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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

18th December 2015:

I'm going to try to leave more reviews for Oblivion as I read, instead of one long, rambly, fawning review at the end like I did for Ignite and Starfall.

This chapter is so emotional! I teared up when Rose and Albus were fighting. They've both been so profoundly hurt by Scorpius's death and it's terrible that they don't have each other anymore. But Albus and Selena are right, Matt and Rose are a terrible couple. She's still in so much pain from losing Scorpius and he's just desperate to have her.

I do wonder what Matt is up to though! The Council of Thorns are surely still a threat and I cannot wait to see how their next adventure unfolds!

Also, I must admit, before I started this, I looked through your chapter summaries for any mention of Scorpius because I wasn't sure how I'd go on if he was really dead dead. I saw his name and that he was alive and I screamed out loud again!

I guess I've ruined a big surprise for myself, but I couldn't help it. I had to know! I'm so excited to get to that part, haha.

I'm excited to see what this final installment brings. I hope they finally get the peace they deserve. It's also quite interesting to see how Rose, Albus, and Selena have changed since we saw them in Ignite. They've grown up quite a bit, not just aged up, but their experiences have changed them completely.

I can't wait to see some more familiar faces too! Especially Nat! Eva came back and I was so happy! I love her and Albus. She genuinely cares about him, but I totally understand Albus's anger too.

I do believe that I forgot to mention Eva in my last review on Starfall, I will talk about her now!

She's an incredibly well-through out, well-rounded, intelligent, real character. Her struggles are beautifully described, her inner turmoil, and the way she learns to love this odd band of teenagers. She's so powerful and strong, but there's something very vulnerable in her that she's terrified to show. And for a moment with Albus, she could be vulnerable and I think there's nothing in the world stronger than that.

I can't wait to read the rest of this!


Author's Response: Yay, more reviews I can finally get around to replying!

Rose and Al are pretty harsh at each other in this chapter, it's true. I don't know if they'd ever learn how to find a balance again between them if the story turned out differently. Though I imagine that Matt and Rose might not have lasted in the real world, especially with Albus around to stop Rose from repressing. So who knows! Not I.

I had considered avoiding Scorpius' appearance in the upcoming chapter summaries but I figured if people were going to read ahead like that, they'd do it even without the chapter summaries. ;)

I do find it sometimes shocking when I realise just how dang young the characters are. They've been through hell, especially by the end of Oblivion, but Eva's the only one who's had her 20th birthday. Well, I suppose technically Scorpius. Maybe Matt, I know Rose/Al/Selena have late-Jan to late-April birthdays - but I digress.

Eva is pretty much driven by vulnerabilities. They're the reason for her immorality; it all stemmed from fear after being the one without power. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the fear ever goes away; in some ways, she combats it with an element of self-loathing where she stops caring IF she suffers. That's honestly not something I think dealt with in her story; how she masters her fear.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

4th December 2015:
Can I just say, I'm outraged at your lack of love for Fred and George, because they're two of my absolute favourite characters in the books. Right from the start when they helped Harry with his trunk. Of all the deaths in the books, Fred's is the only one which had me in tears when I first read it.

So much lol at "did you knock on the door right."

The reactions of the family, and particularly Harry and Ginny, upon seeing Albus were so lovely. And, let's face it, that was always going to be the case. Yes, there may be more reaction to come than just "I'm so glad you're home", because Albus DID just leave everyone with no word as to his whereabouts and a lot of pain, but that's hardly going to be the first reaction. Looking forward to seeing how things develop there.

And ... ouch. Yeah, Albus isn't going to like Mattrose, is he? The unfortunate thing is, while he assumes it's because she's moved on, we all know that she is FAR from moved on, and if anything Albus is in a better place than she is in that sense because at least he's not trying to convince himself that he's moved on.

My heart absolutely bleeds for poor old Selena. The astute one as ever, and Matt just won't let himself listen to words that he doesn't want to hear. All in all it's no wonder the poor girl feels rejected. If only, IF ONLY Matt would just see sense. Instead, he's so determined to be with Rose that he blinds himself to all evidence that it's not healthy.

And then Rose believes everything he tells her because it's what she wants to hear. Oh god I can't even begin to explain how frustrated these kids are making me right now by being so determined to be fixed that they're putting all the pieces in the wrong places. AND YET it's all so realistic and so angsty and I love that sort of thing. HOW LONG until they face the truth.

Ugh the Albus/Harry moment has brought actual liquid tears to my eyes. What are you doing to me Stinton?

Author's Response: I don't know what it is about Fred & George, I just didn't LOVE them in the books! I can't explain it. I think for large chunks they felt less like characters, more like walk-in gags, though on rereads and seeing the subtleties etc I see I was wrong. ALL WRONG.

