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Review #1, by Secret Cupid 

14th February 2016:
Hello again! Here to continue the Valentine's love ♥

I literally gasped when Louis came out of the closet (heh) because I did not expect that at all! Who does that to someone?! Even when drunk (speaking of, Louis seems to have an alcohol problem at the tender age of sixteen already?!?!?!) YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT OMG

And aw, look at the friendship thing that's already happening between Al and Olivia! That's so sweet, Al is obviously just a really cute warm fuzzy teddy bear who never causes any harm ever

Hope you're enjoying your Valentine's Day ♥

- your secret admirer ;)

Author's Response: Thanks lovely xx

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Review #2, by Unwritten Curse 

9th January 2016:

Wait, first: Here for the Gryffindor Review Battle. Okay, now back to


I'm acting like such a teenager right now but I don't care because Albus and Olivia are sort-of friends now and we all know what this means! I really like your characterization of Albus, by the way. He seems strong in this story and I like that. He still has fears of being inadequate but he stood up to Laura after she exploited him and he's opening up to Olivia (and calling her Liv--adorable) and I love it.

I thought the conversation with Joe at the end was cool, too. It says a lot about Olivia and Cass and their relationship. I was wondering why Olivia disliked the Potters so much when she saw them at the beginning of the story, and now it's becoming clearer. Cass seems like she was kind of the "leader" of their friend group, so Olivia went along with her opinions of people. It'll be interesting to see how Olivia changes now that Cass isn't around.

This is such an interesting, nuanced story. The characters are just coming to life and Olivia already seems to be changing and I can't wait to see how her relationship with Albus develops. I wonder what will happen with Scor, now. I wonder if he knows about Cass. I feel like he does. If he doesn't, he's going to be worried sick.

I totally just looked through the chapter titles to look for spoilers and you're as sneaky as ever. I do need to eat dinner but I'll probably be back later with some tea and my pajamas. That sounds like a great Saturday night.


Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying Al. He's got his own problems but he's good to his friends, and it was really important to me that Olivia found someone nice.

And Olivia's definitely free to form her own opinions a bit more now that Cassie's not around. She hasn't ever realised it, but she's been very limited by what Cass thinks. This ish er hcance to be her own person a bit more.

Lots of love,

Emma x

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Review #3, by merlins beard 

25th March 2015:
I'm seriously getting caught up in this. I loved the moment ollie had with albus during prefect rounds. They are really cute together, even though it's sad to see albus hurt. Louis is acting badly. I wonder if he comes around and stops drinking later on.

Author's Response: Louis isn't one of the main characters in this story, and although I think his story could be explored in much more depth it's never central to the plot here. But he'll be around a lot more in future chapters so you'll definitely have a chance to find out more about him :)

Emma xx

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Review #4, by TidalDragon 

19th January 2015:
Hello again! First a couple of minor things I noticed. Number one: parentheticals. I know you use them sometimes to show thinking, they're just a pet peeve of mine, especially when they seem like they could be avoided with general description (see: enter Molly Weasley at the top). Then in the same scene I caught this typo "first thing's first" - I think it should just be things no apostrophe. Also, if the password is Latin, you might offset with italics so it stands out more. Not a big deal, like I said though.

Anyway, I really like the actual meat of the chapter. The prefect meeting was interesting and it was a unique description of rounds from what I've either come across or what I've done on my own. For me, I think your explanation actually makes more sense, splitting up the castle and all because it would be almost impossible for one pair to cover the whole castle the whole night, but for some reason that's how I'd imagined it, with professors also being about or something. Anyway, KUDOS is what I'm trying to say.

I also found the point at the end with Joe about Cassie very interesting too. Partly it felt like a bit of pulling back the curtain on your purpose behind Cassie's absence, but part of me still liked it anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing how Olivia evaluates the remarks later on in the story.

Pushing onward...

Author's Response: I totally agree about the parentheticals. I think it's something I've got better at since writing this chapter but I'll definitely look out for it in future chapters. And thanks for pointing out that typo - I'll come back and edit it.

Joe's supposed to be a more reliable voice than Olivia, and I hope his moments of insight are helpful. I really enjoy him a lot as a character and I hope it feels natural when he makes his observations. He does have a purpose in that he's supposed to expose some of the things Olivia ignores, but it's a part of who he is so hopefully isn't artificial.

Thanks again!

Emma x

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Review #5, by Hedwig_Pie 

17th October 2014:
i really like ollie after this chapter! she's just so calm and nice and a good person. laura sucked before. now she really sucks. no laura.

