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Review #1, by Callie 

4th September 2016:
Yay, I always love bits with Teddy in them, they make me laugh. But you know, it should be getting close to when Ginny gets pregnant.;) I calculated the time for when they have James. Ooh, I can't wait! Thanks for your amazing book, it's kept me sane over the past few weeks.Love you lots! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: So glad you like Teddy! Hmmm, yes, Ginny's got room for little else other than Qudidtich in her head at the moment, though. Again, I am absolutely thrilled you have been enjoying this. Thank you for all your amazing reviews! Xx

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Review #2, by Sreshtha 

9th April 2016:
Harry lost his firebolt while escaping from the death eaters before his 17th birthday along with Hedwig!!
I love how, even thought everything is good and well, you keep in mind the effects of the war on everyone and the little touch of sadness in every joy that they share
Its also quite accurate how much Ron and Harry are worried about Hermione.
Also I love the subtle way Hannah has been introduced to the story, its all amazing, really!

Author's Response: Ah, I forgot that. I'll keep that in mind when I go back and edit. I am glad you agree that even though the war is over, life couldn't be too easy for these people.
And yes, I imagine Ron being quite the worryer! I feel bad for his future children... I'm so happy you liked seeing Hannah again. Thank you for your input and for all your kind words, they truly mean the world to me! Xx

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Review #3, by ngayonatkailanman 

21st February 2016:
your last paragraph is very emotivve.

Author's Response: Thank you - I am so happy you liked it! Xx

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Review #4, by MinervaMac 

26th August 2015:
Once again I have to thank you for a fantastic chapter...I love that you've brought Hannah in, and that she and Neville are 'friendly'...he deserves some happiness. I'm making a bet...at least a hundred Galleons...that George and A ngelina have twins..! What a hoot that would be.!! xxx

Author's Response: Aw , thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy you're enjoying this! And that you like seeing Hannah. I think Neville deserves to be happy too. Hm, it sure would be interesting if they had twins:) thank you again for another lovely review that didn't fail to put a huge smile on my face xxx

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Review #5, by Siriuslover177 

27th June 2015:
I really wish there was something that we could do for Hermione's mom. It really sucks that she is going to die. I know Hermione is going to be a wreck when it really happens. I am glad that Harry and everyone else really appreciates the time they have with their loved ones. Even though it's because of all of the loved ones that they have lost.

I am so happy for Ginny. This is a huge deal. I know she is going to do amazing.

And I know George is going to be such a great father.


Author's Response: It does suck and it's going to be the hardest thing Hermione has experienced. But yes, if we have to see something good in losing people we love, I suppose it is learning to appreciate those we have left.

Ginny was meant to do amazing things, wasn't she?

And I agree about George too :)

And I know you're probably sick of hearing it but I'm not going to stop thanking you, so here it goes: thank you for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it more than you know xx

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Review #6, by Liana 

11th March 2015:
I haven't read your story for a while. Sometimes I forget how you spell your pen name or what the exact title of the story is. Tonight I found you again and discovered you had several new chapters up. I can't imagine George and Angelina having the best behaved child in England. You raised an interesting question about if we knew someone was dying would we treat them different. I guess it's a good thing we don't know when someone is going to die. I'd rather treat someone I know just how I would normally. I think those memories would be better than handling someone wih kid gloves just because they were dying.

Author's Response: I do that too sometimes - a tip is that you can add it to your favourite since you've got a profile on HPFF. That way you'll be able to find it next time :) I highly doubt that George's prediction about having such a well behaved child will come true, haha.. I agree with you. We're probably better off not knowing. I've sometimes wondered though, what's harder, losing someone very suddenly, or slowly losing someone, for example to disease. I honestly don't know the answer though. Thank you so much for reading (I'm so glad you found your way back!) and reviewing xx

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Review #7, by jerryfs1 

8th December 2014:
always a great read love this story thanks.

Author's Response: That is so great to hear. Thank you so much!


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Review #8, by Elise J.H. 

1st December 2014:
Please, please, please! Post another chapter! I've been checking your story too often without the satisfaction of finding another chapter! I love it, promise us (your readers) that you'll finish the 19 years!

Author's Response: Hope you like the new one that I just posted. I'm sorry, I know it takes a while but my life is kind of all over the place at the moment - in a good way, but it leaves little time for writing. I do promise I will finish it though, no matter how long it takes!!


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Review #9, by Laura 

1st December 2014:
Hey hey you you I don't like your update speed

Author's Response: No way no way I think I need a new one..


Haha. I'll try to be better :) Life is a bit crazy at the moment but some time after new year it should settle again.

Thanks for understanding!


