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Review #1, by Unwritten Curse 

9th January 2016:
Gryffindor Review Battle: Team Gold

I don't know what to comment on first.

Here goesÖ

I hate that Olivia and Scorpius had a fight, but I understand. I understand why Olivia ran when she did and I understand why Scorpius is mad about it. I sympathize with both of them so it's hard to be happy about the fight, yet I sort of am because it was SO SWEET to see Rose sweep in and comfort her. She just started making small talk about a spell and it was so perfect. I love their budding friendship. And I love that they snuck her into the Gryffindor Common Room. It's so interesting seeing the Common Room through an outsider's perspective. It's a setting I take for granted so I don't usually pay much attention to it when I write stories about Gryffindor characters (which is, like, always) so to see Olivia in such awe of it is cool.

And I have to comment on Albus. Because I was rooting for them FROM THE VERY BEGINNING and I'm a little proud of myself but I'm also just enjoying the ride. It was adorable that Olivia kept his cloak and was just wrapped up in it in her dorm. I also randomly liked that she took a shower as hot as she could--it was like a self-inflicted punishment for running from Scorpius and straight to Albus. Which was a great moment of characterization and it made me sympathize with her even more. She's a great protagonist because she's already displayed an ability to change and she's flawed yet still likable.

I have a cat cuddled up on my arms so it's hard to type. I'm moving on to the next chapter now. :)


Author's Response: Olivia and Scorpius are both kind of in the wrong but both of their reactions are a response to the fact they're having a hard time, so it's difficult for them to see the other person's side.

I loved writing Rose here. It's one of my favourite scenes with her. She's just kind, and I think Olivia needs more of that in her life.

Thank you,

Emma xx

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Review #2, by merlins beard 

26th March 2015:
I knew scorpius would react badly and i'm glad rose was there to help ollie. I'm still worried about scorpius though. Who is there for him?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm so impressed you've gone through every chapter! Emma xx

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Review #3, by TidalDragon 

19th January 2015:
Well, I see you also had a different set-up in mind now...a Scorplosion if you will. To be fair, I think he's pretty rightfully upset at both parties. Though he handled it quite poorly for a public setting being as loud as he was, it's hard to blame him. He's under loads of pressure here and Olivia's assessment rings quite true. I never thought I'd say this about a Scorpius, but I hope he's alright (unless he is in fact a crazed attacker).

I also can't help but feel that there's some kind of connection between the ongoing investigation and the cryptic, short letters from Olivia's dad. I don't know WHY I think that necessarily, but I'm feeling like there's more to that story and you're making me want answers. So even if they're not connected, good on you for that.

As for the end, a Slytherin in the Gryffindor common room?! For shame! But I suppose it's a nice commentary on the way the world's evolved since canon and the Potters and Weasleys certainly seem to be welcoming her in - Albus with increasing interest.

See you for Chapter 13!

Author's Response: Scorpius is really suffering and although he's being overly harsh I'm glad you can sympathise. If Olivia wasn't also struggling she'd be able to realise better that he just needs support.

And Olivia's dad will feature in future chapters :)

I thought that after the war the different houses would be encouraged to be less separate. There's not really any reason why they shouldn't be allowed in eachother's common rooms, and I liked the idea of Gryffindor acting as a kind of refuge for Olivia.

Thanks again for all the reviews! I'm seriously impressed by your commitment!

Emma x

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Review #4, by Laura 

5th January 2015:
Update soon Emma! I want to see what happens!!

On this chapter - Rose is fantastic, Scor's rude (maybe understandably? I'm not sure yet), Clara's a pain.

Can't wait for chapter 13!

Laura x

Author's Response: Hi Laura!

I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. Scor's rudeness is, hopefully, a little bit understandable, and Clara's definitely being difficult :)

Chapter 13 is written so should be uploaded pretty soon.

Emma xx

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Review #5, by TumTum 

31st December 2014:
I was so glad to see this update and I finally have the chance to write a review (I've been so busy with Christmas). I really felt for Olivia over breakfast, especially after Scorpius left her and she felt so alone... and humiliated in front of everyone in the school hall. Just ouch.

