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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
Finally Dean's behaviour makes sense. Unrequited love stinks. But it's a simple matter of learning that everyone you have feelings for aren't always going to return them, and vice versa. You can't force yourself to have feelings for someone you just are feeling it with. I hope Edie and Dean can get past this rocky part in their friendship. But the simple truth is that friendships usually end when one has been friend zoned, or a lot of time has to pass before they were to be friends again.

So, Edie is going home with Oliver tonight. That'll be quite an interesting conversation with Ada in the morning. Awkward, I'm thinking. Unless Edie leaves before Ada wakes. Awesome chapter.


You're absolutely right--you don't owe anybody anything just because you don't return their feelings. Edie can be chastised and even made the villain for a lot of her behavior, but not this.

Thank you again so much for all of your reviews ♥

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Review #2, by AlexFan 

20th November 2015:
It's been so long since I've read this story and I'm finally catching up. I don't remember if I figured out that Dean liked Edie before in the story because it's been so long I don't remember every detail. Regardless, that came as quite the shock. I was sitting here with a hand slapped over my mouth in shock. I honestly didn't see that coming, I pretty much figured out Dean had a thing for Edie about a second before she did and then I was like, "wow."

I love this fluff, I live for this fluff to be honest with you. After everything that went down, this fluff is giving me life. Let Edie be happy, let her live, my baby is all grown up. I so look forward to seeing how Rose deals with being dumped, because knowing Rose, she's not going to take it well. But I mean, Edie did save her job, so she kind of owes the girl.

Anyway, fabulous chapter as usual.

Author's Response: Hey you!! It's been so long since I've *updated* this story. Man, feeling the pressure of writing a good final chapter... I'm glad you stopped by to review, though!

That's so funny that you don't remember if Dean liked Edie. It must have been a while since you last read, because I was not very subtle in writing it! Haha. That part of the story came after a very long (5-6 year) and unspoken and unrequited love-thing with my best guy friend from high school. Our friendship is okay now but it definitely will never be the same. We never actually spoke about it, it's all swept under the rug and nobody talks about it, so maybe that's why I wanted to have a scene like this where Dean so obviously has feelings for her. I realize it's TOTALLY a trope in stories, but it's probably a trope because it happens in real life so often. A lot of you readers have said they experienced similar things, so I hope to have given you guys some piece of mind, maybe?

This chapter was definitely one of the fluffier... In fact there are several pretty fluffy chapters in a row following after. I felt like i owed it to you guys after all of the things I put Edie and Oliver through ;) I live for this fluff too! I don't know what I'm going to do when the fic is over and I can't write hundreds and hundreds of words of pure Ediver fluff anymore ;A; (Probably do it anyway and post it on my tumblr...*cough*)

Ohh and as for Rose's reaction to all this, you'll just have to find out! I'm quite pleased with where she ended up in this story.

Thank you again, for another wonderful review! ♥

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd February 2015:
Tomorrow? Can’t you just leave the wedding and come back?

Eager, aren’t we Edie?

Please, Edie. You’ve been training for this your whole life.”

I like how seriously she says this.

With my hands on her shoulders, and hers on my waist, we look ballroom-ready. There is an awkward mumbling. I spot Seamus in the crowd, doubled over in laughter.

I will never finish this chapter because I will just be pulling out my favorite parts for the next twenty minutes and giggling.

We never see you anymore, unless you need something from us. We broke into a building for you.

Go Dean! But come on the girl doesn’t feel for you the way you do for her. Let it go mate. Things are different because she’s been in her own little world but even if she wasn’t how comfortable would he be with her and Oliver together?

It’s awkward and weird. Admit your feelings Dean and then meet someone wonderful who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Wow this review took a sudden turn. The feels.

“Anyway, I snuck out so often that I started carrying little treats for Mrs. Norris.”



Oh my God! Amelia Jones answered my letters!”

Edie, marry this man.