Author's Response: Haha, Ollie probably wouldn't want to be described as nice, but she's definitely fundamentally a good person xx

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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 

20th September 2014:
Hi Emma,

Here for another chapter. I thought this one was pretty exciting. I really enjoyed seeing the emotional Al. He totally does not deserve his latest string of bad luck. Above all, his own cousin betraying him - oof. I don't think Al should forgive Louis too quickly. Drunk or not, what he did was atrocious.

Joe has a point about Cassie. Olivia has let Cassie's strong personality lead her own decisions. The Potters and Weasleys don't seem to be too awful (other than Louis, of course).

Now I'm a bit curious about James. Where did he go off to? Knowing James, it could be just about anything.

I have to say, I see your writing has improved with every chapter. Each one seems to be smoother and more polished. The details that you add do not detract from the story, rather they enhance it. I'm really starting to care about all of these guys! I always cared about Ollie and Scorpius, but now I'm in love with Al and Rose and Joe and the whole lot of them.

I also need to comment how great a job you've done giving each character a distinct personality. None of them are flat, and I can see the motivations for each of them. Awesome job!


Author's Response: Beth!

Wow, thank you so much for all these thoughtful reviews :)

Al very much doesn't deserve his bad luck. It's not self inflicted at all, and he's been mistreated by people he cares about. He definitely won't be forgiving Louis very easily.

James...well, more on that later :)

Gahh your comments are such compliments! Thank you thank you. I'm so glad you think the chapters are getting better. I'm really enjoying writing this and it's so satisfying to hear that people are enjoying reading too. I really love a lot of these characters and it's great to hear everyone else's thoughts on them.

Thanks for taking the time to review!

Emma xx

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Review #7, by Ribbons 

19th September 2014:
OH my goodness darling! You fantastic person you!

So, I realize that I'm behind in my promises to review everything that comes out of your keyboard when it's hot off the press, and I apologize.

Your characters are as rich and dynamic as ever and you're handling the new problems presented in the story with a wonderful amount of grace. You're really creating a masterpiece, you know that? I have such faith in your writing that I'm not pushing myself to read, I'm galloping through your work and begging for more at the end.

Good thing you have two more chapters up I haven't read.

Your main character, Olivia, still seems very in character and enjoyable. She has faults and eccentricities, but it's not a cutesy goofy clumsy type thing going on, so that's AWESOME! I love that you brought out a little more of a leader in her when she had to break up Al and Lou.

Another thing that I ADORE is how the lack of Cass is turning her into a bit of a larger-than-life presence looming behind Liv and making her doubt herself and the people she spends time with. The new found respect for the Wotters (love the phrase)? Lovely, but what would CASSIE think?

The light tension that you've been building is starting to creep under the skin of your story and I absolutely love it. Like a fishing line drawing me in.

I cannot wait for the next chapter and am hoping that there will be more Alivia, because their chemistry is wonderful.

Much, much, much love,


Author's Response: Alena! You're back!! And your review is SO LOVELY I can't quite get over it.

I'm really happy to heart you're still enjoying Olivia. I'm loving writing her and am starting to feel like I understand her more so it's always good to hear other people like her.

And YES, with Cassie gone Olivia's developing into a better person, which is really interesting to write. I'm sure Cass wouldn't approve.

There is quite a bit more Alivia in the next chapter :)


Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #8, by CambAngst 

17th September 2014:
Hi, Emma! I'm ready for another chapter!

Ah, the simple pleasures of exploding snap. It must me amazing to have magic at your beck and call, allowing you to risk second degree burns over a simple game of cards.

One of the things I love about your writing is the way you make use of small touches to give the story that "Hogwarts feel". Wendolyn the Weird was one of those small things that really sets a mood.

Interesting. Now James is missing, too? And he was the one who was searching for Cassie on the train. As I recall, he didn't seem too pleased that Cassie was blowing off the prefect meeting. Perhaps a bit out of character that he would be blowing off this one? I like all of the tangled little threads of mystery running through this story. I feel like there are a lot of hints, possibly more than I'm catching onto.

Molly runs a tight ship. She seems like she'd be a good Head Girl to work for as a prefect. No nonsense, but also fair and organized.

