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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:

I know there's going to be a bit of drama when they have to tell everyone, I know Ron and Al are probably not going to take it well because they're so over-protective, but for now, I'm just SO happy! And it's brilliant that Scorpius got Ron's permission to propose! I really am SO happy that those two are getting along now! ♥

I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the engagement - and I'm a little nervous for their reactions to the pregnancy - but either way this is all SO EXCITING and I'm SO HAPPY! I nearly cried when Scorpius proposed and I had a HUGE smile on my face when they found out about the baby (and all throughout this chapter too, by the way!)

Although, there's this sinking feeling in the back of my mind that Stannous is going to try to ruin this for them... but I really hope not! *Crosses fingers*

Another INCREDIBLE chapter! I love this story so much! ♥

Author's Response: Hiya!

Ooo! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I wanted to add a little drama to the pregnancy thing, and I'm glad it played off well.

Ron and Scorpius have a ways to go, but they're at least on speaking terms now - more to come on that, later.

You're intuition is pretty sharp - there's no WAY Stannous is going to let this one lie.

Again, thanks SO much!

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 

13th August 2015:

AH! This was such a sweet chapter! I mean, I know that Scorp is a little slow on the pick-up about Rose being pregnant and the prophecy (Not that Rose seems to remember the thought pattern), but like…the fact that Scorpius doesn’t want her worrying about anything but hearing the baby’s heartbeat…it’s such a big moment for them! Especially after getting engaged just before that! Like, big chapter with big changes and I absolutely adore what you’ve constructed here! It really is just perfect!

I also love how Scorpius was able to keep Albus in the dark. It made me giggle to think of Scorp raising his wand against Albus and then to let Selenia in on the secret without Albus finding out. Like, poor Al and his poorly observation skills…though I know if Scorp would have let him in on the secret…well, this would have been a pretty interesting chapter.

Overall though, I feel you did quite well with this chapter! Every time something happens, it’s always one thing followed by a ton of things. I love it, as it makes the story hard to predict, and it really pulls me in. So really, excellent job with this! I am going to share one of my favourite lines from this chapter, just cause I love Scorpius a little bit…

I think it may have been the first time in his life where he realized what Rose actually meant to me and how far I was willing to go to protect her.

Lovely chapter!

(Also putting this in for BvB review fest! :D )

Author's Response: Hi there Mikeala,

I'm putting in a last-ditch effort to get all of my reviews answered. I'd really like to get everthing done this weekend. (Eeep! - now I'm stressing)

Scorpius can be a bit clueless - he is a *guy* after all, but he at least tries to do his best.

Albus is super passionate and protective - especially of the people he loves the most (like Selenia and Rose), so he it's tough to predict how he will react to this. Selenia and Scorpius (and Rose - haha) agree it's best to just sit on this for a bit so Rose and Scorpius can digest it.

Yay! I'm so, so happy that you feel this story is hard to predict. That is the best compliment. I really, really wanted the readers to be riveted and unsure of what was to come next, so I can't tell you how excited I am right now!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by crestwood 

12th June 2015:
It's amazing that you teased Rose being pregnant for all this time with so many symptoms showing up and I still had no clue until I read it. And then it all became obvious. A prophecy having been given about her child probably does not do much to calm the normal nerves that come along with parenthood.

I'm so impressed with Selenia's ability to keep Al in the dark about the pregnancy without even breaking a sweat. She is always just so poised and awesome. She is quickly becoming my favorite character. I'm so excited about the chapters of fluff to come!

Also, thank you so much for the Author's Note pushing your readers in the direction of my stories! Especially on a story as popular as this. You're awesome!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: Hey Joey,

Yay! That is exactly what I was going for - I was really worried that I'd left too many clues, or not enough. But I'm glad that they were obvious after the fact. :)

I love, love, LOVE Selenia. She is just a perfect fit for Al and a fabulous healer and best friend to Rose. It's great fun to write her.

And Joey - of COURSE. Your stories are so amazing and really underappreciated. I'm so happy to do it - and your beta work is so helpful to me.

Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by merlins beard 

7th May 2015:
Hi Beth!
I have to admit that your authors notes always make me edgy... "they deserve some fluff - for now." Seriously?

I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! I love all the fluff and romance, and it fits perfectly into the plot so far. Scorpius is just so wonderful (remember the mail order thing?)

He's really HAPPY about having a baby. I get why Rose is scared, but they'll work it out. Of course there still is the prophecy thing. Still a big target pinned to the baby's back.

They'll have to increase the protection Rose is under again. Harry needs to know. Especially Hermione needs to know. I bet she figures out right away that that's the child the prophecy is referring to.

Selenia is so sweet and professional about everything. It's really good that Scorpius called her right away.
The way she keeps Albus out of the way is perfect.

