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Review #1, by baletgir 

24th October 2016:
Hi there!

So I've gotten through 13 chapters in 2 days because I am IN LOVE with this fic! This is wonderfully written and a good story line. I love a good cliche Next-Gen, but it's so refreshing to read something new. You still have all of the aspects of Next- Gen that I love, but you've added your own spin.

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed more, but I'll try to pause in my furious reading to leave some more soon.

Thank you for writing and sharing this!

Author's Response: Thank you! xx

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Review #2, by Secret Cupid 

14th February 2016:
Spreading the love again ♥

I love the lil bit where Rose cried because Al and Louis were being so stupid, it very strongly reminded me of Hermione in Goblet of Fire :P So much so I just literally typed 'the lil bit where Hermione cried' hahahaha

So, yay! Al and Louis are sorted again. That's one thing done!

Scorpius though :( I understand he's super angry and worried and scared at the moment but he won't make himself less of a suspect if he pushes everyone away! But I truly don't believe he did it! But I hope Cass gets found soon :(

Although, Olivia really should have been more comforting. But I suppose she's never been in this type of situation before and it must be a scary place to be in.

Also, when they first mentioned James sneaking around a few chapters ago I said to myself, "What if it's with a boy?" and now I'm so keen to see who it is! Unless it's a Slytherin oooh

But omg ♥ The friendship between Al and Rose and Olivia ♥ I can't wait to see how it progresses even more! They're all such lovely people, and Rose is such a sweetheart I really really love her ♥

Again, hope your day was filled with so much love ♥

- your secret admirer ;)

Author's Response: so much loveee thank you x

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Review #3, by Violet Potter 434 

7th February 2016:
me again
one, I still love it
two, you write good, real good
three, i've decided on it,
cass, is most definitely pregnant and im now pretty sure james I the father
anyways keep on writing good and make up for my terrible English-yes i'm fully british and can't speak the language better than a 4 year old :)
from me x

Author's Response: Yayy I love hearing people's theories :)

Emma xx

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Review #4, by Unwritten Curse 

10th January 2016:
Review Battle again (I think these are the most reviews I've ever written for a battle--Team Gold had better win this thing!)

I feel like these chapters are getting shorter. But I don't think they are. I think I'm just falling (hard) into each chapter so it feels like they're short when they're actually not. Basically, I want more. That makes it increasingly hard to stop after each chapter and leave a review but I owe you reviews for writing such a fantastic story that is making my Saturday evening a genuinely enjoyable one.

Enough rambling.

I adore Rose. She's so nosey and I love it. I love her spreadsheet. I'm just as curious as she is, though. I want to know who James is dating and why he's so secretive about it! By the way, I meant to ask earlier, but are Joe and Oz dating? With the way they were laying together in the Common Room a couple chapters back, it seems like it. I thought their cuddly nature was just that… a nature. But perhaps it means something more?

Also, ALBUS. ALBUS ALBUS ALBUS. That conversation at the end was precious. I seriously am so attached to Olivia now. That she was so nervous about calling Al her friend… it says a lot about her, you know? She doesn't quite feel like she belongs and that makes me sad because she's such a cool girl. I'm glad Albus can see that. And I'm glad she's giving him a chance.

I still feel conflicted about Scorpius. My gut reaction is to feel bad for him, but at the same time, the bloody locket is legitimately suspicious. I don't think Cass would rip it off of herself. She can't be mad at Olivia and Scorpius--they've done nothing wrong. So someone ripped it off of her. I just don't know who.

I guess I'll have to keep reading to find out!


Author's Response: Also team gold - I think your determination definitely deserves a win!

Olivia's used to shutting herself off a lot from other people, and has built up this very solid, exclusive friendship with Scor and Cass that means she doesn't really recognise that she could also be friends with other people. She also kind of assumes that everyone else's friendships are just as tight as her Slytherin trio, so when Al, Rose and Louis are all together she assumes a newcomer is unwelcome.

Thanks again. You're wonderful.

Emma xx

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Review #5, by merlins beard 

26th March 2015:
The end of this chapter is really sweet. I think you captured ollies reaction to louis and albus being friends again perfectly. I'm so glad albus talked to her rationally. There are often stories where all trouble only exists because the lead characters don't talk to each other. It is refreshing to finally read a story where they do. Everything is so luch easier.