I liked the way that Rose warmed right up to Olivia. All of the prefects seem to be able to put House loyalties aside in order to work together. The school has obviously come a long way since Harry's day. In spite of that, Olivia tries hard not to be friendly to Albus. Denial, not just a river in Egypt. But hot chocolate can fix anything. ;)



Well, I have to say, I didn't see that coming. Louis? I was half-expecting Al to point at him and scream, "JUDAS!" At the same time Louis is blowing my mind by doing... THAT, Olivia really surprised me by stepping into the breach and keeping things from spiraling into a bad place. That girl has some qualities that don't immediately shine through, especially when she's being overshadowed by stronger personalities like Cassie. In spite of her, um, estrangement from Cassie, Olivia is still really quick to defend her. So far in this chapter, we've seen the courage of a Gryffindor and the loyalty of a Hufflepuff. She's just full of surprises.

You're making Olivia such a deep and likeable character. And my hat is off to you on all the possibilities you've woven into your mystery. This is a really, really good story and I'm excited to see where you take it next!

Author's Response: Hi Dan! Great to hear from you :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed Wendolyn! I always really liked the portraits when reading the books and couldn't resist adding my own.

James definitely should have showed up for the meeting, but I don't think his absence worried anybody too much. And he'll have to answer to Molly now that he's not done his duties.

I think Molly's definitely a good Head Girl. She's a bit more relaxed than her father, and sees it more as a chance to work with the prefects than to simply lead them.

Haha, Al definitely should have called Louis Judas. It would be very appropriate. Louis's got his own problems but has unfortunately reacted to them in a way that hurts somebody he cares about. I think Olivia's taking control would surprise her as well as everyone else, but it's definitely an aspect of her character.

Thanks so much for saying she's likeable! It always makes me so happy when people say they like her.

Always appreciate your feedback :)

Emma xx

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Review #9, by Gabriella Hunter 

15th September 2014:

I'm here for our swap, lovely! I had to really get into the groove for this one, I had a feeling that things were going to be really intense and I was not disappointed! It was good to see that Ollie wasn't particularly thrilled about having Prefect duties and she reminded me so much of my Roxanne Weasley just then. Hahahaha. I put that girl through too much but anyway, I feel kind of sorry for Scor, he's going to have a tough time whipping them into shape before their first game.

Ah, so the Prefect meeting itself (Oh, I loved Wendy by the way and I think Joe is great. I noticed there might be a romantic sub-plot happening with Esther and Oz so I'm curious to see how that goes) was very nicely done. I love the little details that you wrote and it was very easy to visualize. I also liked your version of Molly, she's always written as being kind of a bore and its nice to see her with some spunk. I hope we see more of her. I wonder, though, where was James? Who was he snogging?! Why wasn't it me?!


So, anyway, Albus is such a sweetie. I like that Ollie is having a bit of a connection with him, it wasn't too sudden and it didn't seem too forced. I can tell that she's really hesitant about it but I hope that she lets her guard down a little and Oh, my God! Like...what? Louis though? I didn't expect that at all!! My jaw dropped! I honestly thought it was going to be Jams and Cassie for some reason but what?! Albus had some major control and Ollie was great for allowing the kids to run off instead of, you know, destroying them. Hahahaha. But, what?! I wonder how that's going to work out!

That moment between Ollie and Al was just so perfect though. Something has changed between them and I can't wait to see where it leads.

Joe's got me curious though. I wonder what he really wanted to say about Cassie? Ollie didn't seem really happy about it but I'm curious...I hope you explore that again soon.

Great chapter, truly! I didn't spot any CC's that you should be aware of and your characters, pacing and plot have got me hooked!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Wow, your reviews are always so kind :)

Glad you picked up on Wendy. I'm not exactly sure where she came from but that scene was great fun to write. And I think Molly would definitely have a bit more to her than her father had at that age. She's grown up with all her cousins and would definitely be her own person rather than a carbon copy of Percy.

And Albus is definitely a sweetie. He's so lovely to write, I'm really enjoying him as a character. I'm trying to get a balance between Harry and Ginny and still keep him his own person. I think if someone was ever properly going to get Ollie to be herself, Albus would be that person.

So happy you thought James and Cassie were going to be in the broom cupboard. That would have been a pretty big plot twist but is kind of a great idea. Afraid not, though. We're not going to find out what's happened to Cass for a while yet. And James has his own secrets.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! It's always great to get your feedback.