I couldn't imagine the family yelling at Al upon his return. In serious hard times like this, people are usually more happy someone's okay than about to lose their minds. Which Al promptly does at poor Rose, which really ISN'T okay. Even if Rose HAD moved on, it wouldn't be fair for him to have a go at her like that. It's been over two years. Life goes on.

Matt and Rose are being champions at hearing only what they want to hear, which I find a fun extra layer of Selena's tensions with Matt - it's not just about their feelings for each other, but let's face it, Selena is TERRIBLE at indulging people. Even if they do need indulging.


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Review #3, by WHimsical Diva 

28th January 2015:
I'm not sure what to feel about this. Throughout Ignite and Starfall, I've been so used Six of them doing things on their own that I'm not sure I especially want to read about Harry, The Weasleys etc. Certainly not for long periods of time, if you know what I mean. It's always been about the Six, and I feel it really should continue being about them.

Another thing that feels a little odd is Ginny. I'm ambivalent about the character in general - and while I feel she was quite wonderful in Books 6 and 7, I also felt that JK didn't quite portray her transition from a star-struck, smitten 11 year old to the strong and self-assured girl she's described as in books 6 and 7 very believably. That said, she still remains a very fierce, tough and sometimes unkind woman, and I kind of feel that we've never seen that side in any of the three books. Which hasn't been particularly disappointing, since like I said I'm still ambivalent about that character. You got Harry right, and that's something not many writers can pull off.

One thing though... with these chapters, it becomes evident as to why Scorpius is the protagonist of this story. Without him, everyone and everything falls apart. He's not perfect by any means, but he does countervail the flaws of others with his own idiosyncrasies. Seriously, I can't wait for him to come back as a person they all barely recognize, because what's the point of resurrecting him if everything's sunshine and happiness again? I'm super keen to know what happened to the plague that he was incubating, especially in limbo. More of THAT and less wallowing... or more of THAT and even more wallowing BECAUSE of that :P

But as usual, rock on!

Author's Response: Oblivion is likely to broaden the story more than Starfall and Ignite did - the gang will be more scattered (at times), have less immediately narrow focuses (like the Chalice) and not just bound to one place (like Hogwarts). This is going to make for a broader secondary cast. People like Harry, Hermione, and (to a lesser extent) Ron are keyed in with the wider issues of the world, in the same way Lillian is.

I'm up to Chapter 17 in the writing and have not, and do not currently intend to, write a chapter or a scene involving those sorts of characters which does not feature at least one of the gang. If I did, it would probably be them talking ABOUT the gang. Presently there are no plans to take a break and see Harry and Ron vs the Council. They have their adventures, but they're in the background.

When they're not servicing the plot, they're servicing the characters. Ron talked to Rose in Chapter 2 to tackle Rose's problems (and offer useful exposition about Prometheus Thane and the Council to the readers). It would be impossible to appropriately address Albus' return home without addressing his family.

The old Trio are not static. They have their reactions to things, their problems, their conflicts. Those are not centre-stage, and as a rule will be addressed when they affect the main plot, or the gang, or both.

As for Ginny, she has not been seen at her best in the trilogy. I'm FOND of Ginny, but I can't say I've ever been driven to write about her much. And when we have seen her (3 times, now?), it's only been in times of great stress - this chapter, when she thought the Five were dead, and when Albus was leaving. It's hard how to gauge the tough, fiery woman would be 25 years down the line in situations which have been VERY much about her maternal role being threatened when there's not much she can do about it.

I take the points; I suppose I have never had a 'feel' for Ginny as a writer, and I've dumped her in situations miles out of the sort of thing we see her in for canon. We do see her a little more and she will get the chance to be a bit more than mopey, though I don't see her being a big presence.

If I brought Scorpius back, he would still need to have the essential Scorpiusness else there's not much point to THAT, either (I suppose I could go all Winter Soldier on him. Fake metal arm. Lots of eyeshadow. Working for the bad guys. With Albus til the end of the line. Hey, that works really well... *scurries off to rewrite*). More seriously, yeah, killing someone and bringing them back just for people to go, 'YAY!' and everything to go back to normal would be a waste of everyone's time, including mine.

There will be Action Wallowing soon. Next chapter's in the queue and it's a doozy. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by CauldronCloak27 

26th January 2015:
*internal screaming* I'm so excited about this stage that you've set. The whole Albus-Rose-Matt blowout was beautifully handled, and you've fleshed out all the emotional drama without any of them being annoying. Great work, as always.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad the arguments - and they're at their height in this chapter - are believable and not annoying. The kids can get melodramatic at times, so I'd rather it didn't become a drag!

Cheers for the review.