Author's Response: Albus is very much one for straight talking rather than refusing to open up to other people, and Ollie's slowly learning. I didn't want them to have lots of conflict because of misunderstandings - I always find it super frustrating when people hate each other because they don't bother talking to find out what's going on.

Thanks for such a thoughtful review, Emma xx

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Review #6, by TidalDragon 

19th January 2015:
Haha. It would make sense for that duo to ACTUALLY resolve the problem by Louis telling Laura off and then doing a dance. It was amusing.

I'm also glad that Albus had that stones to call Olivia out on her reluctance to acknowledge her new-found friendships for what they really are. It seems like a turning point in that regard, and while it would be nice for everything to work out, somehow I feel like that's not where the story's headed. After all, the title is "Complicated" and that's not really the real world, for everything to go just swimmingly is it? Still, even if it's just an interlude, I think it's a good thing for Olivia to see that there are positive forces in her life rather than just seeing herself as being thrown together with them or pitied by them - she's seeing it as a real connection with other people - a good thing.

I'm DETERMINED to get through these tonight (even if it's four months late) and I'll wrap them up for you soon. See you for the last chapter!

Author's Response: This was always going to be how Louis ended up apologising. He doesn't really know how to deal with things in a grown up way, and the dance was a way to show that he's being genuine in his own way.

This is definitely a bit of an interlude rather than an overall resolution, but Albus is a very stable character and is there to offer support when it's needed. You're right that this chapter's a turning point for Al and Olivia. She's opening up a bit and I hope her development as a character comes across.

Thank you again! Emma x

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 

19th January 2015:
Hi there!

Here for our long term review swap. I'd read this chapter ages ago and I guess I never left a review (so sorry!!)

I really love your writing style - it is effortless and I find myself at the end of the chapter before I know it.

Your characterization of Ollie is amazing. Of course she wouldn't consider herself friends with the Gryffies! She only spends most of her time with them, discusses her feelings with them (a little bit), hangs out in their common room and tries to help catch James's new love interest! She has to have Al tell her they're actually friends before she can realize it - it's just so perfectly Ollie.

So, Jason and Dominiqe, huh? And I don't exactly think that Jason sees Olivia as a persona non grata the way she sees him. She's slowly letting her prejudices slide as she realizes what she's been missing out on.

Good. Laura finally got what's coming to her - although she didn't show any weakness, in my head she went up to her room to cry.

And yay! Louis and Al are friends now! That dance was really funny.

Oh - I'm very excited about his Hogsmeade trip. But I have a feeling Pansy will either try to sabotage Al and Ollie's friendship (because she always wanted Ollie to be with Scorpius) OR she will try to get them together because he is Harry Potter's son.

Can't wait to read more!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Thank you so much for all your kind words. I'll have to get back to ASLTW as soon as possible :)

Olivia's starting to change and let more people in but she's not really realised that about herself, and her not understanding that she had new friends was supposed to fit in with that. I'm so glad people enjoyed that about her here.

And Jason will start to feature a bit more from now on. You're definitely right that the way Olivia thinks her relationship with him works isn't fully reliable.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

Emma xx

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Review #8, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack 

9th January 2015:
The Basilisk is not the only elusive creature on the archives leaving reviews. I have come out from hiding long enough to let old Xeno Lovegood catch a glimpse of me, and then it's back to the wilds for me. In the meantime, I thought I'd share my opinion of this wonderful story and, more specifically, this chapter.

Rose and her spreadsheets made me laugh. Reminds me a bit of those scientists who come out to look for mythical creatures but I am too mythical and defy the logic of their spreadsheets.

I loved the reaction everyone had to Olivia's suggestion that James might be sneaking off to meet a guy. The only thing that offends them is that there's at least 100 possible suspects and they have to do SO MUCH MORE WORK to find out who it is!

Interesting thing for Louis to do to show how sorry he is, but I like that he was willing to humiliate himself and do whatever to prove to Albus that he really is sorry. More than that, I like that Albus and Louis are friends again. :) Fun fact: The Crumple-Horned Snorkack is known for its fine dance moves. Perhaps Louis and I would be friends.

