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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
So much drama in this chapter, and Theo! Gah, I really didn't see that one coming. I'm completely blindsided. I thought Theo was nice and truly friends with Edie. Then again, it's not really a big shock considering Theo was a Slytherin at Hogwarts. Very fitting that he's only thinking of himself.

I'm sad that Rose had to find out about Oliver and Edie in such a public way, but glad that it's all out there in the open. Nothing standing between them anymore. Though the question still stands... will Mr Ward like Edie's nice article, or will he give her an ultimatum of producing an article similar to the ones she wrote or fire her if she doesn't write it? The suspense is weighing down so heavy.

Author's Response: YES I was so eager to get to this reveal, where Edie realizes that not everyone is going to like her. And even if Theo does like her in general, this is what the professional world is like: cutthroat. He's really not in the wrong. If they'd been close friends, it would be more upsetting, but as he said, they were just coworkers. Casual acquaintances.

And even Rose is weaseling her way back into everyone's hearts. I really like her transition in this story. It's partially her becoming a bigger person, and partially Edie realizing that she doesn't need to make Rose her enemy. But like you said, one obstacle is out of the way, and there are a dozen more. Edie and Oliver still have to deal with the article.


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Review #2, by nott theodore 

16th July 2015:
Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I feel like I shouldn't have said anything in my last review now because I knew that things couldn't go as smoothly as I hoped they would for Oliver and Edie and now I've been proved right.

Okay, so it's been a while since I read this story and I probably should have read back over the few chapters that came before the last one, but I completely forgot that Oliver was still with Rose and now I feel so awful for her! Because even if she and Oliver were only fake-dating - which they clearly weren't, in her mind - it's still cheating on someone, or being willing to cheat on someone, and I find that hard to agree with. Don't get me wrong, I really want Edie and Oliver to be together - or at least, try to be together - but I kind of felt like they could have waited. And told Rose way earlier than they did instead of going out of the restaurant together when Oliver and Rose were officially on a date. That was low and mean, and even though at the start of this story I never thought I'd have felt sorry for Rose, I did find myself feeling sorry for her here.

Seeing how unhappy and low she is at the start of the chapter made me feel bad, but I kind of felt like both Edie and Oliver were finding excuses for him not having told her yet because it was easier for him not to have told her. And then, if that's not enough, it gets turned around even more so Rose is going to lose her job for fake-dating someone that Edie is actually dating. Ah, this is all so complicated and messed up and I'm really intrigued to see how this all turns out.

I'm so glad that Edie can't just have everything on a plate though - everything is going to go right for her all at once, and that's really realistic to be honest, especially in the situation that she's been in. So now she has to make the choice between her job and Oliver - and, given what happened later in this chapter, that choice might be made for her or have to come even sooner than she thought.

I don't think that Edie should give up her job for Oliver. But at the same time, I don't think that Edie should be doing that job in the first place, particularly when she doesn't see any point in the magazine and its contents and openly mocks it. I kind of think she's confusing the idea of having a job in the same industry (vaguely) as being on her way to making it as a journalist, and while I know what it's like to be desperate for a job and want to be able to pay your way, there's a point that she's going to have to make a decision.

And ooh, it was Theo! I definitely didn't see that one coming - I thought it might have been someone close to Oliver or Edie who'd set it up, to be honest, but with everything else that's happened since I'd kind of forgotten about it and that I was meant to be trying to find out who it was :P But it was Theo! And even though it's horrible, I kind of have to agree with him - Edie has done horrible things for money (and not for money too) and she isn't exactly any better than he is. I kind of think she needs to rethink her friendships, though - Lisa is the only one who she's got a really stable relationship with (I hope!). I'm really looking forward to the next chapter (definitely need to keep these reviews shorter so I can read quicker - sorry for rambling!)

Sian :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, PLEASE forgive this pathetically late reply! I've been without internet for almost a month (GAH!) and it has seriously taken a toll on my HPFF-ing. But now I am here, and ready to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, so much! ♥

Rose! While I am 1000% here for fanfiction tropes (who am I kidding, this fic is full of them) I didn't want one of them to be the idea of the Love Interest (Oliver) dating the Clearly Wrong For Them Person (Rose), while poor Edie suffers away whining "If he could only see!" I think Edie was too full of herself/too busy being grumpy with the way Oliver treated her (or the way she *thought* he treated her) to even consider "Why didn't he pick me?" We see it a bit with this chapter, where she worries that Oliver is going to pity now-heartbroken Rose, and not want to end things. But I think that's Edie's vanity talking again, more than anything. Rose ended up not being great for Oliver; obviously he's interested in someone else. But she wasn't a terrible, cheating, disrespectful girlfriend who is solely there to move the plot along and to put the MC in a flattering light.

