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Review #1, by merlins beard 

28th April 2017:
Hey 😊 checking for the flag again
Wow I really like to think of Cambridge that way. Itís exciting to imagine that the two worlds we love so much mingled and mixed there, and that there was a positive outcome of knowledge and education from that.
Nitpicky little detail: ďyouíre asking her to move in with her.ď thereís one ďherĒ too much I think.
Itís always great to have a friend looking out for another, and John really seems to have every right to be worried about his friend here, but I still think Matt and Rose are probably good for each other. (bear in mind that I havenít read any of your stories that precede this one)
Oh poor Rosie ☹ Sheís doing really well finding a way through losing Scorpius. Of course sheíd go talk to him. Sheís moving on and thatís great.
Journalism always sounded so interesting to me as a career until I realized itís all sources and secrecy and trying to get the biggest story first. It sounds really really stressful. Iím impressed that you captured the essence of it so quickly and completely.
The bribe story could be interesting but I donít have much of an idea whatís really going on here from the chapter Ė maybe itís important, maybe it isnít. Selena and tobias are definitely interesting characters to introduce here and Iím excited to get to know them a bit better soon.
I wonder what her connection with Matt is about tho.
Xoxo Anja

Author's Response: I like to think about the blurry lines between the magical and the real world; it can get more interesting (and frankly realistic) than the very stark separation that JK paints in canon.

Oops on the typos but I'm not sure I can be fussed to go back and edit after all these years. :D :D

John has a lot of reasons to be worried. Rose and Matt are a good match on paper and aren't completely wrong for each other, but unless Rose can properly open up and properly move on, the relationship isn't going to be healthy.

Journalism's a lot of grunt work, according to my sources! The information here is - well, it's not necessarily supposed to make sense yet, but it would make MORE sense if one had a grasp of Selena as a character from the prior stories, I imagine! And yes, her relationship with Matt is... complex.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

3rd December 2015:
Have you ever been to Cambridge? I haven't, but it sounds like the sort of place I'd like. But then, I would like the kind of place that's steeped in history and full of timber framed housing, given where I live.

Oh, poor Matt. So desperate to be with Rose that he'll cling on to a Rose who is completely different to the Rose he fell for. And whichever version she is, she's still not the right girl for him. If only he'd just listen to the advice that he's being given.

And I'm intrigued as to what Matt's up to with Gabe. It does promise for disaster if it's something Rose doesn't know about.

Oh man, they're all going to be frustrated about all the money and effort put into Scorpius' memorial when he turns out to be NOT DEAD. (Still adamant on this.)

I ... would be happy about Rose saying goodbye to Scorpius, and giving herself closure and all that, except MOVING IN WITH MATT IS NOT CLOSURE OR MOVING ON ROSE SORT IT OUT.

Yaaasss Rose you put that Draco Malfoy in his place!

SELENA. Oh, I've missed her. And TOBY. So happy!

Selena goes unercover reporting, ends up shopping in Milan. Amazing. And OH GOD Scorpius didn't make it to Cal and Nat's wedding. I'm weeping.

Eek, tension between Matt and Selena. Which is ... not overly surprising, given where we left them. Selena wouldn't approve of Mattrose, partly because it's not healthy, and partly because of the Mattena undertones. Poor Selena. :(

Author's Response: Cambridge is lovely; I went on the world's twee-est hen party there (I jest - it was brilliant, and the city's absolutely gorgeous). Matt would totally like it, and think of it as the sort of place Rose would like. And he's not wrong, except Rose doesn't much like anything these days. But he's been wilfully ignoring advice for years now, and he's certainly not going to change!

It's fine, Draco paid for the memorial, he can afford to flush money down the drain.

I know, doesn't Rose's farewell sound almost healthy until you remember it BLATES ISN'T? But her smacking down Draco is her a bit more like her old self.