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Review #10, by Charlotte B. 

29th November 2014:
Thank you so much for writing this. I read other fanfiction but it is never as good as this. Your writing is amazing. Thank you for not giving up on this story. I know that I will keep reading your work until it's done. Your work has inspired me to write my own Harry Potter fanfiction, which I had never even considered doing prior to you writing this. So pretty much, thank you for being awesome and I hope that you continue to write soon!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading, it means so much to me. And to hear you say you're planning to stick through is just amazing as well. That's so cool that you've started writing your own HP fan fiction, thank you so much for tell me that :) Thank you for being just as (if not more) awesome, and supportive, I appreciate it so much!


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Review #11, by Sanjana 

27th November 2014:
Hello :) i've been waiting till I reach this latest chapter to write a
review. I like the way you describe each of the characters' feelings,
thoughtts, relationships and even linking them to Hogwarts years
:)The family concept is awesome! Exactly what I would like in real
life...It also taught me a lot about life...

Please if you include a chapter in Hogwarts..like a reunion or some
event apart from war anniversary. I miss the castle a lot! And some
mystery related too...not necessarily action :)

Please keep posting chapters :D i'm enjoying them as much as you
are when writing them!

Best wishes,

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much - I'm so happy that you like it so much, it really means a lot to me!

It's like you've read my mind, actually - the fifth anniversary is coming up and I think it's time for another Hogwarts visit then.

Again, I'm so happy you're enjoying the story! Thank you so much for your kind words and support :)


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Review #12, by Jenna 

15th November 2014:
Hi, been reading your story from the beginning - love it love it love it! By the way, let me say this before Fred II is born - godparents are generally unrelated to the child. So, just saying, don't make Ron or someone godfather to any Weasley child!

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, that's so cool. Thank you so much for sticking with me this far, that's amazing. I reckon godparents can be related just as well as unrelated - for example, my dad's brother and his wife are my godparents. The way I see it, you choose the people you'd want to take care of your child in case something happens to you. In my parents' case, that was my aunt and uncle and I guess in a close-knit family like the Weasleys it would be the same :)


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Review #13, by Raka Mondal 

13th November 2014:
I am waiting for next chapter,these are too good

Author's Response: Thank you, I am so happy you like it! The new chapter is out now :)

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Review #14, by Darcey 

13th November 2014:
I don't have much time, I'm actually typing this with one hand as I hold one very unhappy baby! But I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this chapter, even if that bit at the end about Sirius made me cry! I always thought that Sirius' death was the most tragic, after that of Lily and James, but no one ever really treated it that way in my opinion! I think people almost forget about that death and spend all their time crying over Dumbledore (not that his death wasn't tragic as well). Anyway, my point is that I really liked that ending, it was very emotive and incredibly well written. You have such a talent and I can't tell you how jealous I am of you! Your stories are so easy to read and I do honestly feel as though I'm reading the work of J.K.R, all your characterisations and the story decisions are just right!
I've been hoping we'd have something about Quidditch soon and what a lovely way to include it. I have to say, I'm with the Weasleys and I think Ginny will make the English team! On an unrelated note, I'm actually in Hollyhead right now...I'll be sure to look out for Quidditch matches, haha!
I'm so sorry I haven't got round to reviewing your other chapters yet but I will be sure to as soon as I can! I hope you are well, Darcey.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and that the last bit about Sirius touched you. You're right, people tend to forget about Sirius because so many crazy things were going down after that, but as a personal loss for Harry, I'd agree it was the worst after lily and James. And once again I'm not sure how to respond to your kind words, except: thank you! It means so much to me and you've made me so happy :)

I'm glad you liked the Quidditch bits of this chapter as well! I'm glad you have faith in Ginny, and how funny that you're in Holyhead - let me know if you run into your fictional twin sister there (Ginny, of course) ;) Haha!

Don't worry about reviewing quickly or anything - whenever I do get a review it means more to me than you know! There's no rush at all, I'm just amazed that you're actually taking the time to do this. THank you so much! Hope you and the family are well too (and that the unhappy state didn't last too long!)


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Review #15, by Laura 

8th November 2014:
Well, I've finally finished your story until the update point - and wow, it is good! I love everything about it. But please keep Luna and Neville together, I love them and really don't want to see Neville with Hannah. Quick request - can you put in more Hagrid time? Also, when will Teddy's hair settle- if it has, and I've missed it somehow, then sorry! Well, anyway, keep up the good work! Will be checking for updates every day, so keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so thrilled that you've enjoyed it that much so far :) I do love the idea of Neville and Luna as well, but I also strongly believe that VERY few relationships at 17-18 last, which is why I've always loved the fact that they DON'T end up together, as cute as I think it would have been. We will see Hagrid again very soon! And as for Teddy's hair, I guess it will change less and less the older he gets :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, it makes me so happy.


