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12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by BBHP 

25th August 2017:
I'm so glad you included the part with Edie's whole family barging in on them. It was so good. SO GOOD.

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
This chapter was very steamy. It was a long time coming, and it showed in both of their eagerness. I loved the morning after with her brothers, Mum, and stepfather all piling into her bedroom as though it was nothing that she had brought a man home the previous night. Already adopting him into their crazy family. And Oliver playing right along, the trooper. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes, I couldn't just let them have a nice night. Although it was indeed pretty steamy. I figured it was a long time coming, so might as well make the most of it ;) And of course Oliver just sees the endgame (FOOD) and is totally oblivious to how awkward it might make Edie feel to have him meet her ENTIRE FAMILY literally the first morning after their little tryst begins. I guess he just really wanted waffles...

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Review #3, by RoseVaughan 

2nd April 2016:
Ahhh oh my heavens! I am loving this story! People messing up and acting irrationally then after some apologies being forgiven, like actual adult behaviour.
This has to be my favourite chapter, I ended up giggling on the bus when all the family piled into the bedroom!
Poor Dean though, here is hoping you have a happy ending for him in the pipeline. Also loving the friendship between the girls, you have a wonderful way of writing interactions between the characters.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by to review. I love getting feedback on older chapters I may have forgotten about.

This was one of my favorites too, for the things you mentioned--specifically Edie's who family not being able to stay out of her life or give her any privacy. Oh, the joys of moving back in with your parents! I did it for two months and, man, I don't recommend it.

Lisa is a favorite of mine in this chapter. She just has her life so together that she seamlessly goes her entire wedding night without drinking or drawing any attention to her pregnant self. A real Gwendolyn Phire, that one.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

16th July 2015:
Hi! Ah, I'm so far behind with reading and reviewing fic at all and I'm slowly trying to catch up here but I hadn't realised you'd got so many chapters ahead of me, so I'm trying to stop by - these reviews will probably be a bit shorter than my usual ones so that I can actually catch up, though!

Ah, Edie and Oliver ♥ I really have missed reading about the two of them and so much happened in this chapter that it was really great to read and I'm just smiling so happily right now. Seeing the amount of chapters that are left, I can't help but be a little suspicious that they're going to come up against another stumbling block or something's going to go wrong, but with this chapter I'm trying to silence that voice and just enjoy all the fluff!

Haha, one thing I loved about this chapter was the way that it was just so typically Edie - like there are so many things happening that would only happen to her, but even so, she's dealing with them in a different way now to how she would have done at the beginning of the story, and it's awesome to see her make that much progress and mature and grow!

Ada is awesome - I love how blunt she is and the way that she's just not fooled by anything, and even a little protective of Oliver, to be honest. She's just so cute and her behaviour definitely seems to fit with the sort of relationship she and Oliver have, as the only family each of them has in the world.

I was really glad to see Oliver taking care of Edie though, and making sure she sobered up and not taking advantage. Not that it would have been taking advantage, exactly, but I think for the two of them to progress it was just different that they were both able to think about things properly and talk things through.

AHA! He knew about the articles! I thought he would have read them, to be honest - I mean, if someone had written articles like that about me, I don't think I'd have been able to stop myself from reading them, and it's kind of cute that he lied about it because he felt that he and Edie could have something more. And I'm so glad that it wasn't blown into a really big thing that got in the way again, and they were able to actually talk instead of just shouting at each other.

Even though you apparently didn't intend to write the rest of the scenes in this chapter, you did a great job of writing them. I couldn't help giggling at Oliver finding the magazine, though, especially since Edie has an actual reason for it being there but, of course, it doesn't seem like it :P And I loved the detail about the airbrushing charms, too!

Haha, only at Edie's house would all the family just saunter into her room and be completely calm and collected about the situation, even her stepdad :P I'm not surprised that Oliver was so pale and nervous about it because any guy would be, confronted by a whole family of people the next morning, but it was sweet to see him invited to breakfast with them!

I'm looking forward to the next chapters - I just hope my sense of foreboding is wrong and nothing is going to go wrong for the two of them!

Sian :)

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH YOU ARE THE GREATEST, and I am such a jerk for taking this long to respond!! Seriously I checked HPFF at work on my break, and my jaw dropped because I had ~so many long, exciting, wonderful reviews~ to read!

As you know by now, you are correct in thinking they will come up against another stumbling block, haha. I just can't let them have it easy. Also I imagined this story to be much longer before I started writing it (like a ridiculous rambling 40+ chapters) because I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any committed readers, and then when people started paying attention to it I was like "WELP guess I have to make this at least somewhat concise." So I'm shoving in all the drama in a shorter span of time... Hence the constant rollercoaster between Edie and Oliver!

Yes, I'm glad that Edie becoming more of an adult is coming across clearly. I think if I ever do some SERIOUS EDITS to this story, it'll take place over a longer period of time. Not sure how that would work with the articles (maybe tone it down to one, longer, article researched over a six-month period, and Oliver ends up reading her notes or drafts? Instead of reading the first two? I have no idea.) Anyway, she's changed a lot--especially for a story that takes place over a matter of a few months!

