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Review #1, by victoria_anne 

26th August 2016:
Hello hello my darling!

Ooh poor Hermione straight up. What a crazy thing she's done, I'm not surprised she's so overwhelmed the poor thing. Lucky she has Dumbledore, I love that she's posing as his niece! But Hermione! Marauders! I'm jelly!

I love how you've set it straight after the Battle, and you have it come up throughout the chapter. Poor Hermione's really gone through a lot and I think you're doing a fantastic job in writing her emotions and thought processes.

Ooh the fact that Hermione knows the futures of a few of the people at Hogwarts at this time makes my heart hurt a little bit. You'd just want to tell them so much, wouldn't you? :(

And a Ravenclaw! I love that! I'm excited to see what that means for her :)

Oh my goodness imagine if she did accidentally call Severus 'Professor'! Ha ha!

Wee this story is so exciting! I can't wait for her to meet the Marauders and watch her relationship with Sev grow! Awesome work, Meg!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 

26th May 2016:
Back again! :D

Okay, so this chapter makes things even more interesting! What was in that note that Dumbledore wrote to himself? Is Ariana Dumbledore still alive, or is it a fabrication? Did Dumbledore Confund Madame Pomfrey, or could Hermione's injuries believably pass for Whomping Willow booboos?

I guess I'll start with the last question. Since this story is told from third person limited view, much like the HP series itself, I obviously can't see all of the stuff going on around Hermione. I think that she was partially wrong about Dumbledore siphoning away the blood from her clothes and fixing the tears--after all, Madame Pomfrey is a nurse, so I doubt she would flinch at wounds. BUT! Any injuries that Hermione might have sustained after the Battle would probably be all dried and stuff, so Madame Pomfrey would probably get suspicious and be all like, "Dumbledore, why didn't you bring her to me before now?!". So maybe Dumbledore siphoned away the dried blood, leaving Hermione with torn clothes, scratches, and bruises--believable enough for the school nurse to accept the Whomping Willow as the culprit.

My most burning question, though, is about Hermione's fictitious parentage. Ariana Dumbledore is long dead by now in canon, so Dumbledore's invention of Hermione's surname must be due to the fact that he doesn't talk about his siblings to his work colleagues. Ooh, also at this time, he's pushing 90 years old, so having a really young niece is kind of an interesting situation. I wonder if anyone will question that later on? Anyway, assuming that Ariana is still dead, will Hermione run into anyone who spends time in France and is familiar with the Wizarding Devereauxes, if they exist? It's going to be puzzling and cool to watch how her fake backstory affects her choices/acquaintanceships in 1976.

As a Claw myself, I can appreciate Hermione getting Sorted into Ravenclaw. It's a little too convenient for her to get Sorted into Slytherin, and maybe a little too close to the Death Eater action. Tbh, I think that if she'd been in Slytherin, she would speak out against all of the budding Death Eater activity and get herself into some Big Trouble. And while there are bigots in every House, Ravenclaw is safest for her because they'll appreciate how smart she is. And also, they don't know she's a Muggleborn, but there's probably also less Death Eater sympathy in Ravenclaw, since it's so removed.

Geez, this is a really babbling review, isn't it? Sorry, but this story is making me think about it. I like it!

Ooh, something I really, really appreciate about this story is the mention of Ron and Hermione's relationship. It makes me sad to read stories where Ron is portrayed as abusive and mean-spirited because that's just not how I see him. And in this story, the relationship is left open-ended--it's all a big question mark, and it still shows Ron in the light that JKR portrayed him in. After all, he did do a bit of defining the relationship in the midst of the Battle, showing his signature lack of tact (but also showing how important Hermione is to him, that he would want to make sure she knew he loved her and stuff). But it's not a done deal yet, so if Snamione becomes a thing along the way, or if Hermione finds someone else, it won't be like she's cheating on him. Though unfortunately, I severely doubt the potential for longevity of any romantic relationship for her in 1976, because she has to go back eventually, right? Anyway, thank you for not doing the abusive!Ron thing! ♥

This was another great chapter for setting things up. I'm sure that the main action of the story will start soon, and I look forward to getting to know your portrayal of Snape in 1976!


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Review #3, by Emi 

18th March 2016:
I really liked the background story that was created in this chapter. I told you that I went on a bit of a binge and read basically every other similar version of Severus and Hermione featuring time travel, and again, I have to say that your version of the cover story is simply so much better than any of the others I’ve found. Posing as Dumbeldore’s niece coming from being homeschooled is perfectly well thought out, and sounds so much more plausible than randomly transferring from another school in the middle of her studies.

I also really liked how Hermione chose to be in Ravenclaw. You could have tried to put her in Slytherin as an obvious way to get her closer to Snape, but that wouldn’t have fit her well at all. Though, obviously, Hermione is cunning and clearly displays that trait in her plotting here and in the coming chapters, she very clearly wouldn’t fit into Slytherin for other reasons – not the least of them being what exactly is going on, culturally, given the war. Or, of course, you could have put her in Gryffindor and played the Marauders up, played them off as harmless jokesters that Hermione could befriend while still managing to befriend Sev. You could’ve tried to “get the best of both worlds” there, but you didn’t, and I’m ever so grateful. Ravenclaw works, and I know this sounds like I’m really focusing on such a seemingly small detail, but I really do think that this is one of the moments where you really set everything up for the story. If Hermione was in any other house, she wouldn’t be able to work the relationships the way that she has, and I think making her relationships any different than the way you have crafted them would have made the story much harder to tie in with the canon story.

