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Review #1, by Ninja in Training 

3rd January 2016:
I like this chapter muchly, I am smiley now

Author's Response: Awww yay! Now I'm smiley! :D

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

28th June 2015:
Hi there back again for more reviewing.

I am doing so for the house cup and of course for Ravenclaw - these events certainly give one some impetus to write reviews that one has simply been meaning to get back to.

And here we have the sweetness that the end of the tumultuous events of the previous few chapters promised. The friendship that they had developed over the course of the months leading up to this serves them well - what might have been uncomfortable is filled with easy camaraderie.

It is so good to see Abigail so honestly happy.

I'm glad you are developing and possibly deepening the relationship between Isabella and William. They are both good people and we have grown to know them more as the story has progressed, this is what we want to see.

I was terrified that she was going to play herself as the victim in this and that I would give in and forgive her, as I had always done.

This is the old Abigail

But, I was determined to be stronger; she had completely betrayed me and shattered my trust in her.

This is the new Abigail and we all hope that she can stick to her guns, but still we know that Michelle is not all bad. She is certainly misguided and controlling and two-faced, but Abigail is better than her. I can see her eventually forgiving her old friend, but she probably will never forget.

“In your face, Hufflepuff!” William called loudly. “You all suck.”

I turned in time to see Isabella get William into a headlock and pull him to the floor as she attempted to hurt him.

This is lovely characterisation. For someone in Slytherin you certainly have a good handle upon the temperament and nature of the Hufflepuff.

The background of William is certainly interesting and once again you are presenting us with a potentially fully rounded out character - he wont be some cookie-cutter best friend archetype (that Fred often falls into for James).

I like how she is discovering that different people are not so judgmental and as perverse as Michelle was - she was a parasite upon Abigail, truly she was; drawing off her strength and vitality. She is such a huggy, warm person and we all hope that she is about to blossom.

We are left with that lovely and witty banter that you write between the two of them and this -“I can’t wait to tell everyone that we’re official, you’ve made me the happiest boy in the world,” he told me, sounding very much like a teenage girl as he spoke. - is just downright funny.


Author's Response: ANDREW!

I have to tell you just how much I appreciate these reviews! You're so amazing!

But yay!! I'm glad that you're back!

Oh yes, Abigail is very happy, finally!

Thank you, I love writing Isabella and William together, they basically write themselves :P

Sadly the old Abigail comes through sometimes :( even though new Abigail is there too.

Yep, she definitely needs to stick to her guns! Although I can sadly see her forgiving her old friend too.

Awww yay! I'm so glad that you think that :D

William's background is quite complex, and I can't wait to explore it more in this story and the sequel.

THank you Andrew!!! *hugs you so tightly because you've made me so happy with this review!*

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Review #3, by potterfan310 

14th February 2015:
Oh look at that I'm finally getting around to R+R'ing (at last!!).

AHHH I am still reeling from the fact they kissed!!

"You're worth it." - I just died a little, so cute!

I am a hundred per cent in agreement with Isabella, is there anything she can throw at Michelle?? haha. Isabella and William, oh my god these two, why have they never been together before because they are brilliant. Me thinks Isabella is less badger, more honey badger XD

Aww William, bless. I can totally see him and Isabella having a love/hate relationship. That or they act like they're together but they aren't.

Yes! James totally needs to do the musical number! James is just so adorable and geeky and I love your characterisation of him, the nerd.

Tammi, this chapter just asdfghjkl! It's brilliant (as always :D). Can't wait for the next one, I just hope it doesn't take me a month to get around to reading it again.


Author's Response: YAY! I've missed you! *squishes you*

Oh yes!! They kissed and it was so glorious!! and it made me so happy!! :D

Haha they are cute, aren't they?

I agree with her too, we need to find lots of things to throw at Michelle. Oh yes! Those two are special, I have a lot of plans for them. Hahaha she is a total honey badger!

Their relationship is going to be an entertaining yet fun one :D

He does!!! He's so geeky and nerdy and he makes me smile so much! No wonder Abigail likes him so much.

Aw thank you! haha I hope that you love the next one as well :D

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Review #4, by Jaye14 

21st January 2015:
Love.. Love.. Love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #5, by burli 

19th January 2015:
You're still there! Hooray! Thank you for the update. It always is a pleasure to read this story, because at the moment (and I sure hope it stays that way) it is really fluffy and chases away the bad weather and the cold, like (and please don't be mad for this bad analogy) a cup of hot cocoa after a dementor attack.
Anyway, great chap, as always :) I hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: I am still here! Awww thank you so much! You are wonderful for saying such amazing things :D Don't you worry! Fluffyness is staying! Aw I love that analogy! That is a superawesome analogy!
Thank you so much! I'm working on the next update :D

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