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Review #1, by Ninja in Training 

3rd January 2016:
Happy (very) belated birthday!!! Love the story as ever - those two are so cute - michelle is horrible. The tie in of the smells to the potion is cute, although a teeeny bit obvious but that's fine :) love it

Author's Response: Thank you :D *gives cake* I love your reviews! They've brought me such happiness and joy! :D
Michelle is so horrible! Hahaha I wanted it to be obvious :P I love seeing peoples reactions to them being in there

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#20: the review which is feeling a bit poorly.

Abigail returns to the castle sick, but at least Michelle is being a good friend or seems to be at least from Abigail’s faulty perception. She takes herself back to bed to sleep it off.

Sleep doesn’t work, neither does time and she is a shambling wreck for most of her classes. Michelle is back to being disapproving and nasty about James’ intentions/behaviour. There has to be something more to it than just warning her friend off from a potential heartbreak. It is probably something along the lines that her own crush has never returned her advances and probably doesn’t even know she exists. Jealousy would be a good explanation for her continued negativity in defiance of the facts: the fact that James is still talking to her and hasn’t done anything mean spirited or bad.

William again; he is a great secondary character. He is just so believable and real, you have done a great job with him. I wonder if his sister and her problems will impinge upon this story again (I have my suspicions about it).

It is a nice bit of story that ends with – “Then I’ll wait for you to tell me.”

James taking her to the hospital wing is all perfectly good boyfriend stuff – just hurry up you two and make it official.

Author's Response: Michelle being a good friend should always be treated as suspicious! Always!

Poor Abigail, she's really ill and Michelle is back to how she was. Surprise surprise! Silly Michelle! Oh you shall find out more about Michelle in future chapters! There will be more on Ethan and Michelle in the future! It's definitely jealousy though.

I wanted James to have a decent friend. Barry and Elijah aren't exactly the greatest choice in the world. There will be more with William's 'rivalry' with his sister later on. That's not going anywhere at the moment.

They do need to hurry up and make it official! *kicks them into gear* GET ADMITTING TO FEELINGS YOU TWO!

Thank you!!

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Review #3, by yeahbroccoli 

26th August 2014:
I don't usually write reviews but this story is so amazing and lovely that i needed write one.

James and Abigail are so cute together and the way you write their relationship is really amazing.


oh..and Happy Birthday :D

(i'm sorry if i wrote something wrong here.. it's very late where i live and my english is not the best when i'm sleepy)


Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I'm honoured that you reviewed!

I'm so glad that you enjoy this story so much and thank you for the birthday wishes. :D

You wrote the review perfectly, thank you so much for being amazing!

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Review #4, by potterfan310 

26th August 2014:

After the last chappie I honestly didn't think I could love James and Abi even more. They are so perfect I want to bang their heads together and say "now kiss!"

I feel just like Abi right now, bless her. *Warm hugs*

Surprise, surprise Michelle is still being nice :O Shock horror.

ASDFGHJKL my adorable radar is off the scale. These two make me smile so much when they interact! James' secret is that he likes Abigail, I am sure of it. They have to date sooo bad!!!

Can't wait for the next one.

Sophie :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! *HUGS*

They just get cuter and cuter don't they? I just want to squish them and declare my love for them! I want to do that too! haha

I know! Michelle is being nice and it's scary!

Haha I love that you have an adorable radar! hehe his secret will come out! Don't you worry!

Thank you hun! :D

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