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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

26th December 2015:

I'm finally back to read more of this marvelous story! I told you I'd leave more than one big, rambling, summary review for the last chapter, so here I am!

This was such a great chapter (like all your chapters). Selena and Rose's relationship is wonderful, though it is built on tragedy and mutual mourning over the men they love. It's sad to hear that Selana and Rose still had nightmares.

Their conversation was so brilliantly written here. It was full of that sass we've come to love from Selena, but somehow, a little different denoting how much time has passed. I agree with Selana, of course, Rose and Matt's relationship is less than ideal. And I thought when Selena said that being alone felt normal was just so sad.

I'm excited to know what happens next with Lilian Rourke and the IMC too. Obviously Lilian is a brilliant woman and I think not someone who will lose power easily. If she and Hermione teamed up, I bet they could change Britain's Ministry forever.

And the action. Wow. I forgot how brilliant you are at writing action. But this was just vivid and amazing. The inferi are back! And Hector isn't totally useless, even if he hasn't got a neck! I could picture everything playing out in my head, it was vivid and terrifying.

It's interesting how Selena and Rose ran away from Three Broomsticks towards Hogwarts instead of staying and defending the place and the people there to the death. Their heroism shines though when the attacks first come (their instincts kicking in was great), but they left instead of staying to play hero. I love that about your characters. I think Albus, Scorpius, and probably Matt would be the type to stay, but Rose and Selena will always survive. It's a really interesting characterization, especially considering Rose's family. Ron, Hermione, and Harry would have stayed.

Selena's gone! They took her! Thane's back! The hunt is back on!! Eep, I can't wait!


Author's Response: I should get better at remembering my own chapter titles and what happens when. *cough*

Selena and Rose were a friendship I was always happy to write. I didn't have enough good female friendships in past works, so I was keen from Ignite that they have a strong bond. I think they're a good example of a pair whose differences make them better together. It's not done either of them good to stay apart in this time, even if they've not been completely separated.

I always wanted to bring Hector back so we could see a little of him as he's grown up - I dislike implying characters who were a bit douchey as teenagers will remain so forever - and this was the only opportunity. I did consider killing him, but that would actually make Rose a bit of a black widow, wouldn't it?

Selena and Rose, in their way, are the least heroic of the Five. Certainly by the start of Oblivion. Rose has been a lot more understated in her heroism - expressing in Starfall she was just there for her friends, while it's actually been a lot more complicated and moral than that - but come the start of Oblivion, she is much more mercenary and more interest in her and hers. So Rose is at a low point - as Oblivion demonstrates, she reaches greater heights of heroism - but Selena would always be the kind to not stick around and play hero.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:
Ha. When I was at uni I used to drink my wine out of plastic tumblers that held half a bottle each. Too too easy to knock back a bottle of wine before you knew it, and incredibly unclassy. I'd take the whisky glasses over blue plastic any day.

And I feel like this review should be full of discussion on Roselena (yes that is a thing now) and how poor old Selena is upset BECAUSE of Mattrose and that must make things awkward when it's Rose she goes off drinking with and at least Rose has admitted FOR ONCE that she's not happy and ALL OF THE THINGS.


Is it Lethe? But Lethe is gone. LETHE IS BACK which totally means Scorpius isn't dead. That is my absolute theory and I'm at serious risk of wondering into Slide-crackpot-theory territory here, but someone's got to do it.

Why was Thane in Hogsmeade? Why did he and his buddy save Rose? WHO WAS THAT? Why have the Council got Selena? UGH SO MANY QUESTIONS and see this is why I left this fic so long so that I could read it all at once and I NEED TO READ ONWARDS AND STOP RAMBLING.

One last thing. Rose disappointed me in this chapter by being angry at Albus because of Eva. I realise that it's hard to judge properly because we've had the advantage of seeing that Eva didn't betray the guys in Venice, but all the same it does feel a lot like Rose trying to direct all her feelings of grief and confusion into anger at Albus. And it's not even fair anyway because Albus was as duped as she was. Yes, he was the one who made the call to trust Eva, but Rose is the one who did Legilimency and declared herself able to trust Eva on that basis. I mean, obviously she's not in a good place right now, but all the same, blaming Albus is not cool. Even if it is fake blame.

Author's Response: Yeah, I have a thing about drinking booze from proper containers after chugging pre-mixed pina colada out of a chipped mug alone in my student digs. I was classy.

Roselena. Amazing. Those two have had a kind of hard time being friends, but they're both VERY GOOD at talking around subjects. It's kind of helped that Selena has never brought up her and Matt and Rose isn't quite so oblivious to not realise she should avoid it (I have lost track of double negatives in that sentence).

BUT YES INFERI WUT? PLOT! Live the Slide-Crackpot-Theory Dream.

I don't think Rose was THAT mad at Al, or at least, isn't especially long-term angry at Al about Eva. He's just in her bad books right now and Rose wanted to have a little vent. Plus, they did all really believe in Eva because of Al, so I could see someone pinning some blame on him.

