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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

27th April 2017:
Here for CTf!

And this is such a great chapter too! I love the protectiveness of Ron when it comes to Rose and her relationship with Matt, going to the point where he even drags the Chudley Cannons into a conversation in a way nobody would expect from him, just to get a point across. It really shows how it must bother Ron for him to do such thing, and I think that makes him all the more a better character for it all.
And then bringing in George to get Albus to come home! It's such a well thought out move there, and I felt like the conversation really hit home and that James was absolutely right to bring him in. And well, George is right - James did not break his promise to him because he didn't tell his parents, just uncle George, and it just happens to work. It;s really well thought out there, also by you, and I felt their pain really shine through. It's emotional to read and all you want to do is hug them both but it also makes the grief more real, because in cases like this it is like you've lost a limb and it's all the harder to get through it because of it. Really well written there.
And then I haven't even talked about how you describe the surroundings, because that first sentence really hit home. It conveys exactly what it should in a beautifully written way. Really, I'm jealous.
Excellent job!

Author's Response: Ron is taking his daughter's situation seriously! I mean, he's not just being over-protective; Rose has been very messed up for a while and now she's making a huge change to her life, so he wants to make sure she's doing the best thing for her. While Rose and Hermione have a lot in common, I really enjoy writing Ron as the fun, emotional father who can really get to the heart of what his children are feeling.

As someone who's never been a huge fan of the Twins, I oddly REALLY LIKE writing them - perhaps because I've managed to deploy them when they can be incredibly heartfelt foils to other characters, like here and Fred's cameo in Starfall. George is a bit biased in the ways he handles Albus' pain, but he doesn't minimise it, which is what Al's felt anyone else who's tried to talk him down has done.

I'm very glad you like the prose; I'm not normally one for lyrical writing and Oblivion was quite successful there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by merlins beard 

27th April 2017:
Hey there 😉 here for the CTF extravaganza – is there a flag hidden in here somewhere? No?
(sorry for reviewing this out of order)
Omg that first sentence… I have so much love for this. Wonderful wording.
I can totally relate to not being able to part with books, despite never going to read them again. They’re like family. You don’t kick them out even if you don’t talk often.
Glad to see Ron is still just as awkward as he always was, but I really can’t picture him as being a bad father.
Oh no that’s so sad ☹ I wonder what happened to Scorpius (I’ll have to come back and read it all to find out more)
Wow that has to be so tough on Harry and Ginny. I’m assuming (I probably shouldn’t because I haven’t read anything that comes before this) that this also has something to do with Scorpius’ death and Albus just ran off on his own and wasn’t kidnapped or anything like that?
So james is in contact with Albus? This sounds like a rather dangerous Job Albus is doing here… (and like a rather dangerous time to live in now that I think about what Rose just said)
Haha I love how George just drops in on Albus and just tells it how it is.
“You take after your father but in ways that make you a pain in the *” wow, way to go George. It’s pointing out the obvious but I think Al really needs to hear it. George does have a rather compelling argument…I hope Albus does go home.
“I’ll give you a good knock knock joke” omg perfect.
I love love love this and I will be back no matter what, but it would be pretty sweet if there was a flag here too.
Xoxo Anja

Author's Response: If there's a flag, I didn't put this here. ;)

Rose, even this very upset, maudlin, grieving Rose, is still not going to easily part ways with her books. Ron's not a bad father; awkward, but his daughter has been through a hell of a lot and he's not always sure how to handle her. I wanted to make sure the two had their own special relationship, different to Rose and Hermione's.

And yes, you must read the rest to find out what happened to Scorpius! You're right, Scorpius died and Albus left, for many reasons including grief and guilt. So he needed George to set him right.

Do hope to see you again. ;-) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

3rd December 2015:
SO, now I've left my mark on Not Fade Away, I am finally here. EVEN WHEN I HAVE NOTHING TO DO I AM STILL RUBBISH AT DOING THINGS. What is wrong with me? I have a WEEK to read Oblivion now. Let's do this.

