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Review #1, by Glisten  

30th July 2017:
I LOVE the way you added the part about Rosmerta. It's bringing a small character to light, which is always cool to read. She seems like a very nice lady, doesn't she? The part you added about her kind of crushing on Sirius was interesting to. Wonder if that's going to go anywhere or be mentioned again?

It was smart of Hermione to avoid being a Gryffindor. That would automatically make it hard for her to connect with Sev since there's the whole Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry thing. It was also smart of her to change her appearance a bit. I imagine a black-haired Hermione would be very pretty.

I see Bellatrix and Lucius aren't much different from their older selves. She was so rude to Hermione! She could've even been pureblood for all she knew! They're defiately going to be trouble. I'm interested to see how their character's impact future chapters.

It's going to be hard for her to not make an impact on anyone but Severus. Impossible even. I mean, people are going to have crushes and honestly every little thing she does has a big impact in the future. This story makes me think of the Chaos Theory which is the idea that something as small as a butterfly's wing flap can contribute to an avalanche on the other side of the world. Meaning small things make big differences. Obviously it's not possible for her not to make an impact, but that makes it all the more interesting for me. How will this go? Good? Bad? A little bit of both?

Must be quite a shock to see all of those people there at once. She's probably barely even accepted she's 22 years in the past and to see all those people from the past at once would be quite a shock for sure. It must be even harder to know that she can't do ANYTHING to save James or Lily from their future. Honestly if I were her I probably would just because saving Snape would already make a huge difference so why not save the Potters too you know?

Anyway, very nice past two chapters. Onto the next one I go!

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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

29th August 2016:
Meg ♥

I know I should really let it go, but I still love that Hermione had the chance to choose Ravenclaw.

I also love the fact she changed her hair. It's a fresh perspective on Hermione, all these differences, because even though she's the same character inside, this is a completely new story, and she's bound to become a different person; it's starts with physical changes.

This makes me quite sad and I'm not sure why: She looked around at the scenery in front of her, still amazed that, for her, everything here was just blown apart and destroyed. Okay, I guess I do know why. It's a bittersweet description. Same sort of thing with her having Mudblood written on her arm by Bellatrix - she's just come out of the most traumatic few months, and there's reminders everywhere!

Ooh la la - A young Madam Rosmerta! I love how Hermione doesn't like her straight away because of Ron. (I'm assuming) that a lot of her prejudices about people from her time are going to be changed!

THIS! So many months on the run and constantly looking over her shoulder, left her with the habit of not keeping her back to a door. I know I said it in the last review, but it really adds to the story that she's literally just come out of a battle, and it's really affecting her throughout the story.

Ahh! Bellatrix and Lucius! AND LOCKHART! ♥

Ooh and Snape! Here we go, wee!

Awesome chapter Meg, each one moves the story along so nicely and they're extremely enjoyable ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

26th May 2016:
And once more! Thanks again for swapping with me, and I hope you feel better!

Holy intensity, Batman! This was such a crazy chapter with all of the introductions of so many characters, but I think you pulled it off beautifully. Your descriptions of each character, much younger than they were when Hermione first knew them, were spot on! If I were Hermione, I would be totally shocked at what they looked like too!

Uh oh, a bit of jealousy at Rosmerta, but seriously, what a nice lady! I'm glad that she sort of undermined Hermione's expectations and turned out to be really nice--maybe she'll be an ally later on if Hermione runs into Bella in Hogsmeade again? I feel like Rosmerta wouldn't judge Hermione too much for being kind of a misfit--she has this really great bartender-y type character that I think works well for this situation. I also like that you gave her some backstory, so that she's not just "Madame Rosmerta, curvy barmaid-at-large."

Ooh, Bella and Lucius! Nasty, nasty people. I hate how Bella just automatically assumed that Hermione was "filth," even though she's pretending to be a pureblood--kind of proves that the "most pureblooded" of Wizarding Britain don't even care about other people's blood status. They just care about their own superiority and self righteousness. *eye roll eye roll eye roll*

Ahaha, Gilderoy made me laugh! I don't think that Hermione would be a good match for him, since first of all, she knows him as a teacher, and second of all, he's a huge jerk. But hey, a girl can dream about his handsome face, right? I sincerely hope that he shows up more in this story, just so I can see whether or not he's as much of a jerk in 1976 as he is in 1992!