I friend zoned a guy once. It was awful and then for some reason I thought hey I will date him. We kissed it was horrid and his breath smelled and well let’s just say he wasn’t packing and I don’t know why I overshare in my reviews to you but our friendship ended instantly. All well. I felt bad for a long time until I found out he was calling me fat and ugly and all these other things behind my back as he still tried to get together with me. No no, and all his friends that I was ‘friends’ with dumped me and said all these things about me too. Whatever, I’ve got an awesome boyfriend now. Hopefully Dean doesn’t get too mean but if he does…well, they had a long run but you honestly cannot be friends with guys if they like you.

Author's Response: Haha, yes! Very eager indeed. I don't want to go over the 12+ rule here, but I always thought Edie and Oliver's "romantic life" would be very, erm, spirited. To say the least.

Yes, Dean's feels are at last out in the open... Although 487392472% of you have guessed it by now. I think I honestly didn't even really plan on him having feelings for her, or at least never making it so obvious, but everyone started shipping Deadie and what am I supposed to do, huh? Leave you guys hanging?

(Plus it really truly honestly happened to me, and it was SO horrible. Like I had to hide every time I had a boyfriend from my "best friend" because he was so jealous, but also so passive-aggressive that he would never come out and say it, and only gave me the silent treatment. It really ruined our friendship for a long time and things probably won't ever go back. It's better now; he's engaged to someone really amazing for him and I'm actually in the bridal party? As a groomsman? For him??? Like, hello, drama? But it's actually totally fine now. I just like to share all of the Edie-things that happen to yours truly.)

The Amelia Jones letter was a last-minute addition, but I love it! And Mrs. Norris. I kind of wish that Edie and Oliver somehow knew each other at Hogwarts, just for the random flashback here and there, or so that he could be like "Yeah, you tripped down the stairs once, I saw it." But that wouldn't work with the story because she had to not know him in order to not recognize him impersonating Krum.


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Review #4, by Sara 

7th January 2015:
This story is sooo good! Hopefully there is a following chapter soon :)

Author's Response: Hiya! Yes, there is indeed, I promise. I suddenly realized today that this story has taken me over two years to write--I'm pretty ashamed of that! Lately I've been trying to get over my speed-write-and-queue writing style, which was probably why this story initially had so many readers in the beginning but which also led to less than polished chapters. Hence this is taking FOREVER now but I promise this story will see its end. And now I will end this sprawling response to a succinct review.

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Review #5, by KoetjeBoetje 

13th December 2014:
Oh my gerd, I love this story!

I started reading yesterday evening and was not able to put it aside. Eventually, when my eyes were closing on their own accord, I decided I would continue the next day. Now I've finished this chapter and I want more!

This story makes me clap my hands and laugh out loud when something funny happens (which is often!), but it also makes me moan in sympathy when something bad happens to Edie. I love the characters!

Keep the chapters coming, I am looking forward to reading them! :D

Author's Response: Hiya! Thanks so much for taking the time to review. It means so much when people say they read this whole thing in one go (or in your case, two.) Seriously, that is so flattering!

I was having a problem with chapter 26. I had the whole thing written but I didn't like it at all... But I finally had my stroke of creativity today (if you want to call it that) and have some stronger ideas. I'll hopefully have it done by the end of the month, maybe before the queue closure!

Thanks again dearie ♥

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Review #6, by TumTum 

13th October 2014:
Oh man this story is so funny and I'm on tender hooks wanting everything to work out. I love Edie, she's so down to earth; I like that she burps and drinks too much and blushes a lot. That said there have been whole chapters where I have just wanted to shake her and tell her to get her priorities straight - like this chapter for example. What on earth is wrong with her that she's willing to let things get that bad between her, her friends and even Oliver. Just ugh get a grip girl. Each time someone pointed out how cruel or just immoral her news stories are and she gets all surprised like 'oh really? Is it?' I want to yell 'Of course it is! How can you be in that much denial'. I do somewhat understand - she's insecure and very critical of herself and others and she's had it tough with men and her career but it makes me hate her a little and wonder what daft stunt she's going to have to pull to make up for it. I can see that some of the other characters think the same thing and I admire your commitment to making a flawed character who is still believably human.