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Review #5, by Gi9 

25th January 2015:
The reuinion with the family was perfect! Everythig went exactly how I had imagined. Perfect! Except one thing... I was very surprised by Albus' reaction to Rose and Matt being together! Thinking about it now, I don't know how had I not seen that coming, I mean, it was only natural that he would've immediately thought about Scorpius and maybe think of it as "betrayal." It really surprised me though, and I liked it very much; it didn't allow Rose to jump at his throat and rip it out! But I guess a confrontation between the two is coming soon.

Selena, my love!!! You're absolutely right when you say that she is great at telling things right in other people's faces, except her own. And I think she can join Matt and Rose in the list of people who are in denial. It makes me so sad that she is living with those two "friends" (whose names I still can't remember) who would just smile to her face, say something nice and help her ignoring whatever is wrong. She is trying to do something good with her life and with her job, but it feels to me like she's failing. She is more alone than ever and she needs someone to tell her to her face all the things that she doesn't want to hear, Selena Rourke-Style. And I really believe this person can NOT be Matt at this point. I'm counting on either Rose or Al.

I was one of those people who thought it was a positive thing that Rose was trying to move on with Matt, but I think after this chapter I finally figured out why she is with him. She knows he is the only person who would never go against her and tell her she is doing something wrong, but instead he tells her exactly what she wants to hear. I see this ending horribly! And I feel sorry for Matt, even though he's acting like a blind idiot, I think he's gonna get his heart broken very soon.

Albus crying on Harry's shoulder was so heartbreaking but at the same time put a huge smile on my face. It was a beautiful moment. I hope to see more like that and also with Ginny and James.

Ps. A couple weeks ago I said in a comment that for me dead id dead and I wouldn't be too happy if Scorpius came back to life. I just wanted to clarify this thing. I'm not sure what I think about it...yet. I loved Scorp, really, but for me death should be final. It's not that I want him to stay dead, but I'm very confused about this. I'm probably gonna change my mind 5364781388 times before Oblivion is over.

Another great chapter ;) Gi

Author's Response: Rose and Albus will speak soon. They have to, and they're in the curious place of being both angry with and sympathetic to each other. Which feeling will win out when they finally talk? We'll see.

Selena! Everyone loves Selena. Like... everyone, I had this weird realisation I'll probably ruminate more on some other time, but basically every single character except maybe Scorpius has had at least one reviewer go, "Ugh, I don't like them." But basically everyone loves Selena. And she's just as flawed as anyone else. I don't know what I've done to make her such a crowd pleaser. I mean, I adore her, she's absolutely stolen the show for me as a writer.

But she is alone, and some of that's her own mistakes, and you're so right that she needs someone to smack her with the truth the same way she smacks other people with it. The girl can dish it out but she can't take it, and sometimes her self-awareness glitches.

You're also spot on about Rose. Matt enables her grief, basically. She wallows, and Matt will never stop her from wallowing so long as it gets him the attention he craves from her. It's not as manipulative as it sounds, because he doesn't realise he's doing it. If she were pulling away from him, he'd react badly, and try to help, and so probably more honestly analyse her grief, but as it is she's leaning on him and he's deep down scared that if he pokes this situation, he might lose her. So, DENIAL!

The Potter family is a bit messed up, but we'll see them continuing to figure things out. Definitely more from all of them. Hopefully I can fit in a Lily cameo but if I explored every character then pacing would die a slow, painful death.

I'd like to think that if I did the cliché and brought Scorpius back, I'd be able to at least entertain my readers with it. :D It would certainly impact death and its threat in the story if he came back. I was more amused in observing that some readers have said they'll be mad if he stays dead, so I can literally not please everyone. ;)

It's fine, if I wanted to please everyone, I wouldn't have killed off my protagonist. I guess it must be a habit of mine.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Mia 

25th January 2015:
You wrote the reunion with Albus and his family perfectly, and it was so nice to finally see a Harry and Albus moment together seeing as we don't normally see that do we? And it's also nice to see Albus opening up to James and letting him in, hopefully they'll have a better, more healthy relationship. I really want Albus to get better, but I suppose the healing process will take a long time seeing as even two years hasn't helped much. I actually want a new character introduced especially for Albus, I think someone fresh and untied to his past could help him- will we see anyone like that?

I get really annoyed when people review that they don't like Matt, is he supposed to be unlikable? Because I think he's a nice guy who's just extremely unlucky. I agree, it was wrong of him to get together with Rose like that but he can't exactly help the way he feels and it's wrong of him to be keeping secrets but Matt's such a human character- I can sympathize with him the most. Does Matt feel slightly alienated? He's got John, Selena and now Albus against their relationship but Matt is a sincere person and he does care for Rose and I don't think he's trying to intentionally hurt her at all.

And then there's Rose, I feel like Matt's getting all the blame for taking advantage of Rose's most vulnerable time but I do think that after two years, Rose should be able to identify for herself whether the relationship is healthy for her or not. It's clear that they BOTH have to work it out and are BOTH making the wrong decisions.

