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Review #1, by CambAngst 

18th August 2015:
Hi, Pix! Another evening, another review. Slowly counting up...

GryCReMo (Review #21)

Nothing can ever happen easily for Albus and Wren, can it. They have a nice little double-lunch-date planned, and, WHAM! Scorpius goads Rose into going upside his head. I like the approach you've taken to Scorpius trying to worm his way into Rose's heart. Brainy girl, goofy guy... the combination definitely works. Neither one of them know quite how to dial it back, however.

OK, the whole conversation about vampire right was like adding insult to injury. How can these kids be so oblivious? It's like the year when Snape dedicated every DADA class that he substituted for to teaching the kids about werewolves. Sorry, forgot to put "teaching" in finger quotes. But my point stands.

I do hope that McGonagall gives Summers a good once-over. Perhaps a magical decontamination of some sort. At the very least some sort of admonishment for sleeping during class. This chapter did leave me very curious as to what she and Neville might be up to in parallel to the main plot arc.

So McGonagall finally got rid of the old fruit bowl painting at the door to the kitchens. About time. It seemed like everyone knew about that pear.

The world is moving way too fast for poor Albus. Consequently, he throws yet another monkey wrench into the works between himself and Wren. I get where he's coming from, but dude, you gotta be a little more sensitive. Or sensitive at all, for that matter.

Rose finally came clean about being smitten with Scorpius. And all it took was assaulting him in a fit of frustration. It would have been nice to see Wren take some ideas away from that confession, but unfortunately she's too busy receiving telepathic warnings from her demon bunny. Man, that rabbit has lousy timing!

This chapter was a nice, bite-sized break to the pace you've been on for the past few. I liked that. It gave me a chance to mentally relax for a bit before what I'm sure will be an action-packed next few chapters. Until next time!

Author's Response:

Hey Dan! You're doing great with that count. Probably better than me.

You're right. Scorpius and Rose are both intensely... intense about things. One or both of them are going to have to calm down or nothing's going to get done. It was fun to play with, even though it's frustrating for everyone involved.

JUST like the werewolf thing. Just like it. Let's wave everything in front of everyone's noses until someone wakes up. Ahh, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

LOL! I loved the fruit bowl, but it seemed so outdated. There's got to be some kind of portrait rotation or those portrait people are going to go crazy from boredom. That, and the house elves would never get a moment's rest.

Summers needs a good reprimand, I agree. Not sure how much of one he's going to get, or if his incident would make it into his file or not. Hmm...

Let's just say that Albus is about as frustrated as you are at this point, but he has no idea how to channel that frustration into anything more constructive than digestion.

I'm kind of proud of how that whole Rose admission thing came out. She might hate me for it, but I can live with that. As for Wren... well... umm...

Thanks for coming back again! Sometimes we all need to step back and breathe. I'm glad it was well-placed for you.


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Review #2, by What's in a name 

8th October 2014:
This fic is really good and I supremely enjoy it

Author's Response:
Thank you so much! For some strange reason, I supremely enjoy writing it!

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Review #3, by MargaretLane 

21st September 2014:
I'm FINALLY getting around to reading this.

Really like the way you develop the background of vampires. It fits really well with canon and the way wizards think they are superior to all other magical beings, while at the same time adding something new.

*cheers for McGonagall* While the incident isn't acceptable, especially the slapping - they are too old to deal with incidents by pushing and slapping like 10 year olds - it's pretty clear both parties realised immediately that they'd overstepped the mark and that further intervention really wasn't necessary.

And she has a good point about how students taking things into their own hands at Hogwarts hasn't always ended well, from Harry's first year, when it was HE who put the stone in danger (had the trio stayed out of the whole thing, Quirrell/Voldemort would have been left standing in front of the Mirror of Erised, unable to do anything) to his fifth when Sirius died, partly due to Harry's actions.

*laughs* Basil Fronsac's portrait plays a (small) part in my next gen too, but I have him portrayed very differently. Funny to see the different portrayals of characters who are really just names. LOVE your version, by the way.

All your characters are so awkward around the people they fancy. I guess that makes sense since they are teens, but I just want to tell them to just TALK to each other.

I wonder who they "they" at the end are. Creepy!

Author's Response:
Hi there!

You're still reading!! That makes me so happy!

From the beginning, I wanted this story to be about vampires, but then all the teen stuff got in the way, and then Dillon made me re-think the whole 'what if' angle. I won't be surprised when all of this is done, if Smeed demands his own spin-off. I've grown rather attached to him.

I knew what I wanted from McGonagall in that scene, and I'm glad that it worked for you. Sometimes, the experience is lesson enough. I figure she'd be wise enough to catch on to that after too many years around kids. I completely agree with you regarding children taking things into their own hands. Don't they know that magic doesn't make them invincible?? Sigh.

Ahh, Basil! I'm glad you liked him. He's just a stand-in to get in Albus' way, but it was fun to think up what he'd be like.

And yeah, the awkward. I guess I've read too many stories where everyone knows just what to do and just what to say, and then everyone's so HAPPY all of a sudden. Does that even happen?? I have no idea. I went to a very large school, so I'd like to think that I have a good cross-section of personalities to draw from. Maybe I just hung around incredibly awkward, socially-inept people at that age. Or maybe I'm just horrible at writing romance. Or both. Who knows?

Creepy! I hope so. Or all my vampire stuff would be wasted.

Thanks for another lovely review, and for coming back to my story!

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Review #4, by BellatrixLover3 

16th September 2014:
I can't believe Rose slapped Scorpious! I think those two would make a good couple (when she's not attacking him!) I can't wait to find out what happened to Bunny! Thanks for checking out my story, and I will continue to post chapters.

Author's Response:

I know, that was bad of Rose! You really think so? I'm not so sure...

Thanks for coming by to read!

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