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Seeing the Marauders and Lily together and young and alive is just hurtful. You do show James and Sirius in a bad light, pushing Snape around, but that's because they did bully him, and probably that day by the lake in Snape's Worst Memory didn't do a whole lot to stop that. Alas. I'm such a big Jily shipper that I sometimes overlook the...less savory parts of James's personality, but I am very willing to admit that he isn't always a nice guy.

Hermione is definitely projecting Peter Pettigrew's future self onto his 1976 self, though. I feel like he would be more prone to laughing at Sirius and James's antics than creating his own mischief, but he can't already be evil yet, right? At sixteen?! I hope not, for his sake! But I suspect that he'll show up later, and I'll know whether or not Hermione's initial assessment of him is correct or not!

And, finally...Snape. Poor guy, getting pushed around while Hermione is taking in the faces of the young Marauders. And then, when she notices him, she doesn't even know what to do. Of course, he's not some kind of hottie--you stayed very true to the whole greasy-hair-don't-care thing--but seeing someone as a wee lad must change things for Hermione. He's not bullying students here, he's a student getting bullied. His backstory already kind of explains why he's so mean to his students, but this firsthand account of things will really drive the point home.

Ooh, wanted to include a word about Hermione changing her appearance: very wise move, but I feel like some people will still recognize her face, even if twenty years later they meet her and they're like, "hmm, you look like some girl I went to school with, and you even have the same name!". That could create difficulties in Hermione's future, but for now, it's fine. Also, I was giggling about there being a specialty Muggle clothing shop in Hogsmeade because of course witches and wizards of the 1970's have to get their groove on with the wacky fashions of the decade. :D

Another great chapter! I can't wait to know what Snape is really like, beyond first impressions!


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Review #4, by Emi 

19th March 2016:
When I first read this chapter, I remember originally thinking that I was surprised Hermione didnít just go find the kitchens herself (and from there, either ask the house elves for something or just make it herselfÖ obviously the professors present are eating somehow, right?), though Hogsmeade clearly worked just as well. That said, re-reading this now, Iím once again stuck appreciating your attention to detail. Having Hermione need to figure out the food situation at all, and touching on the fact that she clearly didnít travel prepared with money or items, was another one of those choices you made that really helped to ground the story and make it seem so much more real.

Iím again a fan of your characterization of Hermione as she thinks through decisions; wanting to change her appearance but remembering Pomfreyíd seen herÖ Iím sorry, I somehow keep going back to your continuity details. I donít know why those are sticking with me so much, but suffice it to say your continuity is absolutely unreal.

Rosmerta was cool, and I like your emphasis on bringing in characters outside of all the big ones everyone expects you to mention. Again, it really helps ground things, and Iím honestly not sure how you manage to do it in such a way that it keeps the readerís interest. Iím typically a terrible reader, Iíll admit; I tend to lose interest very quickly when Iím reading a story for a given pairing, and I instead end up reading about side characters I donít give a crap about. In this story, though, I find myself actually caring about these side characters, actually interested in reading about them even though Iím also obviously on the edge of my seat for the first Sev appearance. I donít know why this story is different. Maybe itís because even from the first two chapters, I was already invested in this story, already so attached that I wanted to read every word you wrote, and therefore didnít need to fight the urge to scroll. Maybe itís just your style and pacing overall, and your balance of plot-advancing moments and more neutral moments is such that it more resembles an actual book than most fanfiction Iíve read. I donít know what youíre doing, but youíre doing it well. Thought you should know. xD

Also, thanks for not making Malfoy as terrible as you couldíve made him. I think you kept him well in character Ė which, of course, by this point Iíd already come to expect of you Ė and Iím dreadfully tired of seeing his character turned into the source of all evil.

Yeah, Iím going back to your continuity details, sorry: Loved the touch of again having Hermioneís thoughts refer to Snape as Professor, and loved the touch of including Lockhart and Hermioneís ďcrush.Ē

Also liked how you introduced Sev, how Hermione didnít immediately know who he was before it was actually possible for her to. It was subtle, and very well played.