Yay, Ron time! I love him, especially when he's being Dad to Rose. Best. Character. Ever. And ARTEMIS, I've missed her. I'm glad that Ron recognises that Rose is still hung up on Scorpius and therefore is probably not in the best shape to be making life decisions. It's tough, she does need to move on, but this isn't really moving on in a good way, if anything she's just pretending to herself that she's moving on. And that's not healthy for anyone.

But Scorpius isn't dead so this is all redundant.

Heartbroken at the thought of Harry chasing every lead trying to find Albus but always getting there too late.

Prometheus Thane is playing a weird game. Taking down Council members .., but also IMC members. So ... I know he doesn't take sides, but he's a merc. Is someone paying him or is he just off on a wild killing spree? Thane is as mysterious as ever.

Albus speaks Russian? Wow, he just got infinitely more attractive.

GEORGE. Oh, I love your George. Which makes sense, as I loved your Fred. And James was very clever to send him. It almost feels sad, actually, because it means James sees how close Scorbus were. And he must surely be having some sort of inferiority complex.

Oh my days, this - "You will miss him. Rose will move on; she will love new people and marry some toff and she’ll always hear his jokes at the back of her mind, but it’ll be different. You’ve lost a part of you, and you will miss him every day, until it chokes and drowns you and you think you’ll die, but you know what? You don’t die." It's so funny to read this, because it's the total opposite of what Carlotta was arguing in Derailed, that a boyfriend would miss a girlfriend's loss more than a friend would miss a friend. Although Carlotta's whole argument was completely wishy-washy and her reasoning for not trying to ditch her friends was probably more based on the fact that cutting one romantic figure from her life is bad enough but she can't bring herself to cut all her friends from her life. But I DIGRESS. I just find it interesting when we manage to hit the same nail, just from completely opposite angles. Personally I think friendly love is immensely underestimated and is easily just as valuable as romantic love. Maybe even more so. But I'm still at that stage of my life where friends are more important to me than men. WHO KNOWS what will happen to that opinion over time.

Will Rose ever properly move on? I don't think she will. But then, Scorose was a pretty intense teenage relationship given their life situations. And Scorpius isn't dead so there we go.

Poor Albus is sweating over whether he'll get forgiveness for 'causing' Scorpius' death. Except he didn't, because Eva absolutely had nothing to do with their betrayal in Venice. But the only person whose forgiveness he needs is his own. Poor kid.

Such a lovely George cameo. Beautiful chapter.

Author's Response: It's fine, you've only got about 50 chapters to read in a week. The good news is that it'll be finished soon, so the lead won't grow? Though it will grow with Not Fade Away, muwahahaha (albeit much more slowly, no way can I keep up the similar posting routine). But you can do this. Totes.

I love Ron. Astonishingly. I love Dad Ron, especially as Rose has a more obvious dynamic with Hermione due to them being so similar, so I like being perverse and showing how Ron can be a great father to his brainy, driven daughter. Also he gets the FEELINGS super well.

Harry has gone a little bit nuts the last 2 years, as we'll see.

Thane... is up to Stuff. Yeees. I am mysterious.

Albus speaks rather BAD Russian. But he's hung out in Eastern Europe too long lately to not pick up at least one useful language.

You know, I've never had more than average love for Fred and George? I never set out to write them. But then they were just LOGICAL choices in Starfall and now here, and they came so easy and were so bloody refreshing. It does speak of James' empathy to know that George would be able to connect to Albus like that.

Certainly I don't think the 'romantic vs friendship love' is meant to be an objective truth from George. His argument would be that people can find new lovers, new partners - but not new siblings. Of course, they can find new friends and make new bonds, so in that regard there's no reason Albus MUST be more traumatised than Rose FOREVER. I think he's taking a slightly narrow-minded (though not-judging) view that Rose can find a new partner and that 'replaces' Scorpius, while Al will always have a Scorp-shaped hole in his heart.

