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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#22: the review which recovers from the one before and hints at far worse to come.

She wakes up in his arms; it’s pretty sweet. Again you have been using her illness well. It lowered her inhibitions enough to get her to this pass, but has made her feel like doing little more than what she has. So that nothing improper could come from this late night out together. It is well done.

The one important thing this overnighter has done is to make them far more relaxed in each other’s company. Well, at least when they are alone – the presence of other people might disturb their equilibrium somewhat.

I don’t really understand about the bacon. Is that a girl thing not wanting to pig out in front of the guy she likes even though she’s hungry? It sounds like it could be, but I’m just a clueless male who would have just wolfed down the bacon and the eggs and the sausages and the mushrooms and the …

The dorm room is attained without incident, but her nightly absence hasn’t gone unnoticed by her friends. They are excited for her except for Michelle who blanks her. Isabella reveals that there is something going on – Michelle tried her luck with Ethan but was rejected. So my supposition might be correct – the green eyed monster might be playing a part in Michelle’s nastiness.

Isabella is there, yet again showing Abigail what a true friend should be and do. And she gives it to Rebecca too, which is alright by me.

Quote: “I’ll always stick up for you, Abigail.”


Reading on – you go Isabella, tell her what we have been thinking all along, but Abigail denies and refuses to raise her hopes.

Oh oh, what are the four main antagonists doing meeting in secret – this does not bode well. Abigail tries to pass it off as coincidence but I think deep down she has her suspicions. Isabella is far more sure of dark dealings.

There are some nice moments with James in Potions and he is far closer than ever before in being truthful to Abigail.

Suspicious motions are afoot with the behaviour of Michelle and especially Barry and Elijah.

Author's Response: They both need to stop being so damn cute and kiss already! They are definitely more relaxed and this may have to be a tradition that they carry on throughout the story.

It is a girl thing, well not for me because I don't care and will eat what I want haha, but mostly there's some element of not wanting to seem like a pig for eating all of the food in sight. Or at least it used to be for me back in the day :P See, guys don't really care so I don't know why us girlies worry so much! I say eat what you want and be done with it!

Oh Isabella and the others noticed, how could they not when Isabella has clearly been up waiting to hear all of the gossip!

Oh Michelle and Ethan, Poor Ethan is all I can say! She is definitely jealous!

Abigail will always have Isabella on her side.

So many suspicious activities from those four!

Thank you!! :D

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Review #2, by potterfan310 

15th September 2014:

Hehe, they're cuddling! Whoo!

Aww, keeping an eye on the Map. Lies I swear! I reckon he was watching Abi sleep which is both a mixture of cute and creepy. These two are going to break my heart at some point, but for now they are seriously adorable. Like get together already people!!

Isabella, I love her. Abi wants to get rid of Michelle as best friend and insert Isabella. So much nicer and better person all around.

Urgh Rebecca. Maybe her and Michelle have made a 'Lets make Abigail Higgs life a misery' club.

Isabelle is literally the fangirl in me ♥ "How could you not have kissed?" - Exactly Isabelle, how could they not have?

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie :)

Author's Response: Hey!!

Oh yes, they're cuddling haha they can't deny their feelings! Even though they totally are.

It's all lies, he was so watching her and being creepy! Haha they do need to hurry up! They're taking their time!

I love Isabella too, Michelle needs to leave and Isabella needs to step in! She is a much better person.

Rebecca can leave as well *nods*

Haha Isabella is totally you and your fangirling! haha :D I know! THEY NEED TO KISS ALREADY! :D

Thanks hun! :D

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 

14th September 2014:
great as always...

I think maybe michelle is up to something, with Rebecca I think, im not sure...

hope you write soon, and get james and abby together soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you hun!

Ahh, Michelle and Rebecca need to be kept an eye on. They're behaving very shifty.

More James and Abby will be soon! :D

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