Rose and Louis were like white knights (very Gryffindor) and now I am super intrigued by what will happen in Gryffindor Tower, even if it makes Olivia jealous (I can relate). I still find it exciting.

Also I hope we see more of Jason... I was really glad to catch a brief glimpse of him this chapter. Also I'm really looking forward to seeing Al and I was super excited to catch that little line about him easing Olivia's anxiety, that's super sweet. Just aah I really do want to see more of them together.

I hope you have had a happy holiday and happy new year!


Author's Response: Margie! So glad you're back. And I'm sorry for leaving it so long before this update!

Jason will definitely be around a bit more from now on, I've got a few things planned for him later on :)

Happy New Year to you too, thank you so much for all your lovely reviews and for the support on the forums too.

Emma xx

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Review #6, by MissMoneypenny 

30th December 2014:
WAIT WAIT WAIT I'VE GOT IT --- olivia's dad knows something about cass
... i think
if it's true i'm a genius (but we all knew that already)

Author's Response: Haha, all will be revealed :)

Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #7, by CambAngst 

28th December 2014:
Hi, Emma! I saw that you were looking for your 200th review. Well look no longer! :)

Slowly, gently and without much awkwardness, you're pulling Olivia and Albus together. I think you're pacing things very well with the two of them. Nothing feels rushed or artificial and they both seem really age-appropriate. Sure, I would have loved to see a kiss as much as anyone, but I don't think it would have been right for the situation.

Joe and Oz were sitting by the fireplace. Joe was asleep against Ozís chest, and Oz had a lazy arm draped over his shoulders. -- Aww, such a cute couple!

Wow. Clara is pretty thick. She pushed it too far this time, though. I'm not even sure Scorpius will regret the things he said to her after he's had time to calm down. It needed to be said, although not exactly in those words I suppose.

Very different from the things he said to Olivia. I think he'll definitely regret those words. How soon is an open question, but he will regret it. He's burning down his own support system in grand fashion.

I kind of wish Olivia would talk to her parents. I get the oddest feeling that they might know something that would prove useful to her.

Lastly, there's Gryffindor Tower. You make it sound like a pretty wonderful place. I guess compared to a cold, dark dungeon, it could seem that way. I definitely feel like Rose and Louis are up to something here. The way that they specifically brought up Al cemented the idea in my head. Smart bunch, those Weasleys!

I saw one little typo as I was reading:

Scor spat out his words, hanger carved into his whole face. -- anger carved. Otherwise, your writing was lovely as always.

I agree with you that this one was a little light on content, but sometimes you have to kick-start the creative process. Looking forward to learning much more about Cassie's disappearance and Olivia and Al's budding romance!

Author's Response: Dan! Thank you so so much! I'm super excited to make it to 200 reviews and it's extra special for number 200 to be this lovely one from you :)

I agree about the timing for Olivia and Al. I keep worrying I might be pushing them slightly too fast, but I know in most stories they'd probably be together by now :) I hope they stay believable, because I really want them to come across as having a healthy, balanced, real relationship.

People mentioning Joe and Oz always makes me smile. Their relationship is maybe my favourite thing about writing this novel, and the amount of love they're getting from everyone basically fills me with joy.

And thanks for pointing out the typo - I think my proofreading slipped a little bit in this chapter, and will come back and give it a proper edit.

Thank you thank you thank you for such a generous review and for taking me to 200! It's always a bit of an honour getting such lovely feedback from you because I'm consistently in awe of your own writing :)

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #8, by sleepingdragons 

27th December 2014:
Hellooo, review swap here :)
I thought I'd just review this chapter because I love this story and I've already read the rest hehe.

Firstly, I'm loving that Al and Liv are getting closer! And that he was the one to comfort her when she was having a breakdown. He sounds so sweet ahh.

And poor Scorpius... he's obviously hurting a lot with Cassie's disappearance, but it's a shame he's pushing Liv away. (I really just want him to get with Rose, I'm sorry is that really bad?!)

