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Review #1, by nott theodore 

8th March 2016:
So I have a little more time and I couldn't really resist catching up on another chapter of this story :) I can't believe you've made it to twenty chapters already and I'm so far behind! Maybe when I finally finish this year's work and exams I'll have time to catch up (please don't have finished by then :P)

The opening of this chapter was fantastic - I loved the imagery that you used there. I could see the image so clearly in my mind, Gellert locked up in the tower, high above the wolves that he knows are running free through the forest beneath him. The comparison between Gellert and the wolves just worked so well, too - the ideas of power and strength and hunger that it evoked felt very compatible with his character.

Seeing the way that he thought of Albus at this point was so interesting, too! The comparison with the captive fox was really intriguing - the parallels that it drew between the two of them, yet again, since Gellert is a prisoner in Nurmengard and Albus, in his own way, is held captive in his tower. It kind of suggested that even though they're miles apart, in situations so far from each other, they're still the same in some ways.

The fact that they both see each other as wolves in their dreams really added to it, too - the sense of nostalgia and the longing for what they could have had, and the idea that they've continued together on the path even though they've lived such separate lives. The whole passage was just brilliant, really.

Gellert's voice is growing, too, and I like the way that it's developing in maturity. At times it's almost bitter, but he seems to have accepted his fate and actually be spending most of the time thinking and reflecting on what's happened. It's so compelling to read.

I also loved the fact that we got to find out some of Gellert's back story in this chapter! I think I knew a couple of things from reading your other stories, but definitely not to this extent, and since we know so much about how Albus grew up and stuff, it was great to get to know Gellert more. Even if it doesn't seem to directly affect what they're doing in the present, I always think it helps us to understand a character better. And the way that you introduced it and used it was so skilful - we're far enough into their story that it doesn't feel like an information dump (not that your writing ever could feel like that) and even at the end you bring it back to Albus and their story together.

I felt so sorry for Gellert in this chapter. Right from his reluctance to go to see his dying mother, I could tell that it wasn't going to be an easy experience for him. The fact that he was illegitimate makes so much sense to me, though, and I had so much sympathy there. It's so ridiculous that the children were condemned for what their parents had done, because people thought that they were born of sin and therefore had to be sinners themselves, but it was such a real situation for so many people at this time, and I'm glad that you showed how difficult it could really be. As far as Gellert's half-siblings knew, he hadn't done anything to actually deserve being shunned, and it's so unfair that they treated him that way, but it is understandable in a way. The fact that Gellert shows an understanding of it too really emphasises what social attitudes towards children born outside marriage were at the time.

I loved the line about all families having their own secrets! It's so true. Every family hides something from the world while they try and present a perfect image, a front that's considered socially acceptable. Maybe part of the reason that Albus and Gellert are drawn to each other and seem to understand each other so well is because they both know what it's like to live in a family that's full of secrets. The consequences and effects that must have on them are kind of similar - or at least create some similarities in their outlooks, I think.

It's so heartbreaking that Gellert's mother had to fake her own son's death so that she could save her marriage and get to stay with the children she already had. That shouldn't ever have to happen, but there are plenty of places where that sort of thing still goes on today and it's horrible to think of. Gellert was actually quite lucky in a way that his father was willing to take him and bring him up alone. Then there was his father's pain and regret - Gellert's background is so complicated and difficult. I am glad that his mother got to tell him that she loved him, though, even if it didn't make much difference to him.

Again, the ending was brilliant (how much time do you take planning and writing them out?!). I loved the wistful way that Gellert longed for someone, not quite admitting to himself until he had to that he was really missing Albus. The way each chapter starts and ends with each thinking of the other really reinforces the way that they feel, the enduring connection between them. Even though they took such different paths and parted in such horrible circumstances, I still feel like there's going to be a connection between them that goes beyond love - the two of them are like equals, and really the only one the other acknowledges as an equal, I think, and they're the only person that can stop the other from feeling lonely. (If any of that makes sense. I'm getting tired and rambling again. Sorry :P)

Hopefully I can get a break from my horrible amount of work at some point and come back to read more of this beautiful story soon ♥

Sian :)

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Review #2, by AlexFan 

22nd June 2015:
I am something like two months late with this review so "I'm late" is an understatement at this point nevertheless I am here!