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Review #5, by TreacleTart 

22nd April 2015:
Hi Meg!

I'm here for our review swap!

I'm really excited to see how the start of school goes! I can't imagine what it will be like for Hermione to see all of these people knowing what their fate is like. I mean what if she bumps into Frank and Alice Longbottom? How could she not want to tell them what's going to happen? How could she not want to save Neville from the life he lives? And the same with Harry's parents? It's horribly torturous really. Here she's going to build all of these relationships with people and then they'll die in horrific ways.

The scene with Rosmerta was sweet. It was nice to see Hermione let her guard down and really get to know her a bit instead of being jealous of her because Ron thinks she's pretty.

I bet running into Bellatrix and Lucius was quite the shock. Particularly as you pointed out she had only been tortured by her a few weeks prior to seeing her again. I really liked that you described Bellatrix as beautiful. I feel like people have a bad habit of making evil villains ugly, so I thought that was a nice contrast from the normal.

Wow! Hermione really does seem to see everyone right away. I liked that you had her describe the way they looked then in comparison to how they do in the future. It really helps us to understand how time has changed them.

This is a really interesting story so far and I can't wait to see how Hermione will befriend Snape! Good work!


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Review #6, by crestwood 

15th March 2015:
Hi Meg! I've decided to get back to this story because it seems I've powered through all of your recent one-shots :P (Also, looking through your Author's Page reminded me that I need to beg you for a new chapter of Don't Become Too Serious With Him, Rosie. one of these days)

This is kind of surreal to read about Hogwarts being so totally empty. I'd feel weird to be the only student there because it's so gigantic and always bustling. I love the descriptions as she walks through the grounds and the reason why she stopped to take it in makes a lot of sense because of course it's weird to see everything back to normal after the scene she just left.

She's very right about drawing attention by the very virtue of being new. I think that's true pretty much anywhere you go. I think it's an interesting thought that people would remember her in the future. I've never really taken time to consider that. I suppose she could just hope for the best and deal with it in the future :P

It's such an interesting idea that Hermione would have learned not to keep her back to a door in her time on the run. I absolutely love young Rosmerta. She's so friendly and inviting and she gave Hermione her meal for free! This, of course, does make it weird for her to run into her in the future.

It's so creepy seeing Bellatrix in this context. I wonder what sort of weird things would happen if Hermione was to die in the past? Luckily Lucius was there and we didn't have to find out! Although, it would definitely be strange to see him too. But at least he's less likely to actually murder you.

LOCKHART WINKED AT HER. That's the best thing that has ever happened.

I am so excited for the Marauders and Lily and Snape and just interactions, this is gonna be great!! I don't read enough of these kinds of stories to know what the 'norm' for them usually is, but I really like the way you do them. You're so great with Hermione's character. I could read your take on her over and over. Excellent chapter! Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #7, by wolfgirl17 

24th January 2015:
Oh my gosh. So there I am, sitting at work (the only place i currently have internet access due to moving house) craving a Snamione story that I didn't write myself, when I immediately think of you and your wonderful story.

I loved this chapter. It was exciting and interesting and I just know I'm going to leave an inadequate review for how wonderful it is beause I've got to hit the next button and read more. I can't wait to see where you go with this and just ARGH!

More please. You simply must update ASAP because I'm going to run out of chapters and then I'm going to sit and pout and cry like a ninny (or alternatively, like a child whose been told there is no more ice-cream) so pretty please post another new chapter soon.

I loved it!


Author's Response: Hey Ellie! ♥

I'm assuming that at this point the move is complete, so I hope everything went smoothly for you! :) And I'm incredibly flattered/happy/wonderfully surprised that you thought of me while craving a Snamione. :D That is so awesome to hear!

Trust me, no review of yours is inadequate. Your reviews are always insightful, encouraging, constructive, funny and all around lovely. I always throughly enjoy and love receiving one from you. :)

I am so, so happy that you're enjoying this so far, because I am such a fan of your writing, so it means so much to me to hear that. It makes me squee a bit!

