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Review #1, by rosmerta 

18th August 2017:
They have so much chemistry its actually palpable
when he says i really like you and she just ignores him it really makes me laugh hAHA AND Its so cute he's like why the hell isn't she responding love it so glad i have like 15 chapters to go

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Review #2, by Bluebunny 

30th January 2017:
"Look I really like you"
"Did u even hear what I said" James said hotly omg he cares about her so much
He may be egotistical and overbearing but I like it
So glad I have like ten more chapters to read
Great job

Author's Response: hahaha- i just hope the next few chapters don't disappoint! thank you so, so much for leaving a review- and more so for reading! xxx

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

6th March 2016:
Ah dear, this chapter is yet another example of how you're going to spend the rest of this novel playing around with our feelings, I suspect. And another example of why I can't decide whether or not I actually like James, despite the fact that I kind of want him and Effy to get together, which is unusual for a novel that I'm this invested in. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of the story, though, and really hoping that James grows up a bit...

Anyway, I loved the idea of Romilda as an aunty that just pops up every now and then and doesn't quite remember all the things she's meant to. She was actually really likeable here - I always imagined that she'd grow up quite a lot after the war and things that happened around then, and I like the way she kind of tempers Effy's mum as well.

The discussion about the war kept going through the chapter, and it's making me seriously wonder whether something serious is going to happen - especially with Effy's brother old enough to be conscripted if that were the case, because that could have a real impact on her life. I'm glad you didn't just abandon it after one chapter :)

I honestly love Oscar. He's so completely ridiculously but also so hilarious at the same time. He's so disdainful for normal people which normally really irritates me, but I can't help loving him here.

The date was really cute - to begin with. I liked the way that James took her somewhere a bit more unusual, even though it got crashed by his friends.

The ending, though... ugh. James has some really strong opinions, as Effy says, and the problem is that he thinks he's right about everything and doesn't even seem willing to consider an alternative point of view. Feminism is still such an important issue but the topic still gets that reaction nowadays from people I know. But I honestly don't think I could go out with someone who was so happy to undermine me...

Sian :)
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #4, by DobbyLover 

14th December 2015:
Damn! Can't they just work it out? Total Ron/Hermione relationship: either snogging or fighting. Ah, well. They'll figure it out. They better.

Author's Response: hahahaha, that is totally what i was going for. but they've never been compared to ron/hermione before! thanks so much for leaving another fab review!

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Review #5, by colapola 

27th April 2015:
omg iffy lives in kent

i live in kent

that is crazy

i am dancing

Author's Response: thank you so much for reveiwing xx

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Review #6, by BeTexJaue 

19th April 2015:
Can I just say I'm super excited to read the next chapter whenever it comes! I can't wait for james and effy to interact again at the ball or whatever
And just wow yeah this like a really really good fanfiction and I just can't stop reading it lol!
It's full of color, good blond jokes and OSCAR (who is my fav closely followed by James who has to be BAE)
Really great first ten chapters!
Do you know how long your entire thing will be like how many chapter (she asks hoping you say 3900)
See you soon in another review!!

Author's Response: im so glad you're liking it: ch11 is up and i hope it does not disappoint! your compliments make me blush, you're so (too) nice, thank you infinitely. oscar is fab i agree!
i'm imagining maybe 20/30 chapters? i don't know, i don't have a mental conclusion for the story so probably when james graduates. or effy. idk.
thanks again xx

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Review #7, by AmericanbutnotuSa 

18th April 2015:
So my friend told me about this and I was kind of half heartedly agreed and pretend to be interested as you find yourself doing when you hate the ship said friend is describing but to save the friendship from disintegrating you read it anyway even though IT may cause physical gagging

You have changed me.