Also, this is one of the chapters that I really felt Hermione’s personally shined through and was on point. The way she grapples with decisions – not just the house choice, but the urge to change certain things in the past… the way she struggles is just so perfectly Hermione. Your characterization is really spot on. And especially when you get into how she has to force her mind around calling Snape /Severus/ instead of /Professor/. It’s another of those small details that you emphasize and in the process, make the story so much more real. I really do think that those little touches are what set your story apart from the others, and I’m super jealous because as I’m going back through these chapters to look for these moments and details, I’m realizing that there are so many different little details I should be including in the stories I write. (Hopefully this is obvious, but I mean /different/ details. SUPER different details, actually, because I’m talking about completely unrelated original fiction. My point is just that your writing style here, and the effort you clearly place on getting everything right, is inspiring. It makes me want to go back and do a better job with the things I’ve written.)

The book in the common room was a nice touch, too. I’m still curious about that.

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Review #4, by TreacleTart 

21st April 2015:
Hey Meg!

I'm here for our swap! Yes, I know. It was ages ago! I'm so sorry for the delay. Life just go crazy for a few days, but I'm here now!

Hermione wakes up in the hospital wing to overhear Madame Pomfrey's comments about her being Dumbledore's niece. Of course, since she's a clever witch she jumps right in and picks up her new identity. It all seems like a pretty well thought out reason to explain her sudden appearance.

As always, Dumbledore is infuriatingly vague about what Hermione is doing and why. I was so frustrated for her, which really speaks well of your characterization. He was just like he is in the books. Never giving too much away.

Your explanation of why Hermione can't walk up to Lily and James and tell them about Peter being a snitch or Voldemort coming after them makes sense. I personally feel like the risk would be worth the reward if Harry was able to grow up with parents instead of as an orphan. I think that is something I would do for my best friend and I imagine it will be a struggle for Hermione not to divulge it.

I enjoyed that Hermione chose to be in Ravenclaw. For two seconds, I almost thought she was going to choose to be a Slytherin, but quickly realized that wouldn't make sense because she wouldn't fit in at all. Ravenclaw seems much more logical.

Another solid chapter. I'll be curious to see how she builds a friendship with Snape and if she is successful in adjusting history.


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Review #5, by BellaLestrange87 

20th April 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap! I'm sorry for being really late. *hides* Late is better than never, right?

I love all the little details you added into the story about Hermione, like how shocked she is to see a 22-year-younger Madam Pomfrey and how weird it felt to try and call Dumbledore "Uncle Albus" and Snape "Severus". I can't imagine having to call any of my teachers by their first names - or traveling back in time to try and save their lives, eventually falling in love with them. I tried. Nope. Not happening.

Much as it probably doesn't sound very supportive, I love how Hermione is severely second-guessing her decision to travel back to 1976. I don't think she thought it through all that much back in 1998, and, like she thought, she doesn't even know how she's going to get back to her own time - if she does get back to her own time. It would be really weird for her, being the same age (approximately) as her parents.

I love how Dumbledore made Hermione promise not to tamper with time. Right there you've avoided the one problem that a lot of time-travel fics have: changing things, and how it affects the future. And you've continued in your perfect characterization of Hermione by having her struggle with her decision before accepting it. I, too, would want to save James and Lily (and Remus, and Sirius). *sighs* I live in a fantasy world where nobody died. Although, I have to admit, Hermione's argument that she might not even exist in the world she would create made me a bit curious, as her parents are Muggles and I don't think the war affected them. Unless, of course, they were brought together by a tragedy that she might end up preventing?

Time Travel and You: The Advantage and the Danger. I feel like you intentionally put this book here. What is Hermione going to learn from this book? Her comment that she'd already thrown all the rules out the window made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I'm sorry that this review is late!


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Review #6, by crestwood 

2nd February 2015:
Hi Meg!

I'm interested to see what happens now that Hermione is actually back in the past and waking up. I'm interested in how much of an elaborate ruse Dumbledore has set up--although I'm not really surprised--I think it's an interesting idea that he would have given her a made up backstory.

It's fun to think that, in this time period, no one has experienced the First War yet. It must be strange for her to go directly from fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts to a place where no one has been through anything even remotely like that or anything else she's ever done, for that matter.

I also wonder if anyone will be able to notice if Hermione's gone. And even if she's supposed to return at the second that she left, if she was to die in the past, what would happen then?

I'm thinking that Hermione is going to struggle with not letting slip anything she knows to the wrong people. Even just saving Snape alone could have far reaching effects on the future and I really cannot wait to see what might happen while she's here.

I'm so glad she chose to be in Ravenclaw--I've kind of always wondered what she'd be like in that house. I mean, obviously she's not starting there from her first year or anything, but still, I wonder how she'll fit in.

I almost forgot that Hermione used the Time Turner during her third year so she's not exactly new to this time travel stuff. I think Severus will like Hermione a lot because she'll remind him a bit of Lily. I'm excited to see how things go down between them. This was such a good chapter Meg, this story is really awesome ♥

Author's Response: Joseph! ♥

I'm finally making an attempt to answer my reviews!! :D

Gah I'm uber thrilled that you're reading/reviewing this one! XD

Some of that back story and elaborate ruse may had been set up already in the letter that Dumbledore sent back for his past self. So basically Dumbledore only came up with it because he already knew it happened, because he told himself it happened and advised himself of what to do and round and round it goes. (Did I word that confusingly enough? I can become more rambly/confusing for you if you'd like :p)

No they haven't. It's still pretty much in the very early stages at this point. Some disappearances and minor things occurring, but nothing like what Hermione had just experienced. It's all a bit surreal for her at the moment.