Aw! I like that it's taken a while for Olivia to realise that she and the Gryffindors are actually friends. She's been kind of in a bubble and as as her only real friends before were nothing like the Gryffindors, particularly Cassie's kind of exclusive friendship, I find it entirely realistic that she wouldn't recognise her new friendship until it was pointed out to her.

Lovely chapter and it has been a pleasure reading this! I'm off to hide from Xeno Lovegood again.

Author's Response: I can't believe how wonderful this review is! Thank you so much, whoever you are - and you reviewed the most recent chapter?! So I don't know if you'd already read the rest or what but I'm so so impressed and grateful.

Rose's spreadsheet was just fun and supposed to be a bit of a reminder of Hermione. And then I hope the conversation about James came off well! I wanted to show how accepting they are as a group, and think (hope) their problems with the inconvenience James's potential boyfriend poses to their nosiness rather than problems with the existence of said boyfriend show that.

And Olivia's definitely warming up a bit now that she's got some friendlier friends. Their friendship is nothing like her friendship with the Slytherins, and I'm glad you found her difficulty recognising it believable.

Thank you so much! Good luck hiding :)

Emma x

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Review #9, by TumTum 

6th January 2015:
Hi Emma!

Firstly, a couple of little mistakes - I was confused about the quidditch, did you mean Joe and Oz when you said they were meant to protect the team from the bludgers? Also the sentence "Sorry," I said, thing about the letter I'd just sent". Did you mean thinking?

Other than that this chapter was lovely. Of course I noticed Scorpius being a jerk and Olivia being aloof, freaked out by emotional displays and feeling self-conscious and left out. It all made perfect sense with the way their characters have been developed!

There were some really golden, funny and sweet moments like Rose bursting into tears subsequently confusing Albus and Louis. It reminded me strongly of Hermione - you're so good at implying a relationship between parent and child without making them seem like carbon copies!

There also seemed to be so much subtle character development. For example, Dominique is wonderful so far - sultry, "terrifying", exasperated by Louis but very protective of him. Furthermore, Olivia scowling at the sight of Jason when he appears to be a pleasant and harmless human being is somehow delightful, especially because I think they secretly care for each other deep, deep down. At the same time I love the idea of them getting to know each other only just now... Sorry not sure why I'm so fixated on Jason & Olivia, I know it's not central to the story but I hope further appearances of the Moron are enlightening. I dunno I just want him to tell embarrassing stories about Olivia as a little girl or something. Man don't mind all this I'm just rambling.

When Albus buried his face in Olivia's neck like it gave him strength (again!) I practically cooed. The scene at the end of the chapter felt really meaningful because it goes from Olivia expressing what she really feels through a letter sent to a person who likely won't be sympathetic if they read it at all to her telling someone outright how she feels. It just felt very good. I do wonder what Olivia will do when she realises she's holding Al's hand though...

Oh and another thing! Al and Liv are just going to spend Valentine's Day together, meeting and being introduced to Olivia's mum... there's no way Pansy isn't going to leap to unnecessary conclusions! (she wouldn't be entirely wrong). At any rate, I suspect Al won't be a big hit with this mum simply because he isn't Scorpius. I cannot wait to see his impression of Pansy and her reaction to him - I wonder if he'll call her Liv in front of Pansy...

I'm rather sad Olivia doesn't consider Joe and Oz her friends (those adorable, huggable koalas!) though I'm not surprised about Al and the others but still I can see that the nature of her friendship with Scor and Cassie means excluding everyone else. Joe said as much.

It struck me that a lot of what Laura Brogan said about having no one left and being the only one Louis had is a mixture of how she really feels and what she wishes happened because then it would be like she chose it rather than messing up... Well it was a thought.

Margie xx

Author's Response: Margie!

You're so right about those mistakes. I seem to have made loads of silly errors in this chapter. Have fixed those now :) Thanks for pointing them out!

I'm so glad Rose reminded you of Hermione here! That was the plan. I like having moments of them showing that they're their parents's children.

I got an unfair amount of enjoyment writing Dominique, which is bad because she's just not a big character here, but I'm glad you liked her. And I promise there are many many Olivia/Jason moments still to come.