Hahahaha! Now we don't want that! I promise I am writing more. I'm about half way finished with chapter 7, so that should be up soon. I'll post it on the forums when it's up :)

Thank you again for reading and leaving one of your amazingly awesome reviews! I appreciate them more than I can say. ♥ ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by toomanycurls 

12th January 2015:
Here for our review swap!!

Hermione's over-plannner tendency certainly comes out in this chapter. I can't imagine how hard it would be to not get noticed as a 'new' student at Hogwarts. You do a really good job showing how Hermione tends to think through plans and alternatives to those plans.

I really liked her trip to Hogsmeade and meeting Rosmerta. I'm glad she was able to change her perspective on the bartender as she did dislike her for so long in the future. I enjoyed your characterization of Rosmerta - I can see her being concerned for her patrons and just as kind as you wrote her. I liked that she had a vested interest in Hermione's safety and that she considered the conversation with Hermione more of a relief than a job duty. Being 19 and working in Hogsmead could get very lonely.

I almost died too when Hermione ran into Bellatrix and Lucius. That would be quite the unpleasant shock. I wonder if they have a death eater meeting there.

It probably will help that she doesn't look quite the same in this as she does in the future but I'm glad you didn't completely change her looks (or go for a supermodel!hermione thing).

Ah! it's Lockhart!! I heart him to pieces even though he is quite inept. Man, having the sobering knowledge of the future would be so difficult when seeing all these bright and youthful faces.

Her first observations of the Marauders are very well done. She knows them but is still getting to know them at this time. Remus' description is just so sad - a stark contrast to the grown man.

I can't wait until she actually is pushed to interact with them!!

great chapter


Author's Response: Hey Rose!! :D

The wheels were definitely spinning in her head in this chapter, that's for sure. She can try to plan everything out as much as she wants, but I think she's realizing that just too much will be left to chance in this situation. She'll kind of just have to go with the flow, which is something she's never comfortable with.

I have no hate for Rosmerta and was glad to see Hermione change her mind about her, too. I would imagine that The Three Broomsticks was popular for a reason. You can have great food and drinks, but if the owner and the atmosphere are awful, no one will want to come to your bar/pub. I feel like Rosmerta would have had to have been personable and friendly. :) And you're right, I imagine it probably would have been lonely, so it must had been a relief for her to see a witch, around her age, come in.

Ooh I loved that scene! In Hermione's mind, Bellatrix was dead, and then bam! She comes face to face with her. They might have been having a meeting, or just getting a drink? Who knows? :)

No I didn't want to do the supermodel Hermione thing. I don't like that, honestly. I wanted her to be somewhat recognizable for... reasons. That's all you're getting out of me haha! ;)

I know! There is just something about him that you can't quite hate. You want to hate him, but you just can't. Yeah, that would be extraordinarily difficult, I totally agree. Which is why I feel Hermione is the best out of the trio to handle going into the past. I love Ron, but he would be a disaster and Harry would not be able to stop himself from warning his parents. I mean, who wouldn't?

That really means so much to me coming from you! Out of any Marauder story I've read, I feel that you write them the best, so I really, really appreciate that!! :D Yeah, I kind of hated myself for that description of him. I broke my own heart. :(

Thank you again for another amazingly awesome review!! I'm so sorry that I've been moving at a sloth-like pace answering them. I'm thrilled that you've been enjoying the story so far!! ♥ ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #9, by pointless_proclamations 

20th December 2014:

Thank you, yourself, Meg, for thinking up such an unconventional and supremely amazing story to beta.

The way you are able to create a whole new voice, personality, and feel to each and every character is amazing. The way it seems so canon, is even more so amazing. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!

I love the way Hermione resolves to try to stay alone, but the fact that it doesn't really work out for her makes me both happy and sad at the same time. It's the ultimate feeling of bittersweetness. You're going to make me happy now, but you're just going to make me ball my eyes out later, aren't you, you sneaky, feels-manipulator, you. Why do I even lurve you, Meg? Why?!

Goodness gracious, Meg!! I ADORE Bellatrix and Lucius! You made me poor heart pound. I am extremely interested to see how this plays out, given what happens in their future and what happened Hermione's past. You're getting a load of fun out of the time-traveling aspect of it all, aren't you? Again, the way you account for Bellatrix's time in Azkaban. . . absolutely genius.

