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Review #1, by Flabs 

30th April 2016:
I started reading this fic about an hour ago and I've rushed straight through and have been too impatient to stop and leave a review but I had to now because OH MY GOD THEY FINALLY KISSED!

I'm so happy right now, I'm just sitting in my bed with a silly little grin on my face because they are my new favourite idiots and I love this story so much and did I mention that they KISSED EACH OTHER AH!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #2, by Ninja in Training 

3rd January 2016:
:) naw they are so cute

Author's Response: They make me so happy because they're so adorable!

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Review #3, by lee 

30th December 2015:
I love how cute and absolutely innocent the characters are. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT I WANT TO CRY U R PERF

Author's Response: They are pretty cute and innocent aren't they? Totally unlike William and Isabella haha

AWWW YOU'RE PERF! So amazing!

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Review #4, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#23: the review which said the words we all wanted to hear.

In the snow together and James does something that every boy (straight boy) has done at least once something stupid in front of the girl he likes thinking that it will impress her.

But there is nothing that a boy likes better than to be nursemaided by the girl he likes after he has done something stupid to impress her and gotten himself hurt.

When James actually decides to ask her something that is truly close to his heart he doesnt falter. True Gryffindor style he marches bravely on in the face of all her questioning of him and her silence and her embarrassment.

The word date has finally been used and it cannot be un-used thank heavens.

There is some light banter and flirting before Abigail finds her friends at dinner. The reactions are all as we would expect Isabella is outrageously happy. Sian is pleased too. As for Michelle she pretends to be happy, but Abigail has known her longer and better than that and knows that Michelle is displeased and perhaps even upset.

James suddenly and mysteriously appears and challenges Abigail to a sword fight. Its odd behaviour and all the while Im thinking, Is this James. We all know about Pollyjuice potion and the Imperius curse. But it seems like it was just an excuse to get her close to him so that they could kiss. This is driving me crazy, until the other shoe drops you are going to have me jumping at shadows and doubting the veracity of everything I read.

but she did kiss him. Yay!

Author's Response: Oh yes! The doing something stupid in front of the girl you like. It was totally a James thing to do! He'll do anything he can to impress her (Case in point, that talent show) And of course having Abigail look after him when it failed is a definite plus in James' eyes! :D

James is a very brave guy, he does things and maybe asks the questions a few days later haha. He finally plucks up the courage to ask her on a date.

Nope! It can't be un-used!!

Isabella is such a supportive friend, so I had to have her screaming in excitement haha.

Oh yes, that was James, no Polyjuice potion here, but I can see where you're coming from. I would have been suspicious too.
It's definitely an excuse to get closer to her, hahaha I'm so glad that you have so many feelings for this!

Thank you so much! You're so brilliant and amazing!

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Review #5, by LittleMissStoryteller 

8th October 2014:
THIS IS SO BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT!!! They're seriously so freakin cute!! I love it!
Can't wait till the next update sweetie!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I know right! I love writing them so much! I can't wait to see what you think of the other chapters my lovely. :D

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Review #6, by potterfan310 

18th September 2014:

Oh my god, I love James even more. As for the pyjama under clothing thing yes!! I am also guilty of it, haha. He is adorable and I actually want one of him!! ♥

He's sending her letters, *swoon* that boy, he's true romantic at heart. I doubt they're love letters but still!! James, the lovable idiot. He's got a bit reckless like his father! He's wearing her coat XD

Those two are seriously adorable together. Jabi (as I have now named them) OH MY GOD! SQUEE! He's asked her out! Isabelle is such a fangirl for them!

I love the two of them together so, so much. They literally bounce off one another and they're perfect ♥

AHHH, OH.MY.GOD :O JAMES! I KNEW IT, I KNEW HE LIKED HER! ASDFGHJKL♥ Literally no words to describe how happy I am they kissed :D

I really hope their date goes well.

Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Hey!!

Haha, I do that too! If I've gotten into my pyjamas and I need to go out, they're not coming off, more clothes will just go on top of them. :P

I wish we could all have a James :D

He is! He is a true romantic, you're right. I can't wait for you to find out the other things he'll be doing haha :D

JABI IS A BRILLIANT SHIP NAME!! He asked her out! We shall all fangirl with Isabella!


Thank you so much Sophie! You're so awesome and I love you so much!! :D

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Review #7, by HarryGinnyLove88 

18th September 2014:
Yes!! A kiss, finally :)
Hope you write soon, wanna know how they date goes... of course, unless it happens, who know who gonna ruin it.

And also I liked so much the sword fight :D

Author's Response: Oh yes! A kiss finally happened! More is coming soon don't you worry! :D

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