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Review #1, by B 

14th November 2017:
I mean obviously I'm a touch late on predictions as this chapter isn't exactly recent 😂 but I found it funny that none of them thought Scorpius for the prophecy. I mean Malfoy Manner (as we all know in general and specifically for this story) was a significant place in the Second Wizarding War. In addition Voldemort uses Lucious' to try and kill Harry. Clearly Lucious was close to him.

Author's Response: Yeah, I've always thought I could've disguised the prophecy a bit more. I did struggle with being too cryptic or too revealing. It definitely comes back later in the story (and not just about Scorpius...).

Thanks again for the reviews! I love getting feedback :D

(I know you're not yet at the end of the posted chapters, but I wanted to let you know that I should be updating soon!)

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

18th April 2016:

Well, first of all, I'm so glad that everything is finally out in the open, and that Rose is in a place where she can not only discuss her trauma openly, but also stand up for what she wants. Even better, what she wants isn't to hide away in fear for who knows how long, but to take back her life! Go Rose!

As to the prophecy, I think James said it best.

Poor Scorpius. He's plainly terrified. And I can understand that, too. He needs to consider Rose's quality of life, yeah, but he's so focused on making sure that she even has one. He's so, so afraid for her, and for them. And, I mean, this is a terrifying situation. There's a very powerful psycho fixated on Rose, intent on torturing and assaulting her. And I mean, that's the woman Scorpius loves. Not just that, but he feels an extra responsibility to protect her, because he's in law enforcement. Anyone would feel the need to protect a loved one, but I feel like in some ways it's harder for Scorpius, because it's his job combined with his personal life. If he were to be unable to stop Stannous--if he were to get to Rose again--I'm not sure there's any part of Scorpius that could ever forgive himself. Of course he's scared.

I am curious about Stannous' intentions. It's strange. I mean, obviously he's seriously messed up and wants to cause Rose pain. But...if he thinks he's the father of this child, why would he have exposed Rose to a curse that should have killed her? What is he trying to achieve?

I'm proud of Hermione for holding it together despite her own fear, to be a good example to Rose. It seemed like it helped her find courage. And Rose did an incredible job at insisting to have input in her own life. I'm so incredibly proud of her for insisting on being taught to fight!

It's strange--it seems like Rose is still in a bit of a daze, and that's not surprising. But it doesn't seem like she's realized that the child in question could also be hers and Scorpius'. I mean, obviously that's a lot of weight to put on a relatively new relationship, but it's a lot better than the alternative.

The idea of having to Obliviate your loved ones is horrible. That's the kind of thing that could tear apart a relationship, if they ever found out. However, Albus clearly is a stand up guy for only Obliviating what he had to, instead of taking the opportunity to make sure Selenia never remembered why she was angry with him.

It was good to see Rose and Albus making up. I really like that this fic isn't just about either the romance between her and Scorpius or the action/mystery, but it also involves friendship and family relationships. It makes it a much more complex story, and all the characters are so much more developed thanks to the focus you put on that.

I hope that Scorpius and Rose make up soon, and I'm so glad to see that she's getting out for a bit with Selenia. I am loving this story and--I know I've said it before, but I really mean it--I am SO glad to be reading it again!


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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:
Whoa, whoa, WHOA. There is SO MUCH information to process here. Rudolphus and Bellatrix had a son... well NO WONDER he's so evil! And, Rose is the child's mother?!? :O Oh my Gosh! It's no wonder Scorpius is taking this so hard! In addition to being worried about Rose's safety, he's also definitely worried about the love of his life having someone else's baby! And now, with the restrictions being lifted, he's got to be in panic mode. I really, really hope those two (and everyone else, for that matter) are able to sort things out, and soon!

(And I hope nothing horrible comes from this weekend at Hogsmeade thing!)

Another amazing chapter, it feels good to have some answers, though I think I'm a little wary now of what could happen if Stannous finds her again.

Off to the next!

Author's Response: Hi there!

I get SO INCREDIBLY GIDDY at your reactions to each chapter! Eeep! I sit here at my computer with an insanely goofy smile on my face and if anyone walked in the room right now, they'd think I was crazy - haha

You TOTALLY get Scorpius. I mean, the poor guy is BESIDE himself with worry. Rose is his everything. And the restrictions being lifted could put her in some potentially serious trouble. He doesn't want her to feel like she's imprisoned, but her safety means so much to him.

I can't wait to read your next reaction!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by Tonks1247 

13th August 2015:
Heya Beth!