This chapter had everything! You've made me sad, happy, a bit scared, and now I'm nearly falling off my chair all over again with your Rita/Gilderoy pairing. I LOVE IT! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!

Meg, you've explored something interesting here. The way you play with the good and bad aspects of each character amazes me. This is Meg Standard characterisation, it is.


Loads and loads of love and hugs,

Author's Response: EM!! :)

*blushes* You're too kind! Still, thank you for being an awesome beta!! ♥

Wow Em. Thank you so much! I just try to write a story that I would want to read. That's so cool that you think it still feels like canon, even though it's definitely not. :D That means so much to me, Em!

She is definitely trying, but with her being new there, it's going to be really hard. People are going to gravitate towards her just because she is a novelty. It is sad, since she knows what is going to happen to almost everyone she is coming into contact with, and not all of their futures' are that great. I'll try not to make you cry later, but no promises. ;) You lurve me because of my winning personality. That has to be it. :D

I really am having fun with the whole time-travel aspect in a completely different way than in my other story. Since I'm trying to keep this one more canon, I feel like there is a lot I can play with in this story. Aww I'm glad you liked that, with Bella!

Hahaha! The Rita/Lockhart pairing. I really can't wait to write more of that. I just find it so funny/fitting for some reason.

Bahaha "The Meg Standard!" You're too much! But seriously, thank you so much!! Your encouragement and enthusiasm mean everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So much love, many, many hugs and all the sweets and cakes I can find!

Meg ♥ ♥

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Review #10, by Lululuna 

16th December 2014:
Hi there! :) Back for your second prize review.

I like the pacing of this chapter and how quite a bit happens to develop Hermione's character and the situation she's in. It's really exciting and suspenseful seeing her noticing all the familiar faces and the shadow of foreboding that hangs over them because she knows what will happen to them. There's some really great details here - I especially liked the description of Lockhart and how Hermione knows how he will end up.

Madam Rosmerta was a pleasant surprise too! I like the idea of them becoming friends and Rosmerta seems like a really nice character. It was really interesting to see all of the Marauders as well and they definitely made an entrance. I really have no idea how Hermione is going to win Snape over and make friends with him but I'm very curious to see how she will try and bond with him. Something tells me that maybe bonding around a common enemy (like the Marauders?) might be a good way to do that, but I have no idea what Hermione's plan is at this point. :P

One comment:
saw a very young and - as much as she hated to admit it - extremely beautiful, young The adjective "young" is used twice.

One other little detail I noticed is that Hermione sees James' eyes and notices that they're a different colour from Harry's. I guess it depends how close he was standing to her at the time but that's a pretty specific detail to notice from a distance, unless she has superhuman eyesight. :P A way to fix that detail might be to clarify how close he was standing to Hermione, or not to mention minute details like his eye colour until they meet and are face to face. Just a suggestion there! :)

I liked the interaction between James and Lily and how Lily stands up for people James bullies. It felt very true to their canon characters.

This was another really interesting and well-written chapter, I really enjoyed it! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Welcome back!! :D

Thank you!! XD That was all definitely what I was going for, so I'm glad that the whole darkening atmosphere seemed to come across there. Oh Lockhart haha. He'll be popping up some more during this story. :)

She was actually a surprise to me too, to be honest. I wasn't planning on having her really in this, but it just kind of happened, and I'm glad that it did. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed her being there too! She'll definitely be along again. Haha yeah, they most certainly did. That's definitely a good guess, but I can't give anything away! :p

I didn't even realize I did that. I went back and took out the second "young." Thanks for pointing that out! ♥

I'll have to go back and edit that, too. I have her sitting right near the door, and the guys are all right there, but I'll go back and make it a little bit clearer.

Lily definitely started to, until she noticed who James was bullying. After that, she did not seem to care any longer. But you really can't blame her after what just happened at the end of last term.

Thank you so much for another amazing review! And I'm super thrilled that you've enjoyed this chapter as well!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #11, by marauderfan 

15th December 2014:
I'm really excited to come back to this story!