Emma xx

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Review #10, by TumTum 

15th September 2014:
I'm really enjoying this - more and more with each chapter. I really like Olivia, I liked how kind she was and quite gentle in this chapter. I don't know if it's in character or not because she is your oc but it just feels like meeting different sides to her. Ones that she wouldn't necessarily show around the friends she has already. It's natural to show different sides of yourself around different people. I was so impressed with her when she stood between Louis and Al too. These are the kind of hidden depths that I was looking forward to, when Olivia (or Liv I like that) comes out of her shell.

As for Al bless him he's had it really bad. I liked the way he grinned at the third years and shooed them off because it shows that he has a good sense of humour and is up for a laugh. In general, his friendliness is endearing and I am looking forward to seeing much more of him. I want to know what he makes of Olivia.

As for Joe, he has a point about Cassie seeing the worst in people and stopping Olivia from getting to know them as a result. I like that the worst she has to say about Rose and Al is that they are weirdly friendly, that made me laugh.

It seems like you are hinting at Joe having a crush on Olivia? Is that why he's kinda relieved that Cassie isn't around? It's a very interesting development! Whether it's just that he is a concerned friend who's maybe a bit relieved to have a more friendly prefect partner or whether he does like her more than that, I liked that he was looking out for her and I laughed when he smacked Ollie over the back of her head.

If I had to pick though, I find Al sweeter.

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so glad you're still enjoying it. I always smile when I see I have a review from you :)

Olivia's definitely starting to show a different side of herself now that she's not got Cassie next to her, and I'm glad that's coming across. I wasn't sure if it was going to seem out of character for her to take responsibility in the Louis/Al situation and deal with it, but I wanted to show that she's growing up a bit and has a bit more depth.

Al's lovely. I'm really having fun writing him. He's struggling at the moment but I think his friendliness helps him deal with it.

It took me a while to figure out how Joe feels about Olivia, but I've worked it out now so that's something that'll be revealed later on.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

Emma xx

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Review #11, by Chazzie 

12th September 2014:
Hey Emma!
Well personally I really enjoyed that, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it! I don't think Olivia is really out of character in this chapter, more that you are showing how she is without such a dominating presence like Cassie around. She seems to be rather independent in her own right, and not the person who would just do what her best friend did for the sake of it. Although it is very realistic that Ollie hasn't really talked to people because of Cass.
I loved Joe. Really disliked Pansy. Thought Draco was amazing. I like Scorpius, but am scared that Cassie has been cheating on him and he's gonna be heartbroken. Thought Albus was cute, loved the nickname bit. Who doesn't like nicknames? Molly seemed nice. Rose too. Didn't like James really. Martin was horrible. I feel like Jason and Olivia may have a chance of reconciliation? Or I hope at least. He doesn't seem too bad. Katie tries her best, but sheesh Andrew was annoying. I feel so sorry for Olivia, given her parents. It's surprising she's turned out as well as she did.
Brilliant story so far!
(Sorry it took me a while to review, I wanted to read the whole story first:) )

Author's Response: Hi Lottie!

Thank you for the lovely review! I wasn't expecting you to read the whole story but I'm really happy that you did :)

Thanks so much for your comments about Olivia. It's really helpful to know she doesn't seem out of character. And all your other character comments are super useful too.

I'll be getting straight to your stories now :)

Much love,

Emma x

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Review #12, by Kira 

12th September 2014:

Louis is terrible! I can't believe he'd do that! I didn't see that coming at all.

And Ollie looks after Al! They're going to be so cute.

Update son please I can't wait.

Kira xoxo

Author's Response: Kira!

Thanks so much for taking the time to review everything, it really means a lot and I love getting feedback, especially from somebody who's enjoying reading.

The next chapter's in the queue so it should be up very soon.

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #13, by Jack 

12th September 2014:
Another good chapter. have enjoyed the entire story so far. I really liked Joe, and his comment about Cassie is spot on. I also really enjoyed the way that Olivia was able to mediate between Al and Louis. I did enjoy Molly and Rose in this chapter. I am slightly worried that if there is a continued focus on Cassie's disappearance each chapter that i might end up underwhelmed about the resolution of that story line. I felt that the conversation at the end was really all that was necessary to continue that thread. It felt like the intro to molly and rose could have been done without molly bringing attention to the fact that cassie is missing. I dont have a real issue with that part, but it felt unnecessary. My only other issue is Laura. It seems that every chapter you try to give more reason to have her. You do a good job in presenting believable ways for why we would like her less. My issues is that it seems like these actions should be more spread out then they are. Unless you plan on at least partially redeeming her in the end, I that she is just going to end up being caricature of a horrible ex

Author's Response: Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for the review. I'm really happy to hear you've been enjoying reading.