What I'm trying to say is that I feel bad for Rose too!

Yes, they totally could have waited. And also--THANK YOU for saying "they." I know Edie has sucked through a lot of this fic (most times purposefully... I think I'm a bit of a jerk sometimes too because I was like "orly was that a mean thing she did i didn't even notice") but I think a lot of readers have failed to recognize that Oliver is no knight in shining armor either. The whole story with Ada has made him seem very saint-like, but let's not forget his terrible secret of almost losing her due to his dependency on alcohol, and the way he wasn't a good guardian. Not to mention the fact that he was pursuing Edie the entire time he was with Rose!

Obvi I love Oliver Wood, but thank you for recognizing that he is not the only flawed one! (Edie, you can come down from the tree you're hiding in now.)

YOU GET ALL THE BROWNIE POINTS. The predicament Edie is in with her job and Oliver isn't as simple as wanting both, but having to give one up for the other. (Again, a little boring, eh?) (Again, there are similar themes here obviously, back to what I was saying about this fic being full of those tropes.) A big part of this story is her realizing that the Dream Job she's been chasing may not be what she'd imagined. I wanted to talk about adapting to the life you've been handed, and that not ending up being a ballerina like you wanted to be when you were little isn't a terrible thing. Life is very, very messy. You just have to *puts on shades* keep calm and carry on.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry I'm trash I'm sorry that was terrible

Thank you so much for your reviews!!! On to the next ♥♥

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

24th February 2015:
No, of course not! You would be a member of our editorial staff. A writer.

My heart dropped because I know I should be excited but itís too easy and nothing comes easy for Edie.

Iím sure we wonít have any problems, but itís important that you understand.

You canít have it all Edie. You cannot. There it is. She can have Oliver and work for Witch Weekly but come on WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO? Letís be serious here: Edie is not a celebrity journalist. Sheís not. Sports writing would be her niche or even things that are current events, news, thatís where she belongs not at Witch Weekly stepping in as the next Rose Zeller.

Yeah, Iím all for getting a job and starting your career and a guy shouldnít stop you but she wants to be a real journalist. She wants to write substance. I donít see her happy for the next decade writing about Harry Potterís dishy children in the future or did you see what so and so was wearing? Donít get me wrong she can gossip. Especially with Lisa and in her head and when sheís mad but come on.

I think her final article will tell the truth. The truth about her relationship and the truth about Oliver.

And then itíll be over but there MIGHT be a light at the end of the tunnel and sheíll get that position she applied for at the Oracle or whatever it was called or for someone else.

Really? You were going to turn me into a tentacle?Ē

HAHA. Sorry Oliver, but you deserve it. Thatís HORRIBLE. Really, Edie and Oliver have no tact whatsoever. They really are meant to be together.

The only difference is that you pretend to better than the rest of us! Your writing gave Wood bad publicity, just like my photos.


So theyíre going to know. Itís either going to be front page gossip tomorrow or Edieís going to write her article and come clean or sheís just going to be pushed out of WW and thatís that. I donít know. I feel like Iím missing something here but I canít figure out quite what.

I canít believe I donít have another chapter to read. Update soon?

Author's Response: Exactly! Why would she want to work for WW? She openly criticizes it as a poor publication. This is just another example of her misinterpreting the desire to have a job, be stable, and make something of herself, for wanting to work at WW. She would be completely miserable as a fashion writer. Not to downplay that profession at all; I would give an arm to be a fashion journalist but Edie would have given up too much and ruined too many relationships (Dean, Rose, Oliver) to really enjoy the job.

Unfortunately, she's also faced with another problem: she and Oliver aren't even officially dating. She wouldn't even call him her boyfriend. Obviously there's a strong connection between them, and "when you know, you know" or whatever, but what about a couple months down the road? Is it worth giving up a career for a guy she isn't serious about? That was something that always bugged me with Rom-Coms following similar plot lines. Like, you barely speak to this guy other than casual run-ins but you know that he's worth giving up an entire lifetime of work?

But more on that in the next chapter.

Your points are really great too, though, and I don't really explore them as much as I could (because there is just WAY TOO MUCH going on in this story tbh.) Edie doesn't really consider it from that perspective, but she would be very unhappy.

Oh ho ho HO I love that nobody has guessed what's going to happen, weee!! What was that I just said in another response, about loving to surprise readers too much?

I love that you went from "They have no tact" to "they really are meant to be together." Like, yes, these people are not perfect but that doesn't mean they shouldn't hang!

YOU DID KNOW IT WAS THEO. I think you're the first person to guess it, too, maybe. I can't remember. But if not the very first, then one of the first. 50 points to Gryffindor (or wherever you belong!)