I hate oc. I would burn every oc if I could, I also hate next gen and a typical cliche James Potter.
But no.
No longer do I feel this way.
Well I do but this is an exception
I actually love effy, she's my favourite character followed closely by Mikey and Liam who remind me too much of my friends, I love the romance with james and I have found myself smiling and giggling and reading this story again and again
And why have you done this to me
I personally (forgive the plagiarism) myself refused also to join the james potter appreciation foundation but you have compelled me!!
I adore James Potter

I adore you

I also adore my friend who is smirking at me in the "I told you it was amazing" smirk friends do when they've proved you wrong

Can't wait for the next chapter super excited
Also love your new albus oc story (wow you've really changed my mind on oc's)

Author's Response: omg! i can genuinely not believe your friend recommended this to you omgomgomg. just the fact that people are physically talking about this hahaha- overwhelmed. might need to sit down idk.
i am sooo glad you're enjoying it, and thank you so much for the review. i'd like to cartwheel and dance and paint and sing in an attempt to display how happy i am that you're enjoying this, and that you're liking james potter and mikey and liam and effy and all those absolute losers... but i'm useless at all of that, so i'll just try to express it in words.
i am SO glad you're liking this and that i didn't let down you nor your friend! and im SUPER pumped you like bona fides too!!
ch11 is now up and i really hope it doesn't disappoint ♥ ♥ ♥ thank u again and again ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by CandourLupin 

17th April 2015:
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.
There is going to be a ball.
This is going to be cray zay.
I cannot wait
You officially have me on the edge of my seat more so than I was throughout my physics gcse!

Update soon please!!! Hope your well and happy and PROUD OF THIS SCHMAZING PIECE OF ART

Author's Response: i am so glad you're liking it! the ball chapter is up (ch11) and i truly hope it does not disappoint. thanks so much for reviewing ♥
(and physics gcse is GROSS. i got a D in the exam which took my whole additional science grade down from an A to a B. ew ew ew ew)
thanks again xxx

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Review #9, by VaguebutnotVogue 

17th April 2015:
Waiting waiting waiting endlessly waiting for chapter 11:(
I NEVER REVIEW like ever but you have pushed me to it green birds! To get an update I will actually force myself to say nice things to you (if you knew me personally this would be revolutionary) because I like the story THAT much
Idk if you just are an amazing linguist but like the whole characterisation and just casual elegance between each sentence of this fanfiction is spectacular
This chapter, as every chapter before it, has been brilliant in grammar, spelling, plot and the balancing of effy's relationships
You manage to give us the right dose of everything, a quality that I as Someone who writes way too much, envy!!!
I can't lie and say this is my favourite chapter because I'm sorry but "tattered velvet carpeting" (that whole line) had me
Screenshotting, writing the line out on my notes as a possible future tattoo idea etc etc so that chapter was my absolute FAV but this is a very close second because it was so freaking funny
My favourite character is effy which never happens with an oc (so be proud of yourself because you have successfully managed to STRAY from cliche) and she just makes me laugh so hard idek why she's smart and quirky and she has flaws and so does james and they're going to learn and there's going to be more snogging And oh god just her name EFFY, think you may have just given me the name
Of my future child?! And I can't get enough of these Italian boyfriends and topical muggle jokes and she's a feminist as well bloody hell so as you can guess i just can't wait but you're making me wait which I'm not loving:( and Im aware I'm sounding close to resembling the desperation of Bella Swan in new moon but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU BIRDS THAT ARE GREEN IN NATURE, GRACE US PEASANTS WITH A FEW DROPS OF YOUR GLORY
Wow my first official review is shocking😂
James Potter has done this to me

Update soon and thanks for listening to my rambling (assuming you do of course)

Hugs and kisses or whatever White girls do xoxoxoxoxoox

P.s. If I were you I would be IMMENSLEY proud of myself for producing such an authentic composition that makes people SMILE - well done