I'd like to say that I hope that it all works out ok but I also really hope Edie has to face how badly she's behaved and maybe, you know, gets her head out from her behind and grows back some sense of integrity. And makes it up to the people she's hurt. It just really annoys me that Oliver, while his initial behaviour is awful and she was right to be as angry as she was (I thought she was amazing), is being so thoughtful and honest now and she doesn't feel the need to keep up her end of things... with anyone? I don't feel like all that self pitying she's been doing and that I expect her to do is a relevant excuse.

Anyway, that aside I loved the other characters in this, especially Seamus and Dean, they're hilarious and the writing is super compelling. I like that Oliver was so detestable at first but that he has grown on her and us as the reader. I especially like when he tries to hide his smile with his hand and his awkwardness is adorable.

My only criticism of the writing is that, in the earlier chapters, Edie spends an awful lot of time dwelling on Rose's and Lisa's appearance. I know that she was insecure but honestly I felt like I didn't get to know much about Lisa at all, except that she is much prettier and thinner and more I don't know? Submissive that Edie (in Edie's opinion) until several chapters later. And this from the supposedly passionate feminist.

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review. I truly appreciate your constructive criticism!

You've definitely hit the nail on the head with Edie. Flawed, flawed, flawed--and there's the irony, right? I don't want to give too much away (ahhh, it'll all happen soon, I promise!) but she definitely does have her hypocrisy called to her attention. I liked the idea of this deeply flawed protagonist, especially because she's a woman. Maybe I was reading too much Game of Thrones and watching too much Girls, haha. It doesn't seem like you feel weird about your opinion of Edie (and you shouldn't!) There were times that I wanted to shake her myself. I don't know what it is, but I really love creating imperfect characters. Not quite to the level of Hannah Horvath, if you follow Girls at all, but she definitely is one of the inspirations for this story! Maybe I can coax you into continuing with KC&CO if I tell you that Edie will indeed see things in their proper light?

I totally agree with pretty much everything you've said. There's only one bit I want to contest--and really, I am just playing devil's advocate because I think your review is really honest and I appreciate that. It's what you mentioned about her job, and the articles she wrote. Getting a job was more important to her than anything (maybe another flaw?), including relationships with friends and romantic interests. This I can totally sympathise with, as somebody who's received enough rejection letters to wallpaper my entire flat. But I can also see your point. Much of her cruelty towards Oliver was personal. Things like this are actually difficult to write, because *I* can see that she's being an idiot sometimes, and *you* can see that she's being an idiot... but stubborn ol' Edie just can't.

Ooooh, good point. You are totally right about Lisa and Rose, and their appearances! As I've been harking, the early chapters need a serious re-vamping. I like giving physical descriptions of characters, but somewhere in the back of my mind is still the notion that if you describe your MC too much then she's a Mary-Sue. Obviously this is not true--it's definitely a flaw in my writing. I appreciate you pointing that out! I'll make a note of that for my edits, for sure.

Thank you again for leaving such a helpful review!

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Review #7, by coleridgeandco 

9th October 2014:
This is seriously one of the best fanfictions I've ever read.
I love your 'political undertones', to quote your own story ( ;-P ) and I can't wait to see how you will develop the friendzone business!
This is awesome, you should know, and a very original piece of writing in its genre.

PS I'll be impatiently waiting and checking your page constantly to keep on procrastinating by reading KC&CO!

Author's Response: Oh, gosh, thank you! That's so kind. You have no idea how lovely that is to hear! Thank you very much ♥ As for updates, I should be working on this in the near future since I suddenly have so much free time *cough unemployed cough* So check back soon for more procrastination fuel~

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Review #8, by nott theodore 

16th September 2014:
Hello again!