Another chapter for tonight! For BvB fest as well!


Okay. I’m okay. Really. I am. Melodramatic means I’m okay. XD

I guess I’ll start with the most irrelevant(ish) commentary: Ron and Hermione are adorable. Like, almost to the point where I can’t handle how adorable they are. That whole moment when Ron realized how hard this prophecy struck her and how he went to her…like, I’m apparently a huge Ron/Hermione shipper because that moment got me so much as Ron wanted nothing more than Hermione to be okay and not freak out. It was super sweet.

Next thing: The prophecy. Like. What? The fact that Rose learns about it and the fact that everyone instantly moves to Stannous and like…what? He’s such a freaking creep and for him to think that he could be the father of this baby in this prophecy? And Scorpius also believing this? Like, I’m sorry, but right hand man of Voldemort puts me to Lucius, although I guess I could see where Bellatrix could come in. But like, c’mon. Scorp knew about this prophecy and suddenly he throws a fit and goes all quiet and needing space right when Rose finds out! So frustrating! (On a side note here, I regularly check for review responses and I just wanted to say adore their relationship! I know I’m super melodramatic, but this on again off again thing is just something that fits with these characters too well! Like, the way you have it written fits so well with Rose and Scorpius’ characters and as much as I go off about how ridiculous they both are (which they really are), I love every moment of it. Despite me being melodramatic. And yeah.)

And yet again another big thing I wanted to discuss: having to use obliviate on Selenia and Jax. I mean, Dom seems to take it pretty well with her I have to go obliviate my boyfriend now comment, but Albus…like him having to use obliviate on Selenia and the fact that he only did it for the mention of the prophecy…I just want to cry. He let her keep the memory to be mad at him and just…Albus is so sweet and remorseful of being rude to her and just…it was a really hard scene to read because Albus’ feelings are so well known and I really, really loved it.

What else was there for commentary…well, Rose having more freedoms is good. I mean, I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did with being locked in the house. I woulda lost it long before her, which is saying something as I spend a lot of time on my own when I am at home (not that I’m home much, admittedly), but she made it quite a while before being done with the whole situation. Hopefully the freedom works for her well and things don’t go crazy again (Yeah, I know the likelihood of that one…).

Overall, this was an intense chapter. I absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: Haha!

Melodramatic means I'm okay.

This is MY favorite line of YOURS! I'm so excited right now.

I'm also a huge Ron/Hermione shipper! And writing them in this has prompted me to write a back story for the two of them.

Haha - I guess I didn't cleverly hide the fact that Scorpius is likely to be the father in the prophecy as well. I think I've mentioned this before, but this was my first attempt at writing ANYTHING and part of the growing pains with that is that I simply don't know what I'm doing. I stress over little details that I put in, hoping that they aren't too vague or too obvious. I'm also worried about WHEN I reveal something and if it's the right time or not. Oh well, I guess I'll figure it out - but your reviews are super helpful!

Dom is definitely the most practical member of the group. It's even a miracle that she *has* a boyfriend. Albus is all passion and impulse, but he loves Selenia so dearly that he's willing to let her be angry with him for his transgressions because it would be wrong for him to obliviate any more than what was absolutely necessary.

Haha - yeah, I don't think I would've been able to last as long as Rose has with all those restrictions - especially with no end in sight!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by crestwood 

12th June 2015:
Ron's reaction to Harry's outburst is actually really upsetting. Everyone really does seem kind of desperate right now, trying to keep Rose safe at all costs. And no one seems to agree upon how to go about doing that.

I agree with Hermione about keeping it from her and Rose. I don't think that was the right decision and I'm glad that Harry has seen that now.

Rose really is an excellent person. She felt relief that the prophecy was about her, rather than Lily where a lesser person would be glad to be rid of it. It was clever of you to tease it being Lily at the pub attack when they said they'd found her when they were together. It reminds me of how Harry's prophecy could have been about Neville.

Finding out that Stannous was a Lestrange is such a bombshell! Seriously everything comes out in this chapter! And she gets the Cloak! Seriously amazing.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: Hey there Joey,

You're completely right. Harry and Ron should've told Hermione. Harry most likely wanted to, but Ron forbade it because of Hermione's past with her own PTSD and prophecies.

Yes! You see my Rose for how awesome and selfless she is. She's willing to take on burdens just so someone else doesn't have to.

Yeah - a LOT is revealed in this chapter. The prophecy, Stannous's real identity and Rose's intense desire to not feel like she's the criminal.

Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by MalfoyMannor 

7th June 2015:
the father of the child is Scorpius Malfoy right ??!!! not Stannous. they have it wrong right?!!

Lucius Malfoy were basically the right hand man to Voldemort!!

well next chapter now!

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh man, I'm SO sorry to have taken so long to reply to this!

I'm not going to reveal anything about the father just yet... but you'll see :)

Thanks for leaving a review!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by merlins beard 

6th May 2015:
Finally! Many questions answered. But it put a strain on many relationships. I hope they will work it all out. I love Albus and Selenia together and it doesn't seem like anything could break them up. I'm not even talking about Rose and Scorpius here, that would be like opening Pandora's box.

I have a bad feeling about the Hogsmeade trip...

I'll head to bed now but I'll be back tomorrow.


Author's Response: Yes! The mystery is revealed (more or less)! I'm so glad you approve :)

Al and Selenia are so solid - they are that one couple that found each other at the age of 14 and never let go.

Haha - you'll find out more about Hogsmeade really soon!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Paddlewaddle 

25th November 2014:
I can feel Scorpius' hurt so much right now. That he can't stand to not be there to protect her - that he almost thinks that she needs to protect herself because he isn't enough. Or at least that is what I'm getting when he speaks to Rose and thinks she doesn't need him. It makes me feel all broken up about them and the way he reacted when she came up stairs to see him? my heart is going all over the place!!

And the truth comes out now about the prophecy. I feel so sick that Stannous tried to torture Rose and I realise now that your original storyline would have made the prophecy much more gruesome than it is now if you went through with it but the original storyline would have also made much more sense in light of this prophecy. So it begs the question why Stannous would think so simply torture her for 5 days, and not try more if he thinks the prophecy is about him What does he get out of it coming true? What will the child do to his stature? So many questions!! I absolutely love where this is going, however dark it may seem. And I absolutely love the family feels in there - you just see the support and how much they all love each other. Absolute love!

On other thoughts, the entire time I was thinking that this prophecy was about Scorpius and Rose... Did no one from the family even remember Scorpius was a Malfoy? (which I love cause it just speaks so much about how part of the family Scorpius really is that they don't particularly remember his lineage).

Author's Response: Hey there!

So sorry that it has taken me too long to respond to these awesome reviews!

You've got Scorpius exactly! He gets so protective of Rose and she is his whole entire universe and he simply doesn't know what to do when he's faced with the idea of losing her.

I'm so much happier with how the story is going now. I feel like I can focus on the mystery and I've been able to delve a bit deeper into some other story lines as well.

Stannous wanted to test to see if Rose really was the mother in the prophecy. Once he realized that she was indeed, he knew that he needed to mass an army in order to prepare for this child of great power - so he returned her to her family to give him some time. He knew that he would need proof in order to convince his followers. I hope that answers your questions :)

Yay - Weasley and Potter family love - they really do care so much for each other!

Yeah, I think that the Aurors are so focused on protecting Rose that they are missing the obvious here - but don't worry! Someone with a lot of *brains* comes along really soon to make the connection!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by BellaLestrange87 

22nd November 2014:
I'm so far behind on NaNo that I've given up on catching up. Instead, I'm going to read this like I should've ages ago.

L'erge Stannous is actually Unos Lestrange. That's another play on words, and very clever. I remember after reading a review on one of the earlier chapters and finding out that the spell Scorpius used on Rose's scars was a play on words. Very clever. *rereads to find out what else she missed*

I was extremely frustrated with Ron here. Yes, his intentions may have been good, but as Rose said, she is an adult and deserves to know everything, especially since the prophecy is about her. The very nature of this scene reminded me of Harry's conversation with Dumbledore in his office after Sirius's death in the fifth book when Dumbledore explained everything, saying he regretted not telling Harry the information earlier. It seems to me like Harry remembered the pain of not knowing vital information and resolved to not let family feel that.

I think this has already been pointed out but you missed a punctuation mark here - "Harry! Dad's alarmed voice broke the deafening silence and I jumped.

NO SCORPIUS DON'T DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM ROSE NOT NOW. Although it does seem fitting that the entire Weasley-Potter family is sitting down and he's in the corner. It sets him apart from everyone else, during a chapter when he seems set apart from them. On another note, why don't they realize that his grandfather is Lucius Malfoy? He's descended from a Death Eater family too. Honestly, I would much rather have this child of Rose's (has that happened yet?) be Scorpius's instead of Stannous/Lestrange's. Scorpius would act as a proper father, while Stannous would probably use them as a way to get at Rose. I guess we'll find out.

