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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
Here comes possibly the hardest encounter Andie must go through. Narcissa.

Loving reading this for the second times. Onto the next chapter!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

3rd December 2015:

Although, she IS seventeen and she's only kissed the guy like four times. BUT STILL. It's TEDROMEDA.

Eew wait blood traitor is WRITTEN INTO HER ARM? Oh, the poor poor girl. But seriously, TELL TED LET HIM LOVE YOU AND BE WITH YOU.

Mm, bacon. Yum. And Madame Foo Foo is just too funny.

Oh. OH. I'd totally forgotten about the whole blood bond thing! YES, I bet that will cure this curse! And the fact she already has Ted's blood in her veins ... well, surely on that logic the curse would have done its damage already if it could actually work, wouldn't it? Although I don't know if the curse would actually recognise muggleborn blood, given I wouldn't imagine they're actually any different at all. But then if the curse works, it must be able to distinguish muggleborns SOMEHOW ... Hmm, that's got me pondering now.

ANYWAY. Andromeda shouldn't just leave Ted. And the fact that she IS is just breaking my heart. Haven't you LEARNED, Dromeda? He makes you happy, stay with the sexy beast.

Oh no. OH NO. Here comes the heartbreaking, soul-crushing rejection from Narcissa. :(


Author's Response: Andromeda is silly. S I L L Y. And yes, as you point out, she IS only seventeen and hasn't even gone beyond kissy times with Ted, but still. But still. I mean, they both know.

Yes, it's on her arm. D: GROSSER THAN GROSS.

Bacon! Always gotta add bacon to diffuse tension. That's my rule.

Yes! Blood bond! Blood bond saving the day! (That was meant to be sung to exciting theme music.)

Andromeda hasn't learned. And she broke her promise. Because boo. And now. . .now she has to get ripped to pieces by her beloved sister. I warned you, I got so angsty in the final stretch. SIGH.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEW. See you in the next chap!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

14th July 2015:
Uuuungh! I am distraught.

It just hurts so bad. She promised not to leave again, and then this? That's the thing that's a little weird to me. Like, I get that she wanted to make things right with Narcissa, so she couldn't marry him right away, but why was she unwilling to see if the curse was broken by their blood bond? Is it because she doesn't want him to see the scar that I'm assuming is on her arm? If so, that seems a terrible reason. I mean, she's going through a lot of emotional drama now, and all, but still.

And Ted. Has he missed the last match? Because he's cured now, so why not give Quidditch a try? Surely someone would at least take him on as a reserve player, and he could work his way up. And why not come back and finish out the school year. It seems odd that his employers would mind. After all, if he's going to write articles, he could do that from Hogwarts.

I'm still hoping he'll show up. Don't give up, Ted!

Adelaide found that she was crying
--Adelaide = Andromeda

And if Andromeda were to add to that grave injury the blow of marrying a blood traitor?
--this is maybe a minor thing, but technically she wouldn't be marrying a blood traitor. Marrying a Muggleborn, certainly. Becoming a blood traitor, yes. But Ted's not a blood traitor. He can't be--he has no pure blood to betray.

Or was he made about something else entirely?
-- "made" = "mad"

Highlight reel: “You’re a * exceptional bloke, and that’s me talking—your brother, who has a clear bias against you.”


Author's Response: This is the chapter I've labeled "Stupid People Are Stupid" in my Word doc. Hahaha. I'm actually reevaluating if I made Andromeda be TOO irrational, because as you point out there's nothing to lose by seeing if the blood bond would heal the curse. But I think overall she breaks her promise and acts the way she does because she's still too scared to be loved by Ted and make herself entirely vulnerable. Because. . .people in love are stupid.

As for Ted, since he's come from an environment in which getting a job is everything, and since it won't make a difference now if he doesn't finish his school now that he's already secured a job--well, he just doesn't see the point. And he figures article writing is more stable and long-term than playing Quidditch. Still. -.-

Thank you, as always, for pointing out the errors! Such a big help.

See you in the next chapter!

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Review #4, by Hope 

14th November 2014:
I love love love this story, keep writing it's got an amazing plot and the characterisations are really good.