Anyway, I hope we get to see some action in the next few chapters, it's as if the Council has been really inactive so I wonder where the problems will arise and how these will personally affect the gang. And Eva's still been MIA, but you have mentioned that she'll be playing a part in Oblivion so hopefully we'll get to see where she's been these past two years.

And what's the ring Matt's wearing all about? And his work with Gabe? So many questions, I can't wait to see where they all lead.

Great chapter once again,

Mia x

Author's Response: I think the only one-on-one talk we've seen between Albus and Harry before now was when Al took Sirius' jacket and left. They've been spoken of as having a close relationship (a mastery of Telling over Showing by me), but finally we get to see it in action, despite the rifts. Two years didn't help, but Albus has been spending two years running, repressing. Just one day with his family has done more good than months have, even if that included a row with Rose. It's going to take time, but time also needs to be spent in the right place. Maybe he's there.

Matt's not supposed to be unlikable. But 1: He is very flawed, and 2: He has been a threat to ScoRose in the past. He's the third wheel, the fly in the ointment, and so I think that makes people more inclined to take his flaws badly. I recall readers reacting badly to him in an exchange he and Scorpius had in early Starfall after the troll fight. Something about Scorpius needing help to look cool - in response to Scorpius joking he was indifferent to Matt's death. Matt got far more flak for that than Scorpius.

I'm glad you like him and find him sympathetic! Like I say, he IS flawed, even aside from what he's currently doing in terms of the horribly misguided relationship with Rose. Perhaps people trying to knock some sense into him will get somewhere, and perhaps these secrets will prompt some sort of change - he needs to change, absolutely.

And it's a good point about Rose. She's grieving, but she's also an adult and it's been two years. Matt's not her keeper, and he's not taking advantage of her.

Questions shall come soon! As shall the Plot. The pieces are in place. Action shall follow.

Thanks a bunch for the review!

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Review #7, by whykay 

25th January 2015:
OF COURSE. Al would feel that way. It's not like time stood still while he away - but it was cruel to Rose and a sore reminder to Matt. I do hope he and Rose patch up. It's difficult - there is a huge void. Ever since they were 11. Scorpius. When Scor and Rose hated each other, when they began to get together, when they were together - Albus did great and reacted / handled those situations as well as anyone could. He certainly handled death horribly and he did NOT handle the 'betrayal and moving along' well. Though I wonder if Matt and her would've gotten together if Al stayed back - did you intend that??

Touching reunion with the rest though. I love that he is trying to make upto James.

Selena's a Rockstar. If there were to be a nickname / headline for her - it would be Straight Talk Selena. I think she did more good for Matt by shredding his denial in a way Rose cannot patch it up.

Matt is my least favourite character - but, well, I am human and well, he is .. Poor Guy - he is having a hard time of it and I hope he does the right thing. SPACE. He cannot be Rose's crutch. Because that's how she is treating him and asserting the denial within herself. It's really that Matt knows the situation, he understands the impending doom but is determined to not 'get' it until he experiences the supernova and IF he survives after that. Because now I am confident as I can be that when Scorpius comes back, Rose's gonna go back to him and Matt will be left in the lurch. I know I would.

I cannot wait though.

Author's Response: There's a certain (unintended) irony to the Second Scorpius Rift between Al and Rose; originally, Al left Rose behind and Rose felt it, while Al was less perturbed. Now it's Rose who, in her grief, has shunted her life along (for better or worse) and Al's the one who's been left standing in the dust. It's a curious question about if Rose and Matt would have been a thing if Al had been there. Certainly Rose and Al would have likely worked through their grief together, reducing the NEED for Matt, but for Al to stay, his grief would have been such a different beast that I honestly can't say if he would have been able to support Rose anyway. I guess he'd have had to? It does make Matt/Rose less LIKELY if Al had been there.

Selena - saying it how it is, to everyone but herself. Matt needed to be kicked around the curb like she did to him. All I can say is that Matt wasn't just deflecting when he pointed out she'd mishandled stuff too. Their situation is a bit chicken-or-egg - did Selena pull back because Matt focused more on Rose, or did Matt focus more on Rose because Selena pulled back from him? In the last chapter of Starfall, yes, Matt tried to change plans on Selena so he could spend time with Rose, but he also INCLUDED Selena in those plans, and SELENA declined because, within weeks of Scorpius' death, she could 'See the writing on the wall.' Was she right to do that? Did she precipitate it? I need to stop ruminating on this myself. :D

Matt's absolutely doing an ostrich impression. And he's going to get a lot of people, including himself, hurt by clinging onto something he knows in his heart of hearts is not a good idea.

Guess we'll see how bad it gets. Thanks for reviewing!

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