Ada! I *really* didn't want Ada to be an "adorable little child" who would fawn over Edie and be the thing that brings her and Oliver together. It just didn't sit right. I really wanted her to straight up hate Edie, actually, with the way that Edie's luck is. But exploring their relationship and resolution of Ada's dislike would have added another element to this already very long and jam-packed story.

I originally had Edie thanking Oliver for not "taking advantage" of her, because I wanted to throw a lil more commentary in there, as it fell like it's been lacking lately. But I felt it would have appeared that Edie almost expected him to take advantage of her; and I didn't want readers to be like "Wow Oliver is such a good guy for not taking advantage of a drunk girl, what a gentleman." Like, you shouldn't thank someone for being a decent human being and not doing that. So. But yes! It did happen that way, just hopefully less in-your-face ;)

YES I know, I would be the worst celebrity ever, because I would Google myself and read everything anyone said about me and just fall into a pit of despair. Oliver is good at distancing himself from being a "star athlete," as we've seen, but he of course wants to know what Edie had to say about him. He put it off for long enough, and then after she made him lose the match, he had to ask himself a lot of questions about why this person was *still* on his mind so much that she partially caused him to miss a block--and Quidditch is really important to him (Idk if you've heard. Ha.) Anyway, he realized he needed to have a clear concept of what was going on with the articles, and what her agenda really was, and that's when he read them, and was like 'Welp you suck Edie, never talking to you again." And obviously that didn't work out, but yes.

Ahaha the airbrushing was partially a reaction to using Jamie Dornan as Oliver's FC. He's absolutely gorgeous but I don't picture Oliver to look *exactly* like him, especially not when he's all made-up and in Model Mode. I think I mention Oliver having a crooked nose after breaking it one too many times, and that he doesn't have Jamie Dornan's "golden torso" or whatever people are saying. I dunno. It wasn't entirely important to the story, but I've been feeling "eh" about using Pretty People as my FCs because I don't imagine Oliver to be as stunning as Jamie Dornan. Or Edie to be as gorgeous as Karen Gillan.

Thank you so so much, again, Sian! I've reread these reviews of yours so many times and can't wait to respond to them ♥

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Review #5, by MalfoyMannor 

25th June 2015:
loved how everyone just came into Edie's room :P

Author's Response: I basically just said this verbetim but I just can't let them have a nice moment. It has to be horribly painful. :D

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd February 2015:
ďI want you to know that I read them. Your articles.Ē









ďWill Oliver be joining us for breakfast? Itís waffle day.Ē

Iím dead. I donít know how I can go on from here. The getting it on and the parentals and the brothers coming in and seeing Oliver. The waffle party.

Good lord, you are amazing. No words. This isnít a review this is me gaping at your amazing ness and trying to comprehend everything that just happened.

Author's Response: Okay, NOW I can say that I loved that Oliver gave Edie a letter from Amelia Jones, but it technically doesn't make sense, because it was written after the match she made him lose (hence the "PS - Try not to yell so loudly next time") but by that time Oliver had already read the articles and was upset. If he'd decided he was going to sever ties with Edie he probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble... Obviously it didn't work, but still.


"The waffle party!" Pahaha, I love it! I kind of wish it was the name of this chapter... Too fluffy, probably. But it's great.

I'm glad you liked this chapter! It was like 87% sex so I was unsure. Huehuehuehue.

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Review #7, by ohnobeans 

28th January 2015:

and FINALLY sex yay! I love that Edie's whole family walked in hahahah

Author's Response: Yes! At first I thought Edie should have been blown away as well, but realistically he TOTALLY would have read them. Like she said, if Oliver had written something about her, she wouldn't rest until she'd found it. It just didn't make sense to keep him in the dark forever.

That last scene was so much fun. I love Edie's family. Even though they aren't totally pivotal to the plot I try to give them as much time in the limelight as possible. Especially Liam; I just love that little fellow.

Thanks for taking the time to review ♥

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Review #8, by chicken addiction 

21st January 2015:
WHOOP what a fun chapter :) I loved that last scene :) and Oliver...yummy.

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree with your sentiments for Oliver. The next chapter is all written; gonna do some edits today and pop it in the queue.

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Review #9, by devotedasperusual 

19th January 2015:
Hello there :)

Well, this seems a bit foreign. It's been so long since I've commented on anything on this site, let alone KC&CO. Just popping by to say that I've still continued reading, even if I have become an absolute little Rose with my no commenting nonsense. So sorry, eternally.

I know you're probably reading this going "now who on earth is this random creeper coming along" but the only thing I can think of that you might remember about me is my deep love for Seamus, and for shipping everything and everyone that moves. Right, enough being creepy. On to the fangirling.


The only thing I have to say about the centre portion of the chapter would be that it so wasn't your first smut. Don't lie, no one writes that good on their first attempt. *eyeballs you severely*

But yes on to the last portion which literally found me losing the ability to breathe. It is so incredibly Edie-ish to get caught in the act by her entire family. Her mother, oh dear her step-father. Just everyone was so perfect. The harlot comment also had me cracking up and I'm not entirely sure as to why I found it so funny, but I did so there you go.