Author's Response: YAY. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far. I just put the next chapter in the queue today. :)

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

27th October 2014:



For two very smart individuals, they are so dumb. Okay. Rant about that over.

I just know that a love like theirs is worth fighting for, worth marrying over, and worth any future they could have apart. I'm on edge to see how it all fall together. But I think it has something to do with Cissa...

Speaking of her, I think this is where Andie really realizes that the sisterly bond she has with Cissa could only really be hindered by one thing: Cissa really is a Black, and that trumps their relationship. I do believe in the future Cissa would make the choice to reach out to her sister again. But right now I think she'll always choose the path that leads to Lucius and an ideal life. It breaks my heart. Sisterly bonds are supposed to outlive anything and any choice. But Cissa doesn't seem to share that regard.

I'm eager for whatever comes next! But I know it will be a hard one, keep up the writing when you can! :)

Author's Response: AHHH. HELLO.

Yeah, so this is Andromeda and Ted at the height of their stupidity. :( But if it makes you feel any better, they only get smarter from here on out... Slowly, but surely. They just need a few circumstances to shake them up.

And yes, this is game time for the Cissa & Andie fallout, which makes me a hundred different shades of sad. You've called out Cissa's mindset precisely. What matters to her, even over her identity as a sister, is her identity as a Black. She lives in a world where everything pans out perfectly, and she's therefore deeply upset at anyone who stands in the way of a perfect, smooth life course. In this case, that person is Andromeda. D:

Thanks so much for reviewing! I've begun work on the next chapter, and I hope to have it posted in the coming week!

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Review #6, by New Tedromeda Shipper 

27th October 2014:
I literally spent the entire weekend reading this story. It's fantastic and I love it and I can't wait to read more. You've made Tedromeda one of my favorite Harry Potter Ships! I just adore them both so much. I have so many feels right now.

Author's Response: Aw, YAY! I love a good binge read, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed the story so far. And I'm tickled pink to hear Tedromeda makes your list of favorite HP ships. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. :) Thanks so much for the review, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #7, by whitelillies 

23rd October 2014:
So many things to say!

First of all, I stayed up all night reading this story. Like, literally, I went to bed at 11 am. And then I proceeded to miss school due to my exhaustion. Yes, I am pathetic. And obsessive. Oh well!

Second of all, this is the first review I've written for this story, as I wanted to be able to review when I was up to date on everything, so I haven't been able to tell you how much I ship Lilith and George! Ah, so cute. So, so cute. I ship them x1019923585755. I knew they would get together right from the start of their Hogsmeade plan: she's a bad***, doesn't want to be treated like a princess, and he's pretty bad*** himself. So they are obviously going to love each others's bad***ness until the end of time. Well, I hope. (BTW, what is their pairing name? Georlith? Hahaha that sounds horrible.)

Third of all, I totes ship Andromeda and Ted. Tedromeda forever! But right now I am annoyed at the both of them. I get that they are confused, only 17, blaa blaa blaa, but they are so predictable! Most of their interactions end up turning into fights, which usually result in Ted being all self-deprecating and asking 'Why do you love a Mudblood like me?' and Andromeda being all 'Argh, I'm leaving'. Maybe it's because I've read all the chapters in rapid succession so all their other fights are fresh in my mind, but even so. It is getting out of hand. I am not insulting this story or you- I just wish their problems would be more diverse, I guess, and not always about Ted feeling sorry for himself and Andromeda running away. Tedromeda need to get their act together, and fast -.-.

Ah Cissy. I don't know how to feel about her. I think I am annoyed at how absolutely naive she is, and how she seems to treat Andromeda as if she was a child who was younger than herself and didn't know anything about the world. Oh well, I know it won't finish well between her and Dromeda, but I still have a bit of hope for their relationship. A little. I just wonder how they will live in the same dormitory is Narcissa is dead set on not seeing Andromeda again.

