally unambiguous character I've ever created. I mean, he'd beat Jen if only by sheer exposure, but Jen was also complicit in some seriously dodgy stuff in the Lions (Jen killed people, in cold blood to boot; Tobias did not). That's a damn good crackpot theory you got there.

Al does know he was wrong to yell at Rose about Matt, so right now is absolutely a chance to make up for it. Both to say sorry and also because she does NOT need more of his putting pressure on her!

Matt's about to go full action hero to save Selena.

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Review #3, by Mia 

9th February 2015:
Hello again.

First up, i'm super glad the action has begun, so far the story has been primarily catching up on characters, how they're coping with grief etc etc and although that was nice in itself to see how everyone developed in the two years we didn't see them, it's great to see the plot charging on ahead. I'm very excited to see where this all leads and apprehensive about Selena's fate (I'm worried you're going to kill her off too)

I did enjoy the change in dynamic between the group, it's refreshing to see Matt take the lead for once and Albus be not so perfect and patient but still as determined and head strong as ever. I've always been obsessed with Al more than the other characters, but that's also probably because, when it comes to next generation, I normally veer towards fics that include him since we get to see the biggest glimpse of his character in the epilogue. (I hope that made some sense)

Also Albus probably has had more dueling/fighting experience in the last two years- so hopefully that will lead him to do some pretty badass things xD

Interesting to see Nat back as well, I don't really know what to think of her character, she has her good moments but for some reason i've been suspicious of her from the very beginning, maybe i'm misjudging her completely and she's actually a good soul or maybe i'm right...i guess we'll see.

Other people have pointed out the fact that you commented about Scorpius being dead for good. I'm probably part of the minority here but i'm glad he's not coming back, although his death was absolutely terrible and upsetting, I feel as though if he came back, it would be so confusing for everyone to suddenly accept and just throw everyone off course. Especially Rose and Matt's relationship. How horrible would it be for Matt if Rose just left him the moment Scorpius came back- it would pretty much confirm the fact that he was always the second choice. Anyway, I've never been a fan of author's who kill off characters and bring them back to life, it sort of detracts from the emotional impact of the original death.

Perfect characterization of all the adults (particularly the trio), the chapter flowed seamlessly even though there was a lot of havoc and loop/plot holes to consider.

Finally, i'd like to say that I always enjoy reviewing your fics because you give such long, chunky replies and it's lovely to know you take out the time to reply to my often ridiculously long reviews when you're probably very busy with other things.

Thanks for the great chapter,
Mia x

Author's Response: Yeah, now we're caught up with the characters it's time for ACTION! I love getting the pieces in place, but they are just in place for MORE; the story isn't all about how miserable everyone's been! Now Selena's fate dangles in the balance and - huh, I guess you guys don't trust me after Scorpius.

Albus has changed, a lot, and some of it's in his choices and some of it's in his fear. He chooses to be more hard-nosed and pragmatic, but him not taking the lead is a lot from his apprehension. His doubt is up in spades, so I'm glad you're enjoying New Albus; he's a bit more edgy than the old. And you're right, he's got the others beaten ten times over in his combat skills by now, which we will see.

Everyone's so suspicious of Lockett! Well, she always was going to be an ambiguous type, and I didn't help with that Starfall epilogue...

I should say that if I were going to confirm anything 100% re: Scorpius, I would confirm it in an Author's Note. As it is, I just like to shoot the breeze with you guys, taunt or reassure you, and sometimes fib a little about what's going on.

It WOULD be incredibly confusing and awkward for everyone, especially Rose and Matt, if he came back. Death should be serious, should not be cheapened, and I would never do something like resurrection lightly.

I'm usually just busy writing! And I love long reviews! So I must give long, chunky replies, after all, I have to encourage you guys to give me this attention. ;) So *I* should be thanking *you*, not the other way around!!

Thanks for the great review,

~ Cath

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Review #4, by Libbypotter 

7th February 2015:
amazing how Matt took charge and Rose and Al followed rather than Al leading. Things have really changed. Also loved Matt's reaction - has he realised just how much Selena means to him.

Why no mention from Rose on the gloved hand? I expected her to know who it was?

