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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell 

18th April 2016:
I was so happy to see Rose have the opportunity to get out and have a little fun after all she's been through. A girls day with Selenia was just the thing!

All those little instances of seeing Ron were really cute, too. "Earlier he was pretending to smoke (Mum would kill him)" I loved that line. It's those details that keep us grounded in this world, and in the Weasley family.

"I’d acted like a complete git, but I’d been so upset…"
--Scorpius is such a sweet little cinnamon role sometimes! Aww. I was so glad to see that he'd realized his mistake, and that for both him and Rose, being together was so much more important than the things that were drawing them apart.

That bit where Selenia nearly died because her boyfriend's father showed up to guard them coming out of a lingere store? BRILLIANT! That was hilarious!

I wonder if Ron really isn't that skilled at undercover work, or if it's really that he meant to be seen. After all, there's probably a whole cadre of undercover Aurors covering them, but it doesn't hurt for Rose to be reminded that someone's there, that she's still safe, even with the lifted restrictions. I know it doesn't seem to be bothering her, but a little reassurance doesn't hurt. Besides, it seems like they might want Stannous and Co. to know that Rose is being looked after. This isn't a trap with her as the bait--the last thing they want is an actual attack on her first weekend out. It probably isn't a bad idea to have some security--members of the Golden Trio, no less--right there out in the open.

Either way, though, Auror Ron was adorable :)


Here’ the salon
--Here's is missing an s after the apostrophe

This was a new Rose Weasley – professional healer and… girlfriend extraordinaire? The jury’s still out on that one.
--the tense switches in the second sentence. This was the new Rose. The jury is still out. Might be better to change it to "the jury was".

It was so good to have some girl time and to just get Rose out of the house/hospital for a bit. I know Scorpius is a little adorkable, not recognizing her, but I also imagine she looks much better, and not just from the makeup. After months of just staying inside all the time, feeling trapped, constantly stressed, I bet a day out did absolute wonders for her.

I'm looking forward to hearing them talk through the matter, but I'm so glad that she and Scorpius were able to make up. Hopefully Al and Selenia will do the same. I'm thinking they will. ;)

Thanks for the chapter! It's always a pleasure!


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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:
YAY for a make-over and a whole new Rose! And YAY for the two of them making up! This is another of my favorite chapters!

Your description, as usual, was amazing - I could clearly picture Rose's new hairdo and her new clothes in my mind - it was incredible!

And now I'm off to read more. :P

Author's Response: Hey there!

Glad you approve of the makeovers. I thought it was a little refreshing/turning point for the "kids" to grow up a bit. Plus I had a BLAST writing the part with Harry and Ron seeing them come out of the lingerie shop - hee hee

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Tonks1247 

13th August 2015:
Hiya Beth!

I’m back for another Chapter (which will be included in BvB)!

So. I really loved this chapter. And I adore how you slowed everything down after the intense situation in the previous chapters! It was a good and needed break. And it gave a good look at Rose and Selenia’s friendship and at Albus and Scorpius’ friendship. And Albus and Rose’s. Like, seriously. This chapter was a good step back for all of them, giving them time to calm down and be ready to get back together and not be so sideways. It was nice.

I also love how the POV switched back and forth. It did take me a minute to figure out when the switches occurred, but I think it was a good thing to see what was happening to all the characters in the same weekend. And it was transitioned well. I liked the set up and it made it easy to go about writing.

What else do I have about this chapter…I adored Scorp’s slow realization that Rose was Rose. He was totally shocked with her haircut and everything and it was a good reaction. Made me laugh a little that they played the name question game. Seriously, I giggled and it was really bad.

Ron was also super fun in this chapter. I love his inability to sneak around and being spotted by Rose so much. Also love how he tried to tag along with Rose only for Rose to pick to go into a particular store. And then for Selenia and Rose to come out to Ron and Harry. Like, I was laughing so hard. The poor guys…

There were also TONS of little things I noticed reading this through the second time. Like Rose being nauseous at all kinds of weird times, and Scorp wanting Albus to go to Diagon Alley with him and the whole conversation after flying. Like, seriously, how slow can I be? (Then again, first time through I was so distracted by everything else going on, so missing that stuff was bound to happen…).