I'm really interested to see what happens on this Hogsmeade trip as well, and what it is that Olivia's parents need to tell her? Ahh please update soon! I love this story so much haha

- Niamh

Author's Response: Hi Niamh!

Thanks for such a lovely review. I'm so glad you're enjoying reading :)

Al and Liv are slowly getting better friends. I don't Liv's the type to make new friends quickly so have been trying not to rush it. And Scorpius is just generally having a bit of a rubbishy time. I totally understand you wanting him with Rose, they're one of my favourite ships too :) But we'll see what happens between the two of them in this story...

I'm working on the next chapter so will try to get it up quickly when the queue opens again :)

Thanks for the swap and for such a kind review!

Emma xx

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Review #9, by Veritaserum27 

27th December 2014:
Hi there Emma!

I'm here for our review swap. I read your author's note that said you didn't like this chapter, but I thought it was a nice break from the last two really intense cliffhangers. I think a great story paces things nicely and gives the characters (and readers) a chance to breathe after dropping a really big bomb on us! I also think pacing it like that makes the next big dramatic moment even more intense because you are coming off a low moment. Just sayin' - I don't have an issue with this chapter.

I also really liked that Olivia realized just how many friends she really has at Hogwarts. First off, there's Al - who is slowly becoming more of a friend - and you've done a superb job of showing this in small ways. It's obvious to the reader that Al really cares for Olivia, but she is learning this very slowly. Because of the horrid way her parents have treated her, she's not very trusting - and rightly so. Also, there's Rose and Louis. I'm still in love with Rose and I can't even tell you how much I squeed at her showdown with Louis. He needed to hear that and I'm glad he's afraid of her. I'm afraid of her. She also has Joey and Oz and I can't even with those two. You write them so brilliantly I just want to hug everyone when I read it.

I can't go anywhere without commenting on Scorpius. I don't think I blame him for his reactions. It was totally justified, especially considering the fact that he is always honest (you mentioned that in an earlier chapter) and considering that he really doesn't have the close-knit group that Olivia does. He needed a friend - and that should've been Olivia. I really feel for him - and his reaction to both Clara and Olivia was totally on par with his character - and seemed right. I hope that she can get through to him somehow, because he's gonna need her.

So I need to thank you right now for creating all these characters that are totally believable and I care about all of them. I really need to know that everything is going to work out alright for these guys. Not only am I worried about Cassie, but I want Olivia and Al to be alright and Scorpius too! I want Rose to stay strong and Louis to find a way to prove to Al that he is not a big jerk all the time!

Awesome job, Emma - I thought this chapter was great!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Thank you for another amazingly generous review!

I love that you like Rose. I'm liking writing her more and more with each chapter, and am a big fan of really nice characters who have moments of scariness. And Joe and Oz are my absolute favourites so thank you for mentioning them again :)

Scorpius is struggling, and it's a real relief that people understand where he's coming from. I was worried I was going to get lots of complaints about his nastiness, but I think it's understandable even if not acceptable.

This review's really really kind. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Emma xx

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Review #10, by marauderfan 

27th December 2014:
Eeep, I love Al so much. He is just so sweet, as he's there for Olivia as a shoulder to cry on even when he has no idea what is wrong, nor does he ask - he's just there for her. That's a good friend.

What on earth is going on with her parents? Do they know something about Cassie? Is that the 'things' she needs to know? Or are they just getting a divorce or something? Also, Pansy is such a horrible mother. She's such a self-esteem-crusher. >:-(

I feel so bad for both Scorpius and Clara here. I mean, Clara is so annoying and clingy, but she didn't deserve to be yelled at. And Scorpius was clearly in the wrong taking his anger out on Clara, but I can so sympathise with him as he must be having the most horrible time as his best friend ran out on helping him, and his girlfriend is missing and he's being blamed for it. So I can't really blame him.