Those are really interesting points about Cassie's disappearance and Laura's portrayal, especially Laura. I'll leave it for now because her storyline does progress, but if you keep reading I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on her later on. I don't want any of my characters to seem like caricatures so will definitely come back and make some edits if that's the case.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!

Emma x

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Review #14, by Cannons 

11th September 2014:
No more chapters to read!! :( I really like how you've written al very believable and I did not expect them two to be in the cupboard ... Drama !

Author's Response: Haha, the next chapter's in the queue so should be up in the next few days.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

Emma xx

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Review #15, by Roisin 

9th September 2014:
GAH! I can't believe I'm at the last posted chapter! I want to read MOAR!

I didn't think Olivia was OOC at all--she's a dynamic character, and not nearly as hard as she likes to come off around her Slytherin mates. I thought you wrote her reluctantly liking people really well, and her surprise at weirdly taking to her duties.

I really liked your take on Rose, too. It makes sense really that she would be a friendly kind of person, considering her parents. I think Hermione is too often influenced by the films' (shoddy) interpretation, and that carries over into peoples' characterizations of Rose. This Rose was a very believable daughter of the characters from the books.

And I think Al really does come off very effectively as a younger brother and middle child.

UGH, I want another update!

I suspect there's going to be plenty of drama when Cass returns. I like her character, but she's clearly a troubled sort of girl. This whole time away is, I think, going to influence Olivia, and Cassie will probably hate it. I really like that Cassie's perspective of other people says more about her than it does about them. And learning to not just take your friends' word about people is something a lot of people do learn at this age.

MAN, this story is SO GREAT! Update soon!


Author's Response: Haha I've got the next chapter written so I'll put it in the queue probably later today? Hopefully. I'll just do a quick read over to make sure it's alright.

Thank you for the character comments. Olivia's definitely supposed to be dynamic, and I'm glad you're still finding her convincing.

I worried that I might have made Rose a bit too cliche. She's very book Hermione at the moment, and I'm reluctant to make characters too similiar to their parents. But I'm glad you liked her!

Your point about Cassie's perceptions of other people saying more about her than it does about them is fantastic. That's exactly what I wanted to get across and it's hard to know if I've done it when I'm writing in Olivia's voice. But yes, Cassie's quick and harsh with her judgements, and because she makes so many of them it's definitely a comment on her character more than on anyone else's.

Thank you thank you thank you. All these reviews are so thoughtful and so HELPFUL! I'm so so flattered that you've enjoyed reading so far.

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #16, by Unicorn_Charm 

9th September 2014:

So to answer your question, no. I don't feel Olivia is out of character. I think that she was one of those girls whose identity was so wrapped up in and connected with their best friend's. It's not that she's not her own person, but she mirrors and adapts to Cassie. Now that Cass isn't at school, Olivia is kind of forced into becoming her own person. And she doesn't seem like she is as jaded or as judgemental as Cassie is. It just seems like she's got a lot going on and may be changing slightly. She's growing. Sorry for rambling haha. I hope that made sense.

Anyway... Great chapter! You did such a great job introducing the characters we haven't seen yet, or seen much of yet. I cannot believe that Louis did that to his own cousin and best friend! Drunk or not, you have a decent idea of what's right and wrong when you're under the influence. Poor Al. Again. That kid is just having a rough few months it seems. It was nice of Olivia to be so kind to him. And it was great to see her step up and put Laura and Louis in their places.

Joe is so great. I truly adore him! Definitely one of my top favorites!

I love your story so much!! I can't wait until the next chapter!! Please update soon!

♥ Meg

Author's Response: Thank you Meg!

Your comments are always so kind. That's very reassuring that you think Olivia's still in character, and it's such a good observation about her identity being tied up in Cassie. She really admires Cass and changes aspects of herself to fit in with her, and I'm so glad that came across.

Yes, in Cassie's absence Olivia has room to change as a person.

Louis' behaviour is pretty unforgivable. I think it's just generally because he's a bit of an idiot. We've definitely not seen the last of him.

And I think looking out for Al brings out a different side of Olivia that she hadn't really realised was there?

Thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews! I'll put the next chapter in the queue probably later on today.

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #17, by :) 

8th September 2014:
This story is amazing! So original and realistic and dynamic, I just love it. It's so refreshing to read your story! Your characterizations are amazing. This is definitely my favorite story on here right now!

Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading :)

And thanks for mentioning the characterisation. That's always what I most appreciate feedback on.