There was one small thing I noticed:

“…it was perfect to wear during the rainy London spring - and the all as well” –for all I think you meant fall

Past that, this chapter was quite lovely. I apologize that my review is such a mess to admitting it’s good and I quite adored it, but I got all my thoughts out so I can’t complain too much…

And before I go on, I have a favourite discussion and then a line that should be a tagline to this story—no joke.

“We really are pathetic, you know.” // “Don’t you mean whipped?” // “Tomato, tomahto.”

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Always something… xD Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Mikaela!

I'm still working through all your amazing reviews! Thanks for all your comments on this chapter.

Yeah, I agree - everyone needed some down time at this point in the story and I had SO MUCH fun writing this one.

I was a little nervous for all the POV switches, but I think it needed to be done to go back and forth between what was happening with both groups.

And a note on Ron: although he comes across as a little clueless here, he's being seen from Rose's POV and that's kind of always how she sees her dad. In reality, he's just DARING anyone to come near his daughter. He's flexing his serious Auror muscles here and doesn't care who knows. Rose just doesn't see it that way :)

Ooo - thanks for noticing that typo - I'll fix it right up.

Wow - you're right - I really do like that tagline for the story. I'm seriously considering changing it.

Thanks again and again and again =)

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by crestwood 

12th June 2015:
I love James. I forget that he isn't an Auror too sometimes. I like that he isn't though. I much prefer Auror Dom. Their blokes weekend is probably needed, I'd say.

It's just like Rose to be worried about studying on her vacation. Both her and Scorpius are feeling bad about how things are between them at least. Now all they need to do is communicate.

The image of Ron trying to be sneaky and totally failing is absolutely hilarious. I actually had no idea that Rose, Albus and Scorpius played Quidditch while at Hogwarts. That's so cool that they're all so smart and still made time for it.

I actually really enjoyed the fluff in this chapter. Some of the lighthearted chapters work just as well as the tense, action-packed ones!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: Aw, Joey,

These reviews are honestly so sweet and I'm just a pile of goo after reading them. I'm still working on answering everything and I'm finding it easiest to answer things chapter by chapter.

Communication between Rose and Scorpius is always a little touchy. They both need to grow a bit in that department. It causes more problems than it solves.

Haha - I had a really good time writing Ron in this. He's actually not *trying* to be stealthy, here. But from Rose's POV, he comes across as a bit daft. Really, he's out in the open, just DARING anyone to come near his daughter. Mr. Big Bad Auror Dad.

The time out was needed for all parties - the blokes, the girls, the reader - haha!

Thanks again Joey!

Love ya!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by merlins beard 

7th May 2015:
Good morning, Beth!
Haha I would love to see Ron's face when he realizes what kind of store his daughter enters.

It seems really good that they all get some away from each other. Being stuck together all the time can really kill a relationship, I think.

Awww what has Scorpius come up with? Rose is quick to forgive him, and it feels right. I'd say he's in for a surprise as much as she is.
I hope Al and Selenia are working it out. They really love each other, so they will get through this.

I had a really uneasy feeling about the Hogsmeade trip,I'm so happy nothing bad happened there.

Why do I get the feeling that the prophecy actually talks about Rose AND Scorpius?


Author's Response: Hey there,

Writing Ron is so. much. fun. Especially putting him in awkward situations involving Rose (*insert evil grin*).

Rose and Scorpius are still at the very beginning of their relationship and Rose recognizes the fact that they will need to give each other a bit of growing room.

Hmm... hold on to your thoughts.