And I hope this chapter did a lot of development for Al and Liv. They're not quite there yet but she's starting to trust him, and I hope that came across here.

And thank you for calling Joe and Oz huggable koalas. Did you see my (much delayed) response to your MTA questions? They have both have a koala patronus :)

Laura's a bit of a mess all round. She's got a long way to go before people are going to trust her properly, and you're definitely right about her kind of trying to reinvent what happened.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review! Chapter 14's written so should be up soon :)

Emma xx

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Review #10, by Roisin 

6th January 2015:
Yee! I LOVED this chapter! Rose's spreadsheet was genius--just, YES. The perfect combo of Granger and Weasley.

And I loved the way you played Olivia feeling uncomfortable and leaving when they all start hugging. It was clear to me reading that her self-consciousness was baseless, but you've built up her character as being someone who WOULD feel like that. And then the kind of catty exclusivity she shared with Cassie makes it so her friendship with the Wotters doesn't feel the same, ergo, she doesn't recognize it as friendship. Plus, you've established that she feels weird about physical contact, so of course she'd bounce when everyone starts group hugging.

I suspect Scorpius is gonna freak when he sees Olivia going to Hogsmeade with Albus. I mean, sure SHE feels abandoned by him, but she's the one that RAN AWAY from him FIRST. I see where they're both coming from. And the Wotters are kind of the most AWKWARD possible group for Olivia to become friends with, as far as Scorpius is concerned. I mean, he must have a lot of issues about his reputation, and they would probably preclude him from feeling very comfortable with hanging out all together. Like "Oh hey guys, sorry about my dad being complicit in STRAIGHT UP TORTURING your mom! How bout this weather we've been having?" He could easily see the whole thing as a betrayal. Not that I'd agree, just... I'd see where he was coming from. And he super needs a friend right now too (granted, he's making it really impossible for Olivia). I just like how youthy all this is, where the situations are complex and the Right Thing to Do or Feel isn't necessarily obvious, or cut and dry, and no one's totally wrong or totally right.

OKAY, JAMES. A while back I suspected that James knew something about Cassie, which might explain his sneaking around. I also suspect that Cassie is pregnant. But I'm like "Cassie wouldn't cheat on Scorpius!" Except, I actually have no reason to be so sure. And you definitely established that James doesn't care if a girl is in a relationship. HM.

I am SO excited for the next chapter! Yeee!


Author's Response: This review made me SO happy. You've said all the things I wanted to hear :)

And you're spot on about the difference between Olivia's Slytherin friendship and her friendship with Al, and why that makes it hard to recognise that he's actually her friend. She's a bit set in her ways.

And I've been having so much fun writing the next chapter. Scor's reaction definitely features!

There'll be more of James later :)

Thank you for the lovely lovely review,

Emma xx

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Review #11, by WhiteFeather 

5th January 2015:
AWH! This chapter is adorable! Update soon please, I want to see how the meeting with Liv's mum goes!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll try to get the next chapter up soon :)

Emma xx

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Review #12, by Irishseeker 

5th January 2015:
Such a cute chapter. Loving Al and Louis.
I'd love to see more of Olivia and The Moron, haha.
Al and Olivia are definitely growing on me.
Great writing and can't wait for the next chapter!
x irishSeeker

Author's Response: Yayy thank you thank you!

I'm glad you liked Al and Louis, and The Moron will definitely have more of a role a bit later on :)

Thanks for all the lovely reviews!

Emma xx

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Review #13, by CambAngst 

5th January 2015:
Hi, Emma! Back again for another chapter!

Olivia has settled into the Gryffindor common room pretty easily. One of my favorite things about this chapter was the contrast between the way that I, as the reader perceive her fitting in versus the way that she perceives herself fitting in. Sometimes, when you make a great new friend, you're the last one who realizes what's happened.

I loved the lengthy, hilarious and highly analytical discussion of James's love life. Leave it to Rose to need to list, categorize and rank all of the possibilities. The way that everyone kept jumping into the discussion was some very high quality Weasley family interaction. The line of discussion that Olivia kicks off with her question about whether James's secret lover is a guy was the icing on the cake. You created a nice little bit of tension with Al's initial reaction and then eased it right back out again. Brilliant writing.