I do hope that in time, Scorpius and Olivia make up, because they both really need each other's friendship at a time like this. :(

Aw, Rose and Louis save the day! Those two really are so caring and I love how much they accept her into their group and whisk her away, sort of to distract her from how much things suck for her at the moment. They're trying to make things easier and I think it's helping her... I'm just worried how it will affect Scorpius :-/

As for the things in your A/N, I don't think there's anything wrong with the flow. True, not much happens, but sometimes filler chapters are necessary when there's a lot of other stuff happening around them. It seemed perfectly fine to me!

Awesome chapter, Emma! Thanks for the swap! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review! I'm so glad you like Al. I really want him to be a stable presence so they can have a healthy, supportive dynamic as a kind of refuge from all the rubbish Olivia's got going on, so I'm glad you think he's sweet :)

And Scorpius and Clara both make their mistakes but are both suffering, so thank you for being sympathetic towards them!

This review's really reassuring and kind, thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading, and thanks for the swap :)

Emma xx

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Review #11, by Chivalrous 

25th December 2014:
In honor of it being Christmas, could you please wrap Al up as a present and put a bow on top?

Please and thank you.

Anyways, getting on with the review!

I adore Olivia. She's just absolutely wonderful and snarky and so Slytherin it brings my heart joy.

Reading this chapter I do, however, find a couple of things that are strange. Olivia seems very quick to accept her new Gryffindor friends and there's not a lot of internal struggle for her. Maybe she's just accepting it and not really giving it much thought and that's fine! It just seems a bit strange to me at least.

You really are hitting me in the feels with this chapter! Bloody Scorpius Malfoy! His staunch loyalty to Cassie is absolutely darling and I love him for it. He was a bit nasty to Clara though, like the poor thing! He could have been rude quietly and not shouted across the Great Hall about it. Geez Scorpius!

Olivia's parents being sketchy is freaking me out... I need to know what's happening! Her Mum is hysterical like I'm torn between rolling my eyes and laughing my brains out every time she's involved!

Louis, Rose, Oz, and Joe are excellent supporting characters and I love each of them very much.

On the real though, where is Cassie!? Surprises are not fun for me, I like to know these things!

I absolutely love this story and even if you didn't like this chapter it was wonderful!

Thank you loads for updating!


P.S. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! This review is quite astonishingly generous and has made me super smiley and happy :)

I totally see what you mean about Olivia being very quick to accept her new friend. Hopefully it'll make a bit more sense when the next few chapters are uploaded - she's not fully accepted them as her friendship circle yet, she's just in shock after Scor's outburst - but I'll definitely work on that when I come back and edit.

Scorpius was fairly unacceptably mean to Clara, but I'm really glad you understand what made him do it. He's having a bit of a touch time so is allowed a few nasty moments I think.

And I'm so glad you find Pansy funny! She's a terrible mother but is a lot of fun to write.

Thank you for such a lovely review! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying reading, and will try to update asap when the queue opens again :)

Emma xx

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Review #12, by Roisin 

21st December 2014:

So I see what you mean about this chapter--there's a lot about it that's really good though. I think the real problem is just that not enough happens. Which can be fine, because once later chapters are up, readers can just breeze through it onto the next.

There are a few teeny errors ('hanger' instead of 'anger,' and a couple tense shifts), that I'm sure you can catch on a second reading. Otherwise, I really liked a lot of individual elements.

Scorpius is definitely kind of a prat here, but not enough to lose my sympathy. It's a pretty understandable reaction, given everything that's going on. I almost appreciate his loyalty to Cassie, and he's been accused of hurting her, so of course he'd be angry to be tested. I really liked that Oz leads Clara away afterwards--he's a good bloke. It also helped remind readers that, even though we might sympathize with Scor, he was definitely in the wrong there.

I'm really curious about the parent stuff, and I'm glad that's coming back. You write Olivia's mum amazingly well--GOD SHE IS SO FRUSTRATING.

I also like that Olivia and Cass perfected vinegar-into-wine ;) OF COURSE they would!