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Review #16, by Tris  

5th November 2014:
I am so glad you have decided to share your writing with us! I get lots of joy out of reading your stories and the complexity of hilarity and sadness and genuine feelings is really fun to read! I really have been enjoying this story for a long time now and am always excited when there is more, I like it because for me is like a series of interconnected one shots and it is fun but always ok when it takes a while or anything. I can't wait to see what is in store next!
Oh and on this chapter, Teddy adorable, George adorable, Ron made me cry, and hermione... Well yeah I feel for her. Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: Aw, that makes me so happy. Thank you so, so much for those kind words, it means so much to me!! I appreciate your patience and understanding as well that sometimes it takes longer to update... Honestly, this whole review has left me with the goofiest smile! You are an amazing reader and I can't thank you enough for being so supportive!


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Review #17, by Sara 

2nd November 2014:
Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, it makes me happy that you like it :)


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Review #18, by ambadador 

30th October 2014:
I like this chapter. It contributes to the plot but at the same time it has that laid back feel to it. It's nice, to see them just chilling around the burrow, and Harry and Teddy just hanging out in diagon alley.

Just a suggestion though, I've always had this thought but what if one day Ginny and Harry are on a day out with Teddy, while he's still young and is constantly uncontrollably changing his appearance, and then they lose Teddy in this crowded area and when they go to ask the "authorities" if they've seen him
the guy will be like "okay calm down, what does he look like?"
And harry and ginny be like "Good question."

I dont know, i've always imagined them in that situation. I thought it'd be funny. :DD
I don't mind if you use the idea for the fic. I'd love it if you do.

I'm also kind of concerned for the future, lol. Because I've read fanfics before which are awesome and then halfway through the series the author decides to stop writing. Some of them explained that they stopped writing because they either ran out of ideas or they had better things to do.

I might have raised this concern before but I just don't want to get too attached with the fanfic and then have my heart brutally ripped out of my chest. It's like watching a favourite tv show and then suddenly it gets cancelled. I'm probably being paranoid, :))) but recently most of my favourite shows have been cancelled and Legend of Korra is on it's last season, so if you stopped writing then I might not be able to handle it. haha. Just love this fanfic so much.
I'm not pressuring you or anything. Just expressing beforehand how devastated i would be if you stopped writing.

LOL, I kind of ranted. but anyway i liked this chapter a lot. Can't wait to read the next one.

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that, and especially that you liked the more everyday-side of things. :)

I really do like the idea of them losing Teddy like that! I've got a chapter but it's a few years into the story that would work so perfectly with that, so if you're sure it's okay, I might just use your idea then! Of course I'll give you credit for it :) Thank you so much for suggesting it.

I do understand your concern and I hate it as well when shows get cancelled or stories get abandoned. I can only promise that I have every intention of continuing this story to the end! Should the day come when I feel like I wouldn't be able to, I'd still, for sure, give it a proper ending. I have put years into this story and devoted so much time, that I couldn't just abandon it midway through, it would be like leaving an open wound without putting bandaid on... So please, don't worry about that. I couldn't do it to myself, and especially not to the readers.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing. You are awesome and I don't know how to express how much it means to me :)


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Review #19, by A Worthy Gryffindor 

30th October 2014:
Really enjoyed this chapter! It's nice to see Ginny catch her break!

In the original books, I loved reading the quidditch scenes and this was no exception. Although this Avery fella seems a bit suspicious. I don't know whether it's just his captain-like disposition or just me, but there's definitely something more than meets the eye with him. I just hope it doesn't involve a crush on Ginny, because the last thing her and Harry need is to go through the whole 'Oliver Wood' saga again! Speaking of Oliver Wood, I hope he catches his break soon too - I'd love to know what you think will happen to him in the future!

While I do like Ginny (she's all for female empowerment - I suppose most of the female characters are really), I think her reaction to her family's excitement was a bit childish. They're only excited for her - there's no need for her to be annoyed! There will be pressure, but not from her family - if she can't take that, how will she fare training with the England team?! George breaking the news was very sweet too - even I felt a bit taken aback, and I already knew! It's just so strange to think of George as a father - especially after only yesterday watching The Philosopher's Stone, and seeing him so little. It's strange how you feel protective of the characters after a while! I feel sorry for poor Hermione - in my house, there is only me and my mum, and I couldn't imagine having to sit by her side and know that she is going to die. It's good that Hermione is so strong - I don't think a normal person could cope with such a loss.