I have read your answers to reviews about NOT bringing Scorpius back. Please reconsider. in the books I know Dobby, Fred, Tonks, Sirius, Remus etc all died but not Harry, Ron or Hermione. Please, please have Rose, Al and Scorpius OK at the end.

Author's Response: Matt's having a crisis now Selena's missing, for sure. So him calling the shots is partly that, and partly Albus not being accustomed to working with people. Perhaps if Matt's calmer and Al's more adjusted to being back, that'll change. Perhaps not.

Rose knows Prometheus Thane has a team working for him. She's presuming, most accurately, that it was just one of them who saved her, seeing as Thane was right next to them.

I know killing Scorpius was a HIGHLY unpopular move, and I assure you it was not a decision made lightly. To be all unhelpful and evasive, that 'story' is not over just with his death. There are more facts surrounding Lethe, his death, etc, than we know. Eh, I guess all I can say is, 'Trust me.'

Oh, and I don't like miserable endings. Hard-won, bittersweet endings where characters have suffered for their conclusion? Sure. But I promise this story won't end with Rose weeping at Scorpius' grave, incapable of moving on with her life and doomed to walk around with her heart broken forever.


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Review #5, by RelentlessFire 

7th February 2015:
As usual I can't wait to read more!
Update soon

Author's Response: I shall update soon! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Giù9 

7th February 2015:
Yes! They're back in action! Together...except Selena...and Scorpius. I liked Matt's reaction to Lilian's speech and the way he confronted her. I'm not sure about Rose's reaction to Matt's reaction though. Is it possible I've seen a hint of jealousy? I might be wrong.

I also refuse to believe that Lilian is putting the attacks before her daughter's abduction. I hope that's just a facade and she's actually crumbling inside...because I am!!

I'm sorry I can't write more, I don't have enough time. I can't wait for the new mission to start!

Please, save Selena! Bring her home safe! Okay, bye ;)


Author's Response: Rose isn't so much jealous, she's just been subconsciously aware of the Matt/Selena THING and it's harder to ignore it now. She was more apprehensive about breaking the news to Matt because she knew it would hurt him, rather than jealous of his reaction.

Lillian is a sensible professional and she knows when she's being manipulated. She knows she can't put her daughter before the needs of the world. And she knows she must publicly appear in control. I don't know if/when we'll see her behind the scenes, but I can assure you it's not so easy on the inside. I do hope I get a chance to show the inner workings of Lillian at some point. I may have to make space for it.

Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by missdagane 

7th February 2015:
ON. So many questions right now. Are we getting answers about what Matt is up to? And What about Lockett? Impatient to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Answers on Matt very, very soon. :D I can't promise all answers, and there will be some more questions, but we will get SOME resolutions coming in! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by Whimsical Diva 

6th February 2015:
So, if Lethe is back, so is Scorpius! :D Nat must have a lot weighing on her conscience - in her quest to bring Scorp back, she's also contributed to the death of so many who've turned into Inferi. Or hasn't she?

Also, why do I feel Selena was abducted as a bait to lure the three into... whatever? The gang feels very sparse though, with just the three of them. I'm TOTALLY hoping we'll have an awesome new female OC introduced. I'd HATE it if Eva ever gets anywhere near Albus again. For all his flaws, he certainly deserves better than HER!

Can we get bi-weekly updates? Pretty please?

Author's Response: I'd love bi-weekly updates, especially as I have a reasonably healthy buffer, but I am also at the whims of the queue (and usually busy on weekends).

If your theory about Nat is right, then she would be walking around with a lot of guilt. Or, perhaps, acceptance, depending on the basis of which she went into this. Who could say!

The gang's pretty thin on the ground, though they won't stay a trio for very long. As for new characters, off the top of my head I don't think I'm planning on providing a single major or secondary character whose existence has not been at least referenced at some point in the past (like, say, John). It would feel odd to bring in a whole new romance in the third act.

This doesn't mean Eva gets forgiven. If I would say Oblivion has a theme, it's 'What do you deserve?' Good and bad.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by whykay 

6th February 2015:
How times have changed! Matt's the leader and Albus is the soldier and Rose is the pragmatist. We still need the OFFICIAL MEDDLER. I read your comments on Scorpius's being dead and remaining so - I must say, they hurt me deeply - I don't want to see a shadow or a ghost or worst, infected or an inferi of Scorpius back- I want HIM back, please! I want a happy ending between Rose and Scorpius - surely it's possible - can't we use a magic trick?? (okay, now I sound desperate and fidgety).