Curiously, I also find that over the course of Oblivion, it's Al who demonstrates himself more capable of living without Scorpius than Rose. But anything more than that becomes spoileriffic. ;)

Also, yeah, Rose SHOULD be able to move on (as should Al). They're just both kind of refusing to, and it's not healthy, even if they are traumatised from horrible life experiences.

It's pretty cruel of me that not only is Albus shouldering needless guilt, he's even wrong about WHY he's shouldering the needless guilt. It wouldn't be his fault even if Eva had betrayed them - and she didn't.


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Review #4, by scorprose 

9th February 2015:
I have kept myself away from oblivion for so long just to get a pleasure of having continuous reads of few chapters togather. I guess the patience is paying off. The suspense between chapters alone is worth the wait. To start with, I will flatter you by praising you and your excellent plot weaving, character development and scene portrayal. I will then plead with you (literally on my knees) to think of a scorpius-comes-back plot. You cant deny it with the way how each scene of Oblivion involves the boys essence. He still exists in dreams, reeking into memories from articles and even his very existence is loud enough in each character and every scene. That said, Matt and Rose I am not sure. Was hoping for a Matt-Selena bonding. Huge disappointment this one was. Anyways, we will know more with time. Great going.update soon

Author's Response: Ha, I understand the urge (I hold off on my favourite TV shows so I can binge). Everyone seems like I've aired all my final decisions about the place with Scorpius' fate! After all, if I WERE gonna bring him back, I wouldn't TELL you guys. And if I were going to confirm 110% that he's gone in every possible way for good, I'd do that in an author's note, not one lone review. ;)

But his absence has left a notable rip in pretty much everyone's life. There's going to need to be a not-inconsiderable amount of healing done before the guys can start to put their lives back together without him.

Matt and Rose are NOT a healthy relationship. They're going to need a lot of work before they can learn to be together - or learn that they should be apart. Such as Selena says, but nobody listens to her!

Thanks for the kind words, and cheers for the review!

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Review #5, by guilty_pleasures 

13th January 2015:
You really are the best fanfiction author ever. These characters mean so much and feel so much and I feel like I can't help feel it all with them - like I AM them. You're such a good writer. So so glad George got his uncle-y "I lost my other half" speech in this chapter and that Al might just be going home because of it. It fits, it works, but i refuse to lose hope of seeing at least a little bit of scorp again in this book. Because he's not Fred. Or maybe he is. Maybe he's in that world between worlds, the two lost brothers, waiting to be wholes again.

Author's Response: Like, I've killed Methuselah and Scorpius and written the heart-wrenching grief of Selena and Rose, and I've felt bad but there's also been that writerly satisfaction, you know? But THIS - 'the two lost brothers, waiting to be wholes again' - just HURT ME. I don't know why. I don't know why that phrasing is screwing with me.

Is this what it feels like to be my readers?

Am I a bad person?

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Review #6, by RelentlessFire 

13th January 2015:
I actually thought Scorpius would be back by now… but two years? No. I really can't face it, I feel like someone grabbed my stomach and pulled it out. To not mention that I'm sick and I have a fever so I have to stay in my room with no one to talk, I feel pretty depressed. I hope at least Albus could get back, and I'm not really a great fan of Matt and Rose being back together but I like that she's happier and he finally got her back. Update soon, pretty pretty please, I ned it!
Thank you

Author's Response: I am cruel and harsh, yes. Though sorry you're feeling ill, I hope you get better soon!

Rose isn't really HAPPIER, she's just... coping. This relationship is neither happy nor particularly stable, but we'll see how those kids figure it out. When they do. If they do.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Giù9 

12th January 2015:
I've loved this story since chapter 1 of Ignite. I started reading it when you were almost done with Starfall and I went through the whole thing in about 4-5 days (you can consider yourself responsible for me failing my German exam in September!!)