Next chapter should be in the queue later on today!

Emma x

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Review #18, by crestwood 

8th September 2014:
Scorpius is a bit obsessed with Quidditch, I'd say. Although, I do love the sport myself, so who am I to talk. Joe is just a riot. I love that funny, friendly kind of person. I understand Cassie's point about not being able to trust him though. Presumably he could very easily go talking behind your back, being so friendly with everyone. But, he really doesn't seem the type.

Molly seems like such a strong character so far. She really commanded everyone's attention and respect. And of course Rose is just a ray of sunshine as well. I wonder why Cassie hates all of these incredibly nice, approachable people. I think Ollie is going to get on just fine with all of them.

Most exciting of all, we get a ton of Ollie and Albus time in this chapter! They're getting on well enough - and then they find Laura and Louis. Ollie is very right to say that being drunk is not an excuse. I'm glad she defused the situation before Albus snapped.. It was awesome to read Ollie comforting Albus despite herself. Joe is totally correct about the fact that they could get along now that Cassie isn't there to condemn anyone that's too nice to her. I have a feeling she isn't going to be back as soon as I previously thought.

This is a hugely entertaining story. It's already on my Reading List and everything, but I really should check that more often so I can catch these updates. I love these characters and the pace of the plot and the mystery of Cassie's disappearance and this is just going excellently. Really, really great work so far!

Author's Response: And thank you for leaving two reviews at once! You really didn't have to, but you've put me in a pretty good mood so thanks for that :)

Yeah, Scor's Quidditch obsessed, although hopefully not to the same extent as Oliver Wood used to be. I like to think as Quidditch captain Scor found his place in the school a bit.

I'm glad you're enjoying Joe as a character. You're right that he doesn't seem the type to go behind someone else's back. Cassie tends to see the worst in people, which you've picked up on.

And being drunk is definitely not an excuse! Louis recognises that too though. I really enjoyed writing this side of Ollie. She sees herself as somebody that doesn't really look out for other people (except Scor), but she recognises when it's needed.

Thank you for all the lovely comments!

Much love,

Emma x

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Review #19, by AdinaPuff 

8th September 2014:

Another wonderful chapter, of course! :D I was so excited for this to be validated, and now it is!

Scorpius pouting about Olivia not going to practice was perfect; I could totally see him doing that. And ohh do I sense a little crush Esther has on Oz? Interesting... That'd be so cute!

Joe's a wonderful character, I have to say. I do see what Cass means when she says that you can't trust him because he makes friends with everyone. He'll go behind your back and all of that... in a stereotypical sense, of course. Not saying Joe will actually do that. But Cass believes he could, and I see where she's coming from on that. He's a great laugh though, and seems kind of like the usual Freddie II--a lighthearted character who has his moments and keeps up the laughs and all of that jazz. He's slowly becoming my favorite character.

Prefect duty! Aw. You make James seem like such a bad guy haha. I don't know if you meant to, or...? Molly seems fantastic, though. As does Rose. SERIOUSLY can't wait for more of her!

Albus. Dear ole Alby. The way you've written him so far, he seems pretty sensitive. I don't know if you meant to, but just letting you know :D Ollie seems like the stronger one so far, of the two. Al is going through a rough patch though. I can't wait to see his character develop more! It was wonderful to see more of him! Can't wait for more!

There wasn't anything revealed about Cass this chapter. I'm dying to figure out more. Drop more hints soon! I want to know!

Not seeing a terrible plot growth in this chapter. Just meeting and acquainting with some characters. Which is important, but I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Wonderful chapter, as always Emma! Loved it!


Author's Response: LEIGH! Thank you so so much. I love seeing you in there with the first review for each chapter, and all your comments are always so thoughtful and kind :)

I'm so glad you enjoy Joe as a character. I hadn't thought about the similarities to the usual Freddie II but you're so right. He has the same laid back good naturedness. He's based on a lot of people that are important to me in real life so I'm really happy people seem to be enjoying him.

Hmm, I'm not sure I'd call James a bad guy, but he's definitely not all good. Molly's good fun, and Rose is always one of my favourites. There will definitely be a lot more Rose later on.

And yeah, right now Ollie's stronger than Al, but I think that can shift pretty quickly. Al's quite stable and has some very secure friendships but then loses his temper quickly as well. Ollie's issues are I think rooted a bit deeper.

Thank you thank you! I'll put the next chapter in the queue asap :)

Much love,

Emma xx

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