Everyone was nuts to see more Selena; you guys only had to wait three chapters! But she had to work for the press, it seemed the best option, and so of course I had to cart out Toby for a cameo! Of course she has the fanciest reporting job ever, with shopping. But she sees people everyone else overlooks and... manipulates them for her own ends, admittedly.

You're pretty bang on with the Matt/Selena tension, but we'll see more of them SOON.


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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

16th January 2015:
Glastonbury! Isn't that where the legendary Avalon is supposed to be? I love that their memorials are there. I think Selena and Matt have feelings for each other but Matt is too used to what he felt for Rose that he's not figuring out anything. I can't wait to read about the wedding, I really wish Albus and Rose could meet again
Update soon

Author's Response: Glastonbury Tor is presumed to have once been an island, and to have once been Avalon, yes! The West Country of Britain is also massively associated with magical history - Gryffindor, Godric's Hollow, Ottery St. Catchpole, Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire. So a place of major magical importance being at Glastonbury struck me as logical.

Pretty good summarising guess of the situation with Selena, Matt, and Rose. We'll see some reunions soon enough, though! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by mymischiefmanaged 

15th January 2015:
Okay this is another fantastic chapter - can't get enough of this story.

I really, really like John. I can't remember whether we've seen him before but he feels like he fits in very well already. His friendship with Matt feels natural, and I like how you've given them this very real tension. They both seem kind of like they're being reasonable, although John more than Matt, so they can disagree without seeming superficial. And I'm intrigued about what John knows about Matt that Rose doesn't know!

I like this idea of Matt desperately trying to cling onto the Rose he used to know, even though she's long gone. It contributes towards the dysfunctional aspect of their relationship that was visible but not prominent in the last chapter. And I really like how other people have noticed it too, but Rose and Matt both keep lying to themselves for their different reasons. You've made them both very convincing and sympathetic as characters even though their decisions are frustrating at the moment, which is extremely good writing.

And then I loved the graveyard scene. When you started at Methuselah's grave I kind of expected Selena to turn up and have an emotional reunion with Rose, but Draco showing up was much much better. You make him awful from Rose's perspective, but also very sad and like there might (must) be more to him than what she sees. She's too caught up in her own emotions to recognise that of course he's hurting because he's still going to his son's grave two years after his death, without anybody making him or seeing him do it. I'd quite like Draco and Rose to have a heart to heart at some point, but I think it's unlikely to happen. I'd love to read it if it did though.

And Selena I just always always love. And you've kept her completely in character and wonderful. I like how you've not dropped her Slytherin attributes even though she's been through a lot and changed. She's still ambitious and kind of willing to tread on other people a bit to work her way up, but these end up being things we like about her. And I think there's a very important contrast here between her and Rose and the way they're dealing with their losses. Selena, this time, has chosen the healthier way to manage losing the person she loved, and is moving on with her life by moving her life forward rather than clinging onto what she had before she even knew him. I expect it'll be good for Rose to see how Selena's managing to put herself back together independently rather than trying to get somebody else to somehow fix her themselves.

The letter from Matt to Selena, and her response to it, is interesting. I wonder if something's happened between them since Starfall? Selena's reaction seems a strong one, and the fact she doesn't want to think about 'a boy named Matthias Doyle' seems telling (she's not just saying she doesn't want to see Matt or Rose). My guess at the moment is that they might have had some kind of relationship very soon after Scorpius's death, or something that means Selena doesn't approve of Matt's relationship with Rose. Or maybe Selena knows what Matt's up to?

Can't wait for Chapter Four.

Emma x

Author's Response: We haven't seen John on-screen before, but he's been mentioned in the past and I felt it was time we had someone on Matt's 'side' - even if he's criticising him, he wants what's best for him. A lot of people are going to have been worried about Rose more than him in the last two years. So he was entertaining to write, even if he came out much more flippant than I expected, albeit good-natured.

Matt has to cling to the old Rose for so many reasons. The old Rose once loved him, and was CAPABLE of loving him, just for starters - not to mention that it's easier to love a memory than a difficult present. It's going to take more than John poking him to break the illusions either of them are under; they've got a long way to go while they're being frustrating!