I think the Ron in Rose is coming out here, and that was exremely well done. She definitely doesn't want to just sit tight and wait while others put themselves in danger for her, she wants to go out and fight herself. It reminds me of the scene during Malfoy Manor. Also, the flippant remarks - "Does it say 'Rose Weasley will be attacked' or something like that" - definitely something Ron would say.

There was just the right amount of tension in the atmosphere, both at the beginning and then later, at 12 Grimmauld Place. I think it shows a lot about Al's character that he refused to Obliviate Selenia's memories of him being a jerk towards her, and only performed the bare necessities.

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter a lot. It definitely ties in a few things, like Rose's (I believe it was Rose) explanation in an earlier chapter of the fact that Stannous had forged his resume and notes in order to get accepted to Hogwarts. If he had changed his name, presumably to avoid the anti-Death Eater mindset that was probably occurring after Voldemort's death, he would need new documents. Especially if he was applying to Hogwarts solely to get at Rose. I doubt "I want to stalk Ron Weasley's daughter" would look good on a resume.

Author's Response: Olivia!

OMG! This review is just so sweet and I'm rather swooning at the fact that you're so into my story - enough to read other reviews and go back and re-read! Now I feel the pressure to make sure I've covered all my bases - haha!

But seriously, I'm so excited that you found the little details I put into the story! Yes! The letters in Unos Lestrange rearrange to be L'erge Stannous. Nice job - you were the second reader to notice that (someone else picked up how similar the name was to Lestrange, like CRAZY early), but I feel so excited when anyone notices!

I get worried at how both my version of Ron and Harry come off. But I *do* think about it a LOT. Harry, being Rose's uncle, is a bit more removed from the situation and can see a little clearer - although not quite clear enough to remember that Scorpius has some death eater blood in him as well - don't worry, that doesn't go unnoticed forever.

Yes! Ron is coming out more in Rose. Actually, I think her recovery is coming along to the point where her true personality is coming out. She is a bit more like Ron than she realizes and you will see in the next chapter that she's getting more of a free spirit about her :)

Albus is so hot-tempered, it really does get him into trouble, doesn't it? But he loves Selenia with all his heart and when it comes to her, he is in deep!

I think I've fixed the typo - thanks so much for finding it!

Haha - I think that putting "Stalking Rose Weasley" would definitely send a red flag up on a resume!

Thanks again, Olvia - this review was just awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by LightLeviosa5443 

17th November 2014:

Wow there was so much going on in this chapter and silly Sarah was so enthralled she didn't review as she went. Let's see how much I can remember!

I'm totally incredibly impressed with the way you handled so many people and all of their different reactions. You balanced everyone out well, and held true to characterization, and it was impressive that you managed to do so without it feeling like it was too much. It was just right!

Also, I really liked the way that you had Harry agree with Rose. I like that he has the ability to see so clearly and acknowledge when he can't fight the fight anymore. I wish that everyone had realized that Scorpius could also be from the death eater line, though. I mean, wouldn't Ron or Harry of all people remember how close Lucius was? Please tell me that's where you're going with this. (I really need to consult that outline you sent me)

What worries me about this chapter is how distant Scorpius got again. I really don't want the relationship that just started to blossom again to fall apart over this. Especially since Rose is going to need everyone. I'm also REALLY worried about this trip to Hogsmeade. I get the feeling it might not end well, and with Albus and Scorpius away they're just going to beat themselves up.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter! I hope there's update soon! I'm so in love with this story and this magnificently spot on chapter just reaffirmed my love for it all over again!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hey there again!

I was really, truly taken aback by all these reviews. I get so nervous when someone I really respect and care about reviews my story and I get so elated when they like it! I know it sounds weird, but I know that you will tell me if something seems off.

Harry was wrong. The entire Auror department was wrong to keep this from Rose. They let their overprotective nature and love of her cloud their judgement. And she called them on it. Go Rose!

Yeah, I know Scorpius is an obvious choice. But the Aurors are focusing on finding Stannous and it *might* end up with someone who has a REALLY big brain to figure all of this out. Again, the Aurors are a bit clouded.

Scorpius doesn't have the best coping mechanism. It comes up again and again that he alienates himself when time get tough. He just doesn't know how to deal with the fact that he could possibly lose Rose.