Exactly, what would happen...? And does anyone know that she's gone? These are all really good questions. ;)

So many things I want to way. So many things. But sadly, I cannot. If you continue on (hopefully), I promise all of your questions will be answered.

I'm really loving the idea of Ravenclaw Hermione. And it's fun for me to play inside a different house, too. Considering I usually write Gryffindors in Gryffindor.

Nope, she's definitely not a novice. And you might be right about Sev liking her for that reason. I guess we'll see how it goes, right? :p

Joesph thank you so much for this lovely review! As always, it totally made me smile!! *hug* And I'm really thrilled that you're enjoying this. That makes me super happy!! ♥

Much, much love and huge hugs,

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Review #7, by missatron 

18th January 2015:
Hello again, Meg. It's me again from the Gryffie Review Exchange. At first, I was only going to leave one review, but then you left it on a cliffhanger, and I simply couldn't resist!

So the chapter kicks off with Hermione waking up in the hospital wing. Something that confused me (and Hermione for that matter) was that Madam Pomfrey said that she was Dumbledore's niece! Now, there might be an explanation for this, but if there isn't, that really is a plot twist. I'll have to wait and see, I suppose.

Aha, now I see why Dumbledore said that Hermione was his niece. I was beginning to wonder what was going on for a moment.

Hermione is obviously very nervous, worried and stressed in this chapter. You have portrayed this very well. You have also written Hermione with a hint of excitement at being able to see the Marauders in action. I guess that anyone would. I know that I would love to go back in time.

I think that Hermione is most likely going to struggle to not tell James that Wormtail will betray him. She knows that she could change the whole of history with just one mere, little whisper. That made it nesacary for Dumbledore to go over some ground rules.

I can't wait for this story to get into action!


Author's Response: Hey Missy!

I'm thrilled to see you came back! :D

Haha yeah, Dumbledore had created that back story for Hermione and then sent her back with the information to give his past self. That way people wouldn't become suspicious if she's seen around him too much, as a new student.

She really is stressing here. I'm glad that seemed to come across well. And I know what you mean, I would love to travel back in time, too! :)

It will definitely be difficult for her not to warn people of what's to come. Hopefully she won't slip up at any point. ;)

Aww thank you! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!! :) Thank you again for such a wonderfully kind review! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by toomanycurls 

10th January 2015:
Yay for chapter 2!!

Despite being quite groggy and out of it, Hermione is exceptionally quick on the uptake with Madam Pophrey and qualming her worries with Hermione's health. You write Dumbledore's actions and speech extremely well. He's thoughtful and enigmatic. The reactions Hermione has are spot on as well. She's so thoughtful, confused, and yet poised. I like the show her conflict at wanting to warn people who she knows will die. I'm interested to see how she grapples with that in the future. I also like that she's thinking through what this means for her present day self - are there two of her in the future!??! I could see her having such an intereting reunion with Ron just days after the battle.

Your descriptions of Ravenclaw tower are wonderful. It makes me want to go there more than ever. It seems so lush and comfortable.

This story continues to be interesting! I cannot wait to see how her first days of school go.

thanks for a swap!


Author's Response: Hey Rose!! :)

Haha yes, yay for chapter 2!! :D

I feel like it would just be in her nature to always be pretty quick on her feet, even half out of it. :) Gah! Thank you! We all know how tricky writing Dumbledore is, so that really means alot!!

I would think being sent back so far into the past would be the toughest thing she would have to deal with. It seems it's in her nature to want to help and protect everyone, so I think it's only natural that she would first think of warning people of their futures. But, with Hermione being Hermione, logical and not hot-headed, she would see the downside of doing that. Which is why I think she is better suited for going into the past than Harry or especially Ron.

Hmm... There could be two of her in the future? You really never know how this is going to turn out for her. Will she make it back? Will she survive the past? Will she go on with her life in the past?

Regardless of what happens, (as long as she survives) her reunion with Ron will definitely be interesting - to say the least. ;)

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean! I'm a Gryffie, but I want to live in that Ravenclaw tower, too!

Eek thank you!! :D :D Oh her first day... It'll be something, that's for sure!

Thank you so much for the swaps and the amazing reviews!! I'm so sorry it's taking me ages to respond to them!

xoxo Meg

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Review #9, by oldershouldknowbetter 

7th January 2015:
I originally came to this story through a review swap, but I liked it so much I am here to stay.

This is a bridging chapter which takes us from the tumultuous events which propelled Hermione down this story path to the hopeful resolution of her quest in the chapters to come. As such it is necessary, but it also means that nothing much happens except some necessary ‘story housekeeping’. It doesn’t mean that this chapter is bad, but it does leave us clamouring for what comes next by the time we finish with it.

The chapter starts with Hermione in the hospital wing. We, as observers, know almost immediately where she is whereas Hermione herself has to struggle through layers of awareness to eventually discern her location. It is a good device and well used by the author.

The characterisation of Madam Pomfrey is subtly off until we realise that she is twenty plus years younger and then it makes sense. She is not as old and set in her ways as she will become and lets Hermione go with Dumbledore where her older self would have resisted her exit far more.