Author's Response: well i am honoured to have prompted you towards your first review of hopefully many more to follow! i am so so touched by your kind words and praise, you are too nice and i am so thankful omg. i'm so glad you're enjoying fluoescent adolescent- reading this review is genuinely making me blush (but i'm like princess caucasian so that's not THAT rare a happening).
and plus plus plus i'm so glad you like the name effy ahah! i loove the name effy but my friend initially told me it was too skins and baby-ish (if you like FA you'd definitely like skins btw) and recommended eliza instead- so yeah, so excited you like effy hahaha.
thanks again, thank you so so so so much xxx

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Review #10, by Indigo drops 

15th April 2015:
"Kissing like it was the first time"
Oh green birds you kill me slowly
I love how James' patronus is an eagle
A very convenient link to EFFYS HOUSE!!
Oh I love that he has so obviously kind of liked her for so long and wow this romance may be my most favourite thing since discovering Sirius Black/oc fanfiction
Exceptional writing! Please update soon I love JEFFY so much and your incredibly funny and talented, best chapter yet!

Author's Response: hahaha i'm glad you picked up on that one! bit embarrassing for him but very convenient for effy's patronus... which will be revealed soon ;)
thank you so so much for this gorgeous review, hopefully ch11 will be in the queue tonight. you're too kind, thanks again! xx

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Review #11, by Sowersdithers 

15th April 2015:
Hello again
You asked me in response to my last review if I was for real and greenbirds I most certainly am!! I do apologise if I was a bit overwhelming and mad in my last review but I honestly genuinely swear to God just love this fanfiction so much! I'm assuming your a really nice down to earth modest genuine lady who can't take a compliment which is why you found my review so unbelievable but honestly this is the work of the literary GODS! Why can't I write my english essay on how you portray harry potters spawn instead of how Austen portrays a heroine in Northanger Abbey? I swear Id be able to write a much more convincing answer!!! Anyways back to the story, this chapter is my second favourite of all the ten chapters (second only to communism in mermish because honestly that was just full of such exceptional puns that I'm still using in my banterous conversations with friends to this day)
It was a really nice mix of everything but of course the JEFFY moments were my favourite
I just adore james and your presentation of him is charming and makes me want to get to know him more and find out what's underneath his teen hero exterior haha
When james raised his eyebrow at MIKEY kissing effy's cheek tho just wow that one spot of jealousy had me squealing! Love the progression of their relationship!!
Also I think Dylan the waiter at Donny's may potentially have taken over Fred as my new favourite character other than JEFFY themselves?!! You have an extraordinary talent for creating brilliantly witty characters, the Italian boyfriend especially was a great touch!
Sorry again about the madness of my last review I hope this one was a little more to your liking haha!
I look forward to a chapter 11 and the response to this review!! Xoxoxo xoxoxo

Author's Response: well i am so glad you're still using the jabs in that chapter to your friends because it's all stolen from conversations with MY friends so yeahh, internationalising that humour hahaha :') this review is too kind, thank you so so much! i am just really truly undeserving of all your praise omg, no please don't apologise for your previous review!! i'm just really overwhelmed by it all!
ch11 should be in the queue by tonight so hopefully that doesn't disappoint. i've also started up a tumblr for fluorescent adolescent and my other new next-gen, bonas fides, so you can check that out for more fa stuff if you want? i'm just soo excited by all your praise and niceness hahaha, you're too kind!
thanks again for reviewing, thank you so so much!! xx