Next chapter is up! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by CambAngst 

12th November 2014:
Hi, Beth! I read this chapter as soon as it was posted and, well, you know how the process of making time goes. Better late than never. :)

First off, I have a big picture reaction. I'm sure a lot of readers come to this story because of the genres and main pairing and they're expecting more of a traditional Rose-Scorpius love story. I absolutely love the fact that you've taken things in a different direction. I love that you're not afraid to put the love story on the back burner for a few chapters and allow this very deep, complicated plot surrounding Stannous and the prophecy to develop. Whatever ultimately happens between Scorpius and Rose -- I have my strong suspicions, but I shall remain open-minded ;) -- will be so much more meaningful because of the powerful elements of mystery and danger. Bravo!

The first time I read through this, something was bugging me about Hermione's reaction to the prophecy and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. On a second reading, I think what it's missing is a brief dose of skepticism. Hermione was never the sort to accept Divination at face value. But she also knows from first-hand experience that prophecies -- real ones -- are powerful things. I think Hermione's reaction was a great way to bring home the gravity of the prophecy if she had been a little more reluctant to accept it as genuine. Once Harry and Ron are able to convince her that it's real, I like the way that it leaves her shaken.

The prophecy itself was awesome. I was speculating that it had something to do with Rose and the Lestranges, but you made it so much deeper. For one thing, it is somewhat ambiguous. I could see this going different ways. It was definitely ambiguous enough to give Stannous a very different interpretation from what I'm thinking. For another, it's about Rose's child, so it's like you have a built-in sequel. Yay!

The scene where Rose finds her determination not to let Stannous win was really well done. It had a few bumps, a few near setbacks, but in the end those only made her stronger. It was great to see the family rally around a new cause. I enjoyed the role that each character played, including James with his little bits of comic relief. Rose was simply awesome at the end, when she picks him to duel with. Scorpius's reaction also made perfect sense to me. He's too close to the situation and too emotional to be able to get a grip so quickly. I hope he comes around soon enough, like the others seem convinced that he will. I wouldn't want to go too long without coming back to the love story. ;)

I thought the scene back at Grimmauld Place had a really good balance to it. It was too early to throw Rose and Scorpius back into each other's arms and you gave them one, brief moment just to show that they're still able to communicate a bit and left it at that. It will do for now. Everyone is obviously upset with everyone else. You added some real depth to Albus's character in this chapter. The blow-out with Selenia and the fact he had to take her memories really hurt him. Not that I want to see him hurt, mind you, it was just very well written.

Ooh, the cloak! I wonder what sort of trouble Rose is going to get into with that? Or out of? Actually, I'd prefer out of to into.

I think I saw one lonely little typo in this chapter:

"Harry! Dad's alarmed voice broke the deafening silence and I jumped. -- You missed your closing quotation marks after "Harry!".

Great job!

Author's Response: Hiya Dan,

Just getting around to answering this - so sorry, but, as you said - the whole making "time" thing is a bit tricky.

*Breathes a sigh of relief* I'm so glad you liked this chapter. It is the crux of the story. I really wanted this story to be more than just a ScoRose (yeah, I said it) love story. I feel like the best stories have more than just a love story to guide it. I really wanted to show that Scorpius and Rose were connected on a deeper, magical level. But that can't happen without some other, deeper stuff going on!

So - I agree that something was off about the chapter. I read through it so many times and I ran through a bunch of scenarios. I was focused on Albus - I was'nt sure if his reaction was realistic. I also thought he might try to run home to Selenia the first chance he got. I settled on the way it was originally written because I thought he would stay for Rose's sake and be there for her, until he felt she was alright with everything. But I think you're on to something with Hermione. I'll have to look at it again. Hermione usually goes for skeptical first, but she was just informed that her daughter was missing...

Eeep! So glad you like the prophecy. Sequel? I actually hadn't thought of that. I'm still trying to muddle through this one!

Yay! Rose is standing up for herself - as she should. Harry and Ron really were treating her differently than their other cases. She is right on this one. She is of age, and has the right to make her own decisions.

Yeah - Scorp can't take this. Rose is his everything. And she knows that and understands enough to give him the space he needs, but is *finally* fighting for what she needs.

Albus is the epitome of Weasley passion first, ask questions later. Selenia is his true other half, but everyone crosses the line at some point. She can't let this go - yet.

Yeah the cloak - put that in your back pocket. It comes out later on :)

Off to fix my typo! Thanks so much for this awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by MargaretLane 

6th November 2014:
Yikes, this is one long chapter. But hopefully we'll get some answers. This whole thing is intriguing.