I had this image conjured from your words of Hermione walking along a corridor trailing her hands across the stonework – still intact now, but destroyed mere hours ago in her memory, yet not to occur for years hence. What a dislocation especially when she remembers what she left behind; or more specifically who. Her feelings for Ron are at once so new and yet years old. She wouldn’t be Hermione if she wasn’t over-thinking it; luckily she is pulled up short, literally, by bumping into Dumbledore.

So we now have the necessary talk with Dumbledore which gives her the rules which she must live by; at the same time it gives us, the readers, the rules by which the story shall be governed. Having Hermione merely promise not to change the past could be considered to be a weak way to ensure that the plot path the author has chosen is followed. It is weak until we realise that not only was she the one to restrain Harry from attempting to change the past when she went back in time before; but it has to be done this way, otherwise the author would be telling a different story. Hermione has to choose to act this way so that this particular story can be told

I am reminded of Seth Rogen when he was being interviewed about his movie Knocked up. It was about two otherwise very unconnected people who conceive during a one night stand. He was questioned by a journalist about how some people were deriding it for its blatant pro-life stance. Rogen laughed and said, ‘If they hadn’t wanted to keep it, if they’d gotten an abortion, then the movie would have only been about twenty minutes long.’

So too this tale.

Hermione is even aware of this fact and the author lets us be privy to some of her deliberations. She knows all she has to do is, say, whisper in James’ ear ‘don’t trust Wormtail’ and all of History would be changed. Voldemort might not have attempted to kill Harry and as a consequence create his enemy and hence his own downfall. Hermione naturally agrees to keep her knowledge of the future to herself.

Little things:
- The “can't or won't” that Hermione says to Dumbledore is a gorgeous piece of characterisation of Hermione showing that she won’t be taken as anyone’s fool.
- How tempting it is for Hermione to succumb to the temptation of being able to save her best friend pain and adversity is well illustrated.
- Ravenclaw as a choice for sorting is logical and also shows us another mini what-if; where we will see what Hermione would have been like if she’d been sorted into that house.
- One cannot help but feel that the time travel book is a Chekov’s gun.

We are left in excited anticipation of the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Oh my goodness, this has taken me FOREVER to respond to! But this is one of those reviews that I have SUCH a hard time responding to, because it is just so kind, detailed, thought-out and all around lovely. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it!

There is nothing more flattering, encouraging, or makes me happier than seeing that someone who originally read this through a review swap liked it so much that they've decided to come back! Thank you for that!! ♥

Even though this is, as you said, a bridging chapter, I'm really happy to hear that you didn't find it was a boring chapter. Again, as you've said, sometimes these chapters (especially in the beginning) are necessary to write - to set up plot and other elements of the story. So to hear that it was still interesting means a lot to me. :)

I really am pleased to hear you enjoyed what I've done with Madam Pomfrey. That was exactly what I was going for. I wanted to show that she was not a carbon copy of her older self, because people do change a bit as they age. I imagine that in the beginning, she wouldn't be as tough on the students (and Dumbledore, for that matter) as she became later in life. But you can see traces of the woman she'll become here.

That was the exact picture I was trying to paint there! You don't even know how happy I am that those were the images that came into your mind! I don't even really have words to express how happy I am that that scene played out that way in your head. So I'll just settle for a happy emoji, or three. :D :D :D

Or she *thinks* that she's not changing anything... Time will only tell. ;)

That Seth Rogan quote is a perfect comparison! Exactly. If Hermione were to purposely alter things, then it would be a totally different story.

On the "Little things":
- I had a very clear image of Hermione spouting this and then immediately covering her mouth. It was something that I could easily see happening in canon, so I'm really glad that you felt it was good characterization of her. :D
-If magic and time-travel were real, I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to travel into the past and know that you *cannont* change anything. I think it would be the hardest thing she will ever go through.
-Ever since we learned in canon that Ravenclaw was a legit possibility for her, I always wondered what a Ravenclaw Hermione would look like. I'm excited to be writing it. :)
-Ahh... The book. Well. We'll see... ;)

I can't even begin to thank you enough for this review. It was honestly one of the best ones I have ever received. Just... thank you!!

Much love,
Meg ♥

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Review #10, by wolfgirl17 

28th December 2014:
Hello Hello!

Wolfgirl here with your requested Review. Finally. Sorry it took me so long.

Now onto the good stuff!

You've got a few tense agreement issues with your words in this chapter. Just hings like beginning in present and reverting to past and vice versa, so when the queue open you might want to take a look t those and get them sorted out as they are interrupting the flow.

I think your pace so far is good. With time travel the pace needs to be slower because they are thrust back in time and you need to lay the foundation of the type of time-travel you want them to undertake. Therefore, this pace is good. You've laid the ground work for why she won't be drawing attention to herself and why things can't be altered, and included the reasons for them.

Admittedly Hermione's inner monologue is a smidge exhausting, but that only because I'm a fan of time travel and have written a few myself. It's affecting my objectivity about making sure this will make sense to everyone by explaining the confusion she's felling and all that jazz.

Anyways, I love this story and you simply must continue to request chapters. I can't wait to see how you have everyone react to her being there and the scene where she meets a teenage Snape.

Great work. Keep it up.


Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you for doing another review!! :D And no worries at all, I appreciate you doing them!

Bah, I'm sorry! I know that is the number one thing, as of right now, that I have to work on. I'll definitely go back and edit. :)

Oh good! I was hoping that it wasn't going too, too slowly, because of the necessary evil of laying out all of the foundation for her journey into the past. I didn't want readers to be turned off by the lack of interaction with the other primary characters so far.