Early on there was indication that Olivia's cool Slytherin clique would fall apart, and she'd fall in with the Wotters. I think you might be able to draw that out more in the future--maybe some conflict from Scor (or Cassie, if she returns) about Olivia's new friends. I like the idea that they might not be as 'cool'--like, compared to Cass's Mean Girl, funny and superior, going to clubs thing. I'd also like to see more internal conflict with Olivia over that--like, battling her own cynical snarky superiority and their being maybe a little tame or even nerdy. I'm super rambling right now, but I hope it's helpful some!

One way to maybe improve this chapter, in the 'drawing out conflict' thing, would be to give her a little more ambivalence about Al's cloak. Like, when she wraps up in it in bed. She takes that really in stride here, and you could maybe draw it out more--make her feel weirder about it, but also exposit more on the comfort it affords.

Blargh, hella random ideas you can take or leave!

Update soon!

Author's Response: Roisin! This review is SO helpful and is really really exactly what I needed, so thank you so much!!

The not-very-much-happening chapters are SUCH a problem because it's hard to see how they'll feel in the context of the whole story - unless you're super organised like you and get the whole thing written before uploading, I suppose :) - so it's very reassuring if that's the main problem with this. I felt the same way with chapter five and feel much better about it now that I'm further on.

I'll come back and look at the grammar mistakes. I guess my proofreading skills are going downhill a bit :S - thanks for pointing those out!

I like your suggestion about Al's cloak a LOT. That's exactly the kind of thing I usually try to get in here and I don't think there's enough of it in this chapter. Ollie thinks a lot about the things that are happening to her, and I think your'e right that she'd probably monologue more about what's going on with Al rather than just snuggling down into his cloak. I'll definitely think a bit about that when I come back and edit this :)

Thank you so much for such a kind and incredibly helpful review! It really is exactly what I needed to feel a bit more confident about this chapter and story, especially from someone whose work I admire as much as yours!

Emma xx

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Review #13, by dobbyismyhero22 

21st December 2014:
Ahh I hated Scorpius yelling at her but I could definitely see where he was coming from. I love how Rose and Louis kind of saved her at the end there. That was so nice of them. Can't wait till the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll try to get the next chapter up asap when the queue opens again :)

Emma xx

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Review #14, by AdinaPuff 

20th December 2014:

I love Al. Can I marry him? He's just so perfect I can't take it. I love his character! Olivia is one lucky girl.

Oh my god Joe and Oz. I love them. Such a sweet scene with Joe asleep on Oz's chest. Awe awe awe.

I wonder what's going on at home that both of her parents want to meet up and talk. It must be something... interesting. I'll have to ponder that for a while.

Poor Clara. Maybe it's the Hufflepuff in me, but I wanted to go run after her and make sure she was okay. But I know that Olivia wouldn't do that. Gosh Scor was so mean. I was waiting for him to finally cut ties like that. I knew it was going to happen as soon as he started yelling at poor Clara.

Rose is such a good friend, coming and getting Olivia out of there. Louis's a good supporting character. I hope he fixes everything with Al. I love them both so I hope that all works out.

Okay, this might be stupid, but I honestly can't figure out who 'The Moron' is, with Dom across his lap? I guess it's been so long since I read the last chapters that I just don't remember. :p

Anyway, I LOVED this chapter. Oh my gosh please update soon. I love Al and you and Al and Olivia and Al.

-Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Yayyy Leigh your reviews fill me with so much joy :)

Oz and Joe I absolutely adore. They're so so satisfying to write and I have so much fun with them, so thank you always for mentioning them.

And the Moron is Jason, Ollie's cousin. Oops, I should probably put him in a bit more often if he's getting forgettable...sorry about that. He'll show up a bit more in future chapters though :)

I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I'm a bit unsure about it really so it's very reassuring to hear from people that liked it :)

Thank you so much for such a kind review!

Emma xx

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Review #15, by Unicorn_Charm 

20th December 2014:
Hey Emma!

I'm so excited that there is a new update!! I just realized that I haven't reviewed a few previous chapters, and will go back and rectify that. :) But I wanted to review this newest one for the swap, so here I go! :D

I felt so bad for Olivia. She really seems like the type that does bottle a lot inside, so it was good to see her finally let go and cry like that. Not exactly good, more like a relief. Al was very sweet to just hold her, let her cry and not make her talk about anything. And I'm sure she liked knowing that if she did want to talk about anything, she was free to send him an owl. That was very sweet of him to offer, even if she most likely won't take him up on it that evening.