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by LightLeviosa5443 

1st December 2014:
Hi honey! I'm here for the BvB!! :)

I've decided that for this review everytime I read a big word I'm going to stop what I'm typing in this and say the big word because... I don't have a reason to be honest. Also, I would just like to say that I stopped listening to one direction to review this, so obvs i love you very very much ♥ ;)

I love how Scorpius is just having a moment over the fact that James can go go go go go and I love that Scorp and Al are kind of struggling to keep... Incredulous... up. I WISH THAT SCORPIUS WOULD JUST SEE THAT LIKE, HE COUNTS AS SOMEONE IN THE PROPHECY TOO. LIKE HELLO, YOUR DAD.

H E L L O.

He kills me, he really truly honestly just does. What a great transition scene, of course Rose is studying. LOL I love how Selenia just goes. She's my spirit animal, tbh. Like I'm pretty sure I just want to be her when I grow up. Because I'm not grown up now. Obvs. I feel bad that everyone had such a big fight because it really truly breaks my heart to see everyone just not together as a whole. I WANT EVERYONE TO BE TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES. YAY IT'S BACK TO SCORPIUS I LOVE FLIP FLOPPING!

A W E SCORPIUS IS SO HOOKED ON ROSE 24/7 AND IT WARMS MY HEART LIKE NOTHING ELSE. JUST AW ALL OVER THE PLACE!! oops i probs could've turned capslock off there. I didn't even use capitals in that one. Okay, not looking at how I type anymore, focusing on the story. Hi. :)

LOL RON. That's all I have to say about this section. L O L R O N .
omg scorpius, don't kill the son of the saviour of the wizarding world. that line should be my new tagline for things. i'm quotting your story, people will be all "where'd you get that quote" and i'll be all "oh this fab story that this fab woman Beth wrote and you should all fall in love with it because it's fab and so is she"... I just got so off topic im so sorry.

THEY ARE SO CUTE OMG. Okay, so this review was awful but this chapter was the opposite of awful. It was incredible. I loved seeing Rose all happy and carefree and just having fun. It was really nice and spunky and I think just what everyone needed. I'm glad to see that relationships are being mended and pieced back together. You've done a wonderful job with this and I can't wait to keep reading as you update ♥

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hi there ♥

Wow - you turned 1D OFF?! I feel so special - and loved!

I know - the lot of them aren't really picking up on the whole Scorpius could be the father in the prophecy thing - yet. I feel like they are all tied up in the "We need to protect Rose" part of the whole thing.

I love Selenia too! She is such a great character - perfect for Al, because she really loves him and isn't with him because of his status. But she's also not going to let him walk all over her. They have a really strong bond.

This was a really good chapter for the Rose/Scorpius feels - haha! Glad you like them as much as I do!

Ron is a trip. He is *still* a bit clueless when it comes to women - especially his daughter, but he loves her unconditionally and is not about to let *anything* bad happen to her.

I like that line too - haha! Al can be really tactless at times - he is also very protective of Rose.

You are too funny. You are fab, too ♥

This review was totally awesome! Thanks so much! I agree - they needed a bit of a respite from those several intense chapters!

Thanks sweetie!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by dracodarlingxx 

28th November 2014:
So, the stuff I loved: Al going crazy on a broom, the girls' makeovers, Scor trying to convince himself not to kill Al :'), Harry catching Selenia with lingerie (that sounds wrong . . oops :) ) AND THE UTTER BEAUTY THAT WAS THE END OF THE CHAPTER.
FLUFF FLUFF PURE GORGEOUS FLUFF and yesss she deserved it
please update soon xx

Author's Response: Hi there!

Wow - this review was completely unexpected and a real treat! Thanks so much for taking the time to write one.

I like the fluff too! I really wanted my story to be a little bit of everything, so I have some romance, a mystery, and... every now and then - a little fluff.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Anie 

26th November 2014:
I check this website periodically for updates on this story and this story only. Keep up the great work (and don't keep me waiting long please)!! haha

Author's Response: OMG! I just saw this and you totally made my week! Thank you SO much for taking the time to write a review. I promise there is much more to come!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by CambAngst 

25th November 2014:
Hi, Beth!