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Review #12, by LunaManj 

15th April 2015:
OKay so I've put off reviewing this because Im not ready to come to face with the fact that there is not a chapter 11, but THIS IS IT, I have now re read all 10 chapters at least 3 times and decided it is time to kiss the ground you walk on because I JUST CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART YOU HAVE CREATED
I cannot express to you how much this fanfiction surpasses all others that I have ever read? Am I overexaggerating?? Maybe?? But I am BLINDED by the linguistic Magic I read in flourescent adolescent
From your chapter titles, to comments like "going back to your roots then Chang" (which can I just say had me laughing so hard for a very long time, as an Asian myself I found this overly amusing), and just the little things like the way james insists on calling Effy "elizabeth" makes me absloutely fall in love with life and you and the whole Harry Potter world all over again
And my most favourite part of the whole chapter had to be when effy kisses James' neck and he groans endearingly the way teenage boys seems to do in novels and wow the feels and the vibes of magic and christmas and love just got to me and you make me appreciate literature again
Ah I know I say this everytime I review but I cannot thank you enough for putting your thoughts to paper because this is literally my favourite story I have ever read and as modest and lovely as you are I know you will say I'm just flattering you but seriously YOU HAVE SUCH TALENT
You have created the perfect balance of humour, romance, serious topics and drama that there is nothing to criticise
Again I cannot praise your characterisation enough, every character from the Italian boyfriend to effy's brother to aspen and Oscar and my bae JAMES are wonderfully crafted and the choreography of friendship between them is heart warming!
Everyone should have the lucky chance of experiencing the wonders of British friendship!
Every Scene in this chapter was beautifully structured and I love that we got to experience all aspects of effy's life, her family, aspen and Oscar and her love life, to be honest it made me wish I was effy!!
I ship jeffy so hard man! I love how real and expressive they are that they can go from loving and gettin on to straight away arguing because that's how real people work!
This chapter is definitely one of my favourite, and is certainly one of the funniest! You're an incredibly funny, talented and brilliant author! Really hope that you are proud of yourself
Lots of love
(Btw sorry for rambling on for so long!!)

Author's Response: oh my!! you are too much for me!! i had to reread this again and again and i'm still blushing. you are so lovely but so untrue, ahh thank you so much!! this review's inspired me to finish up ch11- you are so so kind and yet i am so undeserving of all your praise omg!! crying!! (kind of) (not really) (emotionally crying) (is that even a thing) (idk)
thank you ♥ thank you ♥ thank you ♥ your reviews are just too much for me!! i hope ch11 does not disappoint!!

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Review #13, by reverie 

12th April 2015:
really liking this story so far! :) You have a way with dialogue - there are a few tense errors here and there but besides that this is a wonderful read. I really hope James and Effie sort it out.


Author's Response: i know, i really need to go over this! tense errors are my biggest weakness, i get so wrapped up in the internal dialogue i completely forget which way i'm headed haha. i'm so glad you're liking it, thanks so much for reviewing! xx

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Review #14, by Anon 

8th April 2015:
I am enjoying the story so far :)

Author's Response: i'm so glad!

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Review #15, by Avery Wood 

5th March 2015:

Author's Response: omg! thank you so much! i'm stoked you're liking it aha- next chapter should be up soon :)

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Review #16, by StrawberryDreams 

5th March 2015:
This chapter was an assortment of All the things I love best, christmas, humour, light hearted Romance, park gates in London, james potter, Italian boyfriends, feminism and a boy being horrible to a girl because he likes her so much
Adore your work and you present james potter perfectly he is my dream come true I'm your story
And as a fanfiction writer myself I know how hard it is to deliver a really good oc but you do a fantastic job thank you so much for posting this! I look forward to chapter 11 x

Author's Response: you write fanfiction too? i'd love to read it! thanks so much for reviewing, i'm super happy you like it. hopefully c11 doesn't disappoint!

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Review #17, by Ractor67 

5th March 2015:
Greenbirds u break my heart
I beg you to update
I can't even
Oxygen = JEFFY

Author's Response: hopefully the next chapter should be up soon! haha i'm so glad you like them. jeffy! great name!

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Review #18, by GangaNudhee 

4th March 2015:
I really love all your chapter titles!!