AH SO MUCH FLUFF THIS IS AMAZING! I really love getting the chance to read about Oliver and Edie and all their cute moments now that they've finally talked to each other about their feelings and stopped being all obstinate and stupid about things not being able to happen between them. It's so great to read about them together in this chapter because we've been reading and hoping for them for so long and now they're finally getting there. Which is amazing.

Your description of the wedding is just amazing. Every little detail is painted so vividly that I can picture it in my mind - the music, the dancing, the order of it - I couldn't help laughing out loud when I read about Claire getting up to announce every single stage in the wedding and the party afterwards, because it's like it's been organised with military precision and even if the other guests don't want to do any of the things she's insisting on, they don't really get much of a choice since she's announcing the instructions to the whole party.

The detail and thought that you've put into the wedding really is great, though. And it really does fit well with what I imagine Justin wanting - some fancy location and everything done so properly, so that everyone is guaranteed to know that he's done well for himself and that he and Lisa are going to be successful. I'd love to see his family's reaction if they found out that Lisa was already pregnant :P

Talking of Lisa, I love the way that she's breezing around the wedding and doing so well with all the bride's duties, talking to all the guests and enjoying herself, but managing to stop herself from drinking anything by passing every glass she gets to Edie. I'm not sure Edie's the best choice given the way she sometimes behaves when she's drunk, but she's the maid of honour - it's one of her bridesmaid's responsibilities, right? She doesn't have a choice about whether she gets drunk or not, she just has to help Lisa :P

Ah, Dean. So there was something more than the fact that Edie hadn't been spending much time with him and Seamus recently, and I guess he kind of has got a point because they risked a lot for her by breaking into the building. But at the same time I'm really glad you wrote about the 'friendzone' and you did a great job of capturing the confusion and awkwardness that Edie felt when she realised that Dean was in love with her. I do feel sorry for him, but at the same time, Edie shouldn't feel guilty for not feeling the same way. I'm just hoping that in the future her and Dean can maybe get back to being just friends, although I doubt it, unfortunately, as it's normally really awkward.

Haha, Seamus wandering in and just having no idea what's going on :P He's so great, and I loved the way he was acting like Oliver's best friend and then didn't even realise the bartender was a man. Seamus is brilliant for comic value, as well as being a good friend.

Aw, Oliver and Edie are once again really cute (I'm feeling like I need to improve my vocabulary right now, I apologise!) and I love them getting to know a bit more about each other through normal, little conversations like this. Although Edie made me laugh so much after all her resolutions not to do anything, even kiss Oliver, and then by the end of the chapter she's just demanding that Oliver goes and takes her back to his place. Edie's just such a realistic character and that's fantastic - she makes mistakes, plenty of them, and has to live with them, but she's so likeable as well.

Ah, I'm a bit worried about the truth coming out about her articles, though! This was a great chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hello again! So sweet of you to leave two wonderful reviews. Thank you very much ♥

Hahaha "stopped being all obstinate and stupid." That's very true. (Maybe mostly Edie's stupidity, but we'll see...) I was very nervous writing this scene because I figured a lot of readers have been waiting for it forever (or those of you who don't still hate Oliver, anyway, hehe.) I was so scared I wouldn't do it justice! Turning Edie from completely helpless in the way of romance to *this* was nerve-wracking.

Ohh, Claire... I don't think the mother of the bride typically even has a role in weddings (at least that I've seen.) But Claire is certainly not letting that happen. Good thing sweet Lisa is as calm and laid back as she is, or things could have gotten very ugly...