So yeah! That's pretty much it. Update son! I've never read a Tedromeda fanfiction before, so I wouldn't know how yours mesures up to the other stories, but right now yours is doing pretty good in my books. It is realistic, very canon and yet surprisingly fresh. I feel like you also never forget to add in details showing the time period in which this story takes place (early 1970s if I am not mistaken). Ted's 'condition' is a very clever thing to have invented- it's a really nice addition to the story and it adds a lot to the plot. I am impressed at how creative this fanfiction is! It isn't unrealistic, and yet it still has a magic feel to it.

Have a good day lovely,


P.S If you don't make Tedromeda do the dirty sometime soon I will rip my hair out. It isn't fair that she did it with Rabastan, of all people, and not with Ted. It took them long enough to say that they loved each other.

Author's Response: EEP. So many things to say, indeed!

I love a good binge read, so I'm tickled pink that you devoured KYD. (Though of course not that you missed school... Heh.)

YAY, a George & Lilith shipper. I've gotten mixed feelings on that front--some yea, some nay. Though the name's a bit tricky, isn't it? Gelith? Georth? Lirge? NOTHING SOUNDS RIGHT. In any event, I'm glad that you like 'em, and yes, I think they're rather well suited. It's a bad*** palooza.

Um, yes, Andromeda and Ted are ridiculous and stupid. And you bring up a really good point: they DO tend to have the SAME BLEEPING ARGUMENT again and again. I can imagine that was frustrating to read in such a short space of time, too. -guilty face- Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I dragged this part of the story out a little too long...? Time will tell, I suppose, and I may go back and edit and try to make it less of a trial for the reader. I'm really looking forward to getting them past this place and into new territory, where there are fresh (and much bigger) problems in their way. If all goes according to plan, that will be in a collection of short stories to come. :)

Thank you for all the kind words! And thanks so much for taking the time to read and leave such a thorough review.

P.S. Eheheh. Don't worry, don't worryyy. I won't be so cruel as to keep Ted & Andromeda apart much longer.

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Review #8, by TumTum 

23rd October 2014:
Oh my gosh this chapter was traumatic. Whether it was Andromeda pushing Ted away or Ted imagining it had something to do with his job rather than Andromeda just being so cowed. Or the ending on top of everything else. I'm gearing up to hate Narcissa.

I really want Andromeda to be able to rise above all this like a queen and own her decisions and the bad names they called her because they're wrong and she knows it and also just * them. But I can see that she's a long way from that being possible and she might always stay in this halfway point between seeing that pureblooded, Black family nonsense for what it is and it being deeply entrenched. I hated that she didn't go to the ministry when she was cursed in order to protect her family - that's the kind of thinking that makes them so sure of themselves, so invulnerable.

I want to know what Sirius makes of all this - for Andromeda's sake because I reckon he could help and also for what it means for the decisions he takes in the future. I kind if want them to stay in each other's good regard.

Author's Response: Hehhh. Yes, I seem to be in the business of writing traumatic chapters. But I suppose that was part of the job description in taking up a Tedromeda story. The fallout was bound to happen sometime. Still, that doesn't make it any less painful to write. D:

Andromeda's definitely in a tricky position. And *I've* found myself in a tricky position when it comes to staying true to who Andromeda is as a person and yet taking into account how she's grown over the course of the story. She is always going to have her inner demons concerning pureblood theory and social standing if for no other reason than that they were bred in her from the time she could talk. There are still a lot of deeply-rooted issues she's going to have to deal with. But I think she's slowly getting on the right track... S l o w l y.

And yes! I'm so glad you brought up Sirius. I haven't forgotten him, and he'll be making an appearance in either the next chapter or the chapter after that. :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read & review!

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Review #9, by Endless_Forms 

23rd October 2014:
Wow, I love this so much. What's both the best and the worst part with fics about canon couples is that you know that eventually they'll get together but it really does tug the heartstrings to see all the struggles that they go to to reach that point. Anyway, this is one of my favorite fics and thank you very much for continuing with your magnificent updates.

Author's Response: That's so true about canon fics. You already know the ending, so in some small way you know you're in for a happy finale. (Well, or tragic, depending on how far you take it... D:) But since I'm definitely a journey, not destination person, it's been such a fun ride to piece out Ted and Andromeda's story. I'm so happy that you're enjoying the read so far. Thanks for the review!

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