I love the plot, I love the characters, their personalities, the way you've developed their relationships, the way you broke my heart, multiple times. Also I'm Italian, English is not my first language and yet I've always found it very easy to read what you write. And p.s. sorry if I write something wrong.

I loved the interactions between Al and both James and George, especially the last one. I wish Albus forgave himself beacuse I think that is the first step for healing and then the reconnection with his family will come automatically. I'm glad that Rose is trying to move on, and I'm glad that Matt is doing his best to help her. He's not stupid, I don't think he's fooling himself, believing that she's moved on from Scorpius, but still, he's there for her and I like that. Hopefully she and Al can help eachother (after she forgives him for leaving) face the grief together instead of repressing it, and REALLY move on. I'm saying this beacuse, no matter how heartbroken I was when Scorpius died, for me dead is dead. I wouldn't be too happy if somehow he came back to life, sorry!

I can't wait to see were Selena has been up to in the past 2 years! She's probably my favourite character and since I've read in another comment something about a potential Al/Selena relationship, I just wanted to say that I would like to see them interact in the future. First because i think that out of the Hogwarts Five they are the only two who have barely spoken to each other and have not created any sort of bond. But I think they could help each other. I'm not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship. Friendship would be good too...they both need it. But who knows, I mean, Selena herself said once that someone who is not your type today might become your type in time since one changes, and they have both changed.

I guess the last thing I would say is about Eva. I don't like her, I never have. I usually like villains. I like Thane, I liked Elijah Downing and I'm so excited about Professor Lockett! But I don't like her. I hope they won't forgive her. I could never forgive her, despite what she's done to help them escape. I'm sorry, I really can't stand her!

I think I've said enough :) I hope to read more soon!!

Author's Response: Apparently I'm hell to people's academia, I've been told this before...

See, you're one of the few who wants Scorpius to stay dead. I guess I'm going to upset people whatever I do? Well, I didn't pick this road to be easy. Still, very glad you're enjoying the story (and don't you apologise, my second language isn't half as good as your English), and glad you're finding it very readable, too!

Al's got problems, and he's going to need help - but he's starting to get it from George, so maybe that'll work out. Matt's no fool, he knows things aren't great with Rose, but he is lying to himself a bit, believing willfully that it's not as bad as he's afraid it is. This is one situation which is going to need handling carefully.

Guess I should at least write Al and Selena having a Conversation, let you guys test if there's chemistry there! :P

Eva's done bad things. Super bad things. Forgiveness, if it can be earnt, if it can be deserved, if it should be given - these are good questions. Big ones. Unsurprisingly, her story's not over, but we'll get to her, and to those issues.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by whykay 

12th January 2015:
Rose, Rose, Rose, DON'T GIVE UP ON SCORPIUS. Slide is not THAT mean. :D

Oh she hurts. Oh Albus hurts and OUCH, GEORGE STILL HURTS SO DAMN BAD. And I can't deal with it.

Go Ron Go! Even if Scorpius isn't coming back, Rose isn't going to be happy with Matt, particularly as Matt wasn't even too cut up about Scorpius when he 'died' and said so. THAT cannot go down well with Rose. It CANNOT end well. If it was anybody else, without the baggage of Matt or a Matt who liked Scorpius, I would be (hypothetically, of course, assuming Scorpius wouldn't come back) rooting for them. BUT NOT THIS. This sucks big time.

George - I can just imagine that's the way he's grown without Fred and I think you (and James) chose the right person to bring Albus back.

So, Thane is running loose, killing people. While acting for Mystery Woman 1 and with Nat Lockett (who is being Mystery Woman 2). Lillian seems more like a perfect politician than a leader of people. I don't quite like that she reacts to incidents and how she reacts.

