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Review #1, by marauderfan 

19th February 2016:
ok, thank you for fixing all the problems you created for these poor characters. I had the goofiest grin on my face when Abigail and James finally (FINALLY) kissed. They're adorable. Sometime maybe you'll let them kiss without being interrupted because this is the second time haha.

Also, Michelle. Wowww, I figured she was lying but I didn't expect her to have orchestrated this whole thing - who even does that? She is such an abusive 'friend' and I'm glad that was finally exposed and that Abigail is free of her manipulation. I can't even imagine how awful that would be - like, I just can't understand why or how Michelle could do something like that. She has approximately 0 redeeming qualities and Isabella is a way better friend. Sidenote, is there a thing going on between Isabella and William? I spied a lot of arm touching. I have my eye on these two and my flirt radar on.

I eagerly await lots of James/Abigail (Jabigail?) fluff, and will go contemplate how Michelle has any friends at all.

Author's Response: Awww yay! I'm glad that this made up for it :D Apparently I like writing people interrupting them kissing... maybe I love the drama of it?

Michelle... I just want to hurt her because she's not a nice person :( I'm glad that people are finally noticing what she's like and that Abigail finally has the strength to stand up to her.

I hope this is a wake up call for Michelle to change her ways.

WILABELLA!... does this one work as much?

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Review #2, by Edith 

23rd August 2015:
AWW Abigail and James :D

so happy that Abigail finally got rid of Michelle. she was such a horrible "friend"

Author's Response: They're so adorable!

Haha yes she was a terrible and horrible 'friend'

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Review #3, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#26: the review which makes it all worth while.

Again Abigail has stayed up all night working on her comic. I really, really want to read that comic.

Abigail is reminded of the day’s Quidditch match by Michelle. Michelle is blunt and it seems she tries to gee Abigail up, but when Abigail refuses her request and stands up to her firmly she leaves the dorm without a further word.

Abigail resigns herself to probably having to leave her dorm sometime when Sian rushes in. She must come with her now; Isabella had a word with James, and with William and … something’s up which she must come and see for herself.

She comes out to hear shouting between Isabella and … it’s not James? … it’s Michelle?

And then she hears the truth.

Michelle is truly in denial. She makes out that this whole thing is not her fault. She warned Abigail, in her mind poor, hopeless, unlovable Abigail about James. He wouldn’t want a girl like her; couldn’t want a girl like her. And when he did - against all of Michelle’s expectations and in the face of her overwhelming jealousy that her mousy friend could succeed where she haddn’t – she did her best to sabotage it all and prove herself correct. And she still cannot see what she has done wrong.

At this, this ultimate betrayal, Abigail finally stands up to Michelle and says what she has said only in the quiet confines of her mind before. All the stuff she’s repressed and put up with about the awful friendship that she’s had to endure all these years comes out. That it also cost her a true shot at happiness is just the bitter twist at the end.

But maybe not, William has overheard all – have I said how much I like him as a character?

He tells them that Michelle’s perfidy runs even deeper that they expected. She actually approached James and spewed her bile down his throat (metaphorically speaking of course). Does Michelle’s treachery know no limits?

They have to leave her before worse is done or said.

William and Isabella fill her in on the details as go to find James.

He hasn’t given up for her, it’s not too late.

Abigail rushes to see him and …

I cannot comment upon the rest as it is just too perfect. Everything is done right: The miscommunication is all cleared up; the humanness of the first kiss going so right and yet so gracelessly; their easiness with each other; and finally, their mutual esteem.

So glad am I that when I came to review all this work, that you had completed this chapter and posted it; so glad that I wasn’t left in suspense with the tragic events of the previous chapter.

And as everything perfect does, the chapter ends with a kiss

Author's Response: Yep, she's really putting all of her time and energy into her comic book, trying not to think about James and kinda failing in that.

Michelle is too blunt, she needs to give Abigail some time, instead of being so mean! But at least Abigail is beginning to stand up for herself.