I have my laptop working today and I'm going to attempt the next chapter. This will be my third complete re-write, though. To say that it's giving me trouble is an understatement. There's a certain Big Reveal that requires a lot of emotion and a pinch of angst, but I don't want the whole chapter to be sad... So I'm struggling to find a consistent voice. Maybe that was just a bit of an overshare, but I want you guys to know why it's taking so long! It's because of this! And also because of watching a lot of Broad City.

Seriously though, it's been so great following as you read this story from beginning to end! Maybe you've noticed but I started this over two years ago, and most of my reviewers are return readers. So it's fun seeing it through fresh eyes. Thanks again for all of your reviews!

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Review #4, by anon 

11th February 2015:
I absolutely love your writing! All of your characters are great and really fun to read. I hope we see more of Dean soon. I adore him. Anyway, great chapter! Looking forward to more xx

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for the review. I really can't wait for Dean's next appearance either... The last few chapters have kinda been a landslide, as far as revelations go. With another one in the next chapter, it's so hard to give every plot point that needs attention its own face time...including Dean and Edie facing each other again. There's so much time sensitive stuff unfolding that Dean has taken the back seat for now... And sadly, so has Seamus ;A;

I promise you will see both of them again soon! Erm, not in the next chapter either... But soon!

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Review #5, by heartjily4ever 

30th January 2015:
Oh I never suspected Theo, woah. It's a really great plot twist though, I love it. I still absolutely love clueless Justin - his character is adorable. I hope things don't go too horribly wrong for Edie

Author's Response: Justin's the best. I wanted to write about what happens to best friendships after one of them starts a romantic relationship with someone else. Edie's disliked him (or tried to) for selfish reasons along the lines of you-stole-my-best-mate-and-even-though-you-two-are-clearly-soul-mates-I'm-still-grumpy-about-it.

Glad Theo was a plot twist! He represents Edie's naivety in a way. She just assumed they were friends, just the way that she assumed she was the "good one" out of she and Oliver (and out of basically everyone.) It was going to take her feeling completely betrayed to knock some sense into that thick skull of hers. Therefore Theo's the one to say "Hey you're actually a huge jerk too btw."

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by xx 

26th January 2015:
Great ending! I'm loving this story so much!

Author's Response: Thank you! That was a fun ending to write. I've been a little frustrated with Edie (and I made her up, so I assume readers have been, too.) It was nice that somebody finally told her that she's not so high and mighty as she thought. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by marauderfan 

26th January 2015:
Oh no! I feel like the previous chapters were almost too good to be true, and then this chapter is like... the 16-tonne weight that crashes down and is like "Oh hey. Here's reality, it's back."

I feel so bad for Rose. I mean, she's not that nice, but for her to be dumped and then fired all in quick succession is a recipe for a horrible week. And in a way, Rose is no worse than any of the other characters, who as Theo quite wisely pointed out at the end, are all a bit unscrupulous when it comes to getting ahead in the news industry. Reading from Edie's POV I sympathise with her a lot, but in the end, they're all making decisions which hurt other people, even though they're not bad people. That's one thing I love about this story because that's the way the real world works. No one can be super nice and not upset anyone else and get ahead in a career all without sacrificing something, and this chapter really shows that, in their different decisions.

What a mess, though! And poor Justin and Lisa caught in the middle of it. I don't know how Edie is going to find her way out of this, but I'm certain she will. Even though it probably means a bit of unwanted media attention and who knows what with her job.

I've got to say though, you definitely did surprise me with revealing that Theo was the one who sold them out. I suspected that Rose liked Oliver, but that didn't make it any easier to find out for sure.

This was a great chapter!

Author's Response: Hiya!

It was indeed starting to feel a little too fluffy--had to get back to the "cold hard truth" of Edie's existence in which everything always goes wrong always.

I'm glad you feel bad for Rose! The last thing I wanted was to have some kind of standoff between she and Edie/Oliver, and have a clear "Ha! Rose we've finally bested you!" moment. She's having a rough time indeed, between Oliver and being fired. The tables have turned and now she's the one having rotten luck.

Yes! You really hit the nail on the head--I wanted this story progress from Edie thinking that she's so much better than Oliver, and being very high-and-mighty, and then slowly realizing that he is actually the kinder person with more integrity. Theo really spells it out for her in the end, as you pointed out. I think she needed to hear it from somebody she felt betrayed by; someone who she thought was her friend. Hearing it from her mother wasn't enough because she wrote it off, as she did with Lisa a bit.

"No one can be super nice and not upset anyone else and get ahead in a career all without sacrificing something..." Yes! I love reviews like this that allow for discussion of the plot... Aghh thank you so much.

Thank you so much for reading. The next chapter is a bit slow-going, but it's all coming to a culmination very soon ♥

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