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Review #3, by missdagane 

7th February 2015:
I was not expecting that. I thought it was another chapter showing the interactions between the characters 2 years after starfall. The attack was thus a big surprise. Of course I’m confused about Selena’s kidnapping and the meaning of Thane’s présence. ...amazing chapter.

Author's Response: I got the pieces in place; it was time to trigger the plot. Drama will abound! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by whykay 

30th January 2015:
This I did not see coming. I thought it will be a few more greedy chapters of their life followed by action. But it's so good. The Hogwarts Six are good in crisis. They've kidnapped Selena for negotiations with Lillian. I cannot wait to see Lillian's reacting. And perhaps that Kenneth will finally show up.

I think something happened to Hector. And Rose is going to understand Albus better.

Thane is the perfect antagonist to Scorpius, though I cannot deduce the character. I hope at the end of the trilogy (sob) we do find out what made Scorpius so special to Thane. You should also do post trilogy stories on Thane, Nat, Astoria / strange voice. In short, don't stop! :)

Matt-Rose will splinter or crack or fizzle out or blow over when there is a bigger crisis to face.

We have arrived - where are you going to take us?? :P :)

Author's Response: Five chapters before PLOT felt like too many. But Al had to come back, I had to fully introduce the unhealthyness of Rose/Matt, and we had to catch up with Selena and the World At Large. Apparently that takes me forever.

We'll see Lillian's reaction Soon. I'm surprised people are curious about Kenneth, but he should probably have something to say about his daughter's disappearance!

If I killed Hector, I'd be pretty much confirming poor Rose as cursed. :D

The relationship between Thane and Scorpius was odd, wasn't it. Those kinds of loose ends will be played with in Oblivion, hopefully resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Or, most readers' satisfaction.

I CURRENTLY have no plans for continuing the stories of the characters after the trilogy, but I'm nowhere near the end yet, so who knows, I may get a deranged hankering. It's all very easy for me to say "no more!" when the end isn't in sight. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by greenphantomme 

30th January 2015:
Hmmm... Natalie making an appearance at the end? Tis rather curious I must admit, but at the same time - holy *expletive*! This story is definitely taking off now and I'm so ready for the ride!

I was going to review when the first chapter was out back in the beginning of January, but I'm glad I held off. I'm so against Rose/Matt and I probably would have said something I would have regretted haha. Thankfully I waited to see how it worked out. It really almost breaks my heart that time hasn't really healed Rose and she's in denial/needy/lost. She found a place in society now, but not HER place.

What will happen - ? I can only speculate and patiently wait for the end of the week each week (it really is one of the best things of my week!) This story is amazing and the characters and setting are amazing. You make me aspire to be a better writer with the detail you put in. Thanks :)

Author's Response: Everyone's getting very wound up about some flunky of Thane's. Huh.

Poor Matt/Rose. Maybe they could have worked, but only in another lifetime, as Rose put it in her death-bedside confession to him in Starfall. But no, right now, they're pretty screwed up and really not very healthy. They both need something better, and while Matt could find it more easily, he's not about to.

Somehow I have wound up as a weekendish updater. I'm okay with that. People love weekend perks, and if my story's a perk, good! Glad I can entertain, glad I can encourage other writers, and above all, glad you're enjoying the ride. It's picking up speed.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Tina 

30th January 2015:
I absolutely admire you for your creativity and stamina concerning this trilogy. The last 2 ones were fantastic and this one, without doubt, will be the same if not better. You are off to brilliant start.
I love the interaction between Rose and Selena, these 2 have been through so much together and are quite an odd pair. Nevertheless, everything remains the same for them and therefore, they have the right to criticise and question each other and each other's desicions, so good job portraying that in this chapter. I'm looking forward to reading more and finding out where your plot is going.
XX Tina

Author's Response: Ha, 'stamina' is right, though I love writing it, it's a lot of hard work. Oblivion's going to be hard to keep up to the standard set, because I need to deliver ANSWERS. Lots of people will have lots of different ideas on how I must resolve the story; I need to satisfy them. So I hope it will do the case!

I love Rose and Selena as the unexpected friendship; in some ways, their friendship is healthier than even Al and Scorpius' was. I suppose Al and Scorp's was horribly codependent, as identified by Al's breakdown, and the two tended to back each other up blindly. Rose and Selena have one another's backs, but they also do try to help each other with reality, not denial. I enjoy writing them.

More plot to come. Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Giù9 

30th January 2015:
No! Who took Selena? Why? What do they want from her? I really don't understand.

I know I should stop reading this story for at least a month, because I have exams and I have to study and I can't waste my time reading three times each chapter!! I would be very thankful if you stopped updating until March!!! But who am I kidding!?!? I can try to convince myself that reading this story will help me with my English exam (too bad that's in June).