After a few very intense chapters, I can honestly say that I don't mind a little fluff. It was a nice change of pace and it gave all characters involved -- especially Rose and Scorpius -- a chance to settle down and ruminate on everything that's happened. The time apart seems to have done our two lovers a world of good. They realized that they missed one another. They're adorable!

The couple needs a break from one another, so the guy gets drunk and plays sports while the girl goes shopping and gets a makeover. I'd say your thought process was on very solid ground there. ;)

Even though I knew the answer before I'd asked, I'd tried to pull the Hogsmeade duty for this weekend. -- Ha! In your dreams, lover boy. I definitely agree with Harry here. I don't think Scorpius had any idea how badly his head had gotten messed up over this. Props to Albus for doing such a good job of getting Scorpius's mind off of things in this chapter. Not that it was unpleasant work, but I'm sure that he would have rather been making up with Selenia.

James was standing up on one of the tables, singing some quidditch fight song with one of his teammates, their arms draped around each other. - Now that's a funny image.

Rose came off as a much more balanced character in this chapter. She's enjoying her freedom, having her fun, but she can't completely shake the responsible side of herself.

Choosing a specialty was another ordeal I wasn't looking forward to. I truly enjoyed every course I'd taken. I had no idea how to narrow it down. -- I feel echoes of a certain individual who borrowed a time-turner so they could take all of the electives.

Ha! Poor Ron. If you're a Weasley, and you're trying to operate undercover, wouldn't you start by changing your hair color? He's hopeless!

My lungs filled themselves with air that didn't smell like a hospital or a three hundred year old dingy house. -- This. The perfect encapsulation of Rose's situation and why it must have meant so much to her to find this freedom.

Ha! I love the image of poor Ron and Harry running into Rose and Selenia outside the lingerie shop. Talk about a splash of cold water in the face. Their little girls and boys aren't so little anymore.

The end of the chapter was paced really nicely. It felt like things were touch-and-go there for a second. Scorpius didn't seem like he was sure what to do and Rose wasn't quite sure how to take that. But their feelings draw them back together, and suddenly everything is right in paradise.

I saw one lonely little typo while I was reading:

She loved flying and I bet missed our days of Quidditch at Hogwarts just as much as Al and me. -- I bet she missed

I loved this chapter! As much as I enjoy the plot of this story and all of the mystery and intrigue and guessing that comes along with it, I can't get enough of your Rose-Scorpius love! Looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: Hey there Dan!

I think Rose and Scorp deserve a fluffy chapter too! Plus, writing all the emotional turmoil was straining for me too - haha!

I'm actually feeling a little guilty for being a bit too cliche with my choices for how the girls and boys spent their respective weekends.

Yeah, Scorpius doesn't realize the extent of how deep he's embedded in this (perhaps there is a double meaning here ;))

I feel like Rose's true character is *finally* emerging here. Her sense of humor is coming out and she's getting to feel the freedom from her restrictions, but it is a bit more than that. She is truly experiencing adult life for the first time.

Ha! You always find all the little nuances I put into my story! ♥ I'm laying a little groundwork here... more to come with how Rose and Hermione both can't decide on which courses when it comes time to narrow it down!

About Ron. First off, we are only seeing him from Rose's point of view. She is never going to see her Dad as the superior Auror that he truly is. The second part is that Ron actually isn't trying to hide. He's pretty much taking the stance of basically daring anyone to come near his daughter. "Just try it, you Death Eater scum! Why don't you see the fury that rains down upon you when you mess with Ron Weasley's daughter!" Sorry - I'm getting a bit carried away.

Wow! You found the only line that I added when I edited this chapter! I felt like it was really needed to express the freedom that Rose felt - at long last. So glad it came through.

I had to add a bit of humor - and lingerie vs. parents is always humorous!