Her housemates must know that she's just under a lot of strain if they didn't push her to talk when she arrived back in. It must be obvious to everyone else that she and Scorpius' relationship is not the same, and they all know that her best friend is missing. I like that they don't all bombard her with questions and make her talk about everything.

I feel like her mother has something to do with Cassie's disappearance. I feel that's why her father wrote to her. Pansy, from what I remember from earlier on, is a little obsessed with Olivia eventually getting together with Scorpius. It makes he wonder if she felt that if she got Cassie out of the way, that everything would be set in place for her daughter to nab a Malfoy - the way she wasn't able to. I'm very curious to see how this little meet-up with her mother goes. If she decides to see her that is.

Scorpius is becoming quite dark, isn't he? I'm sure Clara could be annoying, and I kind of see his point, but he was rather harsh. I suppose being accused of having something to do with your girlfriend's disappearance, and your best friend has been slowly distancing herself from you, would cause you to snap eventually. It just seemed that Clara said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I actually do feel bad for Scorpius. The poor kid's world is just crumbling around him. I don't think he should have been as cruel to Olivia, but again, I can kind of see where he's coming from.

I just adored how Rose swooped in there like that! She didn't make a scene, didn't mention what had just happened and got her right out of there. That was so unbelievably kind of her to do that. I really love your Rose. She's smart, sweet, but has a bit of a bite when need be. Example, when Louis mentioned drinking. I guess it's that red hair and the bit of Weasley in her haha. Well, Hermione had a bit of a temper too, at times, so I'm sure that definitely adds to it a bit. ;)

I love this idea of her getting to see the Gryffindor Common Room. I think it's exactly where she needs to be right now. Nothing in there will remind her of Cassie, or Scorpius, or the three of them together. No one in there will want to know what happened between her and Scorpius. It's a chance for her to kind of hide and unwind a little bit. And I think Rose knew that as well, which is why she invited her up there. Not to mention, a certain Potter might be up there as well. ;) Oh, and I love that the password was Grawmp!

This was a great chapter! It was jam packed with emotion and just wonderfully done. I am so happy that you've updated again! I adore this story!! Hope to see another update soon! ♥

Thanks for the swap!! :D

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!

Your reviews are just fab, thank you thank you thank you :)

Oo your ideas about Pansy are interesting. I won't say anything now because I don't like spoilers but I love hearing people's theories about what's happening with Cassie and yours is definitely a good one!

Scorpius is having a bit of a terrible time. I'm glad you can understand where he's coming from, even if it is a bit cruel. I've been putting him through quite a lot and I don't think he's one to deal with it particularly well.

And I'm so glad you like Rose! One of the moments I love most from Hermione is her meeting Harry with a stack of toast after his name gets called in Goblet of Fire. She's very pragmatic in the face of emotion and I wanted that to be a trait that gets passed on to Rose (although she gets a bit of the Weasley/Granger temper as well).

And yes! I wanted Gryffindor to be a bit of a refuge for Olivia, so I'm supra happy that came across.

Thank you thank you for such an amazing review and for the lovely swap :)

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #16, by Ribbons 

20th December 2014:

This was such a dramatic, heart-wrenching chapter. It went by SO fast, but there was a lot packed into it. Cue rambling.

Poor Olivia! That would be so difficult. I can only imagine what it would be like to be in her situation, like her life has been pulled out from under her feet. Scorpius is pretty much having a mental breakdown, Cassie is missing and her parents are completely crazy. Everywhere she goes there seems to be yelling in public, tears...what a nightmare!

But you saved her! Her knight in shining armour (although I admit - she's not exactly a damsel in distress...) is Albus Potter, the Gryffindor wing nut who I happen to adore. Heís really stepped up to the plate, and you can see Olivia starting to really trust him and rely on him.
There are so many contrasting elements in this story! Safety and turmoil, happiness and sadness, genuine feelings and sticky fakeness, up in your face characters and others that have disappeared. They all meld and bleed into each other, offering tremendous contrast.