I can understand that. Especially since you've read them and have written some yourself. So for it seems like it's all making sense to people who do not frequently read time-travel fics. *shrugs*

I'm thrilled to hear that you are enjoying it so far! I need to edit some of the later chapters a little bit, and then I will absolutely be back to request more reviews from you! She and Snape will meet in the following chapter. :D

Thank you again for the review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #11, by Lululuna 

16th December 2014:
Hello!! :) I'm finally here with your first of four prize reviews for placing in the Beatles Challenge. Sorry for taking so long!! :P

I thought I'd review the four later chapters of this story because the first one already has a fair bit of reviews. I love the idea of the story, being a huge fan of time travel in fic. It's so interesting to see how the characters adjust and how all the mechanics of time travel itself work as well, so I'm excited to see where this story goes. :) I'll admit, I'm not the biggest Snape fan but that's mostly because of his actions as an adult, so I'm excited to see if the portrayal of him as a teenager will redeem him and how it might change the HP story and relationships.

With regards to the first chapter, I thought it was really well paced and realistic with Hermione's reactions. She was portrayed as being really empathetic and caring by JKR and I think you captured that really well. The one thing that I found a little odd was that the first thought she had when going back in time that she'd be in the same time period as Harry's parents and their friends - I wonder if she wouldn't acknowledge that her own parents would be teenagers somewhere out there as well? I don't think Hermione would be as conscious and intrigued by the Marauders as Harry was in the books so it did feel a bit fast that they were the first ones she thought of. Maybe she could try and think of who was at Hogwarts in that year, and then figure out that Harry's parents and co. would be around? :) So just a thought there.

I really like how Hermione is still thinking about the Battle and is clearly quite upset from what she has lived through. It feels like a really reasonable reaction and I especially liked when she was walking through the corridors and thinking of what they would look like after the battle.

I thought Hermione's decision of which House to go into made a lot of sense and fit really well with her character. I like how she's embraced the fact that she should keep her distance from the Marauders to keep from getting too involved and being tempted to help them. I was curious about why she didn't consider Slytherin, since it would get her closer to Snape - maybe because she's Muggleborn and just didn't feel comfortable?

I'm so curious about the book! This is definitely looking like it will be a great story and I'm excited to see how you continue it. :) Your writing is very clear and a pleasure to read. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Hiya!! Oh, no worries!! :D

Thanks for stopping by this story! I'm uber excited that you've chosen this one, because I've done a lot of work with this story. It was the first one that I actually have an outline and character chart all made up for. (I think I went a little overboard haha)

I really enjoy time-travel fics myself, so I'm always thrilled to have another fan of the concept read and review! :) I have very mixed feelings about Snape. He really was awful when he was an adult, but there's just something about his character that really draws me to him. I'm planning on keeping this as canon as I can, so he definitely won't be a little ray of sunshine, by any means. ;)

Aww thank you! I'm really pleased to hear that Hermione seemed like Hermione. :) The reason why I did have her immediately think of all of them, is because I felt they would all be fresh in her mind at that point. Harry would have just told her and Ron about seeing his parents, Sirius and Lupin in the Forbidden Forest with the Resurrection Stone. She always would have just heard about the whole Snape and Lily thing, so I figured that when she did get sent back to that time, she would have thought of them pretty quickly. I didn't have her think of her parents at that moment because, there's no chance of her running into them. They will absolutely cross her mind during the course of the story thought. I don't know if that makes sense.

Yeah, I figured that seeing the castle whole like that would be another thing that would throw her for a loop. The last time she walked those corridors they were destroyed. That was something I couldn't just ignore.

Ravenclaw seemed like the most logical choice to me. I didn't want to throw her into Slytherin with a lot of the people who were just trying to kill her. I think living with so many future Death Eaters and Voldemort supporters would have been too much for her to handle. I couldn't do it to her.

Aww thank you so much!! :D I'm so glad that you've enjoyed this! And thanks for such an awesomely amazing review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #12, by marauderfan 

13th December 2014:
Swap! :D

I love the way you started it out - I know this is just a little thing but it is SO Hermione - the way she notices each of these little details and that's how she puts together where she is. I mean you could have said, "Hermione woke up in the hospital wing", but the way you have it not only tells us that it's the hospital wing, but kind of sticks the reader into Hermione's mind so you are putting pieces together the same way she is. It's cool. :D

Also, when she's leaving the hospital wing and walking down the corridor - this is like, maybe 10 seconds of time but there's so much going on in Hermione's mind, as she thinks about everything and what happened and what's going to happen, it's really great. You are awesome at writing Hermione!

Hermione sat and mulled it over for a bit more. She was still not sure why she shouldn’t warn everyone of what is to come. Then just maybe, she wouldn’t have to grow up in the same world that she did. -- Nooo Hermione don't even think it! Then you won't go back in time in the first place! Aghh time paradoxes! Grr! (but i love them really)

I think it makes a lot of sense for her to join Ravenclaw instead, as Snape will be more likely to talk to a Ravenclaw, and as well she will be (hopefully) out of the way of the Marauders and Lily. Though I have a feeling that it's not going to go as well as planned...

ahahaha Uncle Albus, that's going to be a difficult one to remember! :P

I'm really enjoying seeing how Hermione is adjusting and all the challenges she will face. I can't wait to see how she deals with them!

Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi there! :)

Aww thank you so much! I was really wanting to make more of an impression that just writing "Hermione woke up in the hospital wing." I wanted the reader to feel like they were just coming to after passing out as well. I'm so happy to hear that seemed to come across well!

Yeah her head is definitely spinning at that point. She's been through a lot within the last two days. It's no wonder she had all of that going on inside her head. Eep! Thank you!! That really means so much!! ♥

Hahaha she only considered it for a moment. I think she knows that, no matter how much she may want to, she can't warn anyone about anything. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.

Yeah I also thought Ravenclaw would be the best option for her. I mean, she definitely loyal enough to be a 'Puff and she's certainly ambitious enough for Slytherin, but Ravenclaw just seemed to make the most sense. Gryffindor would have been to much for her, I think. It would have been too hard being that close to the Marauders and Lily. I'm really happy to hear that you agree. :D

Hahaha Uncle Albus makes me giggle every time.

There will definitely be a lot of them ahead of her, that's for sure. I hope that you like how this all pans out!

Thank you so much for this awesome review!! You are unbelievably kind! I hope that you continue to enjoy the story!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #13, by GeekTilTheEnd 

8th December 2014:
Meg I am so sorry I havent had chance to read and review! Especially since you mentioned me, which by the way makes me feel honoured! I am going to review each chapter instead of one long one on the fourth to try make up for it haha. I cant wait to see how Hermione copes with seeing Sirius, Remus, James, Lily and Peter but also feeling slight dread for her as its quite possibly going to 'make her crack' in some way. Cannot wait to see what everyone thinks of the new girl and for when Hermione and Severus meet! Please forgive me for taking ages! *Gives you Snape and Sirius shaped cookies* :D Emma xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emma!! ♥

Aww hun, you don't have to apologize! Regardless of when you leave them, your reviews are always such a lovely and wonderful surprise! :) *hug* I wanted to do it. You're one of my earliest and longest supporters on this sight and the fact that you've come back for multiple stories makes *me* feel honored. So thank you for that! ♥

Gah! You didn't have to do that! But that's really nice of you to do.

Hahaha maybe not at first, but there's a possibility that she may ending up breaking at some point. Possibly because of one of them. ;) We all know how James and Sirius can be.

Well being that she's going to known as "Dumbledore's niece," she's well absolutely spark interest in most of the students. Most of them probably never even thought of Dumbledore having any sort of family. He's the type of person who just seems like they were built with the castle itself, you know?

Her first meeting with Severus will be... interesting. That's all I'll say. :D

No worries at all! Please don't feel badly about it, it's honestly totally fine. Like I've said, I'm grateful that you continue to review!

Ahh! Snape and Sirius cookies! *gobbles them up*

*hands over a Siriusly decorated cake* ;)

Much love,
Meg ♥

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Review #14, by Shinicha 

6th December 2014:
This was a great chapter!

I find it very believable that Hermione wouldn't simply be happy-go-lucky about having traveled to the past. I understand how upset she feels when reading her thoughts.

I liked your description of the young Madam Pomfrey very much! Hinting that she might've been different in the past ...but not really :P

The fact that Hermione considers changing a lot of the past clearly showed how dangerous meddling with time can also be. I'm so excited to find out, how she will go about changing only a little bit. The fact that she COULD be living as her past self also in the future, as in two persons, never occured to me. Is it possible? This would lead to all the confusing sci-fi stuff, such as parallell universes ..argh! haha I guess anything's possible as long as the author writes in convincingly, and I think you do that.

I'm wondering about this book about time traveling she found ... it just feels like it's going to be very important sooner or later!

I noticed one small mistake:
"too comfortable to still be laying on the floor"
which should by "lying" on the floor I think.

Also I couldn't very well imagine a Dumbledure grinning - maybe some other verb would be more dumbledorr-y haha.

Overall great chapter, I can't wait for her to meet Snape!

Author's Response: Hi again!! Wow, I totally didn't expect another review, so this was a wonderfully nice surprise! ♥

Aww thank you! :D

No, I don't think she would be very easy going about it either. Of course her mind would be reeling and she would be worrying about every single last detail. That's just how the poor thing operates.

Ah I'm thrilled you picked up on that! I wanted to show that she was young and not there for long at that point, therefore not as stern yet. There's hints of it there, but not as much as she is in the future.

She truly could mess up big time if she intentionally tries to drastically change anything. She's here right now more to be an influence in things, not actively change anything. If that makes sense. Hahaha no, she doesn't have an older version of herself living in the future. That was just her completely overreacting. :D

She definitely might consult that book later on...

Bah. I can look a chapter over 100 times and always miss something. Thank you again! I'll go back and edit.

I'm sorry that seemed unDumbledore-ish. I'll try to find another word that would seem more him. :D

Thank you so much for coming back and leaving another review! I truly appreciate it! I hope you enjoy her first encounter with Snape. It's coming up soon! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #15, by Veritaserum27 

25th November 2014:
Hiya Meg,

Here for our review swap.

I'm really getting into this story. Maybe we can do a swap every time you get a new chapter posted? Just PM me and we can set it up!

You've done a marvelous, stupendous, fantastic job of characterization here. I mean you've got Hermione down pat. Her overactive brain that reasons into and out of trouble before anyone else can even get to the first thought. She also thinks about Ron here - and ponders what is going on. You've covered every important thought. I love it! Time travel stories can get frustrating because authors sometimes leave out obvious details or don't know how to explain them - so they don't even mention them, but I didn't see a single loophole here.