I am like extra impressed with Hermione now because imagine all she's had to do in the past 48 hours and she hasn't eaten anything. I would seriously not even be functional if it were me in her place.

(that's about where I stopped the rolling review because I got sucked into the chapter, and I couldn't take my eyes away from it! haha.)

I LOVE going through Hermione's thoughts as she considers ALL the things that are going to be different! This is one thing I love about stories that mess about with timelines: there's so many things that can change to produce so many results, and if Hermione does one thing, she could be remembered for it later, her roommates will know her in the future, etc. so it was really neat to see her comprehend all of it. That's going to be a lot of glamour charms while she's there, though - how long do they last? I wonder if anyone will ever find out that her real hair is brown and frizzy. :p

I absolutely loved when she met with Madame Rosmerta and they chatted in the Three Broomsticks. Especially because of Hermione's grudge against her and then she turned out to be so nice. I thought that was great.

Seeing Death Eaters, aah! I guess it's not as bad in this time period as no one knows who she is, she's not the best friend of the Chosen One and all that, so she's got a bit more anonymity but still eeek it must have been so terrifying to see Bellatrix alive and well again!


And we are introduced to all our favourite Marauder era characters ;) I really can't wait to see how Hermione interacts with all of them.

Ooh, one thing that was really cool, which I only realized now - when they said "hey sorry Snivelly" I knew it was Snape, but I'd forgotten Hermione didn't know that nickname as she didn't see that scene in the Pensieve. So well done on that, how Hermione doesn't exactly pay attention to the person on the floor until she sees him at the end.

Awesome chapter! Thanks so much for the swap :)

Author's Response: I'm uber excited that you came back, too!! ♥

Oh I know! Me too! I probably would have crawled up into a ball, rocking back and forth in the fetal position by that point haha. Some Gryffie I am. ;)

Haha you're entirely too sweet!

Yeah, there is a very good chance that Hermione may (or may have already) changed quite a few things. And there is definitely a good possibility that she will be recognized by at least a few people in the future. You never know. ;) I honestly haven't been able to find how long the spell lasts, so I'm writing it as it will be on her until she takes it off. I'm going to try to dig more and see if I can get any more info on it, but as of right now, I couldn't. So for the duration of her stay, she'll have the long black hair. :)

I don't know why, but I really liked the idea of Rosmerta and Hermione becoming friendly. We'll definitely be seeing more of her during the Hogsmeade visits.

Right. She's definitely bound to run into them (and probably will again), but at least this time, she isn't known to them. She does have that anonymity, which is somewhat comforting. That was quite a shock seeing Bellatrix alive again, absolutely.

Bahaha! I fell in love with the idea of having Lockhart in this story. I just thought it would be too funny. :D

Haha they really are quite the bunch, aren't they? Hermione may have her hands full with them for a bit. ;)

Exactly! Harry never told them about Snape's memories during his fifth year, so Hermione and Ron had no idea. I knew that the reader would know who it was, but Hermione had no clue! I'm thrilled that you liked that little snippet!! :D

Thank you so, so much for the swap and another awesomely amazing review!! I'm super happy that you're enjoying this and I hope that you like the rest of the story!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #12, by GeekTilTheEnd 

8th December 2014:
Hiii! First I feel like I should say that you really do describe everything amazingly, one of the reasons I love your stories, you dont skimp detail! The trip into Hogsmeade made me giggle, poor Hermione! Both in the pub-love love love Hemione talking to herself and then running into Lucy ;) and Bella, very well done. Aannnd then in the Great Hall, I am suprised poor Hermione didnt exlode there and then! I kind of hoping at some point Hermione and the Marauders get into either a verbal or physical duel?! Or is that too harsh?! XD maybe a verbal cause Hermione could beat anyone with that! Anyway Im babbling and your amazing, thank you for updating! Xxxx

Author's Response: Emma! ♥

Aww wow, thank you!! :D That's honestly so awesome to hear. She definitely has a lot going on in her head at the moment, that's for sure. I can totally see her as one of those people who become lost in their head like that.