I am so waiting for Selena. And of course, what happened between her and Matt? Did he help her while he was helping Rose and helping himself? Or was the writing on the wall correct? In short, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Matt the come-to-me-if-you-want-to-get-over-your-boyfriend's-death-guy? I just don't like that kid. :P

Author's Response: Rose just freaked out because she found a jumper. That's not giving up on her soul-shattering grief, that's just REPRESSING.

Which isn't good when the dude's dead, I mean...

It's true, Matt didn't care MUCH when Scorpius died. I mean, he's SAD, but the two weren't close and they didn't even like each other very much. And Scorpius was routinely pretty horrid to him. He's not SAID it to anyone (well, except his parents), because that's just rude, but I think they all know.

Thane's being a dark horse again, though I don't think I specified if it was a Mystery Woman or a Mystery Man. ;) We'll see more of Lillian Rourke, and we'll see her a bit better off. Thus far we've mostly witnessed her at the whims of politicians getting in her way, or stressed out to all hell.

But Selena soon! And it'll take a while for us to unravel the last two years, but I shall remind you that I rarely write a scenario where only one person is at fault. ;) Poor Matt. He gets such a bad reaction from you guys!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by lilac wine 

12th January 2015:
Albus + George interaction practically made me cry omg. Can you update more often please & thank u

Author's Response: Ha, I will update roughly weekly. If I could do it more often, I'd need to be writing like a mad fiend. Also, queue. But 1 a week, or thereabouts, I promise! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #10, by Whimsical Diva 

11th January 2015:
Am I crazy to ship Albus/Selena for this fic? Selena's obviously had enough time to get over Methuselah, and Albus definitely needs someone strong and someone who'll call him out when it's required - and Selena seems to be the perfect candidate for that! i never really liked Eva in Starfall, so will be whinging in reviews if she gets with Albus again!

Have a hunch Scorpius will be back at the wedding - it'll be terribly boring if his return happened sometime in the middle of this fic.

Anyway, update?

Author's Response: I'm not sure Al and Selena have ever had a 1-on-1 conversation. I could be wrong. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I think they have ONLY participated in group discussions before. Huh.

I suppose you're right that she'd call him out on his behaviour and Albus can be quite a sweetheart who'd be attentive and supportive (if he weren't caught in a grump). And Selena definitely needs attention and affection, and to be somebody's Priority. I was going to try to debunk the relationship, but those are good points. I think it's more that the two don't really have much in common and while they could kind of tend to each other's emotional needs, I'm not sure the everyday relationship stuff would work out for them?

Anyway, while we'll see Eva again, ASTONISHINGLY, I should say this: I have hardly planned out anyone's Endgame. Including with romance. Every possible pairing is fraught with all sorts of emotional gubbins and while I want to give each relationship closure, closure doesn't necessarily mean happily ever after. I don't mean I end the story on everyone being miserable, but I do want to make it satisfying without being too neat and twee. So while I know what relationships I'm playing with, I'm going to kind of ride them out and see where they end up in terms of resolution.

Though I wasn't planning on riding out Al/Selena, I can't lie.

I couldn't comment about Scorpius or middles of fics, but let me put it this way: I'm writing Chapter 14 right now, and while the wedding hasn't happened yet, Plenty of Stuff has gone Bonanas for a while now. So upheaval and chaos will be a-plenty, in whatever form it takes. And I doubt Chapter 14 is the middle of this story.

This response was much longer than I planned. Updates will come Soon, as ever. :P Queue allowing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by mymischiefmanaged 

11th January 2015:
I absolutely love the way you've written George. I might be wrong but I don't think we've seen him before in your writing? You've done a fantastic job with him. He's still in character with the George we see in canon but you've shown how he's matured and how the loss of Fred changed him. Even though Fred's death was so long ago you've given George a new emotional depth that I'd imagine is related to it? And his comment about a joker needing to be able to read people is spot on.