You've also done a superb job with Dumbledore. I can almost see him sitting at the desk, pondering her questions - and not even questioning the letter that his future self sent to him.

I love that Hermione considers warning James and Lily. That would be my first reaction! But then her logical mind reasons through that that wouldn't be the best route. She was wise not to choose Gryffindor. She would've become too close to Lily and the gang and would probably not be able to help herself. As it is, she already feels an obligation to Snape.

Yay! Ravenclaw. And I love your clever bookshelf. That makes so much sense! Of course the Ravenclaw tower would have books that always meet the needs of its inhabitants!

This chapter was written really well and I only caught one typo here:

Make his see that his life is valuable and worth fighting for.

I think you mean "Make HIM see" not "Make his see."

I also wanted to mention that you do a great job with descriptions. I know that I would forget to mention what a twenty-year younger Pomfrey would look like. Also the way you describe Hermione's feelings when she is coming to and experiencing the effects of the potion were amazing.

Thanks for doing a swap!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hey Beth! ♥

I was more than happy to! Thanks for doing the swap with me! :D

Hopefully the new chapter will be up soon. I put it in the queue about 5 days ago, so it should be up shortly. :) I'll make sure to shoot you a PM when it is.

Gah! Beth I can't even with this review! Thank you so, so, so much!!! ♥ I am so unbelievably thrilled that you're enjoying it! I want to try to keep Hermione as canon as I can, so seeing that she seems like herself is just so wonderful. I'm going to do my best to not leave any loopholes or loose ends in this.

Thank you! Dumbledore is a really difficult character to write, so it's very encouraging to hear that. :D

Same here. I know it would absolutely cross my mind; saving all of them. But if she did, it could end up completely backfiring on her and she realized that. Yeah, Gryffindor was not going to work for her at all. I figured that Ravenclaw would be the next best choice. It would have been too tempting for her to be in such close proximity with the Marauders and Lily. She may have ended up slipping up and telling them something. She's here for Snape. She needs to focus on him and him only.

Aww I'm glad you liked that! I know. What were the odds of that book just happening to be there at that moment? ;)

Thank you for pointing that out! I didn't even notice it. I went back and edited it, so the edit is in the queue now as well. I actually caught another typo, I forget what it was now, but I fixed that too. :)

I've really been trying to work on being more descriptive with my stories. That was one of the main CC's I received with my earlier work. So that means to world to me! It means that I must be improving! :D

Thank you so, so, so much for this review!! It was honestly so lovely and I appreciate it immensely! I'm excited for the extended swap with you!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #16, by Cannons 

24th November 2014:
Hi Meg, I was going to review this yesterday when I first read it but I didn't have time, so I'm back now with my review. :)

I have to keep separating this story with your other story at the moment! :P They keep merging in my mind, but that's my fault because I have read next to none time travel fics. Only this one and another but that was totally different!

I'm really loving this so far and hopefully you have another chapter on the way? ;)

For a second I thought she was going to put in to Slytherin and that would have been incredible. Ravenclaw is fine though! It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction she will have with the Marauders and Snape in this. I'm guessing she is going to have to pick a side. If she wants to help Snape and is trying to hang around him then the Marauders aren't going to like Hermione just on principle alone. So I am super interested to see how that pans out.

Love Hermione's reaction to everything that is going on so far. A little confused/angry at what's going on but coping extremely well as Hermione would in a situation like this. She is questioning her decision though and that is what makes it realistic.

Really hoping that Dumbledore knows what he is doing. Or rather, knew what he was doing.

Pomfrey has changed, a nice touch. Adds to your world.

Really excellent job as usual, particularly with Dumbledore. Can't wait to see how this progresses!


Author's Response: Hey Fin! :D

Aww no worries! I'm thrilled that you continued on! :D

Haha yeah, they're going to be quite a bit different from one another, despite being set in the same era. A lot more secretive in this story than she is in the other one. I love time travel fics. They're my guilty pleasure. :)

Eek! I'm really, really happy to hear that! Yep! The next chapter is in the queue as we speak!! :D

After everything that Hermione had been through in the past year, I don't think I could have done that to her. Imagine her in Slytherin and hearing all that horrible stuff about Muggle-Borns. Not to mention, students basically hero-worshipping Voldemort. I think that would have been a little traumatic on the poor thing. I figured Ravenclaw would be the best option for her. We know from canon that she was strongly considered for that house, so out of the other three, I think she'd have the easiest time easing into Ravenclaw.

Well, I don't want to say *too* much, or make this a spoilery response, but she definitely won't be as close to James, Sirius and the rest of them in this story.

I'm so thrilled that Hermione seems authentic. I really want to try to keep this story as true to canon as I can, so it's very awesome to hear that I'm portraying her well. :D

Oh Dumbledore. He might... ;)

Aww thank you!! ♥

Thank you so much Fin! I'm really excited that you're reading on and that you're enjoying this! I hope you like the next chapter, it should be out really soon!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #17, by pointless_proclamations 

23rd November 2014:
Ahhh! Meg!! I absolutely adore you! This story continues to be wonderful and amazing and clever and everything else that comes with any story of yours.

I have things to say!

First off, I'm the luckier one here. I've got this amazing friend. Her name is Meg. She's super talented and endlessly lovely and I plan on bombarding her with words for a very long time as well.