Haha Lucy! Love it! :D It was a little risky for her to go into Hogsmeade alone at the moment. There are plenty of Death Eaters who are wandering about and you never know what could happen. It may not be the last time she runs into them...

She was very close to exploding haha. That was complete overload seeing The Marauders, Lily and then Snape.

I don't want to get too *spoilery* but she absolutely won't be as close to James or Sirius in this story. Bahaha! No, that's not too harsh at all. We'll just have to see if Sirius continues to push her buttons. You never know what may happen. ;)

Feel free to babble whenever you'd like! I always enjoy it! :)

You're absolutely awesome! Thank you so much, Emma!! I'm uber thrilled that you're enjoying this story, too! There's another update in the queue now, so it should be up in the next few days. ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #13, by Veritaserum27 

1st December 2014:
Hi there Meg!

I'm finally here for our review swap! I'm so excited you got another chapter of this validated!

Again, you've just done a fantastic job with Hermione. I feel like you've really thought through every little detail. Each time I think, "But what about people recognizing her in the future?" or "How is she going to get clothes?" you have an answer - and you did it so well by bringing the reader along with the story. The person who worries me the most is McGonagall - for two reasons. First off, I think she is bright enough to recognize Hermione immediately (in the future) and I don't think she'll easily accept whatever answer Dumbledore gives her but secondly, I think she might realize that Hermione can't be Dumbledore's niece, because that would make her Aberforth's daughter (maybe she is a cousin's daughter?) In both cases, I'm sure you'll find a great way to explain it.

I also love how you portrayed the Marauders. Because we really only get Harry's view of his father (except for one, brief moment of Snape's memory), we have a skewed context. I think your version is much more accurate. James and Sirius were bullies. Once Snape called Lily a mudblood, that just gave them license to do it out in the open.

And you even brought in Bellatrix! I loved your description of her - she was probably one of the most beautiful witches out there. I bet her greed for power started by using her looks to get people to do what she wanted. Great job with her as well.

I also appreciated that Hermione needed to collect herself after running into Bellatrix and Lucius. The torture was still fresh in her mind.

I did find one typo here:

Before Azkaban hallowed him and death claimed him. Hermione shivered at the thought.

I think you meant to write "hollowed" instead of "hallowed." I'm not sure, but hallowed means sacred.

I also really like your pacing of this story. It shows the mark of a more mature writer to ease into the thick of things by setting up the characters and their motivations. Great job so far!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hiya Beth!

I actually have the next chapter in the queue, waiting to be validated, as we speak! :D So that should be up shortly!

It's taken me a little bit to answer your review, because I want to answer all of your questions, but I can't! You're right, everything will all be explained much, much later on. You ask some really good questions though. I mean, some people will have to realize who she is when she returns to Hogwarts in 1991 as an eleven year old girl, right? Or maybe not... You never know. Well *I* know, but I'm not telling! :p

I have put a lot of thought into this so I'm glad that shows. This is the first story that I've actually written out a whole outline and character chart. So to hear that all of that is paying off so far is just absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

They really were bullies! I disliked James for the longest time after first reading OotP. I've grown to like him, but I still don't like how he treated people when he was younger. I just assume that he probably settled down by seventh year since Lily finally decided to give him a chance. As for Sirius, I love him. He can do no wrong in my eyes haha.

It seems like those Blacks were extremely good looking people. I really wouldn't doubt if she used her looks to get ahead in life when she was younger. That might not be the last time we see her...

I imagine it would have been. It did only happen to her a few weeks prior. And I'm sure that whole experience would have taken a very, very long time to finally come to terms with. Seeing them, so young and whole, definitely knocked her for a loop.

Yikes! I went back and fixed it. I think it's just habit from writing "Deathly Hallows" so much. It's almost second nature to type hallow at this point haha. Thanks for pointing it out! :D

Eep! Thank you!! I don't want to rush this, at all. I want it to feel as realistic as possible. I really hope I don't disappoint anyone, because this isn't going to be a story where the main characters get together in 4 or 5 chapters. There's going to be a lot of build.

Thank you again so much for your reviews! I honestly don't even know how to properly respond to them. They're just so lovely! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying this and I hope that you like the following chapter! ♥

xoxo Meg

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