Harry and Teddy's stroll through Diagon alley was also very cute - I especially liked the little nod to Hannah and Neville (it's only a matter of time!) When I read the passage about Teddy wondering amazed through Diagon Alley, pressing his nose up against the windows, I can't help but remember Harry, 11 years old, being just as excited on his first visit. And now here he is, taking his godson! Again, it's strange to think how much they've grown up. The mention of Sirius was very apt too - Harry's grief over his godfather's death is often glossed over, and I'm glad you talked about it. It must be incredibly sad for Harry to see Teddy and wish that he and Sirius could have done the same. I suppose that explains the bond that Harry and Teddy share - it is a recreation of what Harry and Sirius could have had.

Wow this was a long review - just so much to say! Really enjoying the story! I hope soon we will hear more about Harry and Ron's work at the auror office, though I fear the next chapter will be a sad one, with Emily's death imminent. Though I'm sure no matter what, it'll be brilliant!

A Worthy Gryffindor /***

Author's Response: That makes me very happy!

I'm so happy you liked reading Quidditch here as well :) Hopefully we will get the chance to explore Avery a bit more in the chapters to come!

I totally understand what you mean with Ginny. I guess she's just one of those people who would hate for people to take things out in advance and put pressure on her.. But of course, they are only trying to show their support for her. Haha, I kind of have trouble imagining George as a father as well - in the books, the twins were always the irresponsible, childish ones but I guess they all grow up. Anyway, I can totally see him being an immature, really fun dad. I couldn't imagine watching my mum die either - my parents are the best people I know, I can't even imagine going a week without talking to them.

I'm really glad you liked the Harry and Teddy-time, and that you picked up on the Hannah-Neville thing :) Yes, it's like a circle, eh, with Harry going back with Teddy... Yes, it's actually easy to forget about the loss of Sirius, but it affected Harry so much.

I'm so glad you're still enjoying the story so much. Your reviews, of course, never fail to disappoint. I can't believe you always take the time to write them, and it means so much!


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Review #20, by alexaemd123 

29th October 2014:
This story is beyond perfect! :) I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much, I'm so happy you're enjoying it :)


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Review #21, by Aurorofthelight 

29th October 2014:
I'm seriously going to have to go to Daigon Alley to get a new bell for the top of my brilliance meter! The old bell is pretty much kaput with the whack it took for this wonderful chapter! A perfect match of laughter with Ginny, joy for Fred and Angelina and sadness over Mrs. Granger! This was perfectly done! Keep them coming!

Author's Response: Hah sorry about breaking it all the time ;) I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this, and especially that there was a bit of a balance of all the feelings. THank you so much for your continued support, you're such an amazing reader


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Review #22, by AliceLatte 

29th October 2014:
Hey, great work, I'm happy for Ginny and of course for George and Angelina, but that Hermione's mum is going to die is really awful. I know how hard it is to loose somebody you hold dear, you described the feeling's you get perfectly. Keep going. Still a great fan of your writing and always will be regardless of how long it takes you to update :). Alice

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're happy for those characters but yes, Hermione's mum kind of overshadows a lot of it at the moment. I'm so glad you thought the feelings were accurately described! Thank you so much for your support and patience, it means so much :)


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Review #23, by Elise 

29th October 2014:
Loved this chapter again! I hope you will keep reading untill this story ends with the last pages of J.K. Rowlings book! I love it! Hope you keep posting and I'm always checking this website to see if you posted somethin new - I'll keep reading untill you published the last chapter! Keep on going please! :)

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! I am definitely planning on writing that far :) And so cool to know that you're planning to read that far as well. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement :)


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Review #24, by Duncan 

29th October 2014:
I can't believe how good a writer you are. Keep up the good work. 😄😄😄😄

Author's Response: Aw, that's so sweet of you to say - thank you so much!


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Review #25, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome 

28th October 2014:
This was a great and relaxed chapter. Ginny most likely playing for the national team is awesome, and I liked the ending bit with Teddy. Just wondering, but why does Hannah say "Happy New Year" if it is spring? That bit confused me slightly. It doesn't feel like there has been a lot of action lately, so Maybe include some auror action soon?
I'm glad that you decided to start sharing your writing because it has made me and lots of other people very happy. Please hurry with the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Hm, I guess it was the very beginning of spring and that people say it a few weeks into the new year? But I might remove it, haha, because you're right, it's a bit confusing. I'll keep that in mind about the action.

What a weird thought that this actually makes people (other than me) happy. But so awesome if it's true.

THank you so much for reading and reviewing, and for always being so kind and supportive!!


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