Louis is, for lack of a better term, dense. Very dense. Like some sort of lead-uranium alloy with a bit of neutron star in the middle. I guess being terminally beautiful can mess with your ability to objectively decide why other people act like they're interested in you. I do hope he doesn't let this Laura character lure him in again, or things are going to be really awful between him and Al.

His solution to regaining Al's good graces was pretty clever. Personally, I think a burlesque routine could have added to the impact of the scene, but that's splitting hairs. He was willing to endure some humiliation to show how much he regretted his decisions and that was the important thing.

I felt so sad for Olivia that she felt like she was imposing somehow on Al and Louis's big moment of reconciliation. Obviously Al didn't feel that way, but we'll talk about that in a moment.

I am still trying to decide two things in my own mind: 1) what I think has really happened to Cassie, and 2) how things are going to play out if and when she returns. With regard to the former question, I'm still thinking that she just decided that she didn't feel like dealing with Scorpius for a while. Or a semester. Perhaps an entire school year. Regardless, my intuition -- which is far from perfect -- tells me that she isn't dead or in mortal danger. As to the latter question, I have a feeling that Cassie's return will create some major relationship drama for Olivia and Al, and it will probably be timed poorly. Cassie doesn't seem like the sort who shares well, and Olivia's letter is going to plant some seeds of doubt in Al's mind.

I liked Al's reaction. He was a little offended and angry, which I through was appropriate for his age and situation. They get over it quickly enough, but the fact that it wasn't instant and easy made the scene more realistic. Also, I think it plants another seed of possible discord for later.

Look at me, guessing like mad about where you're headed next! This is fun. Whee!

I saw a couple of small typos while I was reading:

Rosie’s helping out cousin go wedding dress shopping, and Louis will probably have a date. -- helping our cousin

I chewed me lip, feeling strangely worried about hearing his reply, but Al just grinned. -- chewed my lip

Awesome chapter! Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

I definitely wanted that difference between reader/narrator interpretation to come across. Olivia's clever but quite oblivious to things that happen outside her comfort zone so, where most people would obviously realise they had people that cared about them, she's managed to convince herself that she's intruding.

And I'm glad you liked the discussion of James. It ended up a bit longer than I'd meant it to but I had fun writing it.

Louis's definitely a bit of an idiot, but he's a well meaning idiot. And I actually originally intended a burlesque dance! But when it came down to writing it it just didn't happen. Anyway, thanks for mentioning that as an idea. I'm still very tempted to somehow fit it in so will have a go when I come to edit :)

I wanted Al to be a stable thing in Olivia's life at this point in the story, so where Scorpius would probably have blown up about the letter, Al manages to see where Olivia's feelings are coming from. But yes, it's definitely a possible source of tension for the future.

And thank you for giving all the guesses! I love reading them!

I've fixed the typos now. Thanks for pointing those out!

And thank you so much for the lovely review!

Emma x

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Review #14, by AdinaPuff 

5th January 2015:
Yay, new chapter!

You never fail to impress me, Emma! I loved this chapter so much. It's great to see Albus and Louis make up, and just how much it means to Rose that they have. Scorpius is being a right jerk to Olivia. She doesn't deserve that.

How does she NOT know that she's friends with them now? She's kind of oblivious in that department haha. But I know how she feels. It's great that Albus didn't get too offended about it. I was ready for a shouting match.

Ooh, Albus gets to meet the lovely mother! Can't wait for that.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Leigh! Thank you so much for always being so quick to review. You're all round wonderful :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! I thought Albus and Louis's reunion would, for Rose, feel a bit like Hermione felt when Harry and Ron made up during the Triwizard Tournament. She's been the go between for a long time so it's a big relief to her. And yes, Scorpius is kind of crossing the line into unacceptable now.

I think Olivia's got used to telling herself she's only got her two friends, and doesn't really notice that it doesn't have to be like that. When I started writing the final scene I was expecting them to have an argument, but when it came to it it somehow didn't feel natural. Albus and Olivia have both had more significant other problems going on. They're tired of confrontation and it felt like they'd rather just avoid the argument altogether. So that's what ended up happening :)

Next time: Albus meets Pansy...

Thank you thank you for always leaving such lovely feedback!

Emma xx

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