Albus, however, shows that he is related to Ron Weasley in this chapter. This is exactly the level of helplessness I would expect of Ron in that kind of situation.


Author's Response: Hiya!

Yes, a bit of fluff was definitely in order, here. These two deserve it! I wanted to give them a little bit of time, to wrap their heads around this major life change and just enjoy it between themselves. But you're right, they should let the Auror department know - for everyone's safety.

Haha! I love the comparison of Albus and Ron - yep, he's a bit more passion than reason in intense situations.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by RupertsPheonix 

27th March 2015:
The Rose and Hermione heart-to-heart was beautiful. I think they both needed it. It's also interesting to see the parallels you're drawing between the two couples - Ronmione and Scorose.

Prophecy?! Whoa, there's a plot twist I was certainly not expecting. And, oh my d*mn, another one with the prophecy not being about her, but about her future baby! Wow. (Also, props to the reaction James has "the f**k, you say" - there's always that one undiginfied but perfectly accurate reply in the room).

Okay, I KNEW that L'erge Stannous was too close to the last name Lestrange. Now I see what you did there - very clever!

Wait, why aren't they considering that it could be Scorpius as the father? I mean, it could be, right? The Malfoys were in the inner circle...? Or does it have to specifically be the child of a death eater, not the child of a child of a death eater?

Proposal - aw. How sweet!

Wait, proposal AND pregnancy?! The pass out was scary, but I'm so glad Sels was there, and she kept Al busy, too! What a good friend!


Author's Response: Hi there Kate!

Just a quick note - I think it's against the TOS rules to use curse words in a review - even if you * out some letters. IDK if this review will get removed, but I thought I'd mention it - sorry! because I don't want you to think I don't LOVE all of these (and I know you were just quoting my story - hehe)

Anyway, I'm So glad you mentioned the parallels between Hermione/Ron and Scorpius/Rose, because I will shortly have a new story coming out that tells the back story of Ron and Hermione mentioned in this (and earlier) chapters. I'd love to know what you think! :)

Haha - yeah a LOT got crammed into that chapter. It just sorta happened. Al is... very emotional and needs Selenia to balance him out for the most part.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by Moo moo 

4th January 2015:
I'm going to send you a bill for the sleep you owe me because I was so utterly addicted to your story I couldn't bear sleeping.

Author's Response: Hi there! So sorry you missed out on sleep - but this review TOTALLY made my day! Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Jeannette 

3rd January 2015:
Fantastic! As always :) Scorpius is taking this way better than I thought he would. He seems even more excited than Rose! Which is kind of adorable.
As for Rose.. It doesn't seem like she understands that the prophecy is most likely (and I'm guessing here) about that child that she is carry! Ahh! It's killing me.
I love Selenia's reaction! She is just the perfect best friend. And Albus seemed to be a type of comic relief which went really well with the dramatic situation.
My favorite bit was the mention of Ron and Hermione already knowing about the proposal. It made me smile! Of course Scorp asked for permission :)
Also I completely agree that Scorpius and Rose deserve some fluff. It's not everyday that a prophecy is made about you and some crazy psycho-maniac is trying to kidnap you. Needless to say, they have been through a lot.
I'm super excited for the next chapter. They just keep getting better and better! :) keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi there Jeannette!

So sorry I haven't responded until now. Thanks again for the awesome review!

You're right - Scorpius *is* taking this better than Rose. More of that to come.

Selenia is awesome! And if Al's reaction at seeing Rose unconscious is any indication, she was wise to keep this bit of information from him.

Haha - yeah Scorp asked permission.

Yay! Fluff - I'm so glad you like the fluff!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by MargaretLane 

3rd January 2015:
Poor, poor Rose. While I suspect this will end up being a good thing, it's still one more stress on top of everything else. Even a planned pregnancy is bound to create some worries - a new person, completely dependent on you - and this is pretty out of the blue for Rose. And then there's the prophecy on top of that. While this might lessen Stannous's interest in her, the idea of raising such a powerful witch or wizard is an additional responsibility.

Yikes, the thought of him doing something to the baby is possible. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get rid of it to ensure he could have a child with Rose that can fulfill the prophecy.

"Oh my Merlin" sounds a bit off to me. After all, there aren't many Merlins that different people believe in, the way there are gods, so there wouldn't be a need to clarify it's yours you're referring to. If they were to use Merlin in that way at all, and I don't think they ever do in the books, I'd imagine they'd just say "oh Merlin."

*laughs* YES. I think sending Al to get Rose something to eat could be a good way of getting rid of him all right.

Sorry for the short review. Nothing too dramatic happened in this chapter, so I don't have much to say. And yeah, Rose and Scorpius definitely deserve a break for a while. They've a fair amount of stress ahead of them, I'd say between finishing their courses, raising a child and the continued threat of Stannous. And of course, the trauma in their pasts.