Selena at the graveyard would have made sense; she certainly still visits, but this needed Draco. No matter what, he's grieving; no matter what, he loved his son and, as you say, is hurt in ways Rose couldn't possibly see. Not that any criticism Rose levelled at him was WRONG.

Everyone seems to love Selena! Honestly, I think she's the one character nobody has complained about, at least not after she got past her superficial introductions in Ignite. She is absolutely a Slytherin to the core, she wants the best, she wants to be the best, and she'll totally do it through people and reading them as much as by her hard work. And, yes, has become a lot healthier than Rose. In practice, by now, her grief is 'only' about five months older than Rose's, but the difference here is intentional. Then again, Selena spent most of Starfall making peace with losing Methuselah, which was not the most by-the-book recovery.

We'll see more of her and Matt soon - but yes, the problem is absolutely her and Matt, not her and Rose.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by DracosGirl012 

15th January 2015:
Don't think anyone was actually paying attention to the dates. At least I wasn't. I was mostly going through a state of shock because ROSE WAS AT HIS GRAVE!!
Sorry for yelling. It just kind of hit me there, reading that she was at his grave, that he was really dead you know? Or at least believed to be dead. (Please don't let him actually be dead.)

Author's Response: Yeah, I reckoned most people wouldn't stop and do the maths. Like I did, over and over and over. But it would just take one person to check my numbers, and I swear they'd be wrong. I'm not JK with numbers. Just I knew they'd be wrong.

Horrid, isn't it, to have her at a grave? Even/especially an empty one? There's a finality to it, which is why she's choosing this moment to at least TRY to let go. I mean, she's not managed to let go these past two and a half years, so, like, surely she'll do fine now. Surely.

All's gonna be fine. Surely.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Mia 

15th January 2015:
Interesting chapter, I feel terribly sorry for Matt though- Rose, though trying, won't be able to ever love Matt without thinking about Scorpius at the same time! It was also good to see Matt's friend in this chapter too, I really appreciate how you manage to write about everyone's own problems, friends, lives etc in sufficient detail. It's not like you ever forget to develop a certain character, which is great for the reader!

Brilliant to see Selena back as well and lots of ambiguous details too. Who are Pudley Limited?they must be important if Selena's so vehement on the case. And I wonder what Jemima's role will be later on and the last line about Selena trying to forget about Matt- is that because she's annoyed at him for going out with Rose. Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't Selena warn Matt about getting in a relationship with Rose at the end of Starfall?

Update soon,


Author's Response: Maybe Rose COULD love Matt, let go of Scorpius... but she hasn't yet, and I don't know what would make that happen. Perhaps she's doomed the rest of her life; perhaps Matt's too bundled up in her loss and recovery to be what she needs - perhaps she needs something totally new to move on with her life.

John Colton's existed in the background, mentioned a couple times, but it felt right to put someone on Matt's 'side' on-screen - even if he disagrees with Matt, he's trying to help him, not Rose. But God, covering everyone's family life, friendships, love lives, is super hard. I wanted Oblivion to deal with more of the secondary cast than Ignite (with quarantine) or Starfall (with being abroad) did, but I suspect if I do that, I'll never finish the bloody story.

Selena's got a good nose for a story; guess we'll see if this smuggling is important or if she's just poking some ne'er do wells. Jemima was... not a planned character, but Selena needed to talk to somebody in the office, and I liked the idea of her taking someone under her wing, so we'll see if she pops up again.

Selena did indeed warn Matt against getting into this relationship. So there's a good reason for her to be irked at him. We will see more of what went down between them, though.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by whykay 

15th January 2015:
I know I have been harsh on Matt, but it seems more and more that he is digging himself into a hole. So he IS on a secret mission, working for his father, lying to Rose and being in denial that everything is not okay with Rose. I like John. He is astute, just as most friends are in the other person's world (not their own at times). But I love that line about Matt tying himself to a supernova with Rose and the explosion thereafter. It really touched my heart and made me feel sorry for Matt, for can't helping being in love with Rose and not like him more, for handling it absolutely the wrong way. You are making it more and more doomed and I really feel bad for Rose, who I think, with all your premonitions, is going to be put through the wringer again (when Scorpius is back :D).