I donít know why this has a lower count than all of the chapters to be honest with you because I really enjoyed reading about Gellertís back story. I liked the glimpse into his family history, it just made him seem more real, and I actually pitied him a little bit to be honest with you, to grow up knowing that you were unwanted simply because you were the result of an out of marriage pregnancy, I can only imagine what kind of affect that mustíve had on a child.

I thought Gellertís backstory was a little bit like Albusís to be honest with you, Gellert was the child that was kept silent and that no one was supposed to know about because of the shame that it would bring upon the family and hidden away and isolated much like Ariana was hidden away and isolated because of her inability to control her magic because of what the muggle boys did to her. I think Albus wouldíve understood Gellertís situation very well and understood how he mustíve been feeling because of this. I really hope thereís more about Gellertís backstory to be honest with you.

I feel like some backstory is important to Gellertís character because it helps to understand what led to him being the person that he turned out to be and it helps to understand his motivation to do the things that he did. Seeing this bit about his life made me pity him even though he did horrible things during his time, it made Gellert seem more human and kind of destroys this idea that heís cold and invincible because you get to see the emotions that heís hiding.

Awesome job on this and again Iím so sorry for taking so long but I had to focus on school.

Author's Response: Hey there! :) No worries for being late - rl gets in the way sometimes; it happens to us all! :) Just glad to see you back again and that things are (hopefully) all okay on your end! :)

Thank you so much! :) I really wanted to give a little more information on Gellert, especially while he was still younger, haha, because we know about Albus' and it's so necessary to understand people, and characters are people? It is pretty sad, imo, to grow up feeling so left out and so apart because of something which wasn't your fault - but it was a very common opinion, then.

It is pretty similar, yeah. I mean, there are some differences - but they're very slight, more differences of situations rather than the effects, if that makes sense? I do have more on his backstory, and more will definitely come up later! :) And yeah, I think Albus would have found it an easy thing to sympathise with, given his own family's situation.

I'm just so glad you liked it, tbh - I wanted to include it to show a bit more of him, a different side perhaps to him, and a bit more of where and how he'd grown up, and why he'd developed the way he had. Especially since we know all of that (or a lot of that) for Albus, too... I just really didn't want it to seem too random or forced, so I'm so glad you liked it! :)

Thank you so so much for the lovely review - and seriously, don't worry about the timing! :)

Aph xx

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Review #3, by crestwood 

14th March 2015:
Hi Laura! Finally getting around to your reviews. Hoping I can get all five done tonight.

You have the best descriptions of anyone. Like, anyone. You can make anything interesting to hear about. The way you talk about the wolves--detailing their howls, their movements, their nature--it'd pull anyone in.

And then comparing Gellert to them is great because I kind of see him as this powerful, graceful thing in his youth. There's nothing more alluring than my mental image of him and this story just continuously feeds into that. I love the POV of prisoner Gellert though. There's something so weathered about his thoughts by this time as if he's done a great deal more than thinking than most people ever do.

The way you turn phrases is so distinctive. We all use words slightly differently, but you just take words and elevate higher than anyone else. I don't think I'd realized the extent to which one can utilize words until I began reading your work. Every single word is carefully cultivated and manipulated and I'll eventually run out of words to describe this.

I'm interested in Gellert's reading of Albus as an almost frail, cowardly person. Most would say that he was especially brave, but Gellert just taunts him and calls him a fox in chains. (more comparisons to animals!!) I love this idea of a false front put on my Albus where he is hiding from his own guilt like wolves closing in on his weakness. This deconstruction of his character is excellent on so many levels.

I am so excited to find out about Gellert's mother! He doesn't talk much about her, it doesn't seem. This was so poignant - "no one is ever more desperate for salvation than a dying man."

It's quite sad that he regards himself beyond redemption. Even if true, it's still a sad thing for one to think of oneself.

The idea that Gellert's mother abandoned him is one that immediately makes sense to me. I feel that could have echoed on into what he become. He doesn't seem to have forgiven her much for it, even in his old age.

Also, Gellert as a tragic king!!! I love it. Your references are always spot on. Every time.

I wonder how you manage to make me visualize as much as you do. I always an idea in my mind of the setting of anything I read, but you literally craft it before me eyes. My own struggles with this are only highlighted by how effortless you make it all seem. This is not the first time I have wished I could write like you.