Rose is really making me happy. You've written her impeccably (that goes for all your characters, darling), and she shines. I love the way you've balanced her calm and hysteria, as well as her languid side with her other, (slightly) manic self. Very refreshing. I have to confess that a tiny sliver of my being wants her and Scorpius to get together, is that somewhere in the future? Of course, he would never cheat on Cassie and if they find her dead it would take EONS for him to recover, but still. Rose would help him through it I think, and maybe her support through that time would be what made him slowly, gently, softly, fall in love with her.
Of course, the biggest mystery is Cassie. Where is she? Her absence is eating at all the characters - especially Scorpius and Olivia - and you can tell that she means more than a lot to them. I like how her absence is showing people's true natures, such as Clara, and running cracks through friendships, such as Olivia and Scorpius's. This is very realistic, but also incredibly painful. It would be awful for Olivia and Scorpius to watch the rest of the world move on from Cassie's disappearance (if she never comes back) when they are still unable to in their own hearts. Doubly painful if they are not talking to each other. Cassieís disappearance is like a black hole.

The small details that you sprinkle through this story is what really marks it above the rest, and I greatly respect you for the attention you pay to the little things. For example, the fact that the Slytherin Common Room is near or under the Black Lake! Sometimes when writing a large work such as this, authors inadvertently begin to skip those tiny moments and the quality goes down. Thatís probably part of the reason why some author's (such as myself) write one-shots so much better than novels.

Again, the tension you're building is making me desperate for another update. In this particular chapter you're still deploying the Cassie problem, but this time the tension comes from the dynamics between the characters, instead of the actual action in the last chapter. This makes for a nice contrast, so that I'm not bored and not worn out after reading, in fact I feel almost more awake.

I really love this chapter, and if anything it's shown that you're continuing to make this story better and better, raising the bar with every new update. Congratulations and welcome back!

Much, much, MUCH love,


Author's Response: Alena!

Sorry sorry for the delayed response. I'm getting increasingly rubbishy at keeping up to date on here. But THANK YOU for such a lovely review!

I'm so relieved that you liked this chapter. I'm very much not sure about it, and it's hugely reassuring to hear that you didn't find it a bit of a let down. Everything you say about my characters fills me with squidgy happy feelings :)

Rose and Scorpius...there's lots to happen with both of their characters in the coming chapters so hopefully you'll find some of it interesting! They're one of my favourite pairings.

And I'm working on the next chapter so hopefully won't take too long when the queue opens again :)

Really really thank you for the lovely review and for the swap.

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #17, by Irishseeker 

20th December 2014:
Olivia and Scorp really broke my heart. It's so good how we can really see how Scorpius is feeling and what he is going through in your writing.
Again, my curiosity about Cassie and needing to know grows stronger and I'm not a really patient person. Haha. But I'm really enjoying this story so I'm looking forward to seeing how the plot develops, as well as your characters. Really loving Louis.
Grear writing and can't wait for the next chapter.
IrishSeeker :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for another extremely kind review :) I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading. This definitely wasn't my favourite chapter to write so it's a huge relief to hear that you liked it!

Scor and Ollie were always going to have to have their problems after her behaviour in the last chapter, but it's sad because they're both used to needing eachother so much. I'm glad you think Scor's feelings can come across. He isn't trying to be hurtful, he's just suffering.

Cassie's story won't be revealed for a little while yet, but I promise we're getting there! (slowly but surely...)

And I've had very mixed feedback about Louis so it's good to hear you like him. He's made some mistakes but he's a lot of fun to write and I feel quite attached to him.

Really thank you for reviewing. It means a lot and there's no better motivation than hearing from people who are enjoying reading!

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #18, by Novella_viallii 

20th December 2014:
Update soon! Interested

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm working on the next chapter so hopefully won't be too long :)

Glad to hear you're interested in the story.

Emma xx

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