Author's Response: Hey there!

The pregnancy was a bit of a shock, but I think Rose is up for it. As for how Stannous is going to take this, that remains to be seen.

Hmmm - I've never thought about it. I feel like I've used "Oh my Merlin" before. But "Oh Merlin" does seem a bit more natural.

Selenia is a master of management. She really knows how to navigate a tricky situation - and Albus!

You're right - not too much going on here. I apologize for the next few fluffy chapters, but thanks so much for taking the time to review!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by WhiteFeather 

3rd January 2015:
Oh this is so exciting! I know there is probably a tonne of trouble to come, but right now this is just so perfect! I'm glad to here the next chapters will be fluffy, because who doesn't love a bit of fluff? Thank you & keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks for leaving a review! I'm relieved that the news of a bit of fluffiness is going to be well received.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Paddlewaddle 

3rd January 2015:
Oh dear, I realised I haven't reviewed a chapter since 23 after I read them. So I'm going to go ahead and make up for it now HAHAHA

I knew Hermione being the Smartest witch of her Age was not for nought. Use that brain my dear heroine!! :D I can just imagine the atmosphere in the room while the prophecy was being revealed for a second time. It makes everything seem so real and I never imagined it would come true so fast either.

I always thought that the prophecy wouldn't actually come true until after they've confronted and (hopefully) overthrown Stannous and it would have been the perfect little happy ending wrapped in a bowtie - but Of course you'd throw us a plot twist and the prophecy appears to be in full force.

I love how sweet the last two chapters are, its just Rose and Scorpius in their own world and not letting this negativity get to them too much. However, I do hope Rose will cope well with this added stress - I have to admit everything is coming on and happening so fast I'm almost afraid its going to come crashing down sometime soon in the future. And not to mention the whole point of Rose being a target was because Stannous thought HIS kid would be the one spoken about in the prophecy... not Scorpius' so this is a total game changer - Not only is Rose a the target, but so is the unborn child. Realistically, Rose is already in a state of immense stress and the added psychopath after your baby could possibly just put Rose AND the baby in danger of miscarrying- in fact I'm surprised that nothing major has happened so far with the baby given how stressful the last 3 months has been for Rose but I believe this baby is a fighter so fingers crossed that our heroes make it through this story alive, well and happy. In any case, this story deals with grief and love so wonderfully, that in the event that something does happen, I feel you'd handle it in this story with such finesse and care.

In addition, I just love how Albus is like a bumbbling idiot. Absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see Hermione's "I KNEW IT" face when news of the baby comes out... at least before the serious concerns set in as Harry especially would know what a game changer this will be for everyone, being the subject of a prophecy himself. I simply love your Rose and Scorpius - John Legend's All Of Me is on in the background of my head everytime I read these fluffy moments because the song is exactly how I'd envision your characterisation. My feels are currently on overdrive as you can tell.

Can't wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Hi Paddlewaddle! So good to see you!

Wow - this is one humdinger of a review. Thanks so much!

Yes - plot twists abound! I'm so glad to keep you on your toes!

There is going to be a bit of added stress now, but I think Rose is up for it. As long as she has Scorp, she's equipped to handle just about anything.

Good thinking about Stannous. He's probably going to have something to say about this new... er... development.

Haha! Bumbling Al was a BLAST! Everyone's waiting for the reactions of the Wotters. I hope that I don't disappoint.

Okay - in the interest of full disclosure All of Me is on the playlist of songs I listen to when I write! So it's quite possible that I was listening to this when I wrote this chapter (it's been written for quite some time, so I can't say exactly).

Thanks again! Love this review!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by Anie 

2nd January 2015:
Oh my sweet. You do not know how to disappoint, do you?

I for one am all for the fluff. Bring the fluff. I loved how Al was sent away. I can totally see him going off the wall once he found out.

Great writing once again! You're very good at putting us in their heads.

I hope you had a happy new year! I cannot wait to read what you have next!!

Author's Response: Hi Anie,

So, so sorry to take this long to respond.

Yay! I've got some fluff for you! And then...

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by julianna ls 

2nd January 2015:
I don´t mind fluffy at all. I do love your story.

Author's Response: Haha - thanks!

And thanks for leaving a review ♥

I can deliver on the fluff for a few chapters - then it's gonna be some mystery again ;)

*hearts; Beth

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Review #13, by Madeline Ann 

2nd January 2015:
Amazing chapter as usual. Scorpius and Rose are just too sweet together!! But when are we gonna see Ron's reaction? Amazing story btw!! 😊

Author's Response: Hey there!

Eep! Thanks for the review! Don't worry - Ron's reaction is coming.

And thanks - so glad you're enjoying the story!

♥ Beth

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