Author's Response: hey thanks :)

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Review #19, by Redturtles 

2nd March 2015:
Just finished all ten chapters in like 4 hours!!! So so so in love with this story Hun U have done such a good job!! U should be so proud of yourself uoive managed to make me laugh so much and I love effy and jams so much but my favourite is Aspen OMG I AM HER she is literally me!! I spy with my little eye tho that theres going to be some intense drama between aspen rose and scorpius. Uh oh LOVE TRIANGLE!!! Lol absolutely over the moon Luna love good kind of excited to see a chapter 11 please get writing soon honey so much love for this xoxo

Author's Response: hahaha thanks so much for reviewing! hopefully c11 is up soon- and aspen is my favourite character! so i love how you're connecting with her. made my day, thanks again :)

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Review #20, by Bellonababy 

1st March 2015:
Hahahahaha ebola that made me laugh so hard in ur authors note
Babe you have such a cray cray imagination like this story is the stuff that makes pudding
That's how magical IT is haha
Please update soon man your killin us here, you can't have given up on this story look at how many reviews you have for only 10 chapters??!!!

Author's Response: ahaha thank you so much! i'm so glad you're liking it, i'm really sorry for the delay in updating but i'm working on the next chapter now. thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #21, by Chunga 

28th February 2015:
"Camel or khaki" oh god I'm laughing so hard man😂😂 you know I just love the topical British humour here like every english teenager between the age of 13-19 gets all these reference I love it😂 this is an amazing chapter my favourite so far and I'm absolutely elated after reading it like I'm actually in such a good mood it made me laugh smile and wish I was living their lives
Wow absolutely in love with this and I really really look forward to an update which I hope will be really soon because I don't know how long I can go without reading this story!!!

Author's Response: i'm sooo pumped that you're liking it, really sorry that updates are taking so long! i'm working on the 11th chapter now and hopefully it won't disappoint. so please you're enjoying it, and i'm so happy you think it's funny ahaha i'm so scared it isn't! thanks soo much for reviewing xx

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Review #22, by emmie 

26th February 2015:
Where are you?!?!?! please tell you're not gonna abandon this story!! please don't the plot and story in in general is too good! Please update soon!

Author's Response: im sorry! fluorescent adolescent is not abandoned but real life just takes priority. im so sorry- a levels are the worst. thanks so much x

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Review #23, by ashtoashes 

11th February 2015:
Hi! Hello! I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading this so much and I love your writing style! I love your characters, and I particularly love your take on James, which is really unique and refreshing I guess. Anywayyy, please keep updating because I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: ahhh thanks dude! glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by WhiteFeather 

21st December 2014:
Thank you for referencing feminism in this addition, but you kinda just made me really hate James, because i literally am Effy in any conversation about feminism... And he is full on virgin shaming Effy and that's totally not cool, and basically i don't think he's going to recover from this hatred i have from him, no matter what happens next. I hope Effy starts her society, kicks absolute BUTT and James ends up apologetic and regretful. Also, this story has really great potential and i really like reading it, so thanks a lot! :)

Author's Response: hey! so as an avid feminist myself, i couldnt help but stream some of that into not only the story itself, but effy as a character- so im soo happy you liked that! its a pity you dont like james, but i really dont blame you- he has a LOT of growing up to do. hopefully upcoming chapters will change your mind! thanks so much for reviewing, it honestly makes my day xx

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Review #25, by sleepingdragons 

17th December 2014:
So I've literally done nothing all day but binge-read this. I love it so much! (Also your taste in music, judging by the song lyrics)
There's so many little details I love, and your characters are just the best (eg. Oscar, I love him haha).
I'm sososo excited to finally read a fanfic with someone feminist stuff in it, I love Ellie for wanting to start that society! And boo James for being so rude. Tbh I don't really like him that much at the moment, he was being a bit of a jerk.
Anyway I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: omgomgomg thank u so so much!! im so happy you like oscar, but im even happier you like the feminist aspect of effy's character. i wasnt too sure about it but now im really glad i added it in! and haha i totally agree with you on james- he has a lot of growing up to do, but hopefully you'll see some of his more redeemable qualities come out in later chapters. he and effy are so different, but so alike at the same time, you know?
thanks again for reviewing, im so glad you're liking this! xxx

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