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Review #1, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:
I'm really happy with this chapter!!

Fred and George spending some quality time together is great. I can't think of a better place for that than the children's ward.

George probably should have lwft a note though.

It's too bad that the store is ruined, but they'll do exactly what Fred suggested - build it up bigger and better than ever before.

Contrary to my thoughts artuhr is quick to accept Harry's gift and I'm glad he is. Fighting with Harry over it wouldn't have helped anyone anyway.
I'm also glad he makes Harry see a healer again, but Harry just has to be difficult about that again.

The way he acts in the hospital is understandable. He wouldn't be the person he is if he wasn't being difficult about that.
But let me just say - he is a little stupid... he is allowed to take time out to make himself heal. I hope he is going to realize that.

One more chapter to go for now. I'm excited.


Author's Response: So glad you liked it! This is one of my favorites as well. It was nice to get Fred back on the path to healing.

And yeah, he will remember the note next time, huh...

The store will rebuild, the Burrow will be safe, and Harry is still Harry - stubborn as all get-out. LOL. You can say he's a little stupid. He needs to hear it. Maybe you should say it louder.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by Greenfaery 

23rd October 2014:
This is a great story! I feel like you really know these people and by you knowing them I can see them all the more clearly. This is the story I want to read after book 7. The family, the realistic pain everyone is going through. I love it! Please don't stop!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so excited that people are finding and reading this story again. I know I left it for so long I wasn't sure anyone would be interested again.

I think you just paid me the greatest compliment ever - saying I know the characters. I write these stories because I love these characters and want the chance to spend more time with them, so thank you very much.

There should be another chapter up soon, so please come back. Thank you again for such a wonderful review.

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Review #3, by theelderwand 

15th October 2014:
More More More More! Author!! Author!! Author!

Farmgirls triumphant return!! This was brilliant! Where to start...

The Harry/Arthur scene was well done right down to the last word. Reading it again it seems there was absolutely no other way that scene could have progressed. Perfectly, naturally superb. Harry as their adopted son, and the Weasleys as his adopted family is simply the way things are supposed to be. Excellent.

Fred and George's escape to the kids ward was a masterful stroke. Exactly what they needed. It captured the depths of Fred's and George's despair and offers up the perfect cure. I really liked how you wrote from Fred's point of listening (I'd say point of view, but that would miss the point, wouldn't it?) That was genius. And, at one point (Forgive me) but I was worried you were going to forget that F and G couldn't do real magic without injuring Fred. Needn't have. you made sure they were Muggle tricks. Excellent continuity catch there. And them getting caught? Brilliant.

As for Harry's reaction to the Healer, again spot on. Harry's still healing along with everyone else and the emotional scars are deep. The cure? This sounds like a job for Ginny.

Now, I do hope I still have beta rights to advance copies? ;) Cause I really can't wait to see what happens next.

Really, really glad to see you back at this story, Little Sis. It was a real joy to be reading this tale again.


Author's Response: ELDY! Do you honestly know how happy it makes me that you will still come out of hiding for this silly little story? It makes me grin so big knowing how much you care. Thank you so much!

You know how much I love giving Harry a family, letting Molly and Arthur be the parents he never got to have. So I'm always glad when you like how I'm doing it. Thank you.

You also know I've been waiting for AGES to put that scene in to this story. It changed a bit from how I first imagined it, but I felt like it turned out pretty good. And yes, I wanted to do it from Fred's perspective to show how different things were for him now.

I love that you worry I will forget the details of my own fic! Shows you are the best beta in the world and I never have anything to worry about with you on board.

SOMEONE will have to take on the job of getting Harry to slow down. I'm sure Ginny will be helping.


Thanks again!

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

15th October 2014:
farmgirl! I have rarely been so happy to see an update to a story. Seriously, I have missed your version of post-war life so much!

The moment between Arthur and Harry was perfect. It wasn't overdone or overly dramatic. Arthur was soft-spoken and insistent, but he also led with his heart. Harry, for his part, was emotional, but also deferential to someone he considers a father figure. The whole exchange played out perfectly in my mind, and I can't think of any other way it would have happened. Then you wrap it up perfectly with Arthur parenting Harry, making him stop and take some time to see to his own physical recovery.

The entire scene with Fred and George was amazing. It started out on a low note, with George trying to figure out how he would tell Fred about the damage to their shop. George's solution was perfect. I enjoyed the quiet bickering between the two of them as they made their way to the children's ward. Excellent dialog. The scene in the children's ward was inspired. Of course Fred would rediscover his sense of purpose by making people laugh. It's what the twins are best at. It was warm and kind and felt so natural for the two of them. Fred's epiphany was heart-warming.

"Erm...about that," said George hesitantly. "We might have to do a...er...bit of rebuilding first. Went by there today and I think the Death Eaters took exception to our decorating style..."

"So, we rebuild," he answered firmly. "Bigger and better than ever."

That's the spirit, boys!

Good to see that somebody's finally talking sense to Harry. Not that other people haven't talked sense to him so far, but now somebody's talking sense about his health. Harry being Harry, of course he's not ready to hear it yet. I assume that will take a while and probably a dressing down from either Ginny or Mrs. Weasley. But the ball is rolling.

I saw one lonely little typo as I was reading:

Strangely enough, the little fox Luna had given his twin seemed to be providing more help than anything, giving the comfort no one else could break through his protective shell to doll out. -- dole out?

Gah, I enjoyed coming back to this story so much. Awesome job with this!

Author's Response: Dan - rarely have I been so happy to see that people still remembered a story when it was updated! Thank you so very much for sticking around, and for your enthusiasm that this be update! It means SO much.

I have found that I really love giving Harry parents. Letting Molly and Arthur step in and fill that void that is so huge in his life. Family is what these books are really all about, and so moments like this are so rewarding to write. And it's double rewarding when people like what you are writing.

The scene with Fred and George was a scene I've been wanting to get to for a long time. It's been planned forever, but I had to get to the correct place in the story to put it in. I really, really wanted to help Fred (and George) start healing. And for me, that would come when Fred realized he could still BE himself. I do love writing angst, you know that, but for me the angst isn't worth it if there isn't the reward of a brighter future at the end. And it's time to start moving toward that for the twins.

Harry really DOES need to listen when people are trying to give him advice, doesn't he. If he doesn't, something is going to snap, and that can't be good.

Oopsie - typos again. I really MUST go through this story with a fine-tooth comb and weed out all of those so it's clean again. Thanks for point it out though.

Thanks for coming back! Maybe someday I'll even finish this little tale.

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Review #5, by Hannah 

15th October 2014:
I hate reading a great story and it suddenly stops.
Put me out of my misery and write.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry to cause misery! I will give you more soon I promise. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by poobear 

14th October 2014:
Hat There
All i can say is wow this story is so good i loved it and defo carnt wait for more please please not to long for the next great chapters. only one thing i was thiking wile reading it was i would of thort harry would be more hurt what with all he went through but maybe thats me.
Anywhoo i will leave there for now you take care and have a good week by for now.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you found this story and have read it and caught up. I do hope to have more up soon. Life has just been crazy lately.

And I didn't make Harry too injured in this story on purpose. Fred is already gravely injured, I couldn't deal with two. But Harry has injuries that are harder to see, and therefore a bit harder to heal. We will work on that in the next bit though.

Thanks again for reading.

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