I told you that I loved Hermione panicking and here's why: Without so much context, her decision to travel to the past does seem like an impulsive one. Your rationalising it Hermione's head and for the readers, therefore, reassures the readers that this is a completely canon Hermione. Plus, it makes sense for her (and us) to wonder why she has been sent all the way back to the 1970s rather than a couple hours before. AND YOU ACKNOWLEDGED THAT AND EXPLAINED IT! You have this incredible ability to anticipate all our questions and answer them. There are not plot holes with you are there?

The very fact you considered that Pomfrey has changed as the years go by makes this Hogwarts so much more unfamiliar to Hermione! You reinforce this idea of feeling left out in the beginning! She feels left out, Severus feels left out, they're naturally going to be drawn towards each other [sighs].

There are a couple things about your writing that never fail to amaze me: your ability to write Dumbeldore, your ability to create a story without any holes I can detect, and your ability to write Hermione. I have expressed how much I adore your characterisation of her, but I cannot stress how impressive you are at this. The ways you take her character and integrate her into your own writing is simply fabulous.

I am looking forward to a new chapter very, very, VERY soon. ;) No pressure.

Love, hugs, rainbows, sunshine, chocolate, and mojitos,

Author's Response: Em! Em! Em! EM!!

Ahh!! I adore you too!! And all of the help you've given me with this story!

Bahahaha! I have things to read! :D

Awww! :hug: Thank you!! ♥ My awesome friend Em is extraordinarily talented, too! She's really cool and I hope she does continue to bombard me with words for a long time! ;)

I honestly don't think I would have thought of writing half of that if it wasn't for all of our discussions about this story. You really have been a huge, huge part of this. Since I am trying to make this as canon as I possibly can, I really don't want to leave any holes or anything like that. So I'm glad that I didn't here! :D *I* know why she was sent so far back, but Hermione doesn't, and neither does the reader. I'm sure that is a question that everyone wants the answer to. And all will be revealed... eventually. Mwahahah. ;)

I'm really trying to get through the initial feeling of isolation and everything being completely different, even though she is in a familiar place. I'm really happy to hear that seems to be coming through. Yes, that *might* be a reason they eventually become closer. Both of them feeling like outsiders and such. But, we'll see...

Gah! I don't even know what to say to that. Thank you so much!! It truly means so much to me that you feel that way. I always hope that I do the characters justice. I'm thrilled they still seem like, well... them. :D

New chapter should be up very, very soon!! Thanks so much for looking it over. I know that you have tons of studying to do, and presentations to prepare for and I truly appreciate you taking the time to beta this. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Love, hugs, cupcakes, a pet Unicorn, cake and Butterbeer,

Meg :)

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Review #18, by Felpata Lupin 

23rd November 2014:
Hi Meg!
Here I am again!
Great chapter!!! Poor Hermione, so scared and lost... Who wouldn't be, really?
I really can't wait to see her with Severus and the Marauders and anyone else (clever thinking of her choosing Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor, by the way... But I'm not so sure it will suffice for her to stay away from them all, will it?)
Update soon, I'm so in love with what you've written so far!
Hugs and kisses,

Author's Response: Hey Chiara!!

Yay! It's so nice to see you back, thank you!! ♥

I know. I really put her through a lot, don't I? haha The poor thing. She just finished being in hiding for months, was in battle the night before and then bam, right into the past. I don't blame her either.

The Marauders are going to be more background characters in this. Since she's in Ravenclaw, she'll only really see them in a few classes and in the Great Hall. Possibly Remus in the library. But she will absolutely interact with them at times. :)

I'm really excited for the Severus/Hermione interactions, too! They're going to be... interesting. ;)

I definitely couldn't put her in Gryffindor for this story. Not if she's intending on becoming friendly with Severus. It probably wouldn't work. So why not go with the house the Sorting Hat originally debated on sending her to?

No, it won't keep her away from everyone, but she won't be very close with James, Sirius, Peter or Lily.

I actually just put the next chapter in the queue, so the next update will be very soon! I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying this! I hope that you like the next chapter! ♥

Thank you for stopping by and leaving another amazing review! I truly appreciate all of the kind words! :D

Hugs and much love,


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Review #19, by BitterSweetFlames 

23rd November 2014:
Meg. I am not admitting that I am stalking this story. ABSOLUTELY NOT. But when I saw in status updates that WTM was validating I was, like, oooh.. Must see, must see. So, okay, I might have stalked a little.

I loved loved loved every teeny aspect of this chapter! The way you wrote Dumbledore. You wrote him so very well! And then you add in the fact that you put Hermione in Ravenclaw. Yes, I think she'd have been very suited to that house. So awesome. (And the common room is beautiful. I WANT TO LIVE THERE. lol)

Okay, so I cannot wait for a Hermione-Severus interaction! Hopefully soon.

Much loves


Author's Response: Carla!

Hahaha! That is totally fine! Like I said, I'm stalking Seven, as well. ;) Stalk away! ♥

Oh I'm so glad that you liked it! I was afraid that it might have been a little slow, but I don't want to dive into the whole Hermione/Severus thing *too* quickly. Aww thank you! I'm actually blown away by the positive response Dumbledore has received in this story. I know I've said it before, but he's really tough, so it's such a relief to hear that. :D

Yeah, I don't think Gryffindor would have worked in her favor, at all. The next logical choice, I think, would be Ravenclaw. Because we know from canon that the hat did strongly consider it.

Doesn't their common room sound so awesome? I really wish we got to see it in the movies.

Well I just put the next chapter into the queue. So we'll see what happens... ;)

Thank you again, so, so much for the awesome review. (and for stalking!) I hope you like the next chapter! ♥

Love and hugs,


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