I can DEFINITELY see why Rose is freaked out by Hermione's response. It's not like Hermione to show her concern so visibly and with her being Rose's MOTHER, she's bound to find it even weirder, as we tend to see our parents as invincible.

I'm with Harry on this one. Rose can't really fully protect herself if she doesn't know what it is she needs protection from. Besides which, I feel she has a moral right to know.

I think that moment when Rose is relived to know she is the one in danger and not Lily says a lot about her. It kind of amuses me actually, because it is EXACTLY the way my Rose would be likely to react.

I think it's fairly clear SCORPIUS will be the father of the child. Lucius Malfoy was at Voldemort's right hand and Scorpius is Rose's boyfriend. I'm sort of surprised none of the characters have considered this possibility. Or maybe they have and just don't want to say it to Rose, in case it puts too much pressure on her and Scorpius. Like "we are destined to be together, so we can't break up even if things don't work out" or "the only way to make Stannous lose interest is for us to have a child RIGHT NOW, even if we're not ready to be parents yet."

What I don't understand is if Stannous wants to ensure he and Rose have a child together, why use a spell that should have killed her?

And I agree with Rose that they were wrong to keep this from her. And Harry in particular should have known better. I think Dumbledore was justified in keeping the prophecy from Harry until he was 15, because I think telling an 11 year old about a prophecy like that would give them little choice about walking away. But there is a difference between keeping something from somebody until they are 15 and keeping it from a young adult. And even keeping it from Harry that long contributed to Sirius's death.

I really like the way you show Rose again having a mini-panic attack. Even though she has greatly recovered from where she was at the beginning of the story, she's not going to recover overnight and the kind of pressure she's under now - between the fight with Scorpius, finding out about the prophecy and the constant threat from Stannous - is bound to add to her problems.

She is a very strong person though. She has an awful lot to deal with and she's coping pretty well all in all.

Oh, one thing I noticed is that you've written none of Dominique's "boyfriend's had ever last long." There shouldn't be an apostrophe before the "s" in "boyfriends".

And *laughs at her casually mentioning she has to obliviate her boyfriend* Poor Dom.

I'm glad Al only obliviated the part about the prophecy. I think obliviating the fact she was annoyed with him would be kind of creepy. Especially if it made her change her mind about sleeping in her own room. Actually, obliviate could be used in some really creepy ways, like somebody obliviating their boyfriend or girlfriend's knowledge that they cheated on them.

OH, I'd forgotten the Invisibility Cloak. YES, that is PERFECT.

OK, I REALLY didn't expect the revelations that came out here. I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought it would relate more to something Rose herself was destined to do, that Stannous wanted to STOP her from doing.

This is really surprising and really original. I've never read anything like it.

Author's Response: Hello!

I love, love, love getting you reviews because you always find all the little things that I put into the story. Plus, you always notice the characters' motivations and where they are coming from. I always read through what you've written and I breathe a heavy sigh and say - okay - I did alright. I know that sounds weird, but I really like getting feedback to know how I'm doing. I don't have any formal training with writing - except the required courses in high school, so I really rely on any sort of comment or recommendation. I guess, I'm really just saying "THANK YOU!!"

Yes - we do see our parents as invincible and Rose is no exception. Added to the fact that until very recently, Hermione didn't ever reveal anything about her own experiences to Rose.

I also agree about keeping it from Rose. She has every right to be demanding about this - and also a right to know about it. That was a serious error in judgement on the part of the Aurors - Harry included. At least he is willing to do the right thing now.

I agree about how Rose reacts to hearing that it isn't Lily. She really *is* brave and shows it here. She would rather take on the burden herself than see another person hurt.

Ok. So Stannous kidnapped her to confirm that Rose was indeed the mother in the prophecy. He let her go because he needed time to build up his "empire." He's been working on that since Hogwarts. Since he is Bellatix's son, he is certain that he is the father and now needs to get to Rose - for obvious reasons.

Haha - hold on to your thoughts on Scorpius ;)

Thanks for finding that - I'll fix the error.

I've always though obliviating would be misused by many, many witches and wizards. I also think that even if you were using it for the right reasons (like Al and Dom), it would be really tempting to take advantage.

Yay! I'm so glad you like the invisibility cloak idea - she's gonna need it!

Thanks so much! I really wanted to write a story that was different from the other's I'd read - so thanks again! ♥


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