Rose and Scorpius are very different together in this chapter. I wanted their relationship to grow a bit - and to show that they connect on different levels as well.

Thanks so much for this review! I love all of your reviews!

♥ Beth

I fixed the typo - it's in the queue! Thanks for pointing it out. Definitely more plot coming next!

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Review #10, by Paddlewaddle 

25th November 2014:
This was a less eventful chapter than the other two - and welcome change as well given how intense the other two chapters had been. It's nice to know that our characters can take some time to themselves to relax and think about their other half and just have a bit of time away from what is going on. And the fluff. GOD THE FLUFF. I LOVE ROSE AND SCORPIUS AND I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH - especially the last scene - very different from their other scenes. Its much more passionate than raw and there is this sense of no inhibitions and an incessant need to just feel each other. Surprised they even made it to the bedroom, I was betting the furthest to be the stairs ;)

Can't wait for your next chapter!!

Author's Response: Woot!

Let's hear it for Rose and Scorpius fluff! I agree - they deserve it at this point! The last scene *was* a bit different. I wanted to show that they have all different ways of loving each other - and they are growing and exploring as a couple. :)

I really can't tell you how much I look forward to your reviews! The next chapter is up - I hope it doesn't disappoint!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by MargaretLane 

23rd November 2014:
Love the name of the pub.

And I like the references to James' job and how he doesn't have to get up early.

Aw, poor Scorpius. He's feeling guilty. I think he should owl Rose and apologise. She's probably feeling pretty bad, thinking he's still mad at her too. And she's been through a lot.

And poor Rose. She's clearly missing Scorpius too. And she's being so girly. Shopping and makeovers. *laughs* I feel like saying, "boring".

And I really like the way she gets stuff for Scorpius, even though he wasn't very nice to her when she really needed him.

I think even if she HADN'T forgiven him, she'd rather more reason to be annoyed with him than Selenia had with Albus.

I really like Rose's sensitivity - that she realises Selenia doesn't want to continue the conversation, so she doesn't even bother to defend herself by saying she has forgiven Scorpius.

And I'm really glad to see her feeling carefree. Gosh, does she deserve it after everything she's been through.

And I'm amused by the way she keeps doubting her father's ability as an Auror. That too shows how much better she's feeling, that she's able to see the humour in an Auror being unable to hide from his own daughter and being surprised by her changing her hairstyle.

I am very impressed with the way you can change from one character to the other, in first person, and have it immediately apparent you've done so. That can be difficult.

There should be a full stop, not a comma, before "I was still laughing, but she knew I was half serious".

I'm not sure that's exactly a compliment - to say he hardly recognised her and that she looked really good. But at least she knew what he meant.

Author's Response: Hi There!

Oh my goodness - you are so quick when a new chapter goes up! I love it!

Yeah, I went really cliche with how the girls and boys spent their weekends apart. I'm sort of regretting that now, but it did give a chance for us to see Rose blossom (pun sort of intended - haha!). I feel like this is the *real* Rose - the personality that's been hidden for so long because of her trauma - it's finally coming out!

Rose is one of the most empathetic people ever. That's why she's going to make a great Healer. She really can feel how others are suffering - and she can sympathize with them as well.

Scorpius gets overwhelmed at times - the emotions are just too much for him, and he runs away. More on that later :)

Yes! I really wanted Rose to feel carefree - I'm so glad that came across.

Haha - I have such a blast writing Ron. The whole bumbling Auror routine was mostly from Rose's perspective. I don't really view Ron that way - haha! He was being deliberate - sort of like taunting anyone to just *try* and attack his daughter.

Yay - I really work hard to make sure that I have a distinct voice for both Rose and Scorpius and I'm just *so* glad that it is coming across.

I will fix that - I appreciate all of your grammar fixes! ♥

Haha - yeah, Scorpius was a bit caught off guard with Rose's new look. He wasn't sure exactly how to take it - but she loves him anyway!

Thanks again for another awesome review!

♥ Beth

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