Natalie Lockett has to be one of the best characters you've written. I don't know honestly what to make of her and I don't want to too, without the whole story, knowing how she was in Hogwarts and how she is now. Isn't Cal suspecting anything? Is he still as blissfully oblivious as he has always been? Are they all in cahoots with Gabe? Speaking of who - where is he and what are he and Matt up to? Did Matt just confer with him before he came back with a plan??

Lillian Rourke, by all accounts is acting sensibly, but my heart goes out to her - she doesn't have the luxury of demanding that the resources be allocated to searching for Selena, does she? She cannot spout the righteous indignation and feel better, considering she knows exactly the resources at hand, the dangers at hand, the best way of allocation and she is in charge of the decisions. It's not even like choosing between the devil and the deep sea - it's plain right ignoring the devil and jumping headlong into the deep sea without knowing to swim. I wonder how Tobias will react - Oh God - is this a reaction to that story Selena was going to uncover???

Astoria is being a white knight and all that - I appreciate it. But there is more. My hound nose is saying so. She better come clean, haha.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are so spot on - I have read so many fanfics which treat Ron as petty, silly and henpecked - it's so refreshing to see Hermione and him have a healthy relationship. And I like the little detail on how the trio's friendship and dependency on each other (more Harry's on Ron and Hermione) during a family crisis has left Ginny feeling worse off. More so because she isn't in the thick of things at work or home. It's so plausible. You've made it predictable, yet not stereotyped to make it familiar - Kudos!

I just want to keep writing in this review, but, I need to will myself to stop. So long!

Author's Response: Yes, it was fun to write this sequence so much down the line and to show how they've all changed. Matt has the vision, Albus is determined but being very narrow-focused, and Rose is the one pointing out problems. The last of those hasn't changed too much, I suppose.

There will be a Resolution in the story which I hope will calm folks who are upset about Scorpius' death. I don't want to say too much, but I still have cards to play in that department yet. There are story threads from Starfall which have yet to be picked up. Also, I don't believe in miserable endings. These guys might not just swan off into the sunset, but they won't be left broken, like so many of them are right now.

Nat's an ambiguous one, isn't she? I envision her relationship with Cal as being quite odd, nowadays; she's been missing for an age, and then came back and married him. Did he know where she was? Did they stay in touch? Either way, he accepts her going off and doing her thing, so long as she comes back to him. They don't have to be together to be, well, Together.

More on Gabe very, very soon.

You're very right on Lillian. I hope I get a chance to delve into where she's at emotionally; we've only seen her from the outside, when there's a lot more to her than meets the eye. I should MAKE time to explore where she's at. Gah, I may have to edit future chapters!

I don't know what you're talking about with Astoria, she was just super upset about Scorpius and decided to try to put her talents to use to help the world. Nothing more complicated about it than that! Uhuh. Nowt.

I refuse to make Ron be silly. I think he had the most growing up of all the Trio by the end of the books, and so I like seeing him years down the line when he HAS matured. When he was at his best in canon, he was the rock and the relief; older, he's much more stable in that position. And in this world, he and Hermione are way more healthy than Harry and Ginny, though we'll see more of the latter two in Oblivion, I think. Then again, we'll see more of the secondary cast in Oblivion than we have in either Ignite or Starfall, considering Oblivion is mostly set in Britain.

Anyway, great review! Thanks a bunch.

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Review #10, by Tom Hase 

6th February 2015:
Can you please make it "Schattenjäger" rather than "Shattenjäger". I know these "c"s in between the "sh"s in German are somewhat redundant in term of information, but it's tradition to put them (and gives me the chance to contribute a tiny, tiny little bit to this great adventure).

Author's Response: Ooh, you're right. I admit I hunted down the spelling on a wiki and I will blame them, but I should have thought about it for more than five seconds. Though German is NOT a language I know well. I shall update it while I can! Good catch, thanks for pointing it out. ;)

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