Haha oh yes! Something is happening! And it's Michelle! The truth is out!

Oh she is so in denial! And wants to still play the victim even though everyone knows that it's entirely her fault now. She can't see Abigail happy for one moment!

It is definitely the ultimate betrayal, but it gives Abigail the courage to stand up to her.

William is awesome! Haha :D and Michelle's treachery knows no limits! She's just the devil!

Isabella definitely would have hurt Michelle if they stayed around. :D

Awww thank you! I wanted their first kiss to be as normal as I could make it, I certainly don't remember my first kiss being all fireworks and amazingness where everyone knew what they were doing. It was all teeth clashing and ... eurgh! We don't think about it haha.

I am so so glad that you reviewed this story! You have been such an amazing and awesome secret santa and I'm very honoured to have your reviews to read.

Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by Guest 

19th January 2015:
I NEED more Abigail and James. They are literally the cutest couple the world of fanfiction has seen. And the worst part is it's been two months since we got a new taste of them. Two months, of withdrawal from the beautiful friendship and love story that is Abigail and James. Therefore I asl (more beg of you) to please update soon. I've seen youre working on other stories but none of them have quite caught my attention like this one. Anyway please please please update soon because the longer o got with Abi and James the harder it is.

Author's Response: I am so so sorry for how long it's been! I will never let it get that long again. I'm so glad that you love this story so much and I love your review! I will update quicker this time! *hugs you*

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Review #5, by tesophia 

30th December 2014:
Omg I love your story! I hope the next chapter soon will be up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter as we speak! :D

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Review #6, by potterfan310 

3rd December 2014:

The chapter title :O

I LOVE Abi and her comic book, I kind of hope that maybe she does show it to James one day.

Isabella I just love her, she is such a great character and friend to Abi. To me she needs to shove Michelle out of the way and become Abi's best friend because the two of them are great! She is just brilliant and I love that she went and shouted at James (and William) for Abi, haha.

Wait what!?


Ahhh I'm so proud of Abi for kicking Michelle to the kerb and giving her a good old telling off. I seriously thought the chapter title was to do with James, not her :O But I'm glad.

William and Isabella, do I spy a relationship of some sorts forming between them. Hmmm...?

JAMES BABY ♥♥ I knew he wouldn't hurt Abi and that he likes her *Happy Dance* He is so cute and adorkable ♥




I Cannot wait for the next because oh my god James and Abi happened, am I dreaming??

THIS CHAPTER JUST, I CAN'T. SO exciting, I think this is my new favourite chapter :)

Sophie x ♥

Author's Response: Hey! I know! The chapter title could have been shown as being evil :P

She's going to show James her comic, don't you worry :P

I'm glad that Abigail has Isabella too, she's going to tell Michelle exactly what she thinks soon enough, so stay tuned!

Haha yes, yes I am sneaky :P And Michelle has finally got what she deserves! She's so evil and mean.

Oh William and Isabella, I have so many plans for them. :

Nope, James would never hurt her *joins happy dance*


Thank you so much Sophie!!

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Review #7, by Joanna 

16th November 2014:
YAYAYAY!!! Eeep! I'm so happy right now! That was perfect!!!

Author's Response: YAY!!! I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU'RE HAPPY! YOU'RE PERFECT!!! *hugs you tightly*

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Review #8, by TheGoldenGirl 

16th November 2014:
FINALLY I'VE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS ;-; thank you this story best not be finished

Author's Response: You're welcome! And nope it's not finished, we have a while to go before that happens :P I'm so glad that you loved it! :D

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Review #9, by HarryGinnyLove88 

16th November 2014:
:) you have some text here double :)

But amazing chapter, finally michelle got what she deserves...

How many chapters you have left?

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out, I have hopefully fixed the issue.

Yes! She did get what she deserved! She's a waste of space.

There are going to be around 40 chapters, that's my goal at least :P

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