Selena's back, working with Toby. Hmm. Its a good choice of career for her - free spirited as she is. But as I asked last time, whatever happened to the time that was to be spent with Matt??

Yes, you do write real stuff, minus the one-sided blame game - I agree and that IS the best thing about your writing. But I was just ranting there about Matt. Promise.

I am unable to place Gabe in this sequence - he is very involved, I am sure. As for Nat, and Draco and Thane, there is a lot to be said. Draco isn't very high up, else he wouldn't still be grieving over Scorpius. I am pretty sure Thane has gone rogue, is working for a different employer - Mystery Woman 1 (yes, I know, but I just felt so strongly that the voice belonged to a woman. Something about the words, the style. Something about Astoria. :P) and Nat, to bring back Scorpius / Chalice. And though Nat isn't very scrupulous, I do think she has a basic code that is solid and good, so I do think she is in cahoots with the likes of Thane and doing this to help someone.

I want to see Scorpius soon. You will make people very happy to see him back. And oh, I hope he doesn't come back undercover or completely changed or something like that. I do wonder though, whatever happened to the dark magic infusion into his body.

Author's Response: It's never my intention to be defensive about my characters and plot! I love you guys and you always put good thought into how and why you think what you do, and like who you do. I just like adding my perspective.

And, as you aptly put it, Matt deserves to be ranted about. His mind might not be in the right place, but his heart is... except for belonging to Rose... sooo not really the right place. He's trying, and it helps when he has people around him like John, when John can be bothered taking the world seriously (as you say, it's easier to be smart about other people's problems).

Selena working in the press was a kind of last-minute plan; honestly when I wrote even Chapter 1 of Oblivion, I had NO IDEA what she'd do after Hogwarts, but when journalism occurred, it seemed apt. Plus it's given me an excuse to tie her in with broader political stuff. We'll see her and Matt interacting soon, and why... well, why they stopped talking.

Interesting theories on Nat, Draco, and Thane - and Mystery Person! Astoria's always a popular guess on who's our Villain Behind the Curtain. We don't really know much about her yet, either, do we.

On the one hand, if I did bring back Scorpius, it would have to be with some consequences (enormous disruption to everyone's lives aside). On the other, if I brought him back and he were completely changed, then why bring him back?

On the third, mystery appendage, resurrection's all hypothetical anyway...

Thanks for reviewing, as ever!

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Review #8, by Whimsical Diva 

14th January 2015:
I shipped Matt/Rose pretty much all throughout Starfall, but this isn't what I wanted for him. The sooner he breaks up with Rose, the better for everyone. Unlike your other readers, I actually like Matt, and want him to be in a good relationship.

Also, Can we please get Scorp back soon - I feel that's the one thing that'll get this story really rolling - like how in Starfall it was the encounter with the troll in Badenheim that really set the plot in motion. These chapters feel like the groundwork for this story - but in all honesty, I feel wallowing in feelings is AMAZING when it's also accompanied with action and adventure!

That said, I do have a hunch we'll be seeing Scorp soon - what with Draco prowling the cemetery and Nat being back and everything!

Author's Response: Yeah, this relationship is the opposite of healthy. I knew it wasn't going to be good for them, but it just came out WORSE in the writing. Rose is wallowing so much more than I thought, Matt is lying to himself so much more - they both need better. Sooo much better.

I have to get all my ducks in a row before the world catches fire. Soon, worry not. Soon. Important things need to be arranged, but you know me. Everything's far too quiet to last, even if it's also horrendously unhealthy.

What it's gonna BE, I couldn't say. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Hana 

14th January 2015:
This chapter broke me...

Author's Response: I'm only a little sorry. Thanks for reviewing!

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