I'm feeling bad for Gellert because of this scene with his half-sister. The way she looks at him alone is heartbreaking. The way these people are treating Gellert is almost understandable but for the fact that he could not help being born. This is the backstory I would have expected, I think. Quite a horrid one, but one I would have expected. Only you could make me feel sorry for a person like him.

Honestly I think I would have run back to Germany in this situation, but Gellert is almost certainly a braver man than I. I find it curious that he describes his mental picture of his mother as 'white space.'

I love the idea of Gellert being nervous. Just the idea that he feels things like nerves; that this moment had some effect on him. In my head, this story has built him up and torn him down many times over.

Gellert's mother is creepy in this way that I cannot describe. She's especially clear in my mind. I can almost smell the room she's in, in fact.

I understand Gellert's mother's insistence that she is sorry, but something about it seems hollow. Maybe I feel it is just too little too late? I suppose she was in a bad situation because what chance would there be that her son would have even responded if she had ever attempted to contact him before?

I see that he doesn't condemn her and I'm glad that he found forgiveness from somewhere inside of him. I suppose when someone is dying, there's not much reason not to give them that.

I feel so much for Gellert as he describes the companionship he craves. The last line hit me really hard. Once again, you really are such an incredible writer.

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

13th March 2015:
My mother smiled at me as I entered, though it was not a kind smile, nothing tender in it at all. I suspect she saved that for her true children, leaving none of it to spare for me.

I feelÖpity. Because for one I understand that moment he went through. Meeting his mother. I went through something similar and I will admit the chapter shook me a little bit because I had the same reaction afterwards. He longed for Albus, felt lonely, and foolish for it. I longed for my ex-boyfriend and sometimes I still do. Not as a lover but as my companion or my friend.

What are you doing to me here? I might have to stop reading soon. Itís just very emotional and relateable.

Author's Response: Hi again! :)

Oh no, I'm so sorry! It's such a horrible thing to have happen - I hope you're okay! *hug* But yeah, it is sad - I knew that I didn't want his family situation to be perfect, though, and with his name it was just too good an idea to pass up, really :P I think when people are lonely, you do want someone who knows you, who understands you, even if not the situation, so that you don't really have to explain. It's a very human thing, I think.

Gah, sorry! It's not intentional! And no, don't go! :( ;)

Thank you so so much for the great review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #5, by Red_headed_juliet 

12th March 2015:
Oh Gellert, I've missed you!

I don't have much to say about this, other than your language, plot, character development, and descriptions are all still the greatest things ever. Thank you for this beautiful story. I'm going to try and read the next chapter today as well.

Author's Response: Hey there - thanks so much for dropping by again! I'm so so glad you're still enjoying this! :)

Haha, so glad you missed Gellert - he seems particularly divisive in terms of opinion, so it's nice to see people like him :P

Gah, I really, really don't know what to say in response other than, thank you thank you thank you! This story is absolutely my baby at the moment, so I'm just so happy to see people enjoying it! :)

Thank you so so much for the lovely review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #6, by pottered  

22nd February 2015:
): I'm so, so sad for gellert so, so angry at his half sisters and half brothers, they treated him so badly and he thought of himself as a mistake, and felt lonely ): and the last line, where he says he missed Albus, I cried. Again lol.
I want to open deathy Hallows and tear the pages apart because, why, why would Jo reveal that in the end, reveal Albus' lover in the end and who he was because I'm so saddened and wistful that what if they ended up together, hopeful that time rewinds itself and Jo writes books where Albus and Gellert are together lol but then that's the part of the story. Another great chapter though. (: x

Author's Response: Hey there - thanks so much for stopping by again! :)

Gah, I'm sorry - I know, it's so bad! They're really pretty horrible to him - I mean, in the time period, it would be more of a normal response to that sort of thing so Gellert knows to expect it, you know - but it doesn't make it any better or easier. It's sort of less than he considers himself a mistake as he thinks his father considers him a mistake, at that moment - it's the life you never had kinda thing. And yeah, he misses Albus again - more this time for the companionship, than anything else. I know! It's so sad that they didn't end up together - imagine what they could have accomplished together? And no one ends up happy in that situation, neither of them, so it's pretty sad. I wish JK would make an Albus/Gellert film... with lots of nice, Oscar Wilde-esque romance :P But eh, I'll just write this instead ;)

Thank you so much for the amazing review! :)

Aph xx

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