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Review #1, by hiz96 

23rd June 2017:
Hi, I am SO SO SO glad that this is a story where she really doesn't like James...and not just "doesnt like" him but finds him charming and goodlooking but really dislikes him. The way she completely didn't give in to him when he wanted tutoring was brilliant

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Review #2, by Jasmine 

14th January 2015:
I feel bad and evil for not reviewing the last few chapters. I am so so sorry for that!
Your story is p.e.r.f.e.c.t! I really love Seth (we are very alike) and the way she tries to deal with everything that creates chaos (or wreaks havoc?) in her life. She is very loyal to her friends, it is very gryffindorish of her to risk getting cought with the stolen ingridients but she still tries to help Sam. That doesn't make her less of a Ravenclaw. Katie is so funny! She is the entertainer of this story. :D
However, my favorite parts of the last few chapters were Seth and James interactions. Awesome. I mean they are perfect. And James is perfect (even with his unbearable cockiness, ugh). And Seth is perfect (I guess I've already said it. xd).
Ok, I won't bore you with my opinions. Especially when I am still in awe with the story plot, so I can't make my comment mame sense.
Good luck with writing! I wish you less writer blocks!

Author's Response: Hello Jasmine! Don't feel bad! It's OK :) I'm glad you reviewed this chapter! I love that you love Seth :) Sometimes OCs in fanfiction go horrably wrong so I'm really happy you like mine! And yes, she does have a gryffindorish streak... it'S also something, her family deeply disapproves of :)

I love Seth/James interactions as well... He is such an idiot, which makes it fun to write him. I'm glad, though, that James is still somewhat likable despite his arrogant behaviour :)

You are not boring me AT ALL! I loved your comment! Thank you so much again! The next chapter is already half-finished so I will submit it by the end of the week :)

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Review #3, by TheEighthHorcrux 

13th January 2015:
I loved this chapter! We finally got a clearer perspective of James, and let's be honest, it didn't help anyone's opinion of him much (more like, made it worse.) But it did give us a chance to watch Seth take him down a notch. I hope you update soon :)

P.S. I think I can guess Katie's master plan **cough-tutoring-cough**

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really enjoyed having Seth interact with James again.. He's an arrogant git but I love to write him :) And yes, you might be on to Katie's plan... haha.

Thanks again for reviewing and I'm already working on the next chapter :)

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