Just, they're both so perfect? I don't know how to describe it. It's like, my favourite books always have two main characters that without each other are pretty despicable people. Oliver is as arrogant as they come, and Edie's nothing more than a jumped-up activist without an actual cause but together they just work so wonderfully and beautifully that I can picture them sitting around a breakfast table fifty years from now arguing about something stupid and trivial and throwing pieces of toast at each other and it just sort of makes my little heart soar?

Fantastic job as per usual dear, and don't you think I'm not going to be stalking your a/c waiting for you to update again.

Because I will.

Winks and slowly backs away.

Author's Response: Okay, this review made me laugh SO hard. You aren't at all becoming a complete Rose--although that was about where I started with the cracking up. I also love Seamus and ship everything and everyone, so I'm glad you stopped to review! ♥

No really, it is my first smut! At least to this extent. I've written a tasteful "kissing and then fade to black" here and there... But I've been reading fic for over a decade so I'm sure I've picked up a thing or two, haha. Put those severe eyeballs away!

I love Edie's stepfather, and I wish he was more pivotal to the plot because he has such a small presence in the story. I just imagine this super laid-back, bearded guy who just likes to play music alone in their shed and who lets Hypatia drag him along to all of these crazy contemporary art gallery openings, where he is totally content to just sip on punch and let Hypatia natter on.

(I'm glad you liked the harlot comment, I was quite proud.)

Oh my god this review just keeps getting better. "Oliver is as arrogant as they come, and Edie's nothing more than a jumped-up activist without an actual cause" HELLO YES YOU WIN ALL OF THE PRIZES. They definitely are both flawed, but hopefully they work together well! Um I love the idea of 70 year-old Ediver throwing toast at each other... Like... Thank you I'm going to think about that all day now.

Stalk away! Working on chapter twenty-seven as we speak. I decided to take a little break from writing and was greeted with this awesome review. Thanks so much, it really made my day! ♥

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Review #10, by marauderfan 

16th January 2015:
Hi! Just stopping by to say that I loved this chapter.

I appreciated that there wasn't this huge falling-out about the articles - I think it's much more realistic that he had read them and just hadn't told her, and that they had an actual discussion about it - after all the lies and anger thus far, it was nice to see them just be honest and try to work through it together. It's also a lot more meaningful because Edie has a difficult decision to make, essentially having to put either her new relationship or her job first. That's a tough place to be in, and easy to relate to.

Well done on writing the love scene too, as well as the rest of the chapter that wasn't originally intended haha. I loved their fluffy pillow talk too, and him FINDING THE MAGAZINE haha

Omg, that last scene in the morning when her whole family barges into her room was so incredibly hilarious and awkward and like, so typical of Edie's life :p

Lovely work on this chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hello! Stop by away! (Does that even make sense?)

I am feeling pretty good about my decision to remove the ~falling out~ as well. Even as I planned on writing it, and developed the storyline around it, I knew it was just too cliche. Don't worry, they're not totally in the clear yet, because things can't just go right in this story. And yes, it's a very tough place to be in! Edie is finally going to have to make some adult decisions.

AHHH I knew from the second that Edie dog-eared the page of his photo shoot that Oliver would have to find it. I just didn't know how it would come about until this chapter happened. But hey, this way they got to do some other fun stuff too ;)

Oh Lennoxes. They are so much fun to write. Even as I'm typing, I'm like "Seriously? You're insane. Knock it off."

Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. I always get nervous when writing fluff so thanks for the encouragement ♥

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Review #11, by Sanne 

14th January 2015:
I just wanted to say thank you for not going the obvious way with Oliver eventually finding out about the articles and getting mad about it etc. (which is so very predictable). Instead, the conflict is Edie having to choose between her job and the man she loves. I think this is a much more realistic scenario and also much less predictable.

So, kudos to you for not going the predictable route and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Funny you should mention that--originally I had planned on Rose showing Oliver the articles, and him getting mad, and pretty much following every cliche you'd have guessed. But it felt too much like 27 Dresses and basically every other romcom.

I hope the conflict came across well. Oliver really hoped that things would just work themselves out. He's definitely ignoring the problem (they both are) and has given her an ultimatum by saying how horrible the stories were and being like "Well just write a nice one now lol." He doesn't *realize* he's putting her in a position (and she's certainly had her hand in things), but yes! As you said, she now has to choose and it's not so easy. Really trying to focus on the "home life or career???" choice that women are faced with today, because sometimes you can't fully meet the demands of both.

And there you have it: another one of my soapbox speech review responses!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. ♥

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Review #12, by xx 

13th January 2015:
Ahh I really loved this chapter! It was probably my favorite of the story so far. The whole part with her family at the end was so funny. I love her brothers. And good on you for the sex scene. It didn't seem like your first time writing one so yay you. Anyway, I can't wait for more and I'm looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you liked this chapter so much. Sometimes it's difficult for me to write something so fluffy; like I have to remind myself that it does drive the plot (in a small way) and is worth writing! I'm glad the ~love scene~ was tolerable. I've already edited it, of course, but it's mostly the same. Thank you for the review :)

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