And then I'm interested by the fact that JAMES recognised George was the right person to go to. It's obviously true that George is the right one to get through to Albus, but James must in his own right be very good at empathising to have realised what Albus needed. I don't know if we'll see more of James and Albus's relationship but I'd definitely be interested to understand them more. It seems like there must be more to James than Albus perhaps understands, and maybe now that Scorpius isn't around he'll be more willing to recognise it?

And then the Rose/Ron discussion is just beautifully written. Your Ron is wonderful.

I like how Scorpius is so present in your writing even after his death. You manage to keep him as a focal point which makes it impossible to forget how big a loss it was.

And then I'm looking forward to Selena next chapter, obviously :)

I wish I could think of more to say because this story deserves lots of super long helpful reviews, but I'll just leave it with reminding you how much I'm enjoying reading. This might be my favourite story on this site, and I'm really looking forward to your next update.

Emma x

Author's Response: I've never written George before, no. I'd never written Fred before the Veil encounter; I found the twins ODDLY easy to write. Like, they happened because Logic and Plot demanded it, not because I had an itch to write them, and then they just became wonderful souls taking over the entire scene. I would imagine that George would have become a bit more introspective and self-aware following the loss of Fred, as he's had to rewrite his entire IDENTITY without his twin.

Also I have a pet peeve against self-important joker so I wanted to make it clear that George knows what he's doing. He wants to entertain, not be the centre of attention.

James IS pretty good at empathising - he's more emotionally aware than Albus - but also he's had about 2 years to cook over what he could possibly do to help his brother out. So he's astute, but he also had a long time to reach this conclusion. We will see more of their relationship, though, and it's not going to be smooth sailing just yet.

I love Ron. *huggles Ron* I especially love writing a Ron who's grown up a bit, and I do see him as the more emotionally accessible parent. Scorpius isn't going to go away just 'cos he's dead.

Your reviews are plenty helpful and lovely! I'm just happy people are enjoying it, and you are one of the reviewers who always leaves chunky, satisfying feedback. Even just knowing what people LIKE is great. So thanks not just for this review, but ALL reviews!

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Review #12, by Mia 

11th January 2015:
Yay new chapter! Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the interaction between Rose and Ron- it's normally Hermione who we see chat with Rose so it was nice to see Ron take on the responsible father role.

I never expected George to visit Al but I'm actually very glad you had him talk to Al because both of their experiences with losing a loved one is indeed extremely similar and I can see George being one of the few people who can relate to him to some degree.

Selena will be something to look forward to in the next chapter and I hope Albus comes back to Britain, even for a short time because I think a reunion with his family is very much needed!

It's also interesting that George mentioned James being jealous of Al- is this because he's being portrayed as some sort of international hero in the newspapers?

I also wonder when Eva Saida will be making an appearance???
And I guess, if there's one positive thing about Albus' disappearance is that he's now got even more muscles ;)

Great Chapter! Looking forward to more,

Mia x

Author's Response: Rose has interacted much more with her mother than her father, yeah; it's partly why I wanted to see her with Ron here, but also I think that he'd be the softer parental figure, more keyed in with his kids' emotional needs. You know, after growing up a bit. Hermione would be in danger of letting Rose keep repressing, because she'd understand how Rose keeps BUSY to cope, and might not divert her. They're too alike in some ways.

George and Al was not an early idea; it came to me quite late, but then I realised it absolutely fit. I really enjoyed writing George, too.

James has always been a bit jealous of Albus because Al was always closer to Harry, always seen as the more sensible, level-headed, responsible Potter, and so that's kind of made him always seen as the Potter 'most like Harry' (which is kind of silly as Harry wasn't that responsible and level-headed, but if you're comparing sons to hero-fathers, you'll see more similarity in the reasonable, reliable one than in the irresponsible Quidditch buff). It got 'worse' when Al had the acclaim of the Hogwarts Five.

We'll definitely see Eva and Selena in the future. :D

It's true. Angst has made Albus more buff.

Thanks for reviewing!

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