Anyway :D I loved Selena and Rose together. I feared they might have not kept in touch in the years. I'm glad they did and I'm glad Selena is still great at pulling the truth out of Rose or telling it herself, saving Rose the pain of admitting it. I wish Rose was as good and that she would do the same with Selena, but our beautiful blondie has become an expert at avoiding talking about herself or at changing the subject whenever they get close to it.

I also didn't like Selena trying to defend Eva/Lisa. If that's what she was doing. At least that's what it seamed like. And I didn't expect Rose to be mad at Al because of her. I thought she blamed him for leaving her. I didn't expect that from Rose, I thought the case might have been one of those “It's not your fault, she betray you and all of us, it's her fault, don't blame yourself”. It really surprised me. Now I really really want them to discuss it.

I'm a bit confused about Hector. He is infected now. Is he going to die, or become an Inferi?!

Finally action!!! ;)


Author's Response: Selena's mother heads up the IMC. The Council have lots of reasons to capture her as Lillian's daughter. Or maybe it's for her, herself?

I'm sorry, updates are going to keep coming. ;) I don't usually have to apologise for that! It'll do your English good, I promise. Well, sort-of promise.

Selena and Rose have a solid friendship, which Rose sorely needs, but there's only so much Selena generally interferes (reunions can allow a renewal of 'your situation is unhealthy' but Selena couldn't say this every day in Hogwarts without starting conflict). As you say, at least Rose is being told this straight, but Selena could do with some of it herself.

Selena's not outright DEFENDING Eva, so much as pointing out the situation isn't as black and white as Rose is making it out to be. Rose, for her part, hasn't thought too rationally about a lot of this. She's still hurt by and angry with Albus, so it's a little easier to be prickly and blame him. Else she'll have to do some proper self-analysis!

Hector would likely be infected from the Inferi slashes, yes. If he died, that'd be making Rose a regular black widow; every boyfriend of hers has died (even if Matt got better). Poor girl.

Finally, yes, the Action is here! :D Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by Whimsical Diva 

29th January 2015:
Who saved Rose? I wager it's either Scorpius or Saida!

Update please?

Author's Response: Those are the guesses I had expected, yes.

Currently got a one-shot in the queue, but the moment that's up, Chapter 6 goes in the queue.

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Review #9, by bananafone111 

29th January 2015:
This is absolutely positively one of my favorite fanfics ever! I'm practically obsessed, haha. You're probably going to think I'm crazy, but I have faith that Scorpius is alive (or that he can somehow "come back." Ascent from hell, eh?)! Granted, the fact that this is two years after Starfall kindof makes it hard for me to believe... And the fact that you have no problem offing characters so it's quite likely that he really is dead... Well, I'll live with my delusions a little longer! :P
I'd also love LOVE to see some Eva/Lisa (whatever she goes by)!!! I'm envisioning the TeddyxVictoire wedding scene like the BillxFleur wedding in Deathly Hallows, with a mysterious Patronus coming in and speaking to Al in Eva's voice like, "Albus Potter if you ever trusted me, get everyone out of the wedding now, the Council of Thorns has your location and they're coming!" and then it could set up lots of tension about if Eva really did betray them or not! I've thought about this a lot...
Also OH MY GOD SELENA! What do they want from her... hm... leverage with her mom, maybe?
Anyway, I loved it and I can't wait for the next chapter!
P.S. Rose and Matt... just no.

Author's Response: Lots of people seem to think I'm going to bring Scorpius back! He's very dead, alas. I suppose I did give this story a tagline with certain implications, mind... poor Methuselah never came back!

:D Love the theory on Eva making a return to the story like that. Certainly when we see her again, it won't be particularly expected and is going to upset quite a lot of people.

There are a LOT of reasons for the Council of Thorns to abduct Lillian Rourke's daughter, s'very true. Guess we'll find out in chapters to come!

Rose and Matt. So many issues. So not healthy.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Mia 

29th January 2015:
I'm in class right, now so this will be short. This chapter has me reallly excited and anxious. I was wondering when, or if, we would see Rose and Selena interact. We know how Selena's relationship is with Matt at the moment, I was worried that her and Rose were not on good terms, but it was nice to see them go out. I like the line where Rose feels that being with Selena let's her be more of herself. Talking about Selena, wth just happened, I am so anxious, but happy that the plot has kicked down the door and has arrived. Also I am very curious to find out who the mysterious person with Rose at the end. Okay, wonderful chapter once again. Cheers

Author's Response: Yep, Selena and Rose remained friends! They may not have stayed close all the time, but they never had a falling out and they trust each other enough that they can be pretty honest and open even after spending weeks apart. The fundamentals are there, and Selena always respected Rose's choices even if she disagreed with them - and understood her grief, of course - so nothing bad went there. It's helped by Rose remaining wilfully oblivious of the situation between Selena and Matt.

And yes! The plot has kicked down the door and set fire to everything and it's all CHAOS from here! Hopefully fun chaos. Thanks for reviewing!

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