Yeah! To be fair to Edie, she really did intend to stay sober for the night... But things didn't exactly go as planned. Like you said, though, she's just doing her job, right? ;)

Yeah, I really wanted Edie and Dean's relationship to not be as black-and-white as I've seen before. (Obviously in some cases that works, but it wouldn't for this story.) They're both good people, but they're in an unfortunate situation with no real remedy, so each of them is the victim and each of them is to blame in some way. Edie really does ask a lot of him, and even kind of uses him unknowingly (especially with breaking into Witch Weekly.) But she isn't required to have feelings for him because of it.

SEAMUS. I feel like I need to write a series of one-shots based on what's going on in Seamus's head. I'd imagine it at times to just be a little hamster on a wheel, or cheese sandwiches, or girls.

Yeah, Edie's resolve didn't last very long, did it? It very quickly went from "we should keep at a distance" to "well... I mean... we *could* kiss, I guess." I was nervous writing that whole part of the chapter, because I wanted to acknowledge that they weren't outwardly trying to be cruel to Rose. But I also wanted to stray away from the "forbidden romance," especially at a wedding. Hence Oliver and Edie didn't dance together or really even interact in any way that felt too "Grey's Anatomy" to me ;)

Oh, the articles. Shhh, Sian, just ignore them until they go away! That's what Edie's doing, at least.

Thank you again for your reviews! I can't wait to get back to writing this story. ♥

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Review #9, by marauderfan 

15th September 2014:
Another fab chapter! Lisa's wedding was so entertaining, particularly her outward composure while running around and handing off drinks to Edie.

Fluff! And more fluff! Haha, honestly I loved it. For me it's such a struggle-fest to write anything fluffy, so I can appreciate your trouble with writing it - and it all worked out well, and even if you felt awkward writing it, it doesn't show. Congrats on the fluffiest fluffy fluff. :D

I like that you're addressing the friend zone too. Poor Dean. I do feel really badly for him, but it's not Edie's fault by any means. I think it's a really realistic view of that sort of friendship too, because in real life that's a pretty confusing situation and I think you captured that. It's awkward, and maybe it will get worse before it gets better, but I hope that someday in the future they can be good friends again, because I loved reading about Edie, Dean, and Seamus, the dream team of friends back in the beginning.

Awesome work on this chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Hey there! Ohh, Lisa is such a dear. I love her. I kind of based her off a former co-worker of mine, who got married and was very nonchalant about the whole thing (she didn't even really "walk down the aisle" so much as stumble down a hillside in a dress without music.) Plus it's more fun for the groom to be freaking out... ;)

FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF YES. I'm right there with you. It's a struggle-fest to write a snuggle-fest (should we maybe get this printed on coffee mugs/tee shirts?) I'm glad that you liked it though. Honestly I'll probably go back through and tone down on the soppy-ness (especially at the beginning... ugh) but I'll try to stay strong and keep most of it in there!

I really do feel bad for Dean too! He's such a great character in the books, and has always been a favorite of mine. I kind of feel bad for writing him this way. Possessive!Dean is more of something we see in the movies, if my memory serves me correctly, when he's dating Ginny. But I'm definitely building off of that--Dean and Edie just wouldn't work because he's too possessive. Both of them are headstrong, which could potentially work *ahem Oliver ahem.* But it's the way that Dean uses his stubbornness, by trying to control somebody, that just wouldn't work with our friend Edie.

Thank you so much for this review, lovely! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I just moved across the country and almost have everything unpacked and ~*~internet~*~ so soon there will be updates! AHHH plus I completely re-wrote the ending and am so much more in love with it and can't wait to get there now.

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Review #10, by teh tarik 

13th September 2014:
HELLO!! I'm back. And I really do apologise for my awfully sporadic reviewing, but ugh, I'm not so good with reviewing everything I read anymore. Just...I PROMISE YOU THAT I'M STILL FOLLOWING THE MISADVENTURES OF EDIE LENNOX. ♥


I would love some coffee.

*swoons and falls in love with this fic all over again*

OK, gah, so much fluff, and yay! All that Ediver is finally being realised.

Gah, you've written Lisa's wedding so well! All the details from the vineyard to the expensive cheeses etc.I don't think I'd believe it if you say that you've never been to a seaside Italian wedding before. :D I must say I love Lisa in these last two chapters: how collected she is despite it being her wedding day and all (well, until the makeup mishap), and how she keeps plying Edie with drinks because she can't drink herself.

GAH, I'm just going to list all the things I love about these past two chapters.

- Peter Finch-Fletchley blubbering away, arm-in-arm with Edie

- Lobster puffs sound absolutely delicious. ARE THEY EVEN A THING?

- Seamus and Oliver being such great mates and all.

- The revelation that Oliver and Rose are not a thing. And bahaha, that Edie has been an utter idiot all this while. Sometimes I feel like shaking her. Which makes me love her all the more.

- Edie's fantasies. SERIOUSLY. (Very sturdy rafters). Good god.

- ALL OF THE EDIVER. The kissings, the awkward!Edie moments, and drunk!Edie at the end practically DEMANDING that he take her home. For *cough* coffee. Yeah, right.

I think you made a good point with the whole Friendzone message. Edie feeling all uncomfortable and selfish because she's enjoying herself and not thinking about Dean. It's great that you point out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with what she's doing; it's something I was wondering about when I was reading this chapter. Then I got to your A/N and saw your message about the whole issue. It's GREAT that you bring this up; there are so many fics with OCs whose best mates are all guys, who get along with dudes but none of them really address the relationship complexities and issues that can arise with such situations. Hmmm, I wonder how things are going to turn out between Edie and sulky!Dean.

AH OKAY I LOVE THIS CHAPTER. I know you're probably hoping for useful feedback, but I don't really know what to suggest. These chapters are just fabulous! You've developed your characters so, so well, and everything flows beautifully.

Next chapter, please! ♥


Author's Response: Hello! I'm finally responding to you--yeesh. What a month it's been. But your reviews make me so happy, and I'm always so glad to respond :)

I read that as "Ediver is finally being released," and imagined this giant 1/3 Edie, 1/3 Oliver, 1/3 Kraken emerging from the sea and sinking all of the other 'ships. (Must... not... doodle this... Or maybe later.)

Unfortunately I have not been to a wedding like this... most of my friends have done the "unassuming garden wedding" Edie was grumbling about. Although this kind would certainly be more fun, and I don't know what she's complaining about!

Honestly I wish I had thought of Peter Finch-Fletchley before this chapter, because I love him so much. I have such a clear image of him in my head, played by this really minor actor named Danny Strong... I'm fixin' for a big KC&CO edit (finally getting rid of all of the parts that make me cringe) and I may or may not put a little dash of PF-F in there ;)

You had me second-guessing myself with lobster puffs! Do yourself a favor and look them up. And get hungry.

Yeah! I am going to definitely explore the "Friendzone" thing, but this story is already SO LONG and needs to start winding down. Hopefully I can condense it into a few sentences. But I found myself even feeling guilty for not *writing* that Edie follows Dean outside to console him, which is odd. When something like this happened to me I pretty much ignored my best friend for the rest of the party (and kind of ran away in the middle of him confessing his feelings to me because I can't handle confrontation.) So imagining Edie heading outside and suddenly being very considerate and caring and knowing "just the right thing to say" and "patching things up..." Nah. Doesn't feel right.

Thank you so much for your review! I apologize for taking so long to respond. But I (almost almost) have the internet at my flat, which means I will finally be back on HPFF in a week or so, with updates soon to follow.

Thank you, lovely! Hope you're doing swimmingly! ♥

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Review #11, by EvilSoul 

9th September 2014:
wi so fluffy xD
please don't make Oliver angry with Dean (or Edie)... :(

Author's Response: Yes, much fluff. This fic is now just a giant pile of bunnies. (